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You can lose weight with any diet app, even a bad one. Actually, you can lose weight using pencil and paper. Because it's YOU, not the app, who is doing the hard work. YOU are improving your diet and changing what and how much you eat.

The question is, how easy, encouraging, and effective is your diet app? The better the app, the less time and effort it takes to achieve your dream weight. You don't want the app to hold you back. Choose the best app and get going!

With the highest user ratings of all popular diet apps, MyNetDiary scored 4.8 on iOS and 4.6 on Google Play out of 5.

Tens of thousands of happy users shared their reviews on the App Store and Google Play. Below you will find the most interesting and helpful reviews and success stories. Especially telling are thoughts of former users of MyFitnessPal, Lose It!, Noom, WW, and Lifesum. They used these other apps, sometimes for years — until they discovered MyNetDiary.

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User reviews from App Store and Google Play

After too much frustration using MFPal app, I was told about MyNetDairy. I am very happy, and part from the Portion Guide having no correlation to the grams weight. I really like this app, very easy to use and packed with helpful information to achieve our goals. Thanks!

ender live Dec 13, 2023

Man this app is so good.The interface is super easy to understand and give me a detailed review of my journey love this aap

ender live Dec 13, 2023

Decent calorie counter you can even copy meals from previous day with the free plan which i like, great for calorie deficit!

ebony calhoun Dec 12, 2023


This program is a magical application….I followed thoroughly the needed calories per day and I lost 10 kilograms in 10 weeks…This is unprecedented…Tons of thanks to the developers of such an amazing program.

Dec 12, 2023

Great app that blows MyFitnessPal out of the water! Easy to use with accurate nutritional data with scan of labels which is a must! I took away one star for the constant interruptions to buy a premium membership. I expect this except that the frequency of interrupting is way to often. UPDATE: Restored the 1 star I took away just because the developers reply was so quick and especially NICE! Plus, the interruptions seem less frequent now. Thanks :-)

Glenda Jones Dec 11, 2023

Easily the most useful app I've ever used to lose weight (or accomplish anything for that matter). Understanding how many calories you're eating and reducing them is essential to losing weight. This app helps in every way I need it to. No pay wall in front of necessary features. Really made a difference for me.

Alex Vanderweert Dec 11, 2023

Simple yet Robust

I like how easy it is to use but it is packed with lots of features if you want them. Developer is responsive as the added a feature request I find very useful. Definitely worth the money.

Dec 11, 2023

Excellent app! the features you need as a beginner are free which helps to get your head around it. I would highly suggest purchasing once you start to get into it, purely to support this brilliant team 😘

the nomad Dec 10, 2023


This app is absolutely amazing! I can track all my macros and receive grades on the food I scan that tell me how low carb a food is! Super easy to scan food and receive a low carb grade. This app has helped me loss fat! ILY THANK U WHOEVER MADE THIS APP!!!

Nicknamerickadhdh Dec 10, 2023

This app is super informative and I will gladly purchase a yearly subscription. It has a comprehensive database of foods that can be easily added by scanning the barcode. The weekly and daily analysis of your macros is informative and helpful.

The Jones_AZ Dec 9, 2023

I love this app so much, it keeps me motivated to see that way going down. plus it's a very easy app to use, I'm 72 and some apps are very hard for me, not this one.

Kathy Wasinger Dec 9, 2023

This app helped me lose 22 pounds. Nice, simple to use interface. The apple graph is a nice way to indicate where your calorie consumption is for the day, and adds an attractive /fun visual element to the proceedings. My ONLY complaint about this app is that I wish the activity levels were a bit more nuanced. Over time, I found that my activity level was just about in between the "low active" and "active" settings of the app. Other than that, immensely helpful app.

Dimitrios Manos Dec 9, 2023

I've lost nearly 40 pounds this year by calorie deficit and moderate exercise. I used this app about 5-6 days a week, tracked ALL my food. I did not track water or exercise. Im not consisitent enough with exercise, I just take walks and I have my job. I drink plenty of water everyday so i didnt worry about tracking that either. I have 1-2 cheat days per week. It's helped a lot. I highly recommend. I was at nearly 180 at the beginning of the year and I'm currently down to 143.

Shylah Wallisa Dec 9, 2023

I'm really enjoying this app. It's easy to use and convenient. Love the bar code reader and weight tracker. I've had great success.

Cheryl Wright Dec 8, 2023

Easy to use

This App is very easy to use. Has lots of brands. You can also scan the bar code to get to the product faster. Home made items are a challenge to put in but I just use this as a guide, and don’t take it seriously. If I’m close that works for me. Good App.

Dec 8, 2023

I had started on a calorie & macro count a wk ago when I got dx with type 2 diabetes. The typical app recommended was My Fitness Pal. Having never used any tracking apps before, I downloaded MFP & 4-5 others including MyNetDiary. I tried them all to be fair, & this app by far exceeded the others IMO. ONE HUGE PLUS WITH THIS APP IS THE FREE SCANNER! Please do not ever change that! Also the info is comparable throughout most tracking apps, but I really like the 🍎 mid screen showing the calories.

Anna Maul Dec 7, 2023

I have a love hate relationship with caloric tracking but I'm enjoying this app now that I'm determined to lose weight. It's easy to use and a great motivator for staying on track. Let's gooooooooooo.

Domonique Ellis Dec 7, 2023

Best app ever.

I've used a lot of weight lost programs and this app is the best. More info on things to help you lose the weight. Easy to understand.

Dec 6, 2023

Great app to help lose weight.

I love this app, helps you set a goal, has recipes, easy ton daily log food and calories, beverages, exercises etc. has lots of features, many free features or you can go premium and have many more assets to enjoy in your way to lose weight . Easy to use! I am glad I found this app.

Dec 5, 2023

Best out there

I have tried at least 2 other similar apps and this by far is the best hands down. Probably one of the most thought out and informative apps period. Easy and addictive in a good way.

Dec 5, 2023

Love this app

I’ve never wanted to use an app to help in my weight loss journey as it’s so much flaffing about! However I came across this app and it’s so easy to use, either by scanning bar codes or searching for foods (easily) I’ve been using it for a year and it’s been brilliant and has definitely helped me to track my calories, fats, carbs, and proteins. I love the ease of adjusting targets and calorie budget. I’m only using the free version and it’s got so many features giving you the chance to try it out before deciding if you want to upgrade to premium. The only slight downside is that the foods listed tend to be American options however that said most foods have a ‘generic’ option and you can easily weigh in grams to get exact weights and calories. Once you’ve scanned and added favourites it’s so quick to add them again for further meals. I can honestly say I’ve found this super helpful and have not missed any food logging as it’s so quick and easy, and it’s certainly helped me to be accountable. I’ve introduced this to a friend who is such a technophobe and even she can use it and it’s helped her loose a stone so far too! I’ve loved the graph that shows you the loss and the automatic adjustment of calories is you haven’t lost or you have gained. Brilliant!

Dec 4, 2023

Fifty Pounds

Sounds so silly, but counting Calories works! Doctor told me last February I needed to lose fifty pounds. Just watching what Calories my old food contained, versus more healthy options gave me all the eye opening in the world. Now fifty three pounds ten months later, this simple program has changed everything for me.

Dec 2, 2023

I’m down 8lbs

I started counting calories the Sunday before Thanksgiving and am down 8lbs. Even though it’s probably water weight, I am motivated to continue. This app has been the easiest I have used and has the best free feature. I especially like copying and pasting recipes to make it easier.

Dec 1, 2023

Very good app

I really like this app. It makes it very easy to enter the food you’ve eaten and develop strategies to lose weight. I plan on getting premium as soon as I can afford it.

Nov 30, 2023

Great Calorie Counter

All I wanted was to track calories to stay within my daily goal!!! My old app got greedy and started charging more for every basic help such as bar scanner! So I switched to this app and am way more happy!! Its bar scanner is super fast to read packages or torn wrappers. Easy to learn and does it all for recording food intake!!! Love it!!

Nov 30, 2023

Started using this as an alternative way of tracking my journey to a healthier life, and it does everything I need it to, provides tips on what you could be doing better, etc. (this is all on the free version) This has helped me a lot already and am considering getting premium in the future.

Ebonchii the Gnocchi Nov 29, 2023

Absolutely love this app!!

I am very overweight and have failed most times at dieting. I actually log everything I eat or drink. I also weigh myself once a week. The fact that it logs my steps and calories absolutely motivates me to do it. I love seeing the numbers. I started at 93 kilos I want to get to 81 by March. That’s my first goal. I’m now 87.9 well on my way. Give it a try ! It truly makes you feel accountable

Nov 29, 2023

This is is the best diet app I have ever used (free version). it is easy to track weight and calories, set goals, and it automatically adjusts daily calorie limits as you lose weight. I'm sure the full version is great, I just can't afford to spend money on any apps at this time.

Kathy Goodman Nov 28, 2023

I really like this app, I use the free version and the features are amazing, you can even add your own foods with your own calories. I highly recommend downloading

TINAISHE Nov 28, 2023

Great app and easy to use

This app is great. It makes it easy for you to log foods that you eat, and is very effective.

Oldschool-a Nov 28, 2023


The great. So easy to use and it’s free or nonpremium version is great. Easy calorie counting and goal tracking. 10/10

Nov 28, 2023

The free version has everything you need in my opinion. Free calorie counter with daily reports, nutrition facts, search bar for food and allows you to create custom meals.

Alexander Nov 27, 2023

For now it is the best application of this type. It is very complete and very easy to use, although you should keep in mind that it is developed and available only in English. My applause to the creators!

eva balan Nov 26, 2023


Hello, I’m writing this review to help anyone who is in the fence about post menopausal weight loss. It’s a true struggle that many don’t understand including myself, after being a healthy weight my entire life & the peri hit & I was dumbfounded why I was all of a sudden gaining weight, I tried losing it the same as I had always lost a few xtra pds & it didn’t work, the weight was continuing to go up. I got to my highest weight in the 180’s & I was depressed, frustrated, avoided cameras, didn’t want to be social, wore only spandex if I had to go out. I lived that way for years, not much fun for sure! I had tried WW, Keto,Paleo, starvation etc… none worked long term. I finally broke down & admitted I didn’t know what to do, it was hopeless!! I checked my insurance to confirm I had coverage for a dietrician/Nutritionist and I did so I made my appt & went. After an emotional appt, she said let’s try this app & just see how it goes. To date I’m down 6.7 pds & im feeling better, turkey neck is slowly disappearing. Everyone always said it’s a “life style” change, and they are correct but it doesn’t mean you can’t eat what you enjoy. My whole issue is (was) I was over eating for my level of activity. This app has helped me see that, make the quantity changes & Im seeing results. I’m limited on how much & what kind of exercise/activity I can do so my calorie count is lower then an active persons would be. But please give it a try, I was shocked to find out you can over eat on a salad!! If not this app, find another that works for you, truly is helping me so far. I’ve got 47 pds to go, and I’ll get there.. how about you? Happy holidays

Nov 26, 2023

Love it

This is my second time using this app and I really enjoy it. I love how the information is presented and how easy it is to use, the more I explore the app, the more amazing features I find.

Nov 25, 2023

Lovin My Weightloss

I’ve been at a standstill for a super long period of time but since using this app over the last few weeks I am down almost 15lbs.

Nov 24, 2023

Excellent tool

So much better than other apps I’ve used, easy to use, great range of foods, loads of info & tips. The recipes are great too!

Nov 24, 2023

Great App

When you stay on top of it and track calories and exercise, it works. Lost over 200 lbs. with it.

Akgrayfox Nov 22, 2023

Great app

I used MyFitnessPal app for years. They started restricting everything. I made the switch to MyNetDiary out of frustration of no longer being able to scan foods. I wish I had of started here and I’d have my old data.

Nov 22, 2023

Just downloaded this app. Already thrilled. Attractive and easy to use. Initially I had a question about "having" to pay. I got stuck on that screen and didn't think there was a free version. There is. Thanks to support for being so quick on response. I just want to use app before I commit to pay. Let's do this thing!

Tamara Fowler Nov 20, 2023

I use a free version and I find it to be more than enough for my needs. An amazing app, very helpful, helps me to stick to my plan. Thank you.

Ahnesa Yeulampiyeva Nov 20, 2023

AWESOME Calorie Counting App..., and much more. Easy to use with many features. The premium version is way worth it, if for no other reason than the detailed diet analysis that it provides. Personally, I can't lose weight without counting calories to insure a daily calorie deficit. Using this app, 16/8 intermittent fasting and the principals and meal plans in Dr. Bulsiewicz's "Fiber Fuel", I've lost 13 pounds in eight weeks. Absolutely five stars for MyNetDiary. Thanks to the developers!

Rob Nov 19, 2023

I love the Net Diary its so easy to use and after actually following their steps, I losed almost 2 kls in just 6 days ! Its not a stubborn app like any other app, you can still use the most common usage of it without paying !! Highly recommended !!

Esther Mancao Nov 18, 2023

This app has helped me lose 47 pounds so far. going for 70

Delicous Pencils Nov 18, 2023

I have spent days researching alternatives to MyFitnessPal; this apps homepage is very well organized and not busy looking, documentation is crisp and clean; if you have OCD or prefer minimalism this is the app

Dan Nov 17, 2023

I did MyFitnessPal for a long time. The app was not as easy to log meals. Too often it said I wasn't meeting my dietary needs ie calorie. I had a hard time to fulfill the calories. This app immediately works for me. I like the diet choices, I like how easy it is to enter my foods. Really pumps and motivates me for the finish line. I can finally visualize it! I'm losing successfully, and have created my own recipes. Fun!

roses songs Nov 16, 2023

Easy to use, easy to lookup and log foods, especially with barcode reader. I love the visual graphs too! This is the best app I've tried so far for calorie counting and tracking weight loss!

Rebecca Nov 16, 2023

Excellent, I lost 15 kg in 3 months

Donka Jovanov Nov 16, 2023

I am very satisfied, I bought premium, it is superior to Myfitnesspal which I used until they removed the barcode scanning from the free version.

Razvan Florin Nov 15, 2023


Very functional and user friendly Suggestions. On weight chart each horizontal line ie 240…220…200 should be darker to highlight these milestones.

fitrim Nov 15, 2023

Love but plz reverse change to Day Report

Love the app. It’s helped me lose 15 lbs so far, and bring my cholesterol down from 226 to 180 (October 2022 to October 2023). Love that it syncs with the iPhone health app, which pulls in data from my apple watch and smart scale. BUT… Used to rely on the Day Report, but with a recent update it’s much harder to use. The totals used to be at the top, so easy to see where I am during the day and adjust my calorie and nutrient intake, and/or take a supplement if I’m low (for example, for calcium). Now it’s at the bottom, so I keep having to glance up and down and up and down to figure out which column header is what, and it’s aggravating the heck out of me. It also used to show the number of calories left vs target by macro (fat, carbs, and protein), so I could adjust my eating by those exact numbers. But now it’s showing me % to target, which isn’t helpful with making eating decisions during the day. Now I’m guessing more and planning less, and my intake is not as exact as it was before the update. It’s much harder to use now, and make eating decisions on the fly. Love the app, and still using it, but put the Day Report back to the format it was before so I can use it properly on my phone again.

Nov 15, 2023

10x better than MyFitnessPal. The UI looks to be developed by humans, no constant reminders to spend money, etc.

Fehnraal Nov 13, 2023

Far better than FitnessPal

Better UI, less ads, more features, and I’ve been completely hitting my goals because of this app. I recommend to everyone trying to improve their health.

Nov 13, 2023

Helped me take and keep off 30 lbs!

Andrew S Nov 12, 2023

I love this app 😍 A coworker has been telling me about it for a few months and I'd been needing to lose about 40 pounds. I finally got on board and there's no struggle with it and I've lost almost 5 pounds in 2 weeks! I can't believe it lol The little apple makes all the difference, where it tells you where you are in your calorie budget for the day. It makes weight loss a fun little game 😊 If you're on the struggle bus, get this app!

Alicia Ruzycki Nov 12, 2023

Thank you

This free version is just amazing. I might buy the premium just because they have done such an amazing job, I want to support the app. Thank you so much this has helped me tremendously. Highly recommend

Nov 12, 2023

Fabulous App!!

It’s so easy to log food, water, exercise and track your weight. Scanning food codes is so easy and the app uploads nutritional information in a snap. Creating recipes is simple and efficient. Easy and fun to use. Love it!

Nov 11, 2023

Best free app for calorie counting

It is best for calorie counting and losing weight. It has helped me lose weight unlike other apps that has millions of paid things but nothing free.

Nov 11, 2023

Great app that's easy to operate! The food rating is a nice park. It helps us educate our children on good and bad food.

Patrick Johnson Nov 11, 2023

Lost over 30lbs so far. Best calorie tracker I've used, basically everything about your diet plan is customizable.

Orion .V Nov 10, 2023

Haven't tried the full/paid version, but out of all the other similar apps I've tried, this one has the BEST range of free features available to everyone. It's easy to use, and has so many products in it's database that it makes logging calories so quick and simple. I love that you can also track water and there's a section for daily notes that's very helpful. I wouldn't recommend any other app for people who don't wish to spend money. I'm even considering purchasing the full version.

Stephanie D. Nov 10, 2023

Very good, best calorie counting / weight management app

10/10 app seriously, the user interface is really great. And it offers sooo so much optimization. I will say it took me a bit to figure out everything, but now that i have I am so impressed! the pro version is so worth it. i think this app blows MyFitnessPal, Lifesum, and LoseIt all out of the water!

ahahagdbbejejdkfkdnsnznsns Nov 10, 2023

Feeling better

Love this app. So easy to use and makes me feel accountable for everything I eat. Helps me to make better food choices and drink more water. Love that my Apple Watch is linked to record my activity and automatically adds calories to my daily quota. Down 2.5 pounds in 10 days with 17.5 to go. Feeling better

Nov 10, 2023

Excellent. I switched over from MFP when their pricing structure became ridiculous. This app is so much better on all fronts. Easy to navigate, great recipe suggestions, user-friendly layout. Very happy, thank you 😊. 5 stars.

Sharon Hill (Pugasaurusrex79) Nov 9, 2023

Finding exactly what foods you've eaten is super easy and makes tracking just how much you've had pretty accurate. UI is very easy to understand and I can see myself using this app for a long time.

Noah Bell Nov 9, 2023

Moved from MyFitnessPal and never going back. This app is just amazing. Best feature is voice dictation of food! It's amazing 😍😍😍

Alex S Nov 8, 2023

Absolutely great app! It has staple food presets with amounts in different measuring units, it is easy to add custom foods and there is an extensive library of user inputed foods. It is easy to create meals and recepies, as well. There is a target nutrient that I can see at a glance, wich for me is diabetic carb count. I hadn't heared if it before this app, but for me it ended up being a much better way to count the carbs. I cannot imagine my life as a diabetic without it! Absolutely worth it!

danka Nov 7, 2023


Went from 170-140 in 3 1/2 months due to this app highly recommend

Nov 7, 2023

BEST diet/exercise logging app ever!

I’ve tried a few different food logging apps, and this one is by far my favorite. It’s very well organized and easy to use, and has helped me reach my goals. I also use it as a way to store all my favorite Recipes and foods. There is an option to buy premium for some extra features, such as the recipe database and certain nutrients, but you don’t need to buy it

Nov 5, 2023

User Friendly

I started MyNetDiary a couple months ago and have easily and diligently (and honestly) tracked my food. I used MyFitnessPal before and it has become too complicated for me. I even bought a year of MyNetDiary (which I have never done) which scans bar codes so quickly! I love this app. It tracks my calories (lower than my Apple Watch), and I never eat all my exercise calories. It’s best not to to lose weight. I’ve lost 4 lbs with the final 3 to go. I strongly recommend this app!

Nov 4, 2023

Very Helpful App!

Started on a well advertised competitor. Double the cost for 1/4 the subscription. This app is MILES better than that one was! So helpful on every aspect. Thank you, I’m so grateful to have found you!

Nov 4, 2023

Great way to track calories and other nutrients intake. It makes the tracking as easy as it can be. It has become my partner on my weight loss journey

Ron Smith Nov 3, 2023

Success! 60 pounds down

MyNetDiary has helped me reach my weigh loss goal! Love how I can easily scan food items and keep track of everything I eat. It also has helped me monitor my sodium and vitamin k intake. Could not have succeeded without the app. Now looking forward to maintenance using the weight plan program for guidance.

Nov 3, 2023

Everything Tracked in One Place!

I typically don’t leave reviews but I had to for this app. I am starting my health journey and really wanted a place where I can keep track of EVERYTHING together. This app does just that and you don’t have to pay for it! It allows me to log all my food, create recipes, and scan barcodes to log food. It keeps track of my total calories for the day and how many I have remaining. It allows me to log how much water I drank each day. It connects to my fitness app on my phone to automatically log my steps everyday. It has where I can manually enter activity and the calories burned. It also has a GPS feature where it will keep track of my walks for me!!! It also has where I can log my weight each day and add a progress picture. I can then view the progress pictures side by side. It gives me a daily updates on where I am in my weight loss goal, where I am in terms of my nutrients in the food I’m eating, and how my projects change each day. It also allows me to put a little widget on my lockscreen for easy access. I cannot recommend this app enough!!!! 10/10!!!!

Nov 3, 2023

Great app

It’s been pretty easy to use. The barcode scanner is great. It has info on most everything. I haven’t scanned anything yet that the info didn’t show up. I really recommend this app.

Nov 2, 2023

Love this App

Best app for tracking calorie counts as well as macronutrients. Easy to find foods, can scan barcodes or add custom recipes. Offers lots of different ways to enter portions. Super easy, even the free version, offers lots of info and graphs to see how you are progressing towards your goal and how you might tweak your diet.

Nov 2, 2023

This app helped me lose 70 lbs. Tracking your food in my is the only way to lose weight and my net diet diary is simple and effective. You just enter some personal info and it will help you understand how many calories you need to eat to hit your goals. At one point in the years I used this app there was an annoying bug. I brought it up with the apps team and they were quick to communicate with me and patch out the bug. I was very impressed. I can't recommend this enough.

Justin Goldman Nov 1, 2023

Super easy to use, even someone who isn't tech savvy can use it. Nice UI. Huge Library of listed foods. Its great.

Est Crit Nov 1, 2023

It is a fantastic and easy to use tool to help track weight, food (calories, macros, etc), exercise, and even water. They also have great menu plans and recipes and Diet Plans to make tracking even easier for you.

Laurie A Nov 1, 2023

Excellent app

I’ve always been loyal to WW but no longer having success so a certified nutritionist recommended this app and so far I am loving it. Easy to use. Easy to read. I’ve already introduced 3 other people to it.

Nov 1, 2023

Absolute love this app!

This is my first review of an app, and I’ve used plenty, especially several for. I really like the way you can customize this app to determine the amount of macros you want. I want to keep my carbs low and my protein high. But I also find it quite difficult to follow a keto or a low-carb diet. Therefore I am following calories, and slowly making changes to reduce my carbs and increase my proteins and it seems to be working fantastic. There are a lot of quick and easy tricks to enter food, just look at the videos and Help sections, and the information is there.

Nov 1, 2023

Very nice app

Is very easy to track the calories, whit the bar code scan it pick up literally all the products and tell you the healthiest, so you can pick the best

Nov 1, 2023

Best tracking app by far

I’ve tried a few other apps to track my food intake, hands down this app is the easiest to use and manage Highly recommend it

Nov 1, 2023

Best app! easy to use, easy to track and really good scanning features including recipes and tips. Can create your own reusable recipes.

Leonie James Oct 31, 2023

Only been using it for a couple weeks now, but miles better than other apps I've used. Better free features than most fitness apps and a very detailed and aesthetically pleasing UI system. Worth your time if you want to track your dietary habits

Kin Moberly Oct 30, 2023

Really really great!

Very helpful app, nice apple health data sync. The free version is sufficient enough to use alone. variety of foods to choose from. I’d only encourage the developers to add a lot more of Middle Eastern foods, it will be easier than to add each ingredient on its own.

Oct 30, 2023

Love it

I love how easy it is to track food and exercise. It sincs with my Apple Watch. It also has some really great recipes and allows for flexibility.

Oct 29, 2023

Great app

This app has everything I wanted from a calorie tracking app. Simple, easy to use, great food database with ability to input custom foods, and minimal ads. Highly recommend.

Oct 29, 2023

Losing Weight!!

Lost 12 lbs in 6 weeks using this app. Slow and steady. 39 lbs to go!

Oct 29, 2023

This app is very easy and effective for me to use. It's easy to look up foods and record them for each meal. I can record my weight and even pictures of myself as I lose weight. You can count carbs and fats, water you drink and exercise, too if you wish. 😉

Fara Carl Oct 28, 2023

Great app, easy to use informative. tried others but this is far the best one I used especially if your a beginner.

Mhairi Reid Oct 28, 2023

Better Than MFP

I have used the WW and MFP aps in the past. The barcode scanner for MFP went up in price and I didn’t feel it was worth the price they charged. This ap is more aesthetically appealing. I have used it for over a month and have not found one item scanned that was not in the library. In addition it offers the ability to import recipes.

Oct 28, 2023

Love it. super easy to use...Lost 12 pound in 1 month and i was eating everything...

TAS hyt Oct 27, 2023

recommended by my doctor. I have used multiple apps and this is by far the best one. I love how it breaks down the grams of fat, carbs and protein I've eaten by meal or by day. It's super user-friendly and has tons of quick tips. I love how it predicts my BMI and tracks it against my weight loss there is a way for me to put my goals in there and automatically input a Target date. all of these features are FREE!

Beautiful Ones Oct 27, 2023

I lost 44 pounds/20kgs using this app plus exercise 4-5 days a week. Took 18 months to do it. Really helps track macros. Using it to plan my meals daily. It's an excellent took, but you still have to be disciplined and put in the work.

Fred Annett Oct 27, 2023


Been using this app for over 2 months now and just been using the free version and it has been great! Highly recommend for a free app.

Oct 27, 2023

No ads, no nothing and works amazing. I downloaded a bunch even my fitness pal this is by far way more superior. 10/10 recommended

Da Bozz Oct 26, 2023

Detailed tracking system, easy to track food with big searchable database. favorite free food tracker ive seen so far!

Lauren Rachlin Oct 25, 2023

Awesome App

This app makes it easy to track and helps you make better food choices. This app was recommended to me by my VA physician.

Oct 25, 2023

Great free app

I like that the app has a free version. I was hesitant to use a calorie counting app but was pleasantly surprised that it’s easy to use and allows me the flexibility of using only the pieces I want to track.

Oct 25, 2023

So far so good. Used for about a month. Love the apple visual feature, easy to use & not too many premium ads.

Ms M. Oct 24, 2023

Great app

Very user friendly. Definetly switching to this than myfitnesspal

Oct 24, 2023

Very intuitive to use. Good library of food and exercise numbers that makes logging easy. Nice simple graphical interface but still pleasing to look at. Includes ability to scan barcodes of packaged food to quickly load nutrition information from its database.

Michael Tolhurst Oct 23, 2023

Love this app

I was needing something to record what I was eating but also give me feedback on all the areas of foods I have eaten. Meaning measurement of fats, carbs protein etc. Also needing ideas from recipes that fit in my diet plan. This is so easy to use. This is my first week and was surprised to find a weekly report emailed to me showing me the past weeks data. Just love this app so much

kredrid Oct 23, 2023

Easy to use

This is the easiest tracker I have used, by far. The free features are great, although the greater flexibility you get with the paid subscription are excellent, especially if you want to count more than just calories. I do low carb and this is the bees knees for that!

Oct 23, 2023

The best

👍🏻 well structured 👍🏻 free version 👍🏻 barcode scanner 👍🏻 shows calories and nutrients 👍🏻 you can save your own recipes 👍🏻 appealing design And much more

Oct 23, 2023

no tracking, affordable premium

I wanted a free calorie tracker that wouldn’t track everything down to where I pluck my eyebrows, and I found mynetdiary. -does what’s on the tin and more - it links with my apple watch -the free version never bombarded me with ads (or tracked me!) like myfitnesspal, a popular competitor I ended up subscribing for the year after using it free for a month and I love being able to track my iron intake, especially as someone with anemia trying to lose weight. oh, and this app helped me lose 10 lbs so far. great app!

Oct 23, 2023

Amazing I lost 10 kilos by using this app.

hasna alkhawlani Oct 22, 2023

Great app helped me already lose 15kg

Roneel Prasad Oct 22, 2023

Amazing app. Better than the weight watchers app. Very helpful. Lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks.

Ken Oct 22, 2023

Phenomenal food tracker! Linked to google fit and my watch easily. Made me more aware of how much I was eating, what was in the food, working out, and goals.

Judy Streepy Oct 21, 2023

Reliable app, no irrelevant ads - and even the few ads for app upgrades aren't lengthy or frequent. Its my favorite app for tracking calories and managing weight. I especially love that you can easily create and save recipes, making it SO easy to log foods I eat regularly. Best, FREE weight management tool by far!

Whitney B. Oct 21, 2023


This is a very helpful tool to track my calorie intake, make wise food choices & keep up with my weight goals. Very easy to use!

Oct 21, 2023

As free apps go, this is pretty awesome. Yes, when you open it, it gives you the pay options. Skip that, & you still can log food, water, exercise, & steps. The list of food is amazing! I only found 1 not listed. Enter its name, and it sends it off into the blue to be added! The dashboard is set up perfect. I don't need to diet as much as I need to reduce fats and increase protein. Catbs, fats, & protein are listed up front & you can easily adjust your intake from AM to PM!

Jennifer Moreau Oct 20, 2023


I have being using this app to track my calories and determine my correct caloric intake for each for the past 4 months. In the past 4 months I have been able to lose 30 lbs weight. I highly recommend this app if you need help tracking your calories and to keep you in a caloric deficit.

Oct 20, 2023

Excellent experience, I've been on this app for months and it has helped me so much. You do have to be committed but when you start seeing results it becomes a part of your daily routine. I've only used the free version so far but I think I'm ready to delve even deeper into understanding what my body needs and pay for the full version and this app can definitely do that.

S H Oct 19, 2023

The best app of this type I found so far, the strong points are: Very detailed info, a lot of options regarding the use; Meals, drinks easy to find (if you don't find an exact match, you'll find something near); Everything you'll need in the free app; NO registration required (that was very annoying at the most apps I tested before, first thing before even seeing how the app works, you should register). I consider buying premium. Keep up with the good work!

Cris P. Oct 19, 2023

Works super well, very helpful

Couldn’t be happier with this app. It helped me set a reasonable calorie goal, and searching up food and scanning items is super easy. It’s been a great help for me to understand exactly, or at least close enough ball park, of what I eat so I can manage my calorie intake. There is no annoying notifications, or overwhelming weight loss stuff pushed on me, so it’s really just a straight forward tool.

Oct 19, 2023


Great app. And the paid version has so much more. I was skeptical, but it really does keep you on track. And super user friendly. So glad to be using this. Easiest tracker out there!

Oct 19, 2023

Love this app! much better than myfitnesspal!

VassolerRacing Oct 18, 2023

Great app

Using this app and a change in diet. I have lost 50 pounds since May 25, 2024. This app helped me stay on track. Thus app is very easy to use.

TexasJane Oct 18, 2023

Great app

I have been using this app for about a week now and absolutely love this app. I have been tracking my nutrition since 2004, and this is by far the most intuitive, comprehensive and user friendly app I have ever used. The free version is good. But the paid version offers so much more information and tools to be successful with your goals whether losing weight, maintaining weight or just trying to consume a healthy diet. Thank you!

Oct 18, 2023

Absolutely love this app. It is my go to for keeping track of my food and water intake. Also keeps track of weight loss and you can take progress photos. It's easy to set up and use.

Donna Oct 17, 2023

Best app!

Great and easy app to track and follow your progress! Customer support is always helpful also! Highly recommend!

Oct 17, 2023

So easy to stay on track!

I love the graphs and charts!! The visual aids are helping me create balanced meals. I feel incredibly successful when I don't go over my limits. I also appreciate how quick and easy it is to find and add my foods. 💝 great app!

Oct 17, 2023

Changed my life

A friend of mine told me about this app, it’s been life changing for me, it’s easy to know how many calories I need to eat in a day, how many calories each food has, and it just make it easy to understand how to loose weight without tough diets. Thanks for creating this app.

Oct 17, 2023

The Common Sense Method

I successfully used another internationally known Weightloss program 20 years ago, but now they have veered away from reality and it stopped working for me. I had much faster success with MyNetDiary because they work with the reality of calories instead of assigning “points” to foods that are socially unpopular at the moment. I lost 20lbs in 4 months with this app. Now I will keep using it for maintenance.

Oct 17, 2023

Best ever!!

I’ve tried quite a few calorie tracking apps. This one is the best and the reports and usability is off the charts. A gazillion times better than Noom.

Oct 16, 2023

Best food/meal tracking app ever!

I have used MyFitnessPal and even the “easy” meal tracker app which came free with my gym membership. This app is hands down the easiest one I have ever used. I’m so motivated to enter my meals. Thank you for the awesome free content. Please keep it free!

Oct 16, 2023

Brilliant App

I have been using this app for a week now and I have to say it’s amazing. I have been able to track all my food and drink and it’s been easy to use. The scanning option is great. There are menu’s to look through for inspiration. There is a lot of information which I am still discovering, and I have linked my watch to it too so can earn calories from exercising. All in all, very impressed.

Oct 16, 2023

Great app and SIMPLE!

I checked several net carb tracking apps and they were far too complicated and more than I wanted or needed. Finally found this and find it very easy to track net carbs - really all I need. It does show more nutrition at the bottom of my day, but I severely limited that information. There is a paid premium edition but I don't need it. And the app never pesters me about upgrading! Some I tried were annoyingly invasive. Not this! So glad I found it! Just take the time to set it up like YOU want.

TexasJane Oct 15, 2023

Net Diary changed my life!

I started this app five months ago to track what I was eating and hopefully lose weight that I had been carrying for too long. I changed my diet and tracked everything I ate, drank, and my exercise. This app really showed me what I was putting in my body and really changed the way I see nutrition. I was able to set a weight plan and I’ve lost 40lbs, put my diabetes into remission, and reversed my hypertension. The app is so much better than all of the others and is totally worth paying for. Even though I’ve reached my goal weight, I’m going to continue to use this app everyday!

Oct 15, 2023

I don't know how this app could be any better. It keeps you honest and disciplined, if you truly want to acheive your goal. Set your plan. Follow it. If you do, you lose weight and ensure you're balancing your diet to stay healthy. It's as simple as that. I've lost 25lbs in the past 3 months. Love it.

Joe Kohn Oct 15, 2023

Very good way to track what you are eating, workout, and weight. I log every day and it has been very beneficial. Down 15 lbs with another 30 to go. The projection date has been pretty much spot on as well.

Ron Mitchell Oct 14, 2023

i have lost 8.2 pounds in two weeks

Robert Stevens Oct 14, 2023

This app is amazing. After so many years of trying to stay consistent with good habits and a diet this is the only thing that actually helped me achieve this goal. Even without buying premium you can get a lot from this app. You can easily watch your calorie intake. And I love the option to add your custom food, makes it so much more accurate for calorie counting. Definitely recommend this app

Oliwiay Oct 14, 2023

Super helpful for keeping me on track and easy to use. Love that I can import recipes off of the Internet to make my calorie calculation and nutritional stats so much easier. Great app, worth buying the premium!

Terry Gardezy Oct 14, 2023

This is such an awesome way to keep track of caloric and nutritional information and impact on body and health. it is super convenient and easy to use.

Jennifer Labesky Oct 14, 2023

Great app. makes weight cutting easy and relatively fun. I love the ability to scan meals for calorie counting as well as adding workouts to measure burns.

Neil Robinson Oct 13, 2023

Especially after other apps have paywalled their best features (MFP) or had disastrous updates (Withings) this is one of the best health apps left on the market. Best calorie, macro, and nutrient tracking on the market.

cal derra Oct 13, 2023

Love this app, use it at least twice a year - easy to use, great widgets, free version has everything you need to track yourself. Many people log food in a shared channel so most of what you eat already exists and you can see the nutritional value range of what you buy/cook without doing the work yourself

Meghan Harris Oct 13, 2023

Life Saver, Life Changer

This app is the best I’ve come across so far. Keeps me in check, easy to use and really useful. I’m shedding weight like nobody’s business. 5/5.

Oct 13, 2023

Excellent. Rarely do I run across an app of this quality. It seems to have everything covered. It works great and I am extremely pleased with it. I tried a couple of similar apps but they didn't begin to compare. I don't believe anyone could be disappointed with this app. Easy 5 stars

Max C Oct 12, 2023

I'm finding it highly useful. I've signed up to premium for one month only, while I maximise effort to lose some weight. Connected to Fit. I like that if I overeat one or 2 days, it automatically adjusts the calories for the rest of the week (if you opt for that setting). I find the big green apple 🍏 cute, and hence motivates me to stick at it. Logging food is quite easy: the food search works well, and I like that you have a choice of units, e.g., oz, grams, etc. Please add waist measurement !

Paula Street Oct 12, 2023

This actually helped track everything I needed while loosing weight. Almost any food I needed to scan was in the system and it calculates carbs and fats and all that nicely too. Also the option to log exercise and track possible calories burnt is surprisingly nice. I don't even pay for the subscription but I have easily lost 10 pounds in almost a month.

BoBanas Bananas Oct 11, 2023

I've tried a few different calorie tracking apps, but this is by far the best and most intuitive of them all, and even if you upgrade to premium its much cheaper than all the other alternatives. I have tried the free app and the paid version and both are great depending on your budget. Highly recommend this app!

Chris K Oct 11, 2023

The Best App by far!!

I have tried so many different apps including My Fitness Pal and I definitely love this one more. It’s just so easy to log food in and the feedback, planning, guidance, and community is awesome!

Spark1214 Oct 11, 2023, 2023

I'm not paying for this, I use the free app and I love it! It's easy to log my meals, record my water intake, and log my weight. Very helpful.

Gena McGill Oct 10, 2023

Better than MFP

I’m grateful I found this app. Very intuitive to use. Thank you.

Oct 10, 2023

I think this app is amazing! I've learnt so much from it and it's making it so easy for me to keep on track and do the right thing in terms of healthy eating and losing weight. Just over one week in and I have exceeded my weight loss expectations so far and I'm on track to meet my goal on time. So thankful for this app!

Wendy Matthews Oct 9, 2023

Best Food Tracking App!

This is by far the most detailed food app I have ever used. If you like data this app truly has it all. My favorite feature is scanning an item when I log it because it is so quick and easy. The weekly report is awesome! I have never had any issues with the app not working properly. Worth every penny!

Oct 9, 2023

This app is great. I use the free version it connects to Google and Samsung health. the paid version offers several more linkable apps. it does a great job amd the bar code scanner is extreamly helpful for food tracking.

Jonathon Hutton Oct 8, 2023

I very much enjoy this app. It does exactly what it says it's going to do, and it does it smoothly and well. I've been able to stick with calorie counting using this app in a way I never could using noom or MyFitnessPal. Highly recommend.

Aaron Fennell Oct 8, 2023

Awesome app. I started at 327 pounds, I followed most all of the advice and calorie restrictions with lots of ups and downs, but so far, after 304 days, I'm down to 196 pounds with just 27 more pounds before I reach my goal and start maintenance mode. The bottom line is you MUST make a lifestyle change and a commitment to yourself and your health no matter if you are the only one in your family who buys into it as I did, and now my wife is on board and loosing weight as well.

Bryan Mayes Oct 8, 2023


I lost 20 pounds in 2 months and it was amazing

Oct 8, 2023

My Net Diary

I’ve been sharing this diet plan app with my health care providers that check for various conditions that restrict carbs for diabetics, protein restrictions for those with kidney failure and fluid restrictions with sodium counts for those with heart failure. My dash board watches my daily intake of all 3 of my specialty diets. And it’s easy! The diet restrictions I follow are serious business, failure to stick to a regiment can land me back in the hospital for weeks. I started looking for a program that counts more than just calories and exercise. I downloaded and tried a few I could modify - this diet plan let me keep track of everything, including my weight!! Now, I don’t have to try and juggle to remember all the restrictions of my 3 diets as well as being able to eat REAL food, they seem to have every brand I eat. I just count everything I eat and as the day goes along I can see what I have available for lunch and dinner. I signed up for the premium account and made a few tweaks to fit my needs. Like you record what you drink, but if it isn’t water it doesn’t count towards your fluid restrictions. So I simply record all my fluids as water and I can see how well I’ve done in the day. (Soup and yogurt also count as fluids) if you need to restrict your fluids, you”ll know what I mean. Bet the My Net Diary developers never thought of how useful a tool this app really is besides just a weight loss tool. I’m looking forward to cooking again so I can try their recipes. I would recommend to those that need to follow a restrictive diet to help them track, rather than have to write it down or guess at things like carbs, sugars, proteins, fats, etc.

Oct 8, 2023

Great tool to manage weight and learn better eating habits. Met my goals and lost 10 lbs in a few short months.

claudio sanchez Oct 7, 2023

I love this app to help me lose weight. it's easy to log into food. they have like every food imaginable. and it explains in depth everything.

Monica Calkins Oct 7, 2023

Surprised that it includes many brands of food . makes it easier to log portions. easily shows how many more / less calories I have to consume as the day goes by .

Deb C Oct 7, 2023

MyNetDairy has transformed my life. It's made Lifestyle Health Possible! I've lost 20 pounds since I've used this app!!

Chip Howington Oct 7, 2023

5 stars

This is an incredibly user friendly app. The free version is loaded with every feature I would ever need, including the awesome ability to scan bar codes to look up my meals. Seems like everyone else charges for that. One small problem is that by default the app doesn’t adjust your calorie budget when you exercise. You have to go into options and turn that on.

Oct 7, 2023

Excellent..lost 10 lbs in 2.5 months and ate much healthier choices!

Pamela Erin Loughner Oct 6, 2023

It's going on 3 months, and I've already lost 11 lbs. No, I didn't buy the premium. I just use the app to track my workouts mainly and count the calories of the foods I eat. This is by far the best app I have. 😊😁

Lola ingl3wood Oct 6, 2023

It's a great app. I like how it can personalize everything for you, for free! There are extra things that cost real money, but they're not necessary. I love all of the food and drink options so that you can find exactly what you want, and the feature to scan a code is absolutely awesome. This app is a great one. You can also track your exercises and steps per day. It has many things to choose from when logging your info, so you can get exactly what you want! Very simple and easy to use. FREE

Katie Amalong Oct 6, 2023

The best health, food, and exercise tracker that I've tried! Super easy interface, great reports, customizable trackers, easy food logging, and more. There's even a FB support page. I had been looking for an app that would allow me to track not just food but my blood work, exercise, and other customizable things. Edit: I'm now almost 2 months in and keep finding more to love about this app every week. Fully customizable, full of educational articles, lots of metrics in several formats. Love it!

Kellie Oct 6, 2023

Love this app!

It lets you scan food for free! So convenient! Other apps make you pay for that feature. It’s super easy to use too!

Oct 6, 2023

So easy

Just scan the barcode and you get all of your information including nutrients and calories. Set up standard meals, For easy daily log.

Oct 6, 2023

Lovin this app

Wonderful tool for tracking. Easiest I have ever used and… it is helping me to lose weight.

Mkwillie2 Oct 5, 2023

Love this!

Several years ago I used Noom to lose 20 pounds. I have since gained back almost all of that weight. I find that tracking my food intake, among other things, helps me keep my weight down. I love this app for it’s ease of use and the fact that I don’t have to do daily lessons as required on Noom. Also, the fact that it’s free is a huge plus!

Oct 5, 2023

Awesome Tool

So easy to use and brilliant app to keep track of your meals/water/snacks and exercise.. and so much more . Keeps me focused and motivated to keep losing weight.

Oct 5, 2023

It is so easy to use. They've thought of every kind of food and portion size out there! You can also log all kinds of exercise, which increases your calorie budget. I find it actually fun to log the foods that I eat and hit my targets. I've personally recommended this app to several friends :)

Jessica Ivgi Oct 3, 2023

This is such a wonderful app compared to others out there. Easy to use (but it can also get complicated and detailed if you dig in). Free barcode scanner is a game changer. All other apps asking you to pay for it ...

Omer Erdem Celik Oct 3, 2023

Wow, this is amazing compared to other calorie and diet apps I have tried. The food database makes it so easy to scan barcodes and log food! The first time I tried this app, it looked so complex I quickly gave up and tried something else. Well, that something else isn't letting me modify my custom foods, even with a premium subscription, so I tried this app again. And I'm very glad I did!

Lora J. Klein Oct 3, 2023

Great app

I am using this app to help me add some weight and it has every good and drink you can imagine already programmed into its or helped me figure out what to eat and is super easy to use. It has a grading system on your meals and does a daily analysis of your calorie intake including vitamins ect.

Oct 3, 2023

Best calorie tracker, hands down!

I've tried them all and this is the best calorie tracker. Extremely user friendly and the best part is that the barcode scanner is available with the free version. I eventually purchased the paid version for more control of macro settings!

Oct 2, 2023

Largely thanks to this app i was able to lose 10kgs. Thank you so much

Nick S Oct 1, 2023

This changed how I feel about calorie counting. Its quick and easy to use and of you sync it to your fitness app or enter how many steps/exercise you do it takes it into account so you can lead a balanced lifestyle rather than just eat as few calories as possible. You can scan barcodes to make it quicker to log meals or manually search for items. It's abit tricky when you cook from scratch and don't know precise calories but I usually search for the closet meal I can. I use the free version

Stacey S Oct 1, 2023

This app is amazing. I have lost 18 lbs in a few months. So easy to use to keep track of what you are eating!

Suzanne Black Oct 1, 2023

It’s simple, out has to be less than in!

I started my journey in June of 2023. I weighed in at 256lbs and was in pain and unmotivated. Fast forward to Oct 2023, down to 227lbs. I walk or jog at least 60min per day and eat clean, nutrient dense, protein rich foods. Feeling great. Half way to my goal and continue to feel confident I can do it. Easy app. Easy tracking. Thanks!

Oct 1, 2023

Works super well, very helpful

Couldn’t be happier with this app. It helped me set a reasonable calorie goal, and searching up food and scanning items is super easy. It’s been a great help for me to understand exactly, or at least close enough ball park, of what I eat so I can manage my calorie intake. There is no annoying notifications, or overwhelming weight loss stuff pushed on me, so it’s really just a straight forward tool.

Oct 1, 2023

Best calorie app by far imo, easy to use, works with google fit and fitbit, all the info you could ask for and reasonably priced subscription model.

Richard James Dennis Sep 30, 2023

When SparkPeople Diet Tracker disappeared I was lost. I finally found MyNetDiary which feels so much like that. Easy to use, tons of brand data, reminders to log meals. all around an excellent App!

Beckey Langley Sep 30, 2023

Wonderful app. Easy to use and the best part, there is no ads. I hope it stays that way. I left another app because of this. So far I am very happy and pleased with the free version of this app.

Miledys Rizzo Sep 30, 2023

The free features are generous, but I ended up paying for a 1 year membership. I am so glad I did. I have 2 FAVORITE features: In the free version you are allowed to create and import as many recipes as you want-this allows accurate tracking of homemade/scratch foods. With the membership I can view an in-depth nutrient analysis for each food, each meal, and each day. This allows me to fine-tune my food choices for maximum nutrition with the healthiest calorie levels. I've lost 20 lbs in 3 months

Catherine Breeden Sep 30, 2023

No gimmicks

Losing weight requires diligence and discipline. This app helps me with the intake. My Apple Watch helps me track output. To me this makes tracking calories easy.

Sep 30, 2023

Life Changing

I have used many apps before this and none of them kept me as accountable as this one. So much information at your fingertips!! I’m down 25 pounds in 35 days.

Sep 30, 2023

this is a great app. you can track your food intake by calories, carbs, proteins, fats, or nutrients. Or track them all. It also adjusts your allowable intake when you log exercise. I used the free app for about a week and then paid for premium, but i definitely would have been satisfied with the free version if i could not afford the premium version. There is so much information available on this app that I will most likely continue to use it even after i reach my goal weight.

Donna Nelson Sep 29, 2023

easy to use and very in-depth. I am only using the free option, and so far, great. I like that I can see how many calories I have had so I can keep in deficit. but it also gives me a full breakdown of everything I'm eating.

Anne Soper Sep 29, 2023

Love the app

So easy to use, an amazing and simple way to lose weight. Lost almost 2 stone in 6 weeks. The scanning device is fantastic and a must for everyone who wants to make a life changing way to loose those unwanted pounds. The premium version is well worth the cash, the thousands of recipes are easy to follow. A 10 Out of 10 From me.

Sep 29, 2023

Most User Friendly Tracker

By far the most user friendly tracking app out of the MANY I have tried. It’s simple to use and easy to read at a glance, while still including a lot of tracking options. I like that the dashboard is fully customizable, and that you can easily create your own recipes with existing food information.

Sep 29, 2023

I've been using it for a little over a month and love it. My main reason for trying it is a lot of people recommend my fitness pal but you have to pay for the premium to be able to scan the barcodes on items. On here, it's free. All of the basic functions for counting calories and weight loss are free. If you're more interested in your nutrients and macros I would recommend the premium but for a more casual, weight loss focused user, it's great!

Mad Rabbit Sep 28, 2023

Awesome app

It is up to you to be honest and log everything you eat for the day, water and exercise. My first week I lost 3 lbs. Get a digital scale to weigh your food in grams to be accurate.

Grizzlymagg Sep 28, 2023, 2023

Glad I made the switch

Just switched over from MyFitnessPal because of all their bugs. I’m almost glad that app had so many issues otherwise I wouldn’t have had a reason to search for a new calorie tracker and find MyNetDiary. MyNetDiary is the best food calorie tracker I’ve used so far and I’ve tried all the most popular ones.

Sep 28, 2023

Very Helpful

This app makes it easy to log food and calculate calories, water intake, and exercise! I highly recommend it! It’s really been helpful to me!!

Sep 28, 2023

This is the one you’re looking for

I just tried all the food trackers and almost passed by this one. Beware that the Apple health interface is off by default — that’s why I almost moved on. By far the best free calories and nutrient tracker and the premium is also great and worth it imo.

Sep 27, 2023


I started about 3 months ago. I’m down 13.5 pounds and am still going without too much difficulty

Sep 27, 2023

I have the free version and I LOVE this app. I've lost six pounds already with this app 😊 my daughter downloaded it and she loves it also. It's so easy to use and I love that you can link it to your Samsung health. Please don't change this app and make it worse. Lol

O Whitney Sep 26, 2023

One of the best, comprehensive apps I've found to date. Has functionality that exceeds WW.

L. Melton Sep 26, 2023

Tried so many apps but this one wins by a long shot

Absolutely love this app and the ease to log everything in, it even has recipes! All of this and more for free!

Sep 26, 2023

Excellent App

For something that’s free this app is a treasure. It is easy to use and keeps me in check. Love the ability to scan a product. Have lost weight. Definitely brilliant.

Sep 26, 2023

Simple or detailed as you want it; easy to get started; great food/calorie/macro/micro data bank. A million different diets to choose from, with decent guidance and a library of nutrition and health information. No technical difficulties. If you're considering the app, just go for it.

J Lorraine Sep 25, 2023

I would recommend this app to the entire world!!

I never leave reviews for any apps, but this app deserves it. My fiancé recommended this app to me after his weight loss journey. I started in December 2022 after my delivery of my second child. As of today (September 2023) I am down 83 pounds- on the free version of the app!! I have recommended this app to all of my friends and on several groups that I’m apart of online. This app makes it incredibly easy to count calories to lose weight!! I have NEVER lost any weight in my entire life and I am so thankful for this app :-)

Sep 25, 2023

Great app and easy

This app is super friendly to use and track. Easy to use and I appreciate the extra items to track such as blood glucose and weight. Makes this app an all in one. And you can download your entries!!

Sep 25, 2023

This is the BEST APP EVER ! If you want a app that counts calories this Is the app I would get . Its really good and it has helped me alot , I've lost 13kg with this app (with no exercise) . I would get this app if I was you.

Simpy XCammy Sep 24, 2023

By far the most user friendly app!

I have gone between NetDiary and Chronometer multiple times, and I always go back to NetDiary. It is by far the most user-friendly, it has the best memory for previously entered foods, and is the most well-organized. I’m done for good with Chronometer now that NetDiary has nutrient and vitamin levels. I do not have a lot of time to be logging my foods, and this app is by far the easiest and fastest!

Sep 24, 2023

Still love the app

Blind unwell malnourished tube feeder here guys doing well and almost keeping on target most days with the excellent reminders to eat and drink love you my net diary and nutritional coaches thankyou for all your hard work working out all my nutritional needs too keep me going support is so important I couldn’t get it anywhere else at this level with your dietitians , my hospital dietitians and specialists are over the moon to get my weekly reports from you and in a easy way to process quickly and add to my hospital feed data base ,! Really don’t think I could do it without you now and being blind your Siri features make it so easy xx

Sep 24, 2023

This app is sooo good , i have losed 1.6 kg in 24 days .Im a middle class Asian person and I can't afford expensive diet plans or special meals to loose my weight ,it is mandatory for me to eat what is made at home. So i was hopeless until i started using this app , its the bessstttttt . It also have premium membership with money but i think without that subscription,this app is pretty much good 💯😊😊🥺💜💜💜🩷🩷🩷💖💖

Humaira Gilani Sep 23, 2023

Addicted to Carb Genius

After decades of trying to loose weight, I’m finally succeeding. I had bought low carb foods & treats for a long time, but not balanced them effectively. I’m just making marginal changes in the combinations of foods that I normally would. The app lets me know if what I’m planning on eating fits that day’s balance. I haven’t had to cut anything I would normally eat out of my diet & on occasions end up eating more than I would have previously. I pay for premium, which is very good value. This allows me to find supermarket & branded foods quickly & easily. I normally enter my planned meals into the app for a day before I start. This takes very little time. I juggle the meals to fit the program & leave space for snacks. When I’m planning a snack I enter it & can easily assess whether it keeps me on track. If it doesn’t, the app will give me choices from my usual selection that will. I use the reports in premium to review my progress & identify where I need to make changes to improve progress towards my goal. It alters my target date dependant on progress. At every stage the choice is mine, what I record, which plan I follow, whether I record exercise. Blood sugar etc etc. the bonus is that that in using the app I normally avoid eating before I’ve thought about it & thus avoid blowing diet.

wastewench Sep 23, 2023


I love how the app shows me my goals and the amount of time I have to reach my goals. It is easy to track my progress.

Sep 23, 2023

Everything I need

I went through several apps until I found MyNetDiary. It really is so easy and helpful. It’s everything I need and want. Thank you

Sep 23, 2023

Easy Calorie Counting

I have specific dietary needs so cook from scratch using fresh ingredients. Love it that I can enter my recipes to get accurate calories & Macros per serving.

Sep 23, 2023

4 months....down 19 lbs! Thanks!

Susan G. Sep 22, 2023

look, I dont even do reviews like that, but this app is so much better then fitnesspal, it's simpler, works better and just has more, definitely recommend

Benjamin Hernández Sep 22, 2023

five star

I have been using this app for several years now. I switch between the free and paid versions. I definitely prefer the paid version but can’t always afford it. the app is easy to understand & use. I use the app daily!! It helps me be honest about “what” & “how much” I eat. Like many other people sometimes I gain alittle weight, but if I go too far up to my top weight boundary limit, the app always helps me get serious about & stay with getting those lbs back off and in control. I had weigh loss surgery 20 years ago, and this app has helped me tremendously keeping off the 120 lbs I lost and want to keep off !!! thank you

Sep 22, 2023

I find this app so easy to use. I've lost nearly a stone in just over a month. I don't feel like any food is a "naughty" food, and I'm never hungry. I just keep everything in the green

Charlene Jones Sep 21, 2023

Absolutely amazing app. I can't believe how much is offered with the free version. Got my husband to download it as well. I lost two pounds in one week! Really feeling hopeful about weight loss now and this app does all the calorie counting for me! Thank you for putting it out there.

Veruka psalm40verse2 Sep 21, 2023

And breathe !

Easy to navigate and track food intake and not get obsessed this app has helped me get really active again taught me about what is high and low calorie and carb and kept me on track without the tight parameters of the likes of any other major diet plans also I can drink as much gin and skim as I like which fits

Someone who thinks clearly Sep 21, 2023

Easy to use – very informative

I’ve used it the free version for over a year on my iPhone. I like that I can group things so I have morning coffee or cereal with fruit and I have one tap and I get it

Sep 21, 2023

Very easy to use and the only good free calorie tracker I can find. There is an option to upgrade if you need more options.

Julie Casper Sep 20, 2023

This app is EXCEPTIONAL - just learning I have type 2 diabetes has me reeling and quite confused but the info & tracking capabilities far exceed any other app available & is making my lifestyle change easier and doable. The developer has been kind and professional enough to help me with a problem; he responded right away to my email. I'm using Premium and I'm positive you won't find another app that comes close to this one's capabilities; I can't recommend this app enough! 🙃

Brenda Thompkins (Butterflydzines) Sep 20, 2023

So far this app has been pretty accurate. I've lost about 6 pounds. I haven't been able to lose weight any other way since I did intermittent fasting.

Michelle Giammarino Sep 20, 2023


Excellent app, amazing ability to scan food in, has insane amounts of stuff loaded already, very helpful ability to use ‘g’ or ‘table spoon’ of items to make loading in items fast and accurate. Best of all, all outlined and more is free!

Sep 20, 2023

this is very easy to use and provides a lot of information. it's helping me be accountable and honest with myself, which has also been motivating.

Jo Ellen Washburn Sep 19, 2023

Easy to use app. Great for traking what I eat each day, have lost weight using this and have not gone hungry. had made me realise what I was eating was not the best for me.

lee angus Sep 17, 2023

amazing honestly.

the fact i can track all my food to gain weight and it tells me how much fat/carbs/protein i’m getting all for free, is honestly one of the best things ever.

Sep 17, 2023

Unironicly best app design i have ever seen for iphone

Every single thing is thought out soo wel for ease of access in mind a good example is logging weight it’s very easy to add date and then the visuals just amazing to really see your progress. this app also has generic foods that function sooo well. Another thing is the updates they constant come out with great new features such as logging photos with you weights. I have been using this app for over a year and it has blown me away making me way more comfortable with the concept of loging as the barrier is removed

Sep 17, 2023

It is almost incredible what you can achieve with the free version of this app. It makes diet SO easy. Think of this as the equivalent to your monthly budget: you have to know how much money you receive and spend through the month to be able to have healthy finances. Well, this app gives you that information for your diet, so you can achieve a healthy calories budget. The only thing I worry about is how the developers are going to maintain this app because the free version is so good. Thank you!

Nelson Álvareze Sep 16, 2023

Excellent app, only been using it for a week on the free version, lost 7lb so far, easy to use and lots of information to help you lose weight.

Denise Coyne Sep 16, 2023

I love this app! It's so easy, and so much information. I used be be on Sparkpeople and missed the ease of loging meals. This works even better. You don't have the social, but the tracking is wonderful.

Karen Willard Sep 16, 2023

Great app

It has helped me first to know how many calories I should consume to lose weight, second I control the calories consumed and types of foods, it has good information on foods and calorie content, third I monitor my weight and the amount of water I drink. It is an app that is easy to use and understand

Amor go Sep 16, 2023, 2023

Makes doing keto easy

I thought I had a good idea how to follow a keto diet but started reading about macros and looking up individual nutritional labels was difficult I also didn't realize the amount of carbs in vegetables especially beans that were now off limits. I looked at a few apps but this one eccentric in the free version allows me to log each meal looking not only at carb count but also daily caloric intake to keep in goal This app provides a structure that I would be lost with on my own I can add foods I have purchased and can plan by adding or deleting foods I am considering for meal planning I have lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks have no hunger and have completely changed how I look at food The free version is excellent and far superior to any other apps I have tried. I could not recommend an ap more highly.

doctor marge Sep 16, 2023

Highly recommended

This app makes losing weight as simple as knowing what you are putting inside you. It’s easy to use and it works if you really want to shed some pounds. Lost 1.6 kilos in one week just by sticking to the diet plan and not exceeding the calorie allowance. No food is banned. Try it.

Sep 16, 2023

So much better than my fitness pal! Easy interface, no ads, easy to use. 10/10 would recommend.

T Wilde Sep 14, 2023

The app is very well made, it providies alot of tracking and displays information in a visual way that makes it easy to understand, track, and analyse your progress, and also find many health related resources. Hooks to google fit, too! The only thing im worried about is that it sets my BMR at 2800 according to my stats, while all other apps give a 2400 kcal BMR at the sedentary level.

R Z Sep 13, 2023

The best all around App ever. It does tracking of things you don't even think about and it WORKS all the time. 100% better than WW!

Xx Sep 13, 2023

Useful even at free level

Honestly amazed at the number of features available on the free version. Easily add your own recipes, loads of British brands and seemingly obscure foods known on the app and very easy to submit details for foods that aren’t already there. Premium seems it would have extra features that would be useful for people managing diabetes or bodybuilding, but simply looking for weight loss the free version is more than adequate

Sep 13, 2023

Super easy to use

The free version gives me enough to be able to track EVERYTHING I eat, and any exercise from the gym to a walk in my neighborhood. Have used it a week and should reach my goal by December 💃💃💃(15 lbs) My favorite thing is the grading system of the foods I am choosing - so I can eat anything I want but am becoming more aware of what makes a better choice

Sep 13, 2023

It's been a full week and I am enjoying the app. I like the layout of everything, easy to use. the free app has everything I need.

Adrienne Garcia Sep 12, 2023

This is an awesome app. It has everything you need without having to pay. And more if you do want to pay for extra perks. It's a little complicated to learn to navigate but once you do, it's quite simple. If you're counting calories then this is a perfect app. I actually surprise by how much they have in the app for free. And I haven't seen or notice any ads in the app yet.

AutumnSnowz Sep 12, 2023

Easiest App to count carbs, etc I’ve ever used!

I just love this app. It is so well designed. It is so easy to use and it’s applications are endless. I’ve tried so many of these type apps that are useless and don’t work and are hard to use. This app is none of that. I am so happy. I found it I am using it’s free version which is really nice because they have you use the free version as long as you want. But it’s so good that I definitely am going to get the upgraded version. I AM SO HAPPY I FOUND THIS APP. And I highly recommend it.

Lucie@1122 Sep 12, 2023

Easy to use, non-judgemental

This app is getting easier to use, with buttons to push for meals based on your previous choices. With suggestions for improving your habits, just by logging foods you can see your corresponding weight gain or loss depending on your own habits. Using this app is the painless way to log and observe your foods based on your own choices.

Sep 12, 2023

Outstanding Application

Greetings! I have used many online apps to lose and maintain a healthy weight, but this application is the best. It is easy to use and accurate, it puts MyFitnessPal to shame with all their garbage in, garbage out data lack of control . I honestly feel MyNetDiary is concerned with the users health tracking of food versus the mega profit apps supplier more concerned with huge profits rather than invest it back into a top rated health app. Do yourself a favor and dump the poor quality MyFitnessPal for this superior data quality and easy to use app like I did. Very happy I made the move. The easy to use food grade system is fantastic and will blow you away.

Sep 12, 2023


What an amazing app! 98% of the food I’m eating is already in the food library. That makes adding meals super easy! Easy to read & understand “reports” are available, generated from the data you record. Recipes, coaches, tips, trending articles - are all available at your fingertips! So many great features, I cannot list them all. Try it for 30 days and you’ll be hooked. It’s the best partner on your weight loss journey.

Sep 12, 2023

Dump MFP (I did) and get this. MFP has gotten complicated and greedy. Easy to use and a nice interface

Mat Sukaj Sep 11, 2023

The enormous food-database really positions MyNetDiary at the head of the crowd. That makes for speedy logging because I don't have to manually input data from Nutrition Facts panels. This app has made it easy to hit my DASH targets, and it is greatly helping a family member to manage her kidney disease. Also, the app is stable and works smoothly, looks great in dark mode, integrates nicely with some fitness apps, and it costs less yet provides more than other apps in this space. 10/10 stars

J.W. Anderson Sep 11, 2023

I love this calorie counter. It has helped me count how many calories, carbs, proteins, and fat I have been consuming each day for almost 2 months since I started using this app. I was able to stick to a consistent calorie deficit and lose 8 pounds(target is 14 pounds in total by October) thanks to dieting and walking. Using this app really motivated me to be active and take note of what I eat and how much I eat.

Chris Cabrera Sep 11, 2023

Easy and powerful

I think this app is great. Easy to use, packed full of info. Love the reports basically everything. I’m down 23 kg in 4 months!

Mummy thortersen Sep 11, 2023, 2023

Great App

I have been using this application for 3 months now and I am extremely happy with the results I have seen in my weight loss. I lost 10 pounds by keeping accurate records of my food intake. I find the App easy to use and navigate. I highly recommend it!!

A German-Duran Sep 11, 2023, 2023

Love it!!

This app has so many features without having to pay for the premium subscription. I love that I can customize each food item, scan labels, copy and paste foods into other days easily and create meals I use often.

Sep 11, 2023

This app has everything I need. I love being able to enter my own recipes, using the barcode scanner and syncing to my watch for exercise. I used to use MyFi*****Pal but they started trying to charge you for features that used to be free. So far this is a very easy to use and user friendly app!

Gen Eisan Sep 10, 2023

I'm impressed & appreciate what the free version offers. I'd like to have access to the premium features & will most likely pay for it in the future. My only complaints are: 1. There's too many entries for the same brands product & finding the correct food with its accurate nutritional label can be time-consuming & annoying. * Please clean up the food database. 2. Food I've added to 'favorites' randomly disappear 3. Please add a 'Recent Foods' selection to the 'Add Food' options

Deanna Sep 10, 2023

It Works. Latest upgrades for iPhone are fantastic.

Easy to use. As far as Health and Weight management, this app is by far the finest tool out there. The app works flawlessly and is extremely informative. What’s more, they keep improving the app.

Sep 10, 2023

Easy to log food and meals. Great app that does a fantastic job of helping you visualize your progress. As long as you give honest input, you will get results you desire.

Miguel Martinez Sep 9, 2023

Better than any other app

Great app, especially the free version. The barcode scanner is very convenient and makes tracking macros simple. I have tried 5+ calorie tracking apps and this is by far the best

Sep 9, 2023

Started using MyNetDiary 9 days ago and love it. I'm using the free version. It calculates all the data in an instant that I used to do manually - calories, fat, carbs, fiber, sugars, etc. It shows how I'm progressing on my weight loss goal and gives me grades on my food choices. I lost 5.5 pounds in 9 days. For my age, gender and height, that's great. I've encountered no glitches and no ads. I recommend it.

Ginny Williams Sep 8, 2023


I lost 65 lbs in about 8 months on this app

Sep 8, 2023

Amazing and so easy!

This diet app is amazing! It's easy to follow. They have many different diet styles to choose from, but I find the straight up counting calories is the easiest. You do need to take the time to log and learn about what foods will help you succeed, but the app makes it very easy. And they give you everything for free. I did upgrade after a week and its even better for a very small price. I've been obese for years and never succeed for long, but this helps you eat the foods you like without too many rules. It's a lifestyle change. Very impressed!

Sep 8, 2023

The app as been great so far and most of the foods i scan have been accurate into in the app, I'veimproved my diet drastically and even lost 14 pounds

Livvyx Sep 7, 2023

Fantastic app even in the free version. Has realistic and healthy weight loss plans based on science, including accounting for sex, height, and exercise levels. Has a huge database of foods which make it easy to log all food. I would highly recommend this app. I've lost 15 lbs in six months and kept it off easily, plus having body recomposition from fat to muscle since I can see my macronutrient intake.

Sierra Cleland Sep 7, 2023

I like it, I've been pondering buying the full app to help with my macros and some other things. for a free app it's great

Aaron Hopkins Sep 6, 2023


Great app… I love the way I can keep track of meals and calories and sugar. I just had blood work done last week and the doctor told me that I went from A12 at 8.5 down to 7.1. That’s the lowest it’s ever been. Thanks

Sep 6, 2023

Love this app!!!

It is so easy to use that I can just can a barcode, and it is helping me losing weight! Even when I go over my calorie limit, my autopilot keeps me on track. Preminis definitely worth it. It is cheap, gives you more options, and let’s you optimize the ap! Best app to exist for weight loss!

Sep 6, 2023

AAA+ Highly Recommend

Just WOW 🤩 I’ve trialled a number of meal tracking apps, including “popular” apps that get a lot of promotion. I would rate the accuracy of this database way way above similar apps. I especially love the extent to which it tracks micronutrients. It actually populates the micro nutrient fields, accurately! Makes MyFitnessPal appear as though it was created by the work experience kid! The scanner is uber quick and the format is very user-friendly. A bonus is the visuals, which are even more impressive when accessed via the web. Overall, MyNetDiary blows other meal planner/tracker apps out of the water. Definitely deserves 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sep 6, 2023

Love this app!

Offers so many options and ease of use. Compared to WW, Lose It and other weight loss apps. The premium version is well worth the cost. I tried free for a while then caught an offer for half off premium.

Sep 6, 2023

Love this it has so many types of food so easy to register daily intake I have dropped a star because you have to log in kg which I don't like or pounds, would be better in stone and pounds it would be easier my scales does stone and pounds, so then I have to calculate, maybe think about it [UPDATE:] 😊 I have just done update of app and now in stones and pounds THANK YOU. 5 stars Xxx

Pinky x Sep 5, 2023

Very Good Free Version

MyfitnessXal started logging my meal quantities twice which made keeping up with tracking way too difficult having to correct the app every time I logged something. This app is much more user friendly. And I like that I can customize the dashboard. Very pleased.

Sep 5, 2023

[Translated from Croatian:] Great app, I lost 10 kilos in 9 months.. thank you ☺️

Dina Cavuzic Sep 4, 2023

this is a great app... i love the scan or type options ...i like that you can log a food of you cant find what ur looking for. ...i like it shows the protien/carbs/ etc in a graph...i like that you can see what rating the foods fall into i use this app to make sure my portion sizes are also correct weight. great simple easy to use app.

Sammi Simpson Sep 4, 2023

Excellent for food tracking

Shockingly simple, very easy to use food app. Appreciate the simple and easy interface and it’s ability to customize. Very happy I found it.

Sep 4, 2023

I’ve lost 50 lbs with the help of this app

This app is pretty amazing, I love how I can scan the barcode and it just pops in the food. I have lost 50 pounds with this app, also with exercises and of course the Good Lord’s help.. this app helps you to set goal and to help you reach it, with a healthy amount of weight loss.

Sep 4, 2023

Excellent calorie tracker. Easy and intuitive interface. The free version has all the basics you need and the paid version has a lot of extras that can be helpful as well. Great work devs!

Sean Sumner Sep 3, 2023

Get the Premium Version

I did some research online to find the best free macro-counting app. I got the free version of this first but then quickly upgraded to the premium because it’s not that much money and all the features that really make it good or in the premium version. You can still use the free version but the inconvenience you will have to deal with doesn’t cover the costs.

Sep 3, 2023

Great diet aid

This app makes it easy to log food and keep track of calories. There are many other excellent features that can be used or turned off.

Sep 3, 2023

MyFitnessPal used to be so choice back when it first came out and now MyNetDiary has exceeded the features of that app that allows for access to important data while still free. That's really kool and shows that it's more about assisting people in reaching their healthier goals than it is about making a buck off an app that helps people keep track of their dietary habits; it makes purchasing the full app a worthwhile investment. (: ♡,...,♥︎

예수한국 Sep 2, 2023

Outstanding Food Tracker

Without exaggeration I have tried at least 25 food tracker with very little satisfaction. Finally I found an incredible thorough, intuitive and fun food tracker with Carb genius and MyNetDiary. I absolutely love them because they are thorough without being “fussy” or tedious. I had just about given up on finding a food tracker that would suit my needs and then some. It’s truly an outstanding food tracker and I am fairly certain that I will upgrade to the Premium version.

boldwings Sep 2, 2023

Love this App 5

I’ve been using the App for awhile now and love it. I can keep track so easily of everything even my diabetes is easy to keep track of.

It’s the little things Sep 1, 2023

Easy to Use

This is a great app. I’ve waited until I had a couple of weeks using the app under my belt before writing this review and I can say it’s quick and easy to use. Love the interface, ease of entering meals, etc. Also love the weight range, it’s a different way (for me anyway) to look at weight loss, more realistic.

Sep 1, 2023

Great app!

I’ve found this app extremely helpful in my journey to better health! Logging food is easy! I definitely recommend the free subscription, and then you can decide to upgrade to Premium if you like it! There’s no time limit for the free subscription.

Sep 1, 2023

Easy to use

I find this app extremely easy to use. I chose to pay for the premium and I’m glad I did, you get so much more.

Sep 1, 2023

Works great!

Moved over after MyFitnessPal went to the dark side, and haven't regretted it! Fantastic user interface, great graphics and information to be able to be tracked, great tracking for water/calories/macros (I can't speak to micros), a watch add on that WORKS for food tracking (basic calories, or those in your favorites, and is PERFECT for tracking my water). I just use the free version and love all the options, but am planning to purchase the premium version soon. I should mention: I don't miss the premium features in the free version (it works like it should, and better than I expected!), and while I am looking forward to a few of them, I'm mostly planning to get premium just to support these folks (and incentivize them to continue providing such great free content!)! At the very least, if you're looking for one of these, I can't encourage you enough to try it for a week: the free version blows me away, and I was still learning about cool features at the end of the week (and showing them to my wife, who thinks I'm crazy). If you're looking for a basic, easy way to track calories and weight (like I was), this is it (really). The only thing that could remove/change this recommendation is if devs move to dark side and start putting free material behind paywall, but I am very hopeful (and believe, in my single interaction with app support) that this is not going to happen: these folks seem to understand what should be behind a paywall, and make awesome additions for those who want to pay for them (and not move basic features, or even all the cool stuff, behind it: I LOVE that a ton of cool features are available without having to pay!). In any case, so long as this app continues to maintain current (and, God willing, even improved!) functionality, this is the best calorie/weight tracking app on the App Store. I tried 3 when I left MFP, and this is my fav due to: great interface, easy tracking (especially over time: the app generates my previous servings of all foods as a single click upload, which made things a breeze (entering the first time is same as in other apps, but future times is better!)!), the weight tracking graphics, the macro information/graphics (I never knew I wanted this until they showed me!), and the watch app (yes, truly all of these!). Give it a shot: I bet you'll like it!

Sep 1, 2023

I've been using the free version of this app for 2 weeks now. it's been almost effortless to input my calories, whether it be my own recipe, a barcode scan, or searching the database. it sends me push notices to remind me if I forget to log a meal and let's me know if I'm on track with my weight loss goals. It also tracks other markers like sodium, cholesterol, waist size, blood pressure, etc. I had no idea I regularly consume half my daily calcium and iron recommendations! very helpful.

Sherrell Wen Aug 31, 2023

I have lost 20 pounds in a month. and still going

Coryrerr i Hooper Aug 31, 2023

I love this app!

Okay, if you have to count carbs or calories and watch blood glucose levels (I have Type 2 diabetes) this is the app for you! So easy to record what I eat, my glucose levels, and my activities all in one place. I’ve tried other apps and this one is by far the best and so easy to use!

gasp360 Aug 31, 2023


I really appreciate the application. It is awesome. I can not imagine that I can easily track my calories and lose weight.

Aug 31, 2023

User friendly and very easy to keep track of all your dietary needs

Perfect app to use daily for keeping a track of your eating habits exercise and calories all in one app wouldn’t use any other now

Aug 31, 2023

I've used this over a week while also using MFP one. This beats that any day! Especially with a scanner for upc on foods is FREE. I love this app! If I can figure it out, you can too!

Kathleen Martin Aug 30, 2023

I am loving this app so much. Literally the best one I have found for weight loss. It keeps you on your toes, accountable for... I have lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks and I remain excited to lose more thanks to all the features this app offers... I recommend 100%

Azalea Martens Aug 30, 2023

Great app, it has helped me lose 15kg since March and its so easy to use, full of really good recipes and practical advice on maintaining weight loss and a healthier lifestyle, awesome app.

steven binns Aug 30, 2023

An Awesome app... Definitely worth using I have so far lost 14 lbs... Thank you to the creator of this wonderful app...

Baby Aug 30, 2023


Does everything you need easily and for feee. Does everything you want easily with subscription. Great app. Great user interface.

Aug 30, 2023

Great replacement to MyFitnessPal

If you’re like me and are tired of the ads MyFitnessPal has instilled on its free version, get this app. Great replacement and easier to use. As long as they stay true to their free version and don’t litter it with ads, I’ll continue to use it.

Aug 30, 2023

Great app

This app is super easy to use. I love that it gives you all of the control to fit your needs. There are tons of exercise options that help you realistically calculate what you need to do to accomplish your goal.

Aug 29, 2023

The Best of the Best! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I have tried almost every calorie/macro tracker on the App Store (MFPal, Lose It, Chronometer, Lifesum, Fat Secret, Ostsy, etc.) and MyNetDiary is clearly the most complete, most beautiful, and most user friendly out of all of them. Period. Fat Secret is probably the second best, but this one is the king. There are plenty of options available but it’s not overly bloated or complicated. It took me less than 24hrs of using it to figure everything out. To design and develop an app on this level deserves very high praise. If I could give it six stars in comparison to the mediocre competition out there, I wouldn’t hesitate. Do yourself a favor and give it a try. I can assure you, you won’t find anything else that comes close.

Aug 28, 2023

Was a Fitday User

Find this app to be easier and more reliable than Fitday was.

Aug 28, 2023

Down 45 pound and counting

Love the app with 100% love. 38 more to go!

Aug 28, 2023

Calorie counting is hard... until you download this app! it has a bar code scanner, you can just log your calories with the scanner. Makes life easy.

Purple Aug 27, 2023

Came for the free scanner, stayed and upgraded because this app is awesome!

Used MFP for almost a decade, even payed for premium a few years (not really worth the $80 in my opinion). Once they got rid of free scanning it just became tedious, even though I already had so many saved foods and recipes. A random Reddit recommend sent me to find MND and I was so impressed by all the information, charts, detailed explanations and all the free bells and whistles. Loved being able to scan for free again! After only a month of using the free version, I decided to take advantage of a discount and upgraded for the recipe importing (which wasn’t super necessary, as scanning ingredients makes easy work of creating recipes [one of my annoyances with MFP after free scanning was removed]), and for less than half the price of MFP! Will never go back. No app is perfect but I tried a few before this one (including LoseIt!) and this one is the best IMO!

Aug 27, 2023

Best app ever

Love this app. I managed to go from 85kg to nearly 70 now and I will always use this app ! Best ever and the great part is I don’t need to pay at all or watch ads which is great. They should make more like this

Aug 27, 2023

I use the free version of the app. Absolutely the best tool to keep me on track. Sends reminders to log food. Easy to add new foods. Overall, it is very easy to use.

Liva Germane Aug 26, 2023

Simply the best

If you want to be successful in tracking your calories, your tracking tool has to be easy. No other app makes it as easy and flexible to enter your data as MyNetDiary. I’ve tried a slew of other apps and can honestly say nothing comes close to MyNetDiary. It let’s you enter grams, slices, servings whatever is easiest for you. With this update it has gotten even more flexible. Not only is it easy to use but the presentation of the day’s intake is clear and easy to digest (haha). The number of nutrients it tracks and the integration with the exercise data is second to none. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time on the other calorie trackers. Just use MyNetDiary. It’s the best and worth every penny.

pbombach Aug 25, 2023, 2023

Great “MFP” Replacement!

I had MFP for years and dealt with all the ads and pro upgrade suggestions. Then they put up their paywall. My wife found this app and we both wish we switched sooner. We are actually adding food in honestly since there are no annoyances popping up all the time. It makes some suggestions for the premium version but usually just once and it’s not a problem. I pray they don’t change this app because it’s really great since I’ve been using it. I’ve already passed 10% on my weight loss goal and it’s been less than a week.

Aug 25, 2023

As a free app it's great. Some of the calorie counts are out but foor me that s not a problem. For a more in depth weight lose program you can subscribe, but for me thats not what I need.

Speed Godz Aug 24, 2023

I really like the free version, but the paid subscription has opened some really great additional features! I have the ability to track more than just calories and weight, which points me to a better lifestyle

Lisa Thomas Aug 23, 2023

Top star

Love this app. It’s easy to navigate. I can create custom recipes which help to know how much calories I actually eat per meal. I’ll def recommend!

Aug 23, 2023

Easy to Use

I was using my fitness pal and I must say, I love this app it’s super easy to use and covers all the important things for free! I love it! So glad I switched over!

Aug 23, 2023

Worth every penny

Way better than all calories counting apps, customer service is excellent, support is wonderful. App’s really easy to understand and navigate, really colourful. I really recommend it.

Torquer13 Aug 22, 2023, 2023

Love it

Such an easy to use, informative and helpful app. I use it mostly to track my calories and it does the job perfectly but it has the added bonus of tracking water, exercise and gives me nutritional info and some tips and tricks. And I’m even using the premium version!

Aug 22, 2023


The free version of this is better than the premium version of MyFitnessPal

Aug 22, 2023

I really like this app! Easy to use and great motivation to help eat better, exercise, and lose weight. It's become a part of my daily doings now.

Kimberley Co0x Aug 21, 2023

The Best free calories counter apps I've ever used. Easy to track daily calories. It has many varieties of the food. We also can update the food label manually or by barcode scanner. I've been using it for 2 years. It has premium option too. Love it

Jane Melinda Aug 21, 2023

Even the free features are extremely helpful

It is difficult to find a dieting app that you don’t have to pay for. Although this app has added features that you can choose to pay for there is a lot of free content that is extremely helpful when trying to diet. I love this app and I always loose weight if I stick to the plan it sets for me.

AshMHos Aug 21, 2023

I have been using this app for 200 days and have lost almost 20kg (over 40 lbs). I am a few kgs from target but iIts easy and there is no denying it works. I do not feel deprived. I have learned to eat the proper portions and what to avoid or at least eat a controlled amount of higher calorie foods. I eat and drink what I want but in a controlled way as the app let's me monitor it all. Highly recommended. Thanks to MyNetDiary.

Kelvin Heeth Aug 20, 2023

Started using this app to track my eating about 9 mos ago to count calories. Tried free version for a while but after achieving success at losing 15 pounds bought the paid version which has many additional features. I'm now 55 pounds lighter in the 9 mos & look forward to reaching my goal weight in another 6 mos. I especially like ability to use my phone camera to lookup foods I just ate via their package bar code. Also has good recipes, multiple diets, advice and lots more. Can use on PC too.

Kelvin Heeth Aug 20, 2023

Easy to use! (primarily using base ingredients) Any packaged food can easily be added as a "custom food", also letting you mealprep a full recipe portion and add aswell. WARNING: calculator does not take butter lightly 🤣

Pernille Morsing Aug 20, 2023

Consistently #1 in my opinion and I’ve tried them all. LOVE IT!!!

I have had the paid version of this app for years now. Support is amazing and you can tell the developer has a real passion for his product. It’s so much more than a calorie counter. The custom dashboards to support tracking for diabetics, net carb folks, etc. is great. You can create your own recipes and divide up the portions. It would take far too long to name all the wonderful features of this product, and yet it also is so easy to use for those who just want a basic tracker. The most helpful feature is that portion sizes are so well defined. Choosing the wrong size portion or making an assumption about how much “1 serving” of Dominos cheesy bread is can kill your goals. I have tried every app on the market over the years. Latest one is Noom. While their coaching is good, if you want a food tracker, it’s WAY more expensive, and it has a few cons, e.g. portion size is not described nearly as well, and it doesn’t help you re-use previous day foods like MyNetDiary - a huge plus for me. I came back to this app within 3 days. I’ve tried them ALL and I ALWAYS come back to MyNetDiary.

Sheila987 Aug 20, 2023, 2023

Excellent free app

Fantastic app to monitor calories in a day. I am amazed at how often i eat non nutrient foods. The app helps me choose the quality of the food i eat so as not to waste my calories in a day. Mindful eating at its best! Thanks.

Aug 20, 2023

Phenomenal even the free version but the paid version has so much more

I’ve been using this for four months and this app keeps track of everything for me. I had to count calories to gain weight and the scan feature for upc codes on food labels is wonderful and very easy to use. I’ve even been able to create a recipe and it figures out the calories of my portion in a snap.

Aug 20, 2023


So, I started monitoring my food and calories 3 months ago! It has had an amazing effect! I have lost 24lbs and I have more energy! The cost of the extras on the app for year round use is SO worth it! I would recommend this app to EVERYONE! Whether you are trying to lose weight or just eat healthier!! The app makes you accountable! Also, the recipes are very yummy! Even the free version of the app ROCKS!

Aug 20, 2023

Worth every penny

I’ve never reviewed an app before. But Holy crap! This app is amazing. It is so comprehensive and so easy to use despite how much content there is. I used MyFitness Pal since 2011 but it’s interface has gotten so busy and annoying I started looking for a new one. I love everything about this. I recently had weight loss surgery so I’m logging like a boss and this app is so easy to jump into and get my foods logged. I love the progress photo option which takes a pic directly through the app so you don’t have a fat momma pic in your camera roll. Lol.

Aug 20, 2023

Enjoy app

I have enjoyed using this app, loved that internet recipes are so easy to download and reuse time after time! Like seeing what foods I may need to reduce and what I can eat more often.

Aug 20, 2023

Love this app

This takes over where Weight Watchers left off for me. I can accurately know my calorie intake per day and log my exercise more precisely. Love this app!

Aug 19, 2023

Best of its kind

I tried several leading calorie tracking and weight loss apps (MyFitnessPal, Lose It!, Noom, Foodvisor, Nutra Check) for two weeks, side by side, and this was by far the most useful, complete and easy to use of them all. I highly recommend it. The only complain I have is the price point for countries like mine (Colombia), where premium features, and some of the non premium features (e.g. bar code scanning), are not as useful. This is not specific to MyNetDiary, but unfortunately very few products scanned are found on the database, and the ones found are frequently wrong (product nutrition facts and/or description). Many ingredients are hard to find locally, and when found, their prices are high, making many premium recipes hard to follow, etc. I would like to be able to pay for premium features like calorie cycling, autopilot and advanced reporting, which I found useful and enjoyed using during the trial period, but USD$60 per year seems high for that :(

Aug 19, 2023

Game changer!

This app has been incredibly useful to log and keep track of my daily food intake. It helps me be accountable. The daily weight log enables me to stay motivated. 2 weeks using the app and I’m already down 3 kgs. This is definitely a useful tool for anyone willing to take charge of their health and stay motivated.

Aug 19, 2023

Excellent application guides you on what to eat and helps you lose weight. I already lost 2 kg in 15 days, I recommend it excellent

Elizabeth marina davis Aug 18, 2023

If you are looking for an app to do exactly what it a food diary, this is it. That's just the free version. It has a decent bank of foods and exercises. It's reasonably easy to use. I like it.

Jason Barefoot Aug 18, 2023

Love it!

I’m a 64-year-old woman, retired, and have been gaining weight steadily for the past five years. I’ve tried so many other things to lose weight and had been unsuccessful until I found this app. I’ve lost 20 pounds in two months by counting calories. It’s been easy, fun, and I’ve rarely been hungry. I’m well on my way to my goal, and I haven’t used all of the app’s features yet. It should be just as easy to keep the weight off going forward.

Aug 17, 2023

Way better that my fitness pal.

Christopher Jones Aug 15, 2023

Love it ❤️

Been using this app for a year now! Its been very helpful for my weight loss journey and for keeping track of vitamins and nutrients. It’s easy to use and gives advice and info about many different nutritional things.

Aug 14, 2023

Good FREE app to track your calories

This app is great! It’s free and it’s very helpful to help with weight loss. I lost 13Lbs in one month using this app.

Aug 14, 2023

You get more for less with this app. Easy to use. You get saved meals, and a macro counter. Thanks to the designers and developers for treating us like humans. I'll actually pay you money.

Andrew Woffenden Aug 13, 2023

Packed with all kinds of great nutritional content, recipes, calorie trackers, and easy to use. Scan bar codes, take photos of meals, make your own list of favorite foods to make it easier to count calories. No foods are off limits. Just stay within the recommendedcaloru range. I luv this app.

Teddi Adams Aug 12, 2023

first 12 days i lost 6lbs just by being aware of the quality and calories of the food i was eating. Having to stay under a limit forces you towards healthier foods, and it makes a difference fast.

sean mcmahon Aug 12, 2023

Honestly this app has changed my life. I have lost 30 pounds since March 2023 with the help of MyNetDiary.

Deon C Aug 12, 2023

Absolutely perfect

Was looking for an app to help track calorie deficit. First I tried MyFitnessPal. Everything I wanted to do was premium locked. Most premium locked fwwtures on MyFitnessPal are free here! And the premium features are just nice and lite, and truly premium. Always ad free. Great experience!

Aug 12, 2023

I like this app a lot. The UI is clean and easy to navigate and understand. I felt like I was using it seamlessly on my first day without any guess-work. Will definitely consider purchasing premium in the future.

Joey “CitizenSpaceman” Gonzalez Aug 11, 2023

This is so easy to use. I used it for a year and love it. Helps you keep track of calories and all health aspects of your diet or eating habits & more for free. I recently upgraded & am happy I did. They had a special for $39.99 for the whole year. It includes receipes, articles, help, & so much more. I chose to start the keto diet, and it specifically tracks net carb, fat, calories, protein, & so much more to keep you on track. It's worth the download whether you use the free version or upgrade

Peaceful Escapes Aug 11, 2023

love this app. it's much better than other similar apps. looks good, lots of information. easy to use and you can see at a glance everything you need to know. most foods are on the databank, too, and I love the barcode scanner.

krista givens Aug 11, 2023

Food tracker is comprehensive! 5

Amazing value at even the free level. I'm trying to lose a couple of pounds and started calorie counting and this app just makes everything so much easier. The food library is so comprehensive!!! The reports are so in depth too. Crazy good value!!

Aug 11, 2023

Great. just all around a great app to track food and really breaks it down for you! my favorite feature is the barcode scan. so easy to log foods! Definitely Recommend!!

krista givens Aug 10, 2023

This app has truly made meal planning and eating a fun game. I've leaned so much about my eating habits already. It's a useful tool with achievable goals and expectations. Logging food is easy. There's even a barcode scanner built in.

Mo Aug 10, 2023

love this app, helps track calories, exercise, water intake. has a barcode reader which is brilliant and so easy to use. also has different dietary suggestions for the diet you choose.

Larry Shaw Aug 10, 2023

Way Better than MyFitnessPal

Although I used MFP for nearly 2 years, it became frustrating to log foods or exercises. It took a lot of time, especially when there would be so many entries to choose from for just plain oatmeal with differing calorie counts. MyNetDiary has clear food choices in the database and plenty of measurement options to click immediately without having to do mental math every entry like MFP. So much faster on MND! The dashboard for MyNetDiary alone is a game changer. Has all I want right up front without layers to wade through.

Aug 10, 2023

Best Nutritional App Out There - I've tried the others

I don't think I've ever done an app review before, but I had to for MyNetDiary. This is, by far, my FAVORITE nutrition app. I've tried nearly a half a dozen others (including MyFitnessPal) and I'm in love with MyNetDiary. The amount of useful information is incredible and it feels so so empowering to have data when trying to lose weight and eat better. I highly recommend it. It takes a littlebit of time to figure out all the cool functions, but so worth it.

Aug 10, 2023

This app is amazing!

This app works really well, and has a similar setup to my fitness pal. It’s very easy to use. You can scan barcodes on foods, enter in what you’ve eaten for the day and your water intake, and even get reminders on your phone to drink water. It makes a fitness plan for you, and helps you achieve your goals through gentle reminders. It’s very user friendly.

Aug 10, 2023

This is a great app. Easy to use, tons of great information that you can use to guide your food choices and see the effects of your choices in real time.

Lisa Hardgrove Aug 9, 2023

Love this App!

The Carb Genius app gives me so much information to track my food, nutrients, exercise and water intake. And I’m just learning so there’s even more I haven’t used yet. The help and tips they provide are very useful to get you started. This is better than any app I’ve ever used and this is the just the free version! Love it!!!

Norvey55 Aug 9, 2023

Outstanding app!

Can’t believe this app is free! It is so customizable and very visual. Great coaching and positive reinforcement too. Functionality is incredible and there isn’t much they could improve.

Aug 8, 2023

The app is great

It’s user friendly easy quick and it’s helped me loose 5lbs in 2 weeks !

Aug 8, 2023

this has been a GODSEND for me! I started out May 8th at 283 lbs on an1800 calorie diet. now I'm consuming less than 900 calories per day and I've gotten down to 245 lbs! Definitely is a great way to track ur food and how much u lose or gain.

Laura Tate Aug 7, 2023

Better than most! I've used quite a few calories counting apps over the years and my experience with this one has been great. I've only used it for a week, but compared to MyFitnessPal, LoseIt, and Noom, in my experience this beats those. Great options on the free version, but useful upgrades with the paid. Straight forward interface with food grades to help you make better decisions. Love it so far!

Jason Mitchell Aug 7, 2023

Great App

This is far better than my fitness pal. Many free features as well as premium purchases. Everything that I’ve scanned has been in their database, and the options are much more accurate than my fitness pal.I’ve tried many different apps, this is the very best in my opinion that’s out there. Also, the conversion between units, like ounces and grams is excellent.

Aug 6, 2023


I wanted to gain weight and I did easily using this app to track what I ate and what was healthy. I’am 12 weighing 59kg and now I’m 65kg and still twelve this app helped a lot download it to get fat!

Aug 6, 2023

So much love

I used myfitnesspal in the past, and I just didn't like it. In my hands this app is much easier to use, and less "busy". MFP didn't suit me because I don't want to be in some kind of online community, I don't want to be super low carb, I'm not going down to 1200 calories a day, I just want to get the job done without a lot of hassle. With this app, I can usually quickly find what I ate/drank already in the database which is very important to me. I actually find that I enjoy logging my calories! I've been using this app for almost 6 weeks, lost over 12 pounds and am over halfway to my goal weight without being a completely hangry, miserable wretch. I am using the free version. I'd buy the full version but it's too expensive, and I don't want to pay a monthly fee. I do think they should work on their pricing to make it more reasonable to upgrade. Still, I am very thankful for this app and can truly see me using it from now on as part of a PERMANENT lifestyle change.

Aug 6, 2023

This calorie app is one of the best that I have encountered is better than some advertised diet apps that I won't name names. Besides the variety that the basic app orders has has the people are wonderful that are behind this app. They really do care and we'll look out for you

Mia Bier Aug 5, 2023

Love it

I love how easy it is to track food and exercise. It sincs with my Apple Watch. It also has some really great recipes and allows for flexibility.

Aug 5, 2023

One of the most useful apps ever!

Honestly, this app has seen me lose 20kg, by consistent use and being truthful to your input it will keep you accountable. And all that for free! I’ve not paid for the app yet, yet all the free features are absolutely phenomenal! If you’re looking to get serious about getting fit - this is the app for you.

Aug 5, 2023

Great app!

I’ve been using myfitnesspal for a long time, but after my mother showed me this one, I will never go back! The barcode scanning is one of my favorite features. Also, I do appreciate the app showing me my projected progress for weight loss which is also reasonably achievable. 10/10 would recommend.

Aug 5, 2023

This app had literally changed my life. It's better than any tracking app I've ever used. I didn't even pay for the premium but I just might cause I want to see everything it offers. This is the only app I've come across that can log in breast feeding as exercise. The projections are my favorite. I can see how much I will weigh months from now based off my daily calorie deficit. It is a huge motivation.

Kayla Ramirez Aug 4, 2023

I just met my goal

After 6 months, I finally met my goal of losing 12 lbs! I feel amazing. This app has helped me so much in being able to count my calories so easily and also take care of my water intake and my exercise. Please go use this app if you’re looking to lose weight!

Aug 4, 2023

Critical for weight loss

Logging caloric intake is critical to weight loss. MyNetDiary makes it easy. If you use this honestly, it's the perfect weight control tool.

Aug 4, 2023

This app, along with removing all wheat and most added sugar, had my weight falling off while keeping me aware and balanced in what I was eating. I went from size 16 and 196 lbs to 156 lbs and size 10. I may take off another 5 or 6. It was almost effortless, and I'm post-menopausal... a stage of life where we're told that weight loss is difficult. It truly was a snap. I'm feeling better, stronger and healthier than I did in my 30s and 40s. So glad I found this app!

Symatree Farm Ltd Aug 2, 2023

Best app I have

This makes it so easy to keep track of what I’m eating. It is such a great tool to have. It takes the guesswork out of trying to eat better.

Aug 2, 2023

Best app I have

This makes it so easy to keep track of what I’m eating. It is such a great tool to have. It takes the guesswork out of trying to eat better.

Aug 1, 2023

I wasn’t gaining weight until I started using this app.

I was not gaining muscle or any weight for years. I didn’t know how much more to eat. This app helped me set goals and follow the required calorie easily. I gained 3.5 kilos in 30 days while I wasn’t gaining that kind of weight in years.

Aug 1, 2023

This app works perfectly for a calorie deficit diet. I lost 7kg in 5 weeks. Highly recommend it for weight loss and maintaining.

Madison Lockwood Jul 31, 2023

LOVE this app. Has every food I've looked up so far, unlike some others. When searching it puts foods you entered before at the top of the list for ease of repeating. Super easy to input custom foods. The subscription is worth it.

R. Joshua Angell Jul 31, 2023

Easy use

It is a nice app, I have used fitness pal in the past and like this better. However there seems to be a limited amount of home made options in the free app which can be challenging. Otherwise better than fitness pal so far

Jul 31, 2023

Best calorie app ever!

This app has to be the best calorie tracking app I ever tried. I love everything about it. I use the free version and I get so much out of it!

Jul 31, 2023

This works

Having unsuccessfully tried all the crazy fad diets, restricting food types or starving myself I finally listened to my mother. Count your calories! This app works it all out for you, gives you your daily allowance and explains how it has been worked out. It predicts your weight loss and warns you if you are losing weight too quickly. Easy to follow - the weight is finally coming off yay!

Jul 31, 2023

Best app for me! I lost 6 pounds! Including workout btw! But thanks! I can finally track my calories!

chibi chan Jul 30, 2023

Great app, easy and user friendly...well worth the money, atrix Wow, my original review was in 2011! Time for an update I guess, lol. I'm still using the app 12 years later and it's still great. They continually do updates and improvements, finding food and tracking calories is easy, and connecting health trackers make it even better. I still highly recommend this app! I've also upgraded to a pixel 😜.

Google Play user Jul 30, 2023

Was using My plate but they closed shop. Read the reviews, and decided to give MyNetDiary a go. It's great. Small learning curve coming from another app, but everything is pretty intuitive. Hopefully MyNetDiary keeps going!

Mike H Jul 29, 2023

Best of the Best!

This is a super App. It has EVERYTHING I need and more. I also like that it is easy to use. I purchased several diet apps in the past but this is definitely the "Best."

queenoffarts Jul 29, 2023, 2023

Awesome app!

If you’re looking to count calories without the annoying Fitbit strapped to your arm 24/7, this is app is it! Easily count calories, scan food and even add customized foods/Recipes! I love that I can create a recipe and figure out the calories and then add it as a custom food. I don’t have premium but the free portion of it is dope. All I want it for is to track calories so perfect for me.

Jul 29, 2023

Very good app. Extensive library of foods, keeps my calorie intake on track. Lost 2 lb in week one. Very easy and quick to log foods. would recommend. I use the free version, which meets my needs perfectly.

Rhona Davidson Jul 28, 2023

I love it

It’s so easy to log food. It’s also easy to see exactly what you ate and when. I also like the configurable dashboard so I can see exactly what I want see.

Jul 27, 2023

I will never stop using….elite app

I downloaded this app just to have a macro and calorie counter because I was using WW on my fitness journey. I use apps for everything. Im very visual and very organized so it helps me with goals. When I saw what this app could do, I actually ended up quitting WW and this is all I use and will use. It’s absolutely thorough and is like a little coach in my pocket at all times. It gives you amazing insight at the end of every week. I have tried calorie/fitness calculators a million times and when I eat the amount of calories and macros this app gives me, I consistently hit my goals. I am 7 pounds down this month (almost 30 days) and have increased muscle and on my renpho scale gotten out of all red categories except one and its so close! I highly recommend it and will use it as long as it’s available!!!

Jul 27, 2023

actually a pretty good app. the free one is good. the only reason I paid for it was it was on sale, and I like the idea of transferring recipes with ease.

Kathy Jones Jul 26, 2023

Excellent app - worth checking out!

I always read comments to see if I’d like to use/buy an app (or try a recipe) so I hope this helps. I used the ‘MyPlate’ app for years and really liked it. When they discontinued it earlier this year I was bummed but also in the market for a new way to track calories, water, etc. I tried several but ‘MyNetDiary’ was by far my favorite. The interface is easy to use and the UPC label scanning is great with a huge data base to pull from. The sync with my Apple Health app is seamless and convenient so I’m not double inputing things like weight or excise each time. I had questioned the BMR calculation as it seemed too high. I then found where I could change that manually within the app. All-in-all I am very happy with the app. Note - I have only used the base app and not upgraded to premium yet.

Jul 26, 2023

I really like this app. I'm using the free version and I'm very happy with it. It's easy to use and has everything I need to keep track of my weighloss and health journey.

Teena Lykins Jul 25, 2023

Has replaced MyFitnessPal as my go to food diary. Love that it has a log for water intake, food scanning, recipe importing, and details on meals and the day that goes beyond just protein, fat, and carbs.

Joshua Collins Jul 25, 2023


I used to use MyPlate but am glad I have changed I like that this App adapts the calorie amount you can eat when you exercise as ai was struggling with that before. I’m sure I was consequently not eating enough so my weight loss stalled. I also love how fast the bar scanner works. You barely waft it over the bar and the item pops up. So far everything seems great. The numbers on my scales have started to move again. Yay! Perhaps I will reach my goal.

Jul 25, 2023

This app does the trick!

I have learned so much using My Net Diary! I know now how to eat healthy. The calorie counter and being able to search for different foods to find out their exact caloric intake is something I use for every single meal. I love the weight logging and do it first thing every morning to see how much I’ve lost. I’ve been using My Net Diary for almost 3 months and have lost 19 pounds. I feel better and am proud of my accomplishment!!

Jul 25, 2023

It's totally the best. Never again with FP. So glad I found this app. Thank you.

T Mac Jul 24, 2023

Has a lot of features limited in the free version, HOWEVER, what is there is the best and easiest tracking of any app I've used. Hands down the least annoying app. Also let's you track progress picks for free so that's a good plus

Brody Gordon Jul 24, 2023

I needed this!

I could tell my weight and habits were getting out of control and I needed to reign myself in. This app did exactly that. It lets you find foods easily to track them and is just a really good accountability tool.

Jul 24, 2023

I love this app! It has helped know how many calories I'm consuming each day and has so many helpful features. I've only been using it for 1 week and I'm down 3 lbs so far!

Terry Schmidt Jul 23, 2023

I love this app. I've used it for a year and lost 162 pounds.

Jordan Doucet Jul 23, 2023

First day using the app, it's really easy to use and very intuitive. If I could change one thing; please add the option of using stones and llbs for UK use. Update!!! Thank you 😊option to use stones and pounds has been added.

Melanie Harrison Jul 23, 2023

Awesome App

I tried a few other Apps over the years, this one wins. It has helped me by being organized with my food and water consumptions, it lets me know what I need and don’t, makes me accountable, it’s easy to use, helps me have realistic goals and best of all - I’m healthy again.

BAM Prince Jul 23, 2023, 2023

Losing lbs

This app has helped me lose 13 lbs and I’m still losing. Helped me understand how to eat a lot and lose weight. Do not feel deprived at all.

Jul 23, 2023

This App actually helped me lose weight! Basically, you only eat less of everything and you don't even have to exercise (although this would also help). And I can still snack whatever I want, as long as it is in the budget. I still use the free version and that is sufficient for me. I can find almost all of the food that I eat on the app and it does the calory count for me, I don't have to calculate. I really recommend this to anyone who wants to lose weight without any major adjustments.

Tina Basson Jul 22, 2023

Sue P

This app is awesome. It’s my go to incentive to loosing weight. I just start logging my food & their positive feedback encourages me to pay more attention. The pounds start coming off which is more incentive. I like to plan my meals early in the day so if I’m tempted with a treat I can choose & budget my calories accordingly. For example I can add the treat, see what the calories are & negotiated with myself to keep the calories within budget. It’s taught me to choose to eat healthier, keeping sugars & fats within budget. I’m never hungry. MyNetDiary is constantly improving & logging food is so fast & easy. Thank you MyNetDiary ❤️

georeie girl Jul 21, 2023, 2023

Has helped me lose 18 pound in 3 months

This app is really good! I only use the free version and it's really easy to log and track your calorie intake. It tracks other things like protein, fiber, fats, etc and it connects to my health app. Def recommend trying it!

Jul 21, 2023

Love this app it is so easy to track everything

It is so easy to track everything in one place. Really enjoy the food scan feature as it reads and labels it all.

Jul 21, 2023

this app has helped me sooo much while doing my work outs!! it just makes tracking so much easier and the UI adds a gamifying element that I LOVE!!

Aru Maru Jul 20, 2023

Lost 42 lbs

Over one year and kept it off. Best system I have ever used. Recommended to many friends Thank you carb genius ❤️

genius coach Jul 20, 2023

The best dieting app

MyNetDiary enabled me to lose 20% of my weight in seven months. After evaluating a dozen weight-loss apps, MyNetDiary was the easiest to use. MyNetDiary makes losing weight fun. Bad news: you have to watch your diet for the rest of your life. Good news: MyNetDiary will make it possible. Bonus: you get a detailed list of all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals etc. that you consume.

Jul 20, 2023

I wanted an app where I could track the calories I was eating, but MyNetDiary has many other features available still at the free level. I really appreciate how you can scan a barcode on a prepared food or really any package and it will capture all the nutritional data of the product. This allows you to log the exact number of calories you are eating when you want to log something like a tortilla, which the calories content of various brands of tortillas vary wildly. Great app.

Leslie Pearson Jul 19, 2023

I came here after MyFitnessPal shot themselves in the foot by putting basic things like barcode scanning behing a paywall. I love this app! It's very similar to MFP. The only thing that's a little annoying is the process for inputting a recipe. But everything else is great.

Shanna Resler Jul 19, 2023

It genuinely helps, I've lost 8 pounds in one week just watching my calorie intake!! And I ain't a fake review!!!!

Lil Shortcake Jul 19, 2023

Easy to use

This app is great. I find it extremely easy to use and I have lost 20lbs my hubby even more and my mother in law is at 10lbs lost.

Jul 19, 2023

Great App

Fab app, I’ve lost 12lb now in a couple months and eating loads. It makes you think about what food choices you make so you budget your calories throughout the day. Can track food, drink, exercise, weight and nutrients. I love it!

Jul 19, 2023

Excellent Calorie Counter! Worth every penny, easy to use and rich with information. Using the app throughout the day is easy and the database of food is impressive. Only on rare occasion I find myself inputting an entry manually. Using this app has improved my awareness of my body and health greatly. The results are undeniable. All is required is your commitment in making inputs and that is easy to do.

Paul J Jul 18, 2023

Like most apps, this one locks a majority of its best features behind a pay wall. However I was amazed at what they do offer for free. The ability to create and store your own recipes, and see the nutrition breakdown per serving has been a game changer for me in my weight loss journey. I am also in love with the barcode scanner that allows you to log the nutrition values of specific brands. Those two free features makes this app stand out from the crowd.

Jake Garrison Jul 18, 2023

Tried Noom and 3 other apps like it. This one is the best of what I've tried. The scanner actually works, and pretty much everything I eat is in here making logging food fast and easy. It's available as a free option. and I've actually managed to loose weight this time =)

TnTori Jul 18, 2023

Love This!

This app has the best free version for any calories tracking app out there. Super easy to use that even my mom wants to use it and she doesn’t know how to read English. I have been having a competition with my brother and cousin sending screenshots of each other dashboard in WhatsApp (Super fun). This app is just good and I recommend it to everyone

Jul 18, 2023

The best

This app has the best free version for any calories tracking app out there. Super easy to use that even my mom wants to use it and she doesn’t know how to read English. I have been having a competition with my brother and cousin sending screenshots of each other dashboard in WhatsApp (Super fun). This app is just good and I recommend it to everyone

Jul 18, 2023

Stop trying other apps

I’ve used all the big ones. This is by far the most helpful - adjusting my calories, giving me a plan, letting me adjust my goal easily.

Jul 18, 2023

I love this app. I have never been successful at tracking my calorie intake before but this app makes it so easy (and kind of fun). I love the recipe import feature! It helps so much with tracking calories accurately

Kendra O'Donnell Jul 17, 2023

Incredible app! Makes sticking to a diet way easier. It shows your progress in clear results. Always offers useful info. I got my wife to get it too, and now we are competitive with each other. I couldn't lose weight before, had no willpower. this app made it easy to understand and help me set good goals. I been on it for 15 days and lost 5lbs so far. also,it gives you grades on your food choice, lol. I have a D average while my wife has a B+ average.. Well, I hope this app helps you out, too.

Uncool Dad Jul 17, 2023

Best layout and easy to use app and best AU food logger

Great app, super simple and great catalog of Australian bar codes. Tried a few different apps and barcode scanning makes it quick and easy. When you can’t locate your Aussie food makes it to hard and long to log food. Not this one seems to have everything down to supplements and your standard coles and woolies foods.

Ratface_tman Jul 17, 2023, 2023

Easy logging

Building a habit to keep track of your food selection and intake is easy with this app. But you must think about it by yourself. The app will not “bug” you. It treats you like an adult. (Thank you very much.) I use the barcode scanning feature and it works great. If the app cannot find the item in the database, there is a method to submit it and still log the food item into the log. You can also build your own recipes and custom meals to help speed up the logging process. Free version has some feature limitations but even so, it’s still very useful and may be helpful for many users.

Jul 17, 2023

WORKS OFFLINE I used to use My Fitness Pal but when I moved off grid, that party was over. I have occasional internet, but no longer all day everyday. So I downloaded all the calorie apps hoping one of them worked offline. Yours was the only one!! I'm learning to love its features, it is a very good, straightforward tool. I love the ability to copy yesterday's breakfast. There is a nice large food database that downloaded with the app. Thank you so much, can't express my appreciation!!

Janel Sturzen Jul 16, 2023

Great app. Has just about every food for easy tracking. Food grades also help you make correct choices. Helped me lose 20 pounds in 10 weeks and maintain my current weight for the last 3 months. Very easy to use.

Randall White Jul 16, 2023

I wanted to log my food. This app nags me enough to do it but not so much that I delete it. it's easy to use and does a good job looking up food. I live in a fast food world and have to eat on the go frequently. this helps me keep track and stay focused even when I have to make bad decisions.

Greg French Jul 16, 2023

I'm in love with this app. It's very accurate if you stick with it. I'm down almost 4lbs already! I'm really happy.

Nancy Sanchez Jul 16, 2023

Lost a stone in under nine weeks!

I have struggled losing weight for years. But this simple to use app lets me see how many calories I’m eating and which nutrients. I’ve not particularly dieted, but can now see which foods were causing my weight gain.

Jul 16, 2023

I've been using this app for a few weeks now. started my weight loss jouney June 2nd. its now july 15th. Its been helping me keep count of my calories. So far I've lost 21 lbs. thank you.

Joseph Schylaske Jul 15, 2023

Exactly what I wanted to track calories, food, and weight. Its simple and easy to use. There is a lot that I don't use, but if you're looking for simple, its easy to navigate.

john blackington Jul 15, 2023

Absolutely Brilliant

I’m not a person who writes many reviews but I had to with this one. As far as apps go this is fantastic, the information is superb and the format is very easy to navigate. I have been able to manage all aspects of my weight loss and have lost more weight using this app than any other plan or diet. I 100% recommend this.

Reilly1876 Jul 15, 2023

I love love this App

I love this app. It’s so easy to use the best part about this app is the accountability that it has to keep you going. It leaves you great messages inspiration to keep you on track. I love the water reminders. I love the track everything reminders. Most importantly, I just love how I can sync it with my other health apps it’s easy to use you create your own recipes take pictures of it. That Hass to be one of my favorite features. It has staying on track and having accountability has definitely impacted my heath in such a way that there is no turning back now. The results are in and I’m loving it.

Mimi Luv6 Jul 15, 2023, 2023

Amazing app !

This is great, it’s helped me keep my fitness & nutrition on point, I’ve been getting shredded and feel great ! Highly recommend this app, free version is great and the subscriptions are even better. For sure worth it.

Jul 15, 2023

Best free calorie counting diary app out there - Super easy to use, the best food library I have come across, and excellent graphics!!!!

G C Jul 14, 2023

Helping me keep track of my calorie intake. Easy to use and navigate.I lost 4.5 lbs already in one month, so I think it's working!

Rachel Grayson Jul 14, 2023

I tried Noom first but the price was too much. For $60 a year this is perfect. Foods can be found easily and you can save your own meals too!

M R P Jul 14, 2023

Great App

Love it! I tried several calorie tracking apps, but this was the one I liked the best. It has a very nice visual aesthetic. Extremely simple to enter or scan your macros and calories.My Apple Watch shares exercise data to MyNetDiary and the calorie info goes into Apple Health. All seamless. Back in the day, I used MyFitnessPal. Got a Fitbit and switched to Fitbit. Then I decided to buy an Apple Watch and that drove this decision. MyFitnessPal prices got ridiculous. I tried Lose It, My Fitness Pal, Nutracheck and Calorie Counter simultaneously with this app, but I liked this one best. Kudos to the developer and thank you for keeping prices down.

Hopkinsfive Jul 14, 2023, 2023

Great and useful

It works so well and takes in so many variables and makes it easy to use and has an incredibly large library of foods and their calories. Overall an incredible tracker

Jul 14, 2023

Best app!

I have used quite a few apps for calorie counting. This is the BEST! I can even track my macros… since eating WFPB I want to make sure I’m getting enough protein. I pay for the app, which is a minimal cost, and feel like it is definitely worth the little investment to insure getting the right nutrition AND working on losing some weight. I highly recommend this app. FYI: the free version is EXCELLENT too!

Jul 14, 2023

I was stuck on my weight loss journey until I found this app. so easy to use. I've lost 4 lbs in a week since starting app. definitely recommend

Stebbins Stephanie Jul 13, 2023

This app is awesome. There is a lot on the free app, but I will be upgrading to the paid version when I can. This app keeps me accountable and is so user-friendly.

Susan Murray Jul 12, 2023

Very very helpful and easy

I downloaded this app because I wanted to be aware of what I can eat in a day. It ended up with so much more: I have goals, clear indications and reports. Its easy and so helpful. I love this app so much, very complete!

Jul 11, 2023

Great App

This app is amazing. It is easy to use and has many tools available that are not available in other similar apps.

Jul 11, 2023

Much better than my fitness pal!

If you want to lose weight by a specific point then this is the app for you. It tells you the maximum amount of calories you should be having to reach your goal and gives you some great hints and tips along the way. Would totally recommend

Jul 11, 2023

This is hands down the best calorie counting app out there. Their UI is just fantastic, the app looks amazing, it has an extensive food catalog, and works with so many different health apps. Been using it along with my Galaxy Watch, and I'm able to track calorie intake, workouts, body fat percentage, and it even ajusts your daily calorie budget when you reach your step goal! This is what I needed to get motivated to start losing weight. It's been 2 months so far, and I've already lost 10lbs.

Max Deguy Jul 10, 2023

One of the best apps! The only problem that I can think of, is that there are no eastern European dishes, therefore it's hard to calculate those calories. But I managed to select dishes which are more or less similar. The free version is excellent.

Rada Rada Jul 10, 2023

Bar code scanner!

I left fitness pal because they wanted to charge to use the barcode scanner, My Net Diary still allows that to be free and honestly it makes a ton of difference in whether or not food gets accounted for. My Net Diary is actually a really great calorie counting app, I have used one this thoroughly before and I find it truly helpful. It’s one of the few times I’m actually tempted to upgrade to premium, we will see, I haven’t been at it long enough to make it worth while yet.

Jul 10, 2023

Great app

This is a very easy to use app Have bought others and they don’t compare You can complete your food log in seconds

Jul 10, 2023

Amazing app

I have been using this app for over a year now and its an amazing app for someone who is looking for detail.Amazing even without subscription and it has so many amazing things compared to other apps, number one favorite app!

Jul 10, 2023

Carb counting for diabetes control

Very easy to follow app for knowledge in how many carbs, protein and fat are in your meal choices before and/or after eating and logging! I like the weight loss advice and trending information that’s provided by the app. Good articles as well. I was diabetic and after 6 weeks of dropping carb intake between 50-80 per day, I am back down to a pre diabetic status. Best of all, I don’t feel like I’m starving. I also drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. Sometimes more! I’ve also lost between 11-13 pounds. Give it a chance and be patient with yourself.

Tucker's walking partner Jul 9, 2023

Making calorie counting easier

I’m still getting used to the app! It makes calorie counting easier. Tracking is easy is you remember! There are lots helpful tools.

Jul 9, 2023

Food log and calorie counter

I installed this app 1 week ago. It is the best food log and calorie tracker I have ever used. The free version has everything I need to help me monitor my weight loss. I am doing a carnivore diet which is not one of the diets in the premium version so do not need to upgrade. I love that you can add in foods not already in their dictionary by sending pictures of the packaging / nutritional information. This app is the best diet buddy ever.

Jul 8, 2023

A New Favorite!

I really struggled with with wt. loss for some time before I decided to try calorie counting. This app has it all, I am using the free version and I started by losing 3 lbs first week!! It makes it easy to log and track your calories, set a plan and track progress, and adjust to your exercise. I can almost log anything I can think of. Love it!

Jul 7, 2023

love the app really helped me drop over 50 pounds and helping me keep it off.

Mitchel Gerardot Jul 6, 2023

Easy to use. Integrates flawlessly.

It's a very simple setup. Easy to understand figures. Also integrates seamlessly with Apple watch health. Amazing to keep track of my type 1 diabetes stuff including insulins.

Jul 6, 2023

Love this App

This app has helped me lose the stubborn pounds I couldn’t lose! Easy and quick to use.

Jul 6, 2023

love yall

Keep it up!! Y’all are way better than fitnesspal. I feel so happy being able to scan the stuff i ate ..

Jul 6, 2023

I've lost close to 30lbs! I learned how to eat healthier. I also learned about the bad things I was putting in my body. It's worth the premium subscription for the extras.

Allison Black Jul 5, 2023

Excellent App. Easy and informative. I really like the ease of logging food and the ability to create recipes. Very informative on showing you breakdown of calories, carbs,, sodium, etc.. I would subscribe especially to help support but I despise apps where it automatically renews and I have to cancel. Just send me a notice and let me decide or make it an option when you sign up.

Jeanne Nagel Jul 5, 2023

will never use MFP again. love the free scanner the most. super user friendly and visually pleasing

K A Jul 5, 2023

all types of helps are available in this app. even for free. premium is only on special weight loss goals, where if u edit the target manually everyday, premium ia not needed. excellent app I have ever found.

Sourendra nath Kundu Jul 5, 2023

Easy to use

Has all the features I like in tracking your daily food intake including water. Has a friendly feel without being intrusive. Highly recommend. I’m using the free version at the moment.

Erernal79 Jul 5, 2023


I did Noom for 4 months and loved their app but hated all the reading I had to do (although interesting and helpful at times). But, this app is everything I loved about Noom and more. The food list is extensive, I can easily adjust amounts to more accurately record what I have eaten, and it even has recipes from the food list in the free portion of this app! I can only imagine what the paid version has in store! I love, love, love this app and highly recommend it.

Jul 5, 2023

This app is packed with good info and has allowed me to lose weight safely. The free version provides everything I need and the daily visual monitoring has given me the encouragement to carry on. I have found it a very motivational tool. I had been trying to lose weight before a friend recommended you and I had, had no success. I can recommend this app to anyone who seriously wants to lose weight, without feeling constantly hungry.

Erlend Jul 4, 2023

Awesome app, used similar ones like myfitnesspal but that had such problems scanning barcodes (on multiple phones) but this one does it in 1/5th of a second. Their database is also not filled with wrongly entered data by users.

Erlend Jul 4, 2023

I love this app, for a free app it's really good and gives you far more incentive to keep going.

Lorna Moy Jul 4, 2023

Love the app, wish there was a pregnancy setting.

I have been using the app to monitor my diet while pregnant. It’s very easy to use and I love the recipe import feature. I know it’s a weight loss app but I would appreciate if the creators would consider adding a pregnancy setting, especially for those that have monitor to their diet due to pre/gestational diabetes.

Jul 4, 2023

Great app. Used to use myfitnesspal and they took away some of the free features, so I switched to this. Great tools on the free version, very easy to use and navigate. Also cheaper than other apps if you do go premium.

Greg Yo Jul 3, 2023

Able to log my calories, and exercise easily. No pay wall to scan barcodes. I switched from myfitnesspal.

Richard Kitchen Jul 3, 2023

Excellent app!

This program does it all - keeps track easily of every calorie I eat with all the nutritional information at my fingertips. I love that I can enter any amount of food and this app figures out all the calories, sodium, protein, etc., instantly, no matter how odd the measurement. It is worth every penny of the cost of the Pro version. I have lost 30 pounds over the last two years using this app and have improved my level of health with being able to plan the low sodium, low calorie, gluten free, low purine diet I need. Hoorays for this app! P.S. Now a year later I have lost another ten pounds. I honestly log every food I eat even when I lose my focus and binge. Studying the record of those binges helps me figure out ways to avoid them. Two more years on My Net Diary and I have now lost 50 pounds! Hooray!

Anita Huerta Jul 3, 2023, 2023

Great app!

The app was very helpful and I lost nearly 20 lbs! I had tried other calorie trackers but I could never see progress until I started using MyNetDiary. I would definitely recommend if you want faster results. I currently am on a calorie deficit of 1200 calories per day, the lowest recommended calorie intake.

Jul 3, 2023

I actually lost weight

I was plateauing and stuck at 131lbs before using this app. Confused and frustrated because I thought I was doing all the right things. Well after 6 days of logging my calories and staying under my calorie intake-I lost 5lbs and I’m down to a shocking 126. Yay!!!

Jul 3, 2023

Useful app for loosing weight. One month 4 kilos are gone. Helps you to find out the actual food value and what you should avoid to stay in the daily calories budget. Easy to use and flexible to readjust your needs.

Sergiu Cirlan Jul 2, 2023

I used to use my fitness pal which I enjoyed and lost a lot with however lots of foods were not on there as I believe it is an American app. Someone mentioned this one to me and so far I can scan barcodes in UK and it picks it up. So far more user friendly, although the fat/carb/protein competition is easier to read on the fitness pal one.

Anne Millward Jul 2, 2023

I lost 30 lbs of fat, and gained 10 in muscle in only 5 months! It made me more accountable and aware of my health. I am very thankful for the life changes it helped me accomplish, and I will never go back to living the unhealthy lifestyle I once had. I paid for the full version, and it is worth every penny. I use it in tandem with my Samsung Health app, and it actually helped me pinpoint some health issues I had! Remember, you MUST use it consistently and log honestly for results! Thank you!!!

A Hanna Jul 2, 2023

Easy Calorie Counter and Exercise Tracker

This is a great calorie counter. The scan feature makes adding foods easy if you do not want to type search each food. By scanning the barcode of a food, you get a detailed breakdown of calories and content for that food. It’s very handy to have it right on my phone to quickly add in foods. Tracking my actual food intake and exercise makes a big difference in how much I eat each day. It helps me hold myself accountable. The app also allows you to set a goal for weight loss and track your progress. I am using the free version and recommend it to anyone who is looking to lose some excess weight.

Jul 2, 2023

Excellent app

I haven’t purchased the premium version. But the free version is awesome. I’ve stayed on track with the calorie counting and have lost 15 pounds in 3 months!

Jul 2, 2023

It's got a great interface, every feature you could need and most that you'd want, super easy to add foods (take pic of nutrition facts if it's not already in the app, added in 24h), all core features available as free user... I absolutely love this app.

Gabriel Grill Jul 1, 2023

Shaved 40lbs in 2.5 months Great app for beginners.

Bobby Stark Jul 1, 2023

Impressed so far! I was a loyal SparkPeople user and it's been difficult to find a good tracker that I can build favorites and custom meals since. Myplate ending made me shop around and I was very impressed with this apps food database, charts and visuals in the free version and it's very adequate for food and activity tracking. I did eventually purchase the annual subscription because it actually has useful features that seem valuable for my journey.

Teri Kerwin Jul 1, 2023

This is the best free version I've found. I would sign up for the paid version, the price is good. But I don't want another self-renewing subscription.

Teri Kerwin Jul 1, 2023

This is my FAVORITE food logging app. I've tried many others, this one's just so easy, especially for longterm use. Saves foods you eat regularly so they're easy to log. Super easy to import recipes from websites. Big database, can add/edit your own recipes. You can add exercises you regularly do on top of tracking them. You can export your nutrition breakdowns/share with your doctor so easily. The only thing I'd like is an option to only add half my exercise calories to my daily calorie budget.

Anna Jun 30, 2023

Very best tracker! Better than MFP

Used trackers for years. This is my favorite ever. I LOVE how the focus is on data data data - weigh ins and charts, macros, recommendations, forecast of predicted weight loss… all completely customized. The recipe import is the easiest I’ve ever used - I just look up the recipe I used and within three clicks, I have the calories for a serving size. Amazing.

Jun 30, 2023

A friend recommended to me MyNetDiary several weeks ago after she and I had tried the Mayo Clinic Diet app and recipes, which we both intensely disliked. I have been very, very impressed with the quality and content of MyNetDiary. My doctor advised me to abstain from all alcohol because of liver enzyme test results and begin a reduced carb diet. It has a fully functioning website that makes adding recipes (an absolutely essential part of my diet journey) easy.

Guy Stalnaker Jun 29, 2023

awesome app! I lost 45 pounds! it made it seem easy, as long as I loged each calorie!

Samantha Cleveland Jun 29, 2023

So far, this app has been amazing. I love how everything is laid out. Very easy to navigate. I love the little bicycle dude that shows my progress. And as much as I hated school and getting grades, I love how this grades my meals to make sure I'm eating better, nutritious food. Places to log in water and exercise. My other favorite part is that it makes sure I have eaten enough calories for the day and not under eating. Overall, one week in and down 4lbs isn't so bad.

Jane Ollis Jun 29, 2023

Like this app a lot. Easy to use. My only wish is that in the exercise dropdown choice there was a HITT option. App does not take too much time to fill out and it's always upgrading in food labels

Dean Mylalsingh Jun 29, 2023

I’ve lost 95 pounds on MyNetDiary

This app has transformed my accountability from having none at all to accounting for taking control of my life. I’ve successfully lost 95 pounds over an 11 month period with the help of this app. I couldn’t be happier with my results and recommend it to anyone and everyone who wants to really see what’s going into your body. I track everything from what kind of coffee I have in the morning to how many steps I’ve taken and even to help me make better choices. THANK YOU!!

Jun 29, 2023

Great app

Have been using this app to track my cutting and bulking cycles, it’s worked very well so far. Very easy to use. I will continue to use this app for however long it’s up!

Jun 29, 2023

Get this app

I have been using this for a few days and I have used many nutrition trackers in the past but this is my all time favorite, the app is so user friendly, its fast and very accurate. I would recommend to anyone needing to log and analyze what they eat.

Jun 28, 2023


So simple to track your exercise, calories and remaining calories for the day. Way easier than other apps I have tried.

Jun 28, 2023

I’m back!

I had great success with MyNetDiary in the past & now I’m back to lose another 12 + pounds! It’s easy & fun to use! It keeps me honest & on track! Thanks MyNetDiary!

Jun 28, 2023

The perks of even the unpaid version far outweigh any of the other calorie counting app. I switched over from MyFitnessPal which makes you pay to have the bare minimum use of the app these days. I've tried 2 other apps as well. This gives more bang for the buck.

Ren Jun 27, 2023

Great Little App

I’m not often impressed but this app is good. You can keep track of the foods you eat easily, it keeps an eye on your sodium and water intake too. It has a customizable dashboard so you can keep an eye on what matters most to you. You can connect data from your apple health app to keep track of your steps and exercise. It is very useful and straightforward to use. 👍

Jun 27, 2023

Love it

So much information!!! My wife and I both love it. Just keeps giving more information. Super easy to use. This app is not just for Keto.

drewpoedodo Jun 26, 2023

I lost 60 pounds!!

This app changed everything for me!!! I used to weigh 250 pounds and now I weigh 190 pounds in less than a year! I lost 40 pounds in 2 months! I shared this app with my dad and he’s lost 20 pounds in less than a month, I shared it with my boss and he has dropped weight, and I shared it with other friends and they’ve been losing weight! I love the format of the app. I love how easy it is to track weigh and how it shows the weight graph on how much you’ve lost. I love the “my analysis” tab that shows you if you are on track or slower loss. I love the ability to search food and see how many calories are in the food. I just love the app and use it everyday.

Jun 26, 2023

Vegan and loosing weight healthily

This app is ideal for me as a vegan (yes vegans can be overweight!) I log all my food and exercise and it tells me calories, nutrients, proteins etc. I have lost 11lbs and I am well on my way to my ideal weight. MyNetDiary is my sidekick, it has kept me on track all the way with useful tips, recipes and advise.

Jun 26, 2023

This is a great app so far. Counting calories, helps me put my choices back in a proper perspective. Easy to use, plenty of options and choices. I do recommend this app. for good nutrition choices.

Randy Hingson Jun 25, 2023

I'm loving this app so far! It's very easy to use and I like the little extras, like the average food grade and weight loss predictor chart.

Emily Dunn Jun 24, 2023

I'm still using the free version as I wanted to ensure I use it regularly enough; I'm amazed at how informative it is, and how motivated I am with it. I have a chronic condition which reduces mobility and therefore weight problems; for the first time in years I'm starting to lose weight, but most importantly what the effects of a balanced diet are, and what that looks like! I feel duped from the 'diet' industry as they had me thinking about foods as 'good' or 'bad' but not now! 😊

Laura Matthews Jun 24, 2023

Best app yet

I’ve lost 13 lbs in one month with only walking for excercise. So easy to use and I saw immediate results.

Jun 24, 2023

Best App!

Honestly the best app I’ve used for tracking! Everything about it is fantastic! I used the free version forever, then bought the annual subscription on a sale they offered! So happy!

Jun 24, 2023

It Works!!

I love this app! I do not have premium but it has helped me track my food, exercise and given me guidance when I thought I was failing. I was able to look at settings and information to figure out what I needed to do in order to reach my goal. I’m not there yet but this app makes it so much easier. I have consistently been losing weight and know that it will stay off!

Jun 23, 2023

My net diary

Great app for tracking dietary info. Exactly what I needed. Other dieting methods and apps weren’t working. Also trying to isolate a possible food allergy. Easy to use as well. Live the nutritional info.

Jun 23, 2023

This is honestly one of the best apps I've ever had for managing what I eat. It's simple to use interface makes it easy as well. Do enjoy!

Benjermen Cat Jun 22, 2023

Really good for weight loss, Ive lost 11kgs in 70 days, doing the low-calorie diet. I find keeping track of what I eat, via this app, keeps me accountable and on track. I live in Australia and have found most of the things I eat already in their database, makes it so easy to log calories quickly. I suggest doing the free version first, its actually quite good. The paid version gives more details on what you eat, which can be good if you want to record nutrition. Great app!

Jeanette McMurray Jun 22, 2023


Alright this review goes for any kids trying to lose weight I’m being fr once you get the hang of the app it’s perfect I dotn even have premium and I lost 20 pounds and I’m in the best shape of my life I actually recommend this app

Jun 22, 2023

I appreciate the AMOUNT of help, information and support this app contains, for FREE!!!!!! Finally!!!!! #Performance #Availability #Information #Clarity(EasyToNavigate) Thank Youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!! And thank you for all of it!!!!! 🙏💓🥳

deniece de bellot Jun 21, 2023

Great app and super easy for people new to counting calories.

I really enjoy this app. It’s easy to understand and navigate. I like how it looks. I love the little helpful tips it shows throughout the day. For me being new to counting my calories it’s a life saver. It lets me know exactly how many calories I can have each day for my deficit and how many are left anytime I eat. It counts my exercise calories into my daily limit and it also helps me keep track and drink my water for the day. The “ frequent foods” and “ favorite foods” is a great feature and makes it super easy to log my daily food. The custom recipes is a time saver too. I have my overnight oats and my dinner saved, so then all I have to do is click one thing instead of having to add each ingredient individually each time I would have it. I even log my vitamins and green drinks which helps me to remember to take them everyday. It reads the data from my Apple Watch and my scale, so I don’t have to add any of that data. This app just makes it so easy and stress free. It really helps me to be consistent. And the how-to videos on YouTube are very helpful for tips.

Jun 21, 2023


Even the free version is AMAZING for tracking your progress. It’s ridiculously easy to use and even without the pro version it offer a LOT of insights. Love it!

Jun 21, 2023

Educational and easy to use

I think this app is brilliant. Ever since I started using it my commitment to healthier habits increased and within a few days I was hooked. Very happy I’m using it and I find it educates and helps understanding what you’re giving to your body.

Jun 21, 2023

WOW! Love this app!

This app has been instrumental in helping me see my eating habits so I can evaluate and change what needs to be changed. My glucose readings are more steady in range! I am looking forward to doing my A1C! O yeah the weight loss doesn’t hurt!

Jun 21, 2023

love that it tells me how well I'm doing for the day when I log in my calories off my watch. simple to use and the scanner is free unlike MFP which I used to use until they made it only available through payment. this app is definitely helping me stay consistent and accountable for my fitness journey!

Michelle Botero Jun 20, 2023

Super intuitive, easy to use, but most important - free. I can scan the barcodes, easily change serving sizes, see the summary of my day in a neat table... I'm surprised that free apps can be this good. Absolutely recommend! I've already made some progress with it :)

Mykso Jun 20, 2023

Awesome App

This is a perfect example of a great app. I don’t get beat down with intrusive and restrictive ads and it has everything I need. My wife and I use it daily to help track calories and I have lost 23lbs and she’s lost 10 (she didn’t have near as far to go as I do)! Highly recommend for serious and disciplined dieters.

Jun 20, 2023

Easy tracking keeps me accountable

I enjoy and value this easy to use app. Tracking all food intake along with offsetting exercise keeps me accountable and avoids prolonged periods of binging v

Jun 20, 2023

Changed My Life

This app is absolutely perfect for my lifestyle, personality, and goals. It gives me the knowledge to make self-accountable decisions, all in a format that is incredibly user friendly and customizable. I’ve dropped over 60 pounds over the course of a year. My blood pressure has dropped back to normal, and all of my blood work parameters are perfectly in range. I made the choices to get me here, but MyNetDiary is what made it possible

Jun 20, 2023

Great app!

This app has been amazing with helping me keep track of all my meals. It also tracks my exercise and steps through out the day. I’ve lost almost 25 lbs in three months! It’s super easy to use and I love how you can scan the barcodes of foods to help log the calories correctly. 10/10⭐️

Jun 20, 2023

I love this app! there are so many free features I was surprised. including recipes and meal plans! I checked out some of the features but I've only really used the dashboard. it has been easy to document what I'm eating. I like the daily analysis. I appreciate that it warns you to eat more if you didn't meet the recommended calorie intake that day. I was scared when trying to find an app to download it would encourage me to eat less and less but this app has been helpful and unbiased :)

corey brooks Jun 19, 2023

I was upset when Livestrong announced they were ending My plate because it's the only app I've used, until....Because of this, I was forced to find another, and tried MyNetCalorie as the 4th or 5th one. The free version is ad-free, and a bar code scanner is included. It even has the HEB products I live on in the database. It's easy and clear to navigate and you can manually enter foods, as well. Wish I'd looked around sooner! LOVE IT!

Tracey C Jun 19, 2023

I've been really impressed with this app. And I'm only using the free version. The different features are a little hard to find but I'm actually enjoying hunting down all the things the app does do. I was using a paid app before to help track what I was eating. But I think the free version of this is better than the other paid one.

Crystal Kielman Jun 19, 2023

as a Fitness Instructor this app is very helpfull to me and to my clients to monitor their caloriec intake... thank you so much for the app

Arby Chan Jun 19, 2023

Drop 50

This app is Great especially the free features. Switched from My Fitness Pal. Glad I did.

Jun 19, 2023

Love this app!

I tried two others before I landed on this one. This one is easy to use. I love being able to scan barcodes. I feel in control of my eating for the first time in a long while. I highly recommend this app!

Jun 19, 2023

Amazing app, very useful for managing calories. It has everything you need. I like the copy paste meal. I like that it can synchronize with other apps like samsung health, so your daily parameters are automatically sync. Love it I have one comment about database recipe, the screen doesn't scroll down easy, and when you clic on the recipe the picture doesn't show up. !!!!!!

Souad Tebbal Jun 18, 2023

this app is great, so easy to use. I'm not good with technology but I have recommended this app to lots of people and they all agree with me. thankyou for making a app that is so good and easy to navigate

Tracy Edgar Jun 18, 2023

Excellent way to keep track of calories.

I have already lost 15 pounds with this app!

ronnie9009 Jun 18, 2023, 2023


i got this app to make sure i'm getting the nutrients i need, but it's helped me with much more! there are so many recipes and this app is so user-friendly! i've recommended this to several people and the ones that downloaded have reached their goals!

Jun 18, 2023

This is ten times better than my fitness Pal!!!

Michelle Jun 17, 2023

An absolutely amazing app! I tested a few and this was by far the best. User-friendly, highly intuitive, and with lots of features ! With the free version (2023), you can track calories, exercise, and macros. You can scan foods and their info is added to count calories. A gamechanger so far, helping me stay accountable. For now, I'm enjoying the free version with lots of workability and no ads. I am already a few pounds and I feel like I can go alt the way! Might pay for more macro detail later.

Agriope 23 Jun 17, 2023

Easy to use. Helpful graphs to let you know average weight loss per week, projected weight loss by specific date, macro % and more. Not flooded with ads like other apps. Much more thorough database of foods than other apps I've used, easy to add foods and delete with swipe left. It's by far the best free app I've used with the most ease and bells and whistles. A must use if you're keeping track of your calorie count.

Triple Crown Jun 17, 2023

It has all the free features I need for my weight gain journey. If I need a coach, I could buy the premium version.

Sushant Mishra Jun 17, 2023

amazing app. free functions are awsome and if you input things correctly it is very accurate at estimating! trust me I am very lazy and never did any of this before and I'm down 45! I haven't paid for anything on this app......yet 🤔

Nicholas Lee Jun 17, 2023

Accountable to myself

I like this app because it’s easy to log foods and calories, water, etc. I’m not interested in sharing my health or weight loss story. I am competing with myself!

Sheeerah Jun 17, 2023, 2023

The Best weight loss assistant ever

I’ve used many different programs and ways to lose weight. Doing this every day helped me go from 192 lbs to 148 lbs. yes, it takes a while but it works.

Jun 17, 2023

What a weight loss

Lost 26 pounds in 3 1/2 months. Have dropped 2 pants sizes. Using this app made it easy. Walked for my exercise.

Jun 16, 2023

Really user-intuitive interface, which makes it easier to stay consistent. I like using these apps mostly for nutrient tracking, but the calorie aspect is also nice, especially in this app. I'm very short and athletic-slim but every other app I get tells me I only need to eat 1200 calories a day for maintenance. That's a ridiculously low amount; this app recommends 1800, which is around what I eat to maintain my weight. It encourages healthier eating habits and grades food. Great app.

Christian Blackburn Jun 15, 2023

Amazing app and has a really good free version, works really well with counting calories and even scans labels which is extremely helpful, my only complaint is it is hard to navigate the ui with so many buttons and things to look into and takes a good while to familiarize yourself with it.

Christian Blackburn Jun 15, 2023

my favorite calorie app

i have tried a handful and i’m so glad i found this one. with every other tracker i never understood why you can’t just input your own calorie goals. they all make you input other numbers that go into a formula & you get stuck with their number. thank you for making this easy & specific. the grading of the foods & the meals for the entire day is a great added touch. and logging & finding foods is very easy

Jun 15, 2023

Best App Ever

I have had this app on my phone for some time and used it periodically to log my foods. This year I decided to commit to a plant-based diet starting for eight weeks. This app has been fantastic allowing me to track everything. The support articles provided have been extremely valuable in helping me to stay on track and to understand how to pair foods and be aware of which foods provide what I need to feel satisfied while staying within my calorie budget so far this year I’ve lost 22 pounds and I am 8 pounds away from my target goal. I love this app. Thanks!

Jun 15, 2023

Better than MyFitnessPal

Got this app since the scan feature is free and I like it overall better! Huge fan of the estimate proportion pictures to help you guesstimate what you’re eating by comparing food sizes to everyday objects. This won me over. I initially didn’t like the color scheme and layout, it doesn’t look as clean and organized but I’ve found it to be user friendly while providing many features. The meal and recipes feature have been a favorite. One thing to complain, FitnessPal is really good as keeping record of foods you’ve eaten awhile ago on the frequent foods list, but with MyNetDiary, when certain foods get unused for awhile, it’s harder to find that exact food log. Also, there is less data of foods, so certain unique foods that I scan aren’t findable yet, so you’ll have to make a custom item.

Jun 15, 2023

Amazing App! Great in both free and premium!

I have never reviewed an app before! But my god! This app is fantastic! The free version provides a new user with more then enough to get going, to track and to even content create! I upgraded to the premium version today! Very impressed with the extra data that you get to analysis! Well done on such an amazing app! I would love to suggest one additional feature that would be an amazing option for premium users - optional extra meals slots 💁🏼‍♂️ this would suit anyone who eats more then the standard 3 meals and snacks per day.

Jun 14, 2023

Finally something that works

Using my Apple Watch and the My Net Diary app, I’ve lost 30 pounds. I bought a Cuisinart scale to weigh my food at home and when dining out I check the menus. I eat what I want and I walk outside almost daily . Even at the gym I only walk. I also do some stretching exercise. I’m not in to vigorous work outs. But this app has kept me on track. I’m still using it. It helps me maintain and I have a few more pounds to do. ♥️😄😉

Jun 14, 2023

Great app! User friendly and visually pleasing. After 14 days of tracking I've lost 4.8 pounds. I'm hooked on this app!

Donna Courtney Jun 13, 2023

Review for premium version: I tried many similar apps, including myfitness pal, and this is by far and I mean by a long shot, the best of them all. Nothing compares with how comprehensive the features in this app are. Premium menus are varied and easy. The weekly reports are a nice touch, I'd say try the free version, you won't regret it. Premium is half $ from competitors. I highly recommend.

Amber Smith Jun 12, 2023

I love this app!! I used to use myfitness and this app is by far better. I love the accurate scanning, weigh in, and meal log giving you a visual of what you eat. I could go on but this app is amazing.

Amber Smith Jun 12, 2023

Perfection! She helped me lose 23 kg.

Rada Gostimirović Jun 12, 2023

I've used this app for 2 years now. I track water, food and calories. it's easy to use and they have a premium option if you want more help including meal plans. I'm down 50 lbs.

Rita Mohler Jun 12, 2023

Easy To Navigate

As a nutrition coach I tested a lot of tracking apps. I quickly added this to my list of quality free trackers. This is the app I suggest to all my new clients. The free version is fully functional with the exception of adjusting your calories and macros (I coach using higher protein goals). I use this personally as well as professionally. It allows me to connect with my clients and offer more consistent feedback.

Jun 12, 2023

This app is better

I downloaded the other popular one first, but I didn’t like it. This is one is perfect and simple. Everything is on the first main screen, foods are super easy to add. And I’m not reminded every second that they want my subscription. I’m very impressed.!!!

Jun 12, 2023

helped me lose 15kg in 5 months.. almost at my goal. will definitely continue to use to track calories and nutrients after I hit my goal

Paul Ray Jun 11, 2023

Having CKD with Hyperkalemia, this app makes it easy to track and manage my potassium and sodium levels.

Kim Jun 11, 2023

absolutely the easiest most efficient and effective way to loose weight and still feel good! it raises your awareness of how much you are actually eating

Mike Crystal Jun 11, 2023

the app is very professional and well made, i would recommend this to evèryone because its easy and free, but if you just started using it, you need some time to get used to every feature. 5 stars, would recommend

Horse2 Moose2 Jun 11, 2023

Amazing! Super easy

I just got this app a while ago and its amazing! It was so easy to figure out! No ads and even the free users get about the same experiance! Very happy with the app! I LOVE how it shows recipes for healthy meals! I definitely suggest getting!

Jun 11, 2023

Much better than other Calorie Apps

Free version: No ads Calorie tracks Has graphs and charts to analyze progress Able to use decimals/fractions to adjust calorie counts Paid version: Analyze macros More detailed graphs and charts Notifications: Not too frequent, but enough to keep you on track

Jun 11, 2023

I didn't think I would like logging my meals. But this has been an eye-opening experience. Losing as much weight as I need to lose (65 lbs) seems really overwhelming. This app forces me to only focus on today. It's been immensely helpful and I've already lost 7 lbs in my first 3 weeks.

LeeAnn Strickland Jun 10, 2023

Impressive!! I was looking for something to replace my Noom app since all I needed now was a food diary. I looked at other high name apps and came across this one. There are a lot of options here that you only get with a paid subscription with the other big name apps and honestly I enjoy this app so much I may just get a yearly subscription just to help support this app, I mean it is ½ the price compared to others. Great job, keep up the good work

RD Chewie Jun 10, 2023

Switched from MFP due to paywall. This app delivers everything needed to get started for free and offers a cheaper premium subscription.

Oz Acst (ozzy) Jun 10, 2023

This app is INCREDIBLE! There are so many ways to easily record and analyse your intake, goals and progress! For me, I only succeed with weight loss when I'm truly motivated, and that comes from 2 elements: tangible effects of my choices and visible results; this app gives both! Even if the scale number doesn't drop, I can visibly see through the charts and recorded info where I've been improving each week. And when I have a bad day or don't chart, the app reminds, but doesn't harass or berate!

Holly Craig-Campbell Jun 10, 2023

Love this app

This app has been great to use on my Keto journey - very simple, logical, and easy to use. Very fast response too when submitting nutrition label corrections.

Sunflare98 Jun 10, 2023

Lovin Every Minute of it!

It’s easy to use, well laid out and has everything you need. So far it’s the best tracker I’ve used and gives me feedback on what I could have done better each day. My weight is steadily falling off and while I haven’t missed a day of logging I did log my meal on a wrong day because I forgot I was looking at a a past day… this app doesn’t punish you and tell you you missed a day and start you over, making you feel like a failure. I could go on but I have deleted all former apps this is the one for me!

Jun 10, 2023

Best app so far for weight loss. I can easily add what I ear, only takes a minute and have my exercise, weight tracker, water intake etc etc... all in one app is really nice. Very feature rich, even the free version, I use. And there is no pressure to pay, the extra features do go beyond what most would need, so for anyone working out, trying to loose weight or just have an easy way to track their health it's wonderful. And small things like it remembering previous meals saves time. 10/10

221 b Jun 9, 2023

BEST APP out there!!

I don’t usually leave reviews but this app deserves it because it’s made my life so much easier. The amount of work and detail they have put behind it is incredible. I used to use my Fitness Pal for years for my macros etc but this app is a million time better. They even count net carbs AND tell you if you are in need of certain vitamins or nutrients. Mind blowing! Thank you for the time and effort you guys put behind this 👏🏻👏🏻

Lolitainthehook Jun 9, 2023


Easy to use App, and with the Yearly subscription you save money and get many more features to help in your diet and nutrition goals. I have been using MyNet Diaries for three years now and it is so very helpful. I understand more about what i am eating, and have not only shed 17 pounds of fat,but i have also no more signs of Pre-Diabetes, Amazing! I am so very Thankful to the wonderful people that have dedicated their hard work to making this Nutritional Diary App so Effective! I will be using this for the rest of my life, it’s so wonderful. Thank💐You MyNetDiary 🙂

Jun 9, 2023

Beat weight losing app

It works like a charm. It even changes your dietary plan when it realizes you aren’t losing enough and it doesn’t even change that much. I was 85 kg (187 lbs) when I started and I haven’t even reached my end goal and I’m already at 75 kg (150 lbs) in a span of a couple of weeks.

Jun 8, 2023

I have not done the premium plan, only the free one. this is a great app and I plan to do the premium. thank you to the app creators because this app has been so very helpful with just the free part. it has helped me be more aware and conscientious about my water intake, what I eat; the note section helps for me to write down whats going on that I made certain food choices. this is just the best app! I am looking forward to the using the Premium.

We Mo Jun 7, 2023

Like it!

Easy to use - easier than the most popular one for sure. It’s fun and has a boat load of recipe ideas for staying within your program.

Jun 7, 2023

I've tried several food tracking apps and I settled on this one for several reasons. First, almost every food with a barcode is in the app's database, which makes recording food so easy. Second, I can create and share receipes with my fiance, who also uses the app. We cook a lot of meals from scratch, so this is super helpful. Finally, I'm not only concerned with calories, I also need to watch my sodium. This app allows me to set goals and monitor my sodium easily.

Thomas Higdon Jun 6, 2023

This app helped me lose 10kg

This app is extremely useful at helping to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. The home screen is fully customisable and allows you to add or remove certain elements. I love the food rating as it’s a simple way to know if a food offers a good balance of nutrition. The app also has a large catalogue and don’t have any issues when it comes to logging foods brought at a shop. I only really have issues when logging restaurant food and I usually have to manually type in the nutrients/macros.

Jun 6, 2023

Nice App

Works great so far. Have lost 12 lbs the past 4 weeks by eating at a calorie deficit and working out 30 min each day losing an average of 7-8 oz per day (3.5 lbs/wk). This app has enabled me to more accurately count my calorie intake and subtract my calories burned from my fitness apps. Works great with apple watch. And i’m more hydrated than ever thanks to the water intake reminders.

Jun 6, 2023

Great app

I absolutely love this app, very easy to use and extremely helpful at keeping everything on track for me, having the water intake feature as well makes it a well rounded app for everyone to use. And I’m only using the free version of the app, imagine what you can do with full access 😊

Jun 6, 2023


This app is so easy for tracking everything from calories to protein to fats to workouts to water and makes it all easy and fun

Jun 5, 2023

Best app for food tracking

This is hands down one of the best food tracking apps over my fitness pal, lose it, and many more as it gives you food ratings, diet plans and articles to help you along the way

Jun 5, 2023

Best food diary I have found

I love this app. It connects to all my weight loss data and is super easy to input food items, water, etc.

Jun 5, 2023

Easy to use

Using the free version and it’s easier to use than similar apps I have used in the past (which really is important). Not sure what else you get with the paid version.

Jun 4, 2023

Best app Ive found

Out of all the apps I have tried this is the best one to suit my needs as a carb counting T1 insulin dependent diabetic. It’s easy to use clear and up to date with the food lists

SJL1968 Jun 3, 2023

Omg yes

I love this it’s so easy to use even if you don’t under stand you can click on tips and tricks to help you know more about the app and they have recipes plus the little apple is cute I just got it last night and can understand how this app works I’m usually a little slow at understanding but this was easy

Jun 3, 2023

MyNetDiary is awesome

This app has everything I need to track calories and analyze my diet. Super easy to use and the app interface is great.

Jun 3, 2023

This app is great! Shows way more under the free version than other apps do. Easy to track my nutrient intake, and it has so many foods from smaller stores, which makes things even easier to log. I highly recommend!

Veronica Dutridge Jun 2, 2023

lost 18 lbs in two weeks! thank you for making Calorie counting so easy to view and help make better decisions

Gabriela Hernandez Jun 2, 2023

Perfection itself, no app is better at tracking calories, free features are just amazing, I can't even imagine how cool premium might be sugesting diets and recipes. It's all matter of your compromise with your body and discipline, after that, the app does everything it should do

ALX ZETT Jun 2, 2023

Barcode scanner is free, if you're caught between this or my fitness pal definitely go with this one. Easy to use and you can connect it to your Google fit for calories burned walking.

Makayla Jun 1, 2023

accurate and helped me loose 55lbs in 4 months. no need for pro

Joe Viragh Jun 1, 2023

The single most helpful tool for my weight loss

I needed to lose weight. Worked with a dietician on a food plan. She gave me a calorie budget, said 40% off calories should be carbs, 30% protein, 30% fat. Gave me a good chart etc. That was all helpful but how do I figure out how much is in every food? Looks at apps, this app looked like the best for what I wanted, did the trial and WOW is it fantastic! Bought in immediately and subscribed. I like the huge variety of food listed including specific plates for restaurants, bulk foods, generic foods for when a specific brand isn't listed, you can take pictures of food and they will add to app, you can put your own recipe in and save it for future logging. EXTREMELY intuitive. Coaches articles very helpful... They should pay me to be a spokesperson. I run EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth through this app. I send the reports to my dietician for review and tweaking. I've lost 55 lbs and going strong. That's my $.02 worth..

Jun 1, 2023

1000x better than MyFitnessPal!!!! No outrageous subscription plan for basic tracking! Absolutely love!

Mona Balona May 31, 2023

this app is amazing ! it has made it so much easier to focus on my weight loss journey. it helps track calories, carbs, sugars, fat & sodium. it also has an easy water and exercise tracker. 10/10 would recommend !

Marlee Hughes May 29, 2023

So many features!

It’s difficult to imagine how so much power can be packed into 1 app. I count carbs and this app makes it very easy. The notes feature is something I haven’t seen anywhere else and adding a food to the database is easy and results in reliable information since it isn’t strictly user-generated. I’m grateful for the “how-to” videos. I love the in-depth info that’s always at my fingertips.

Rainy717 May 29, 2023

Perfectly helpful!

Concise and easy to use. So many foods in the library. Haven’t found one that wasn’t already listed yet! Definitely helps me to get healthier and lose weight.

May 29, 2023

Great app!

I am using the app to track calories and my protein. I am in wt loss for bariatric surgery and it is so easy. I can scan items and get all the information from a nutrition label downloaded. Many restaurants are also in there if I type in the name of the entree when eating out. It is comparable with my water tracking and my exercise. Love the app. You can pay to get even more information such as other drinks besides water. And with membership you can modify all the nutrients you want to track such as if you are in a special diet like low sodium or a renal diet you can put in your max allowed and it tracks that for you too.

May 29, 2023

I love this app!! extremely excited.. I've lost over 5.6 pounds in one week .. with no intense workout...

Rosalie Daigle May 28, 2023

Easy to use, lots of options, very in depth. Everything Noom offers but cheaper and more functional. Really like this app!

Jayd Aït-Kaci (Chira) May 27, 2023

Get it

The is the first time I’m trying to really stick to a diet and thus app has helped me log everything I eat. They have pretty much everything on here and it makes it so much easier for me.

May 27, 2023

Easy to use

The best free app out there and actually makes there premium affordable thank you to the app developers that did what the people wanted.

May 27, 2023

User friendly and simple to use. I've had no issues with finding foods in their catalog. It breaks down food into an easy to understand pie chart that shows calories, carbs, protein etc. Gives useful tips on how to understand your goals and how to achieve them. The app runs very smoothly in my experience. It's quick to update, search and track your items. I use free and haven't noticed ads. Over all I really like this app and am hopeful to keep on track.

breann scott May 26, 2023


This app is amazing and super easy to use. I tried 3 other apps before this one and all of them forced me to buy premium just to scan a barcode. This app for free let me scan barcodes and take pictures of nutrition labels for foods that don’t have barcodes which is perfect for prepackaged meals im buying without scannable barcodes. The functionality and ease of use on this app is amazing.

May 26, 2023

Keeps me on track

I love this app. It has kept me on track and have lost weight by using it. The app is easy to use and in my experience is pretty accurate when being honest about what you’re eating. Definitely recommend using it.

May 26, 2023

Simple, powerful, logical app

Very easy to use and exactly what I was looking for. Intuitive, easy to use calorie counting app with weight tracker and weight goal setting. Can't ask for more. Thanks guys.

May 26, 2023

Accurate, easy calorie counting app that gives intuitive tips on how to stick to your goals! I struggled with unhealthily counting calories in the past, but with new intentions this app is helping me stay fit healthily.

liz May 25, 2023

Easy to navigate

I’m very happy with this up as a 70 year old not very savvy with technology this is so good to navigate thank you for making it so easy for me can’t stop telling my friends about it 😊

May 25, 2023

Awesome detail and customizable!

This app is great for detail and the ability to customize what you want to see on the main screen. Love the layout and graphics and the fact that the free version has the ability to scan barcodes. Will likely start the subscription to get the additional features but the standalone free version is more than adequate for most people. Good job by the designers and developers for making a great app.

May 25, 2023

Love this App!

This has been easy for me to put in my calories and keep track of my weight. I like that you can scan the barcode to make it is easier to record your calorie intake, too! Thank you that this is a free app!

May 25, 2023

Best by far

This app just gets better and better! They make it so easy to track you calories and is full of good advise to stay healthy and fit

May 25, 2023

STILL the best food log app!

Just as stated in the title, this app is simply the best. The most stable and user friendly app I've ever used - with some great, useful, powerful features (such as charts, measurements log, and diet analysis) not found in the other apps like MyFitnessPal or FatSecret. And you can customize your macronutrient goals! And... you can track exercise & calories burned. I love this app, and you will, too. 2/15/17

OBfit May 24, 2023

Truly Great app- best one I’ve used

This app is well thought out, fast, easy to use, and very intuitive. They use user input if an item is not in the database but you can tell they check the info before integrating it. Apps that don’t do that end up deteriorating over time. (Please don’t go that route makers). Great job to the programmers and planners! Thank you.

May 24, 2023

Jerry T.

Amazing and inspiring app. Very sophisticated for a FREE app. May consider purchasing premium app, in the future. Till I started using this app, I had no idea how calorie loaded and sodium loaded my daily food intake was. Using for 5 weeks and dropped 15.5 lbs.; eating healthily. “Try it, you’ll like it”.

May 24, 2023

Have lost 10% already and 5% body fat

With a good selection of foods (including from Australia) and easy adding of foods that aren’t in there as well as integration with Apple Health for exercise calories burned, it makes it really easy to accurately keep track. The app elegantly analyses data and presents in a simple way to help stay motivated. The app will only work if you track everything that you eat, but this is easy to do and so worthwhile. It really helps to “budget” food intake - making it possible to enjoy a night out without being “that person” on a diet. I’ve found that I’ve lost about a kg and 0.5% body fat each week for the last 6 weeks. Humour the app and follow its guidelines and you will be rewarded. While it took a bit of getting out of the habit of massive portion sizes, I haven’t felt hungry of deprived. I’ve found it great for raising my awareness of the calories in some foods. You can integrate with Apple health - for both calories burned, steps, but also body weight / fat if you have scales that can do that. That way you have one centralised place to track everything.

May 24, 2023

More enjoyable to use than my fitness pal :)

I used my fitness pal for years but found that their app made me feel bad by popping up with comments about getting off track or eating slightly under my calorie goal (I’m a short person, so my calorie goal to lose any weight is right at the border of what they believe is the minimum calories you can get in a day). So there was a real emotional boundary on using the app again for dieting which kind of put me off dieting altogether even though I needed some guidance to eat healthier. I really wanted help losing 6 pounds in about 5 weeks and really wanted an app that wasn’t my fitness pal due to that emotional baggage and was free, and I thought the quality would have to suffer given those guidelines. BUT this app is amazing. It doesn’t make me feel bad (doesn’t use shame just pure data to help you meet you goals and stay on track :), I love the visual guidance on how your weight loss is going and breakdown of your macros since I am doing keto as well as a cute little apple visual of how many calories you have left for the day, the scanner works extremely well and is lightning fast, the food database is extremely comprehensive, even having grocery store brands as well as organic brands. It is super easy to copy a meal from a previous day and adjust prior meals with the “recent” log function. I just can’t say enough good things and I haven’t even gotten premium yet! I have lost 4.8 lb and am close to my goal of 6 lbs and am confident I will meet it :) Thanks for making food logging and calorie / carb tracking quick, easy, and shaming-free MyNetDiary!! Very happy I found this app and that it exists :)

May 24, 2023

Great app

This app is really good had already helped me lose over 6.5kg.would highly recommend it works

May 24, 2023


I have used other weight loss apps. this is easy to use and reasonably priced. Thanks to those who made this possible.

May 24, 2023

Calorie tracker

I love this app it has free access for part of it and you can do a premium but the free access part is great. I don’t really need the premium although it looks nice but I just need the basic and it really helps me calculate my calories, and my macros and my salt and fat, it really helps me stay on track of how much water and exercise and food I’m eating you can scan things and type things in anything you can think of to tell you the calories and everything for it I love this app

May 24, 2023

Fun EZ to use and very effective

Ez to use. Fun, so many things to explore and learn about. I started my diet and exercise program on 8/6/2022 weighing in at 291 pounds. I used the app as an intricual part of reaching my goal. On 5/13/2022 I successfully reached my goal of weighing 170 pounds making my weight loss of 121 pounds, way before my set goal! Fun

May 24, 2023

Easy, fast, encouraging to use

I have used 4 other food & exercise trackers over the past 8 years. This one is easier to use, faster to learn, and more encouraging to me than the others. Nothing wrong with the others - they did the job - I lost 80 lbs. But this one takes so much less effort than any other I have used and provides more information in just a few taps. Far and away my fave. Love the planners, the colors, the trackers. Great diary for improving my health.

May 23, 2023

I cannot say enough about this app. it has been everything for me since my weight loss journey began. Everyday I am able to check in and see how many calories or carbs etc that I have left for the day. Since I started using this app on March 28th, I have lost 20 pounds! I tried other apps and journals but none were comparable to this. I am paid for a year and wish I would have found this a long time ago. Thanks so much to the creators!

April C May 22, 2023

Easy to use, all set out in clear and easy format. I link it to my Google fitness and it automatically logs my steps.

John Eggleton May 22, 2023

Loving this app so far, really great aid to weight loss and I've lost 1.9kg in my first week of using it :) Very intuitive and simple to use, nice layout. Only complaints would be food library quite as big as myfitnesspal but it still has the vast majority of food (can substitute to something basically the same most of the time). Also there's sometimes a bug where searching for food won't work and you have to close the app and reopen, no big deal though, still 5 stars!

Jack Bauer May 22, 2023

Outstanding App

My doctor wanted me to loose some weight. I have used this app for 8 weeks and with it, intermittent fasting, my Apple Watch, and exercise. I have managed to lose 20 pounds.

May 22, 2023

I Never Write Reviews

First app I’ve ever written a review for because I honestly love it. If you are someone who has struggled in your relationship with food, then this review is for you! (Maybe). This app has helped me in so many ways. I’ve struggled in my relationship with food my whole life and this app has helped me change my eating patterns/ habits and has brought a whole new awareness to the relationship. It feels like my brain is in the process of rewiring as my eating habits become more consistent and as I bring awareness to them. I love how customizable everything is, and it is easy to change your weight plan anytime - whether you want to gain more, lose more, or stay where you’re at. I also have less guilt around binge eating as I am encouraged by my good days. It has brought awareness to the days where I binge or skip meals. I then reflect on my mental state, what I’m going through currently, etc. and am more easily able to give myself grace rather than jump right to guilt - rewiring! I know that not everyone is using this app for that purpose, but if you are someone who has struggled in your relationship with food I HIGHLY recommend this app. I bought a kitchen scale to make recording more accurate and I’m a weirdo so I’m finding that part to be very fun. I LOVE all the different tools and what you can add to your home screen. I have never tracked micros because I used to think that was just for body builders but omg it has changed my life! Those are customizable as well! There are also all kinds of hints, encouragements, recipe suggestions, etc. So much!! I have never been very successful in trying to lose weight. This is the first tool I’ve used that has EVER worked. Definitely talk to your doctors and mental health professionals before using this app if you have any physical or mental health concerns. I do have a history of disordered eating, but this app at this stage of my life and my healing process has been a godsend + it’s so fun. Be well <3

May 22, 2023

By far the best calorie/food tracker out there. Delete Myfitnesspal when I discovered this app!

Mariah Bank May 21, 2023


My Wellness Nurse recommended MyNetDiary 60lbs ago two years ago and it worked. Great lifesaving product. DonCarfagna Sends I need to do it again and will

May 21, 2023

I really like using the app it is easy to follow and convenient. It really helps me with my weight loss journey started on April 2 due to a break up and lost 14.8lb to date. I just need to lose 23lb more.I would really upgrade to premium love the UI.

Kavon Boucher May 19, 2023

App is easy to use and has many helpful features, not all all of which I use, such as the carbs tracking and health grading of what I eat. Foods inventory is vast, I can always find a good representation of what and how much to track for my intake. The portion guide is extremely helpful. This is a very good tool for anyone trying to modify and control their weight.

Rebecca Jones May 19, 2023


I can’t tell you how many apps of this kind I’ve bought and I end up getting rid of them or asking for a refund. Well, this one is the best! It’s full of useful content and information, and it’s really easy to learn and use. It’s such good value for money and is making my keto journey far easier to navigate 🙂

VKD81 May 19, 2023

Great for British food & diabetics

I used to use the free version, but needed more visual control for my diabetes. So I purchased a monthly subscription and have been much better able to control my carbs, calories, blood sugar and overall health within the one app. This links with my contour blood meter, my exercise through the Apple health app, water and I’ve been able to track my salt and sodium intakes to help with kidney function. This app is so powerful that everything is literally within the one app that you could possibly need for health, fitness, food, blood sugar, or tracking of your micronutrients. And the one thing that I absolutely adore about this app…. The fact that it has all the British main supermarkets like Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s and all of their own ranges as well as typically British brands like Branston… oh, and all the British takeaway joints, like gourmet, Burger kitchen, and things like fish and chips… I make it sound like I never eat healthy… But I do. The barcode scanner is also amazing for being able to input food quickly from the vat code on any packet. You can create menu items that you cook for yourself by inputting all your ingredients. So for example, a spag bol that you make for four people, you can create it for four and log for 1 serving at a time. Top marks for this.

May 19, 2023

Easy food journaling

I never thought I would journal the food I eat, then I stumbled upon My Net Diary. Sometimes it might take a few minutes to enter a new food or look for a reasonable substitute from the large inventory of foods on the site, but once you get going it could not be easier. You can enter your own recipes which I have done plenty of times. Now I am using the app while losing weight using The GoLo diet plan and it’s working out so well. At first I was using the free version but then wanted to get more out of the app so now I have a subscription.

May 19, 2023

12 lb in 14 days...& not even struggling..! Tried for 2lb a week..ended up weight was just falling off.. no effort what so ever..! 😂

Alan Heron May 18, 2023

Very helpful

It’s great for tracking exercises and calories I would recommend it to anyone who is watching calories I’ve lost 24 pounds doing Atkins I can watch my carbs and calories

May 18, 2023

Arguably the best nutrition tracker out there. Fastest barcode reader I've ever used. Methodology available for all calculations by tapping them. Paid service unlocks analytics but the core of all features is a available free. Better than MyFitnessPal! I was looking for an alternative to MFP after my subscription ended and I discovered that they locked all decent features behind a paywall.

Lydia Primich May 17, 2023


After using my fitness pal for several years I decided to try this one and I have to say I’m very impressed. Very easy and intuitive and a lot cheaper. I love it.

noone_special May 17, 2023

It’s perfect and easy

This app is super easy to use, it displays your calorie intake, your exercise, your water intake, and you steps right on the first page. It’s super easy to log foods, and if you can’t find a food you can scan it’s barcode. It shows you your before and after, and your average of gaining or loosing lbs. Its just super easy and NO ADS, thank you!

May 17, 2023

A New #1

I have been a huge fan of My Fitness Pal for years. I did my usual check of MyNetDiary (three Times) without success. But why was I comparing the premium version of MFP w the light version of MyNetDiary. I canceled him MFP, subscribed to premium MyNetDiary and started losing weight. It is quite simply an AMAZING app. Having tried virtually everything presently available in this class of apps, I'm confident that there's nothing even close to MyNetDiary. I started at 195 and just hit my goal of 160 pounds. If you want to achieve an optimum weight by eating healthy foods and keeping a detailed diary, look no further.

May 17, 2023


This app has helped me loose half a stone in 4weeks with out even noticing I’m on a calorie deficit!! Amazing! I will be at my goal weight in no time !

May 17, 2023

This app is fantastic! I've been using it consistently for 2 years and have lost 25 lbs!! EDIT: 30 lbs now :) Finally achieved my goal weight, so I'll be using this app for maintenance now

Megan Vaz May 16, 2023

Best App of this kind I’ve ever used

This is is amazing for tracking both a calorie and carb deficit. It’s really well laid out, adding food items is easy and has a great coverage of uk based foods including Resturant menu content. I’ve told many people and family members about this app and they have also started using it. It’s also great for giving a huge range of menu ideas based on the food plan you follow and the integration with other apps and data is really good.

twg79 May 16, 2023

Great app. Makes eating healthy and maintaining weight or losing extremely easy. Excellent library of all foods. It's definitely worth it.

Tim Pollard May 14, 2023

I've been using this app for a while, and I like it better than my fitness pal. You can even scan barcodes to get nutrition info without having to pay extra.

Tomi Linc May 14, 2023

So easy to use

I like to type in my menu plan for the day and see how it fits the numbers. Easy enough make changes if I want something different than planned.

Mari Sa May 14, 2023

Very well made.

It almost seems like a premium app using the free version. There is so much available and I really think this app can help me lose weight.

May 14, 2023

Best tracking and advice for grownups

I started with Noom, at the recommendation of a friend. It had no nutrient tracking and a communication tone more suitable for 16-year-olds than mature adults. Plus, it’s expensive. I love MyNetDiary for its many, many tracking options and straightforward guidance. I can take or leave whichever features I prefer. They don’t hound me with messages, either. Feedback in the form of data—my very own!—is very motivating for me.

May 14, 2023

user friendly app with lots of great tools. The free version was very useful, but I'm not disappointed I upgraded to the paid version. Being able to scam barcodes on food is a HUGE help. Also, the weekly analysis is a good way to see what I've been doing right (and where I can improve). Helpful suggestions, recipes and tons of support all from an easy to use app. Thank you!!

Clayton Powers May 13, 2023

Very cool even for the free version. already helping me lose weight and its helping my diabetes numbers and decisions.

Brad S May 12, 2023

I LOVE this app. It's so easy to use and understand and there's even a ton of different styles of eating you can ascribe to with meals and recipes. I love that it gives you an estimate of your weight on a timeline as well. I came here after MFP became unusable and I won't go back!

courtney oppermann May 12, 2023

best app for colorie budget most descriptive. my fitness pal glitches to much and none of the data is right it changes back and forth. my net diary is on point with calculations and refreshing updating steps and calorie deficit

JB Custom RESTORATION LLC. May 12, 2023

Very Thankful

I have bee using MyNetDiary for almost 2 months now and am extremely happy with it. During that time I have lost 20 pounds. For me it was understanding what a portion size truly was and effective recording of my inputs/outputs. I recommend this app for one and all.

May 12, 2023

Losing weight

I been using this for a month and it’s really great, i’m using the free version and even then its super useful, i just recently started calorie counting and its honestly the best method to efficiently lose weight. Other apps have really heavy advertisements but ere is subtle and not annoying, love it :D

May 12, 2023

Success! 60 pounds down

MyNetDiary has helped me reach my weigh loss goals! Love how I can easily scan food items and keep track of all food intake. Could not have succeeded without the app. Now looking forward to maintenance using the weight plan program for guidance.

May 12, 2023

Love this app!

I have lost over 10 kg in 8 weeks thanks to the logical and easy data entry and the display of kgs consumed. MyNetDiary showed that I was eating way too many snacks so I cut them down a lot. I then reduced the amount I ate at meals. NO diet, NO pressure. Just a very helpful interface. I still eat my favourite foods, just less of them! HIGHLY RECOMMEND MYNETDIARY.

May 11, 2023

Truly amazing app

I just want to take the time to thank the developers behind this app. It integrates amazingly with the iOS experience, almost looking like an app build by Apple engineers. Well done!! This app is amazing for both highly motivated individuals, and also lazy people :) It barely takes 5 minutes a day to log your food, the app does everything for you! Also, I love the way it automatically adds the calories burned by walking. That’s just great. Huge thanks guys for this masterpiece, already lost 7lbs!

May 11, 2023

Highly recommend

This is the easiest app to track calorie intake. This is coming from someone who was terrified to count calories because I was intimidated and honestly couldn’t be bothered but this app makes it so easy and fast to track meals. It even tracks your exercise and water intake. I love this app!

May 11, 2023

Despite the ads, this app is user-friendly and very detailed about what you're consuming, i.e., fat, protein, carbs, etc. You can customize your app to work with your goals and even set a calorie goal and also log recipes for quick logging day to day. It's just really awesome considering all of these features are free. Would absolutely recommend if any of you who are looking for something that's free with bells and whistles!

Rachael Gardner May 10, 2023

Amazing app. By far best calorie tracking app I have used. It has so many options on the free version.

Tameka Wright May 10, 2023

loving this app easy barcode features making it easier to find foods. keeps you on track with tips to help you on your journey and lovely recipes meal plans etc. Also sends reminders to enter meals etc throughout the day. Definitely recommend

Mk YT May 9, 2023

This app does not make you lose weight. Only you can do that! But with this app, it helps you to engage in the process, and as long as you are diligent with its use, you will see results! I am very impressed with how easy it is to lose and, frankly, how very enlightening it was to see what I was actually putting in my body! One of my favorite features of the app is how it actually grades the food you eat! I have managed to get rid of all my D- foods and can keep it in the A to B range.

Rick Myers May 9, 2023

Love this app!

I’ve never had the desire to track my macros or calories. I’ve been intermittent fasting for 5 years and was looking for an app to track my fasts. I came across MyNetDiary and it had the best features/functionality in the free version. After a few days of using it, I wanted all of the extra features! I never buy apps but this time I did and I have zero regrets. This app has helped me make better food choices and it also revealed I was most likely deficient in a few things like calcium and vitamin C. I love the colorful design and how customizable the dashboard is. I cook everything from scratch and love that I can upload recipes and alter them. I used the custom tracker feature to add a tracker for my fasting hours and can create charts to view those eating windows as well as my longer water fasts. The notes section is essential as well. The video tutorials were extremely helpful that first week because of the extensive functionality and options available.

May 9, 2023

Great calorie tracker.

I don’t use most of the features, so when I was prompted to rate and review I closed the pop up. Then I came to the App Store to review it. It’s great for calorie and even exercise and step counting, even in its free version. I tend to just use the calorie tracker and even then log everything as snacks. I measure most of what I consume with my scale and a calculator, but the ability to look up everything (esp fast food) is useful as well. Overall, it really helps put your intake into perspective, which is required to better respect food overall.

May 9, 2023


Love the interface, easy to use with lots of features, I only include what suits me, also exercise. Been using it 6 years for free!

May 8, 2023

This is the ONLY App for weight Loss

This is by far the Best Free Version app for weight loss/calorie counting. It is so user friendly. It is quick to input and look up items. It has so much to offer with videos, graphs, general information. Absolutely holds me accountable to make smart choices on what to eat. It definitely has given me a whole new perspective on what is in our food, how many calories I was actually was consuming with “snacking”. I absolutely Love this app and almost use it as a personal game to see if I can beat previous day’s progress and calories while still maintaining healthy eating habits

May 8, 2023

My Net Diary

I love this app because it allows you to monitor during the day and be aware of actually how much you’re eating. Before this I would just eat when I felt like it not paying attention to how much I ate now as I log each meal it just makes me go, woah. I’ve lost 39 pounds on this app, and got others to join me as well it’s fun, easy to do, and I look forward to logging my weight and seeing my progress.

May 8, 2023

Best app I've ever used. Tried more than 24 different free apps. If I had money to spare I would consider paying premium. The more you use the better it becomes.

J Holm May 7, 2023

Very nice app. has everything I need to get started. more than willing to pay when the essentials are there in the free version. the analysis on a granular level give this business analyst warm fuzzies and help me make adjustments I wouldn't be able to do elsewhere. great work!

Stephanie Wells May 7, 2023

I’m amazed! Not another cookie cutter diet app.

In March (‘22) I went to my regular dr appt for my diabetic check up, and I weighed in at 367lbs. I was on two types of insulin, 2000mg metformin, and 20mg glipizide daily fighting to keep my blood sugar below 200. I decided that day I was done, but I knew I would need an app to help me along. I found this app, liked the look of the set up, and downloaded it. Within the first month I bought premium, and I’m glad I did. Being able to set my own macros to fit my needs, and change them as I learn more about what works best for me is invaluable. Working with my Dr, my own hard work, and using Carb Genius: (11/19/22) I’m down to 255lbs, I am no longer on any insulin, I’m on 250mg metformin, 5mg of glipizide daily, and my average blood sugar is 118. When You decide you’re ready to change your way of life, this app can be an amazing tool to help you. Good Luck. Update: 5/7/23 I’m off all my meds, A1C 5.6, & @ 217lbs. I still log EVERYTHING in this app.

Ari6885 May 7, 2023

This app helped me lose 150 Lbs

I write this with sincerity I lost half my body weight and after being a sad 18 year old with obesity problems, I finally rejoined and play in an amateur soccer league with the body I always dreamed of. Lean, abs, and toned I love mynetdiary

May 7, 2023


Making progress thanks to this app they make it very easy and creates it as a type of game which gets you more focused and involved

May 7, 2023

Fantastic tracker

MyNetDiary has proven to be very resourceful for me. Things like the barcode scanner, graphs, daily report, intuitive ui and ux, and overall ease of use made me get a one-year subscription. I'm only 1 month in and I'm already ahead of my goal for the planned date.

May 7, 2023

Easy to use, helpful charts and calculations, no inundation of ads. Best tracker I've used, and I've used many.

Erin Burrows May 6, 2023

It’s the best app for counting calories

Using net diary is a lot better then any other app out there mostly cause it’s a lot easier only thing I would add is a drinks tab put it under snacks or something

May 6, 2023

Easy app to navigate

This app has all the functions I need to enter, scan, and search for foods. The fact that it’s easy to navigate is a game changer for me. Some apps out there are so “busy” that I get frustrated trying to navigate. For someone on the go that doesn’t want to spend a lot of time tracking, this app is super convenient and a time saver.

May 6, 2023

Happy !

Loving this app. Allows me to easily scan a barcode and build a menu easily. The staples are such a great feature too I’ve struggled without that on other apps. Takes the guessing out of generic meat or fridge staples. The dashboard is a nice compact view of each meal, exercise, steps, water etc. but you can click on everything for more info. Tons of data !! I am using the free version. Grateful for this being available to me, thank you. Also customer service is great, I emailed with a question and got a very fast thorough response

May 5, 2023

I lost 36 pounds!

I love this app so much! It really has brought me far and I am way more confident than I have ever been! If you are considering, stop! Get this app now! You don’t even have to pay for it it is just as good without the promo!🤭

May 5, 2023

great app. finally was able to lose the 10 pounds that I was struggling with.

Tom May 4, 2023

Used to use my fitness pal but they now want to charge for using the barcode scanner. I deleted it immediately and now I'm using this one, such a big difference. This app is was more helpful and not as greedy. I hope with this new help i can lose weight and become healthier. Thanks to the devs for making this.

Marbin Salguero May 4, 2023

very good and easy to use, can scan barcodes with free version which is the main plus

JDunks May 4, 2023

My Favorite Food Diary!

I have used various available apps to keep me on a reduced calorie diet without starving. This is the easiest and best one ever!! Love it!

May 4, 2023

Easy to use; some good features to speed up entry like remembering what you've entered before and offering it at front of search; ever growing database which has very good coverage of UK products even though it clearly started as a US database.

Chris Nash May 2, 2023

The best

This app is phenomenal. It runs so smoothly, makes tracking for health so easy, and is SO financially savvy. I was paying TWENTY dollars a MONTH for My Fitness Pal, and just couldn’t do it anymore. Not only is this a best option cost wise, it is a MILLION TIMES better than any other tracking app I have used. HUGE kudos to you, MND!!!!

Weezy! May 2, 2023

Love this app

I tried Noom and I like this much better.

May 2, 2023

been using the app for a bit now. I really needed something to keep me and my eating habits accountable and this app has done just that. The list of items is wide and I am able to find most of what I need. If I cant, the interface is straightforward and I can easily log food. The other features are great and I browse them every now and again, although I already know my workout routine. Its always good to have a new perspective

senot joe May 1, 2023

Love love love

Great app for keeping track of calories and helping me manage my weight with three babies and this is just really convenient and easy with all foods already easy to input and scan. Great for meal ideas as well!!

May 1, 2023

The perfect guidance

This is exactly the tool I needed to begin my weight loss journey. My goal is achievable thanks to this organized, helpful & encouraging app! I just can’t believe I’ve already lost 12lbs. I feel like I should have done this a long time ago! Thank you!

May 1, 2023

The free version works great, I've lost 10 lbs in 10 days!

Shaun Apr 30, 2023

Very pleased

Great app! I tried other apps that over complicate everything. This app is very straightforward with the information, very intuitive and great with recognizing different foods and storing the information for easy retrieval. Best weight app out there. Love it

Apr 30, 2023


It’s so amazing get this app it has so much to offer for free!! I love it and I’ve lost 10 pounds!

Apr 30, 2023

Great tool!

Love the app! Nice “look” and ease of use. Entered data to lose a pound per week, and doing exactly that! It’s a great tool for learning portion control and maintaining sensible eating habits!

Apr 30, 2023

It is working for me

I have been using this app for just a few days, but I have lost 4.6 lbs already. I have been a lifetime member of weight watchers, but gained weight during the pandemic and have been stalled using their point system. This app makes counting calories very easy. Since things have been drastically changing at weight watchers, I started exploring other apps. So glad I found MyNetDiary! For now I am getting everything I need with the free version. I like the graphics and the bar code scanner works great, I highly recommend this app.

Apr 30, 2023

I absolutely love this app! it has EVERYTHING I need to manage my weight loss and it has great optics. It has Menu plans, coaching options, exercise recommendations, and food record keeping is easy because their database has everything I have ever tried to look up. Highly recommend 😊

J C Apr 29, 2023

keeping me focused and showing me where my highest carbs are eaten. many great ideas only using the free app so far so good

Sandra Gravil Apr 29, 2023

Best food tracker app out there

Tons of features, easy to use, constantly adding new (even if small features). Couple features more I would like to see but maybe I just haven’t seen the setting yet. Great app

Shell.. Apr 29, 2023

Understanding nutrients and calories better

Never been a dieter, but finally needed to take a harder look at my carb/sugar levels and pay a little more attention to calorie intake. Two things I like about Net Diary: 1. It’s helped me better understand calorie and nutrient amounts from various foods, and gives me recommended targets to work against. I kinda knew I needed to cut back on starchy and sweeter foods, but now I have a better sense of which foods in my diet blow me out of the water, and which ones I can eat regularly in reasonable portions. 2. I also like the food entry capabilities of the app. It’s pretty easy to search for most foods or dishes. Anything packaged can be scanned. Lots of common stuff already there. I mostly eat at home, cook a lot, and can reasonably make guesses and enter amounts of main ingredients. Missing the lesser volume oil, spice, salt, flavorings in dishes, but I’m not here for precision. Overall, easy to enter food items quickly, and then have good tracking on the dashboard. Bonus note: nice capability to customize the dashboard, to have more or different metrics showing. Well organized and easy to use.

Apr 29, 2023

Number #1

Easiest food tracker calculator with the benefit of seeing if your eating to much or to low of CARBS-FAT-PROTEIN AND TELLS YOU YOUR MICRO-Nutrients I’ve been paying a Nutritionist $100 a month for her to tell me what this app was telling me for $5 Donatos a Month Beautiful recipes for Diabetics -KETO-Low Carbs You will understand what I mean by Getting the Colourful App which you can adjust from Dark mode or Bright mode

Matej ss nova Apr 28, 2023

Fantastic. 10/10 better than myfitnesspal. Down 15lbs.


Best $10 I have ever spent! The app is clear and easy to understand. Adding blood sugar tests and meals couldn't be easier, and there are many ways to view and track your results and progress. I highly recommend this app. It simply blows away the free ones I tried to use previously.

Handcrafted Miracles Apr 27, 2023

My favorite thing about the app is the free version let's you do much more than most others and you can control and customize your plan how ever you like. There's also free recipes and tips on weight loss which is great to have.

lovely365 Apr 27, 2023

Great app for staying on track

This app was exactly what I needed to lose the 25lbs I’d put on the last few years. It’s easy to use, has a friendly UI, and even the free version is great if you just need basic tracking. I’ve tried a couple other popular ones but found them clunky and ugly or confusing. This one had everything I need and more.

Apr 27, 2023

Love this app and I haven't even gotten to try all the features yet. I've had more success using this app the last 10 days, than in the last 6 months trying to eat consciously and workout 4 days a week and seeing no movement on the scale. I've tried hand written journaling, but I always forget to bring it and it feels so tedious writing the same foods down over and over, but this app makes it so easy that it's enjoyable 🤯

Angela D'Avella Apr 26, 2023

Keeping a daily account of food intake, water intake, & exercise is so helpful to see where I've been going wrong for my health. This app is beneficial & encouraging to help reach healthy goals, mental, physical, and emotional!! Thank you for making it and it being FREE ( AFFORDABLE HEALTH PLAN )

Mandy Holt Apr 26, 2023

This is user friendly and provides options in the drop down menu for food selection, making it so easy to log each item and track accordingly.

Kelly Doan Apr 26, 2023

Best tracking app I have ever used

I have tried a lot of tracking apps, but MyNetDiary is hands-down the very best I have found. It is intuitive, easy to use, and packed with features. Thanks to MyNetDiary, I have lost 25 pounds in the past four months. MyNetDiary has made it easy. I expect to use it indefinitely. Thank you, MyNetDiary team! I recommend it highly!

evanmarshall Apr 26, 2023

Free version has everything you need. Highly intuitive. Fun, even. I was able to lose 15 lb in a month using this app.

Zlognorp Brimbio Apr 25, 2023

It's not a bad app. It gives information and some decent recipes. I wish they would have some information about intermittent fasting and variations (or maybe I missed it). Just a thought, I've lost over 20 lbs so far using this app to help keep track of my calorie intake, I like it.

Brian belby Apr 25, 2023

Very Comprehensive and Feature-Rich

Love this app. I actively avoid tracking anything when I diet - I’m cranky enough without having to spend time on minutiae. With this app, this is the first time I log everything every meal every day, because it is that easy and convenient. Full disclosure, my wife is using the app too, and most of the time she just sends her logged meals to me and badaboombadabing.

Apr 25, 2023

App features

This app is so easy to use. I love the barcode feature and 99% of the foods I have searched have been in there. Highly recommend if you were trying to track your calories.

Apr 25, 2023

My favorite app!

Such great information! Totally worth the upgrade because you get drill downs and daily reports that kill every other app! A must for low carb or keto diets. It really makes logging fun and easy….

Caron carlson Apr 24, 2023

great app,and very easy to use and log food or scanning something not found on the listed groups and track your progress.I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to loose weight or just stay in track and healthy.

Fred Flintstone Apr 23, 2023

Awesome app! I set up the premium plan for one month and thought it was so great that I bought the annual within a week. It's super easy to use. There's a weekly review. The scanner works great! Load up your dashboard with whatever vitamin / mineral tracking you want. Helpful tips section. Add Samsung Health steps or FitBit. An attractive interface on both the website(best) as well as the mobile version. Thanks for a great tool!

K Apr 23, 2023

I used to hand track all of my caloric and macro nutrition by hand but this app makes it so easy and so much more mindful

The CRUSADER Apr 23, 2023

I can’t believe such an exceptional diet app is free!!

When my trainer gave me a diet to follow for my two month weight loss, it was so inconvenient to keep a pad and paper with me for tracking every individual calorie as well as making estimates on what I thought was in different servings of food. it was time consuming and impractical. With MyNetDiary I can scan a barcode super quickly, and it logs all the food for me, as well as giving a breakdown of my general macros as an added feature. Not only that, it saves the foods that I commonly eat at different meals, so I can simply select several at a time to log for that meals calculation. This feature is super convenient because obviously I’m going to be eating out of my refrigerator so I don’t have to scan barcodes every time and can just click the bubble next to the food and serving size that I typically use. I highly recommend for anybody who is interested in a snap shot, that gives you easy access to one look at your daily calorie consumption as well as what’s left in your budget and a easy to read pie chart of the macro breakdown. Enjoy!

Apr 23, 2023

Great Calorie Tracking App

I’ve used other calorie trackers and this one is by far my favorite. It’s user interface is easy to use yet gives plenty of ability for customization. It has easy ability for me and my partner to share meals or individual items within a meal via text message. They also just released a feature to name a quick add calorie which we’ve been looking for in other apps and never found. Paid version is also a reasonable price which we decided to do to support the app and also give the ability to link up the app with our Withings scale for easier weight tracking.

Apr 23, 2023

this app is wonderful. I loved MFP before they went paywall. this app is everything MFP was and then some. it's even more user friendly. if you want to track calories and macro nutrients, this is an excellent app

Leslie Wylie Apr 22, 2023

The Best Rabbit Hole I’ve ever went down!

For someone like me, this app provides me with all the detailed data that I need to learn what is making me feel the way I do. After learning about how deficient I was in Vitamin D and how I felt just three days after starting a D3 supplement daily. I was absolutely blown away. I’m 47 and I felt 60! I started Keto and tracking my steps and exercise with iPhone and Apple Watch. MyNetDiary was the top app suggestion by the apple health app. I NEVER get paid apps but I bought this one. I was not disappointed at all. The app alone is super informative and useful. Also I would never consider subscribing to “Premium” services. BUT as of the time of writing this review, I am 4 days into my week trial and I have already decided to go with the yearly subscription. I started my Journey at 411lbs, constantly taking pain relievers and copious amounts of Caffeine for energy and joint and muscle pain. 1 1/2 Months later I’m down to 385lbs and have virtually stopped taking Ibuprofen. This app and service is THE best tool in my arsenal for my health. Once you set it up for your Fueling Habits “Diet”, (I hate the word diet), You will be amazed at what you can accomplish with the knowledge of what is going into your “machine”and how it affects your body and mindset. I also NEVER Write reviews so this “essay” is also a testament to how freakin awesome MyNetDiary is. Have a great day and do whatever it takes to feel awesome!

Kornbred32 Apr 22, 2023

Really great app

This app does everything I want it to do and more. The info is complete and it’s so easy to use. It has replaced a name brand program that I was paying a lot for and is really just as good. Well done!

Apr 22, 2023

Great application. I really appreciate well designed software, and this is very well done. Easy to use well thought out with a very comprehensive database of foods and their nutritional breakdown that includes store brands. Well done developers!

Randy Crowley Apr 21, 2023

I have been using the premium version of this app (not sure price but it's under 10$ a month) for 78 days. I log every single thing I eat for the most accurate calorie and nutrition information. I have lost 30.6 pds. I would not have done it without this app. It's super easy to use and adds up my calories, carbs, fat, protein and nutrients and tailors them to fit my age, weight, activity level etc. This app has been life-changing for me. Big thanks My Net Diary!

Amy Lemelin Apr 20, 2023

Best App for weight loss

I started using this app 5 years ago and it’s absolutely helped me in my weight loss journey. It’s actually FREE but just today I decided to get premium and I’m already so impressed!! I tell everyone I know about this app!!! 5 stars

Apr 20, 2023

Makes my life so much easier

Due to my health issues I need to monitor carbs and what I eat. This app helps me and my doctors a lot! Thank you so much

ewcia.opo Apr 19, 2023

Loving it so far!

I’ve been using this app for a few days now and am really enjoying it. I did pay to upgrade and am glad I did. But that isn’t necessary to get a ton of great things for free. It is easy to use and is really helpful when trying to lose weight. Glad I found MyNetDiary!

Apr 19, 2023

Great easy to use app to track your calories, nutrition, vitamins, etc, while also providing great recipes. The ability to scan a barcode for most foods and log the nutritional values is great! This makes getting healthy a lot easier.

Chris Hayes Apr 18, 2023

I have lost 30 lbs

Best app to keep track of my sodium intake I love this app

Apr 18, 2023

Better than My Fitness Pal

I hated tracking calories. Never worked and always quit. This app is super user friendly, has every food item you could think of and makes measurements easy.

Apr 18, 2023

This app works!

I was 200.4 lbs and wanted to lose weight and I found this app and it helped me lose 20 lbs! I would recommend it.

Apr 18, 2023

Love it

I like the layout, how easy it is to log your food and the fact that it’s linked to your fitness trackers. It’s just really effective and it’s been the best way for me to lose weight.

Apr 18, 2023

Easy to navigate and track food intake. Adding custom recipes tricky at first, but the learning curve is pretty short. Love the ability to scan barcodes, unlike the competition that put it behind a paywall. In short, this app is head & shoulders above the competition. Highly recommend.

Vicki Broughton Apr 17, 2023

Switched over from myfitnesspal because of price. This app has better diets, goals, a better U.I for users. And already helped me lose 4lbs. In the first week. I workout 2 times a week. I still eat what I want but make sure to stay in my calorie budget. It's excellent!! Best app out there and for other people who don't exercise it's a great app to use for calorie counting anyway your gauraunteed to lose weight with this app. Best one in the store for free. (You can get premium option)

Hannah Apr 17, 2023

Only 1week in I've already lost 4lbs with the help of this app. The plan is a healthy 1-2lbs a week but I'm doing well on exercise it seems. It's early days still, but things look promising.

Whoopdewhoo Apr 17, 2023

Just what I needed!

The app is great. Easy to find foods and scan labels. Pair it with a food scale, and it is easy to keep track and log. I use the recipe feature all the time. So handy. If you are seriously trying to monitor your calories, this app is worth it. Bonus: It tracks steps and exercise if you have an Apple Watch or Fitbit. Money well spent.

Miss Amaretta Apr 16, 2023

This app is AMAZING!! I have consistently lost EVERY week so far! It's been 5 weeks and I've lost 10 lbs! I'm not starving myself either! It teaches you to make better choices with food and then you can eat more! I FREAKING FOUND A FROZEN FRENCH FRY THAT WAS AN (A-)!! LOVE THIS!!!

My AuntLori Apr 14, 2023

This app is very helpful in keeping track of what I am achieving in my weight loss journey. Easy to use and understand.

Amanda Castle Apr 14, 2023

Amazing app! easy to use and best of all, nearly all features are free. The barcode scanner is especially useful and free!

KieferSmokerland 0 Apr 13, 2023

lots of features and definitely works if you stick to it. 7lbs in 3 weeks for me. I'm only using the free version.

shane doe Apr 13, 2023


Oh my goodness this app is so amazing I love how it lets you adjust everything that you need to. It’s very easy to work with it connects with your Apple health. It’s just amazing. I’m very happy to have found this app because I am lacking in calories and this is the perfect way to track everything easily!

Apr 13, 2023

I love it

The quality and simplicity of the food logging process, the wealth of information, I love this app so much - 13kg lost so far (12% body weight)

Apr 12, 2023

Life changing

This is one of the best apps available for counting calories. super easy to log in your calories, whether you eat out or cooking at home. From healthy recipe ideas to work out habits I can go on and on. I’ve only had this app for one week being able to link my Apple Watch with this app has been amazing and so far I have lost 5 pounds within the week. Best app ever

Apr 12, 2023

This app has had an enormous positive impact on my weight loss journey. I was very skeptical at first, but as I started using it, I found it was very easy to use, surprisingly intuitive, and held an impressive amount of food information. I also found they are quick to fix reported issues or discrepancies.

Jeffrey Cobb Apr 11, 2023

Makes it very easy to track your calorie intake along with watching the intake of all your other nutrients. Also love how it shows your weight loss progress, tracks your workouts and where your weight should be in the future

Erika Huckaby Apr 10, 2023

Idahogurl 5

I love the app. I just wish it would show your blood sugar log like it shows your weight log without sending it to my email. It would be easier to show my doctor.

Gina0013 Apr 10, 2023

One of the post menopausal ladies

Love this app easy to use Helps me to understand what I need to change in myself to reach goals- east and very user friendly

Apr 10, 2023

Best App for calorie tracking!

I have used several apps over the years. Most were quite awful with incorrect food lists, difficult navigation, and incredibly annoying advertisements. Counting your daily intake, exercise, etc. is time consuming enough. The last thing you want is it to be made worse by using a terrible app. This app is by far the best one I have ever used. Thank you for making it. You are making my weight loss journey easier, so grateful!

Apr 10, 2023

I really enjoy,it's simple to use and verry helpful. Since I start to use it I lost 11 kg,wow I'm so happy 😊. Keep going guys you really do a great job.

mihai serban Apr 9, 2023

This is amazing. I have lost almost 10lb in 6 weeks without feeling hungry. It has made it easy to swap foods, so I'm eating less fat and more protein. I never thought of that before when I was just counting calories. 10lb may not sound like a lot, but I'm only 5'1" and retired and had gone up to over 11st in the last 10 years or so. I'm now lighter than I've been for at least 15 years!

Sue R Apr 9, 2023

This should be number one on the charts!!

Synched on my Apple account, easy to use and help me with my daily goals!! Thanks for making this app and helping people achieve their desired weight.

Apr 9, 2023

I Can’t Believe It

This app is helping me so much to get on track for accomplish my goal and is so easy to manage

Apr 9, 2023

Love Love Love

I was using MyFitness Pal but it was not user friendly. I LOVE using MyNetDiary! It has so many customizable things in it and the visuals are great!

Apr 9, 2023

Easiest tracker

The bar code scanner is the bomb. I started tracking to own up to my snacking and crap eating. I ended up losing 10 pounds and finding a lot of holes in my nutrition. I followed the normal macros (nothing extreme). I ate carbs and I had snacks. I cleaned up my nutrition in 30 days. Upgraded to premium for the long haul. If you want to eat better you have to start with being accountable. I started here.

Apr 9, 2023

I like the detail and ability to modify meals. I am a person that needs to track their meals and this has made it easier

Donald Anderson Apr 8, 2023

It's What Myfitness Pal used to be!

Tasha Ramsey Apr 8, 2023

The layout alone is worth 5 stars. It's so user-friendly. I have only tried one other diet App, and it was difficult to navigate because every 5 sec it was asking me to upgrade to premium account. This app might ask once, and then it leaves you the hell alone. I've only been on this app for a week now, but it's easy to track calories and add in fitness.

Victor Zirkle Apr 8, 2023

On my way to a healthier me!

Easy to use. Premium or free, its a great tool for weight loss. Don't try to get the calorie count perfect. Just tracking cut 1,000s of extra calories from my daily intake. Its really makes you think about what you eat and if its worth the extra calories.

Apr 8, 2023

This is great app. It track calories but so much more. I get a complete nutritional breakdown, recipes, and a coach. I can set up to mainly track more than just calories. This app really helped me to realize how bad my diet was and I've lost 12lbs in 2 months already. As a menopausal woman that's nothing short of phenomenal!

Tngirl67 Apr 7, 2023

I lost 5 lbs in just 2 weeks using MyNetDiary. They make it easy and simple to track and understand what I'm putting in my body

Henry Bell Apr 7, 2023

A really good app I started using it recently and I gotta say it's easy to use and alot of the stuff doesn't have pay walls which I love

Izik Meleza Apr 7, 2023

OK if you want to be accountable to yourself and actually figure out what you are eating all day long, set goals for true accountability and wt. loss, use an app that is user friendly, then this is the app for you. It is amazing, free, options to upgrade but at this point, not necessary. They offer the option to scan food when unsure and they have a plethora of choices when u r trying to log food. I sometimes guesstimate with what I ate and find something close to what I think is the calories.

judi kochanka Apr 7, 2023

Great app when counting calories

Really impressed with this app. Worth the £3.99 to have something without ads. Surprised at how well it works and that it finds so many of the foods using the bar code scanner. Nice that you can set a weight goal and date and it gives a calorie intake and tells you whether you are on track. Gives helpful tips and you can monitor macros and nutrients. Am finding it so much better value than MyFitnessPal. Also like that it gives a daily breakdown of all the nutrients. Encourages me to exercise as it offsets those kcal and then allows me to include my treats (not what you are supposed to do I guess). Integrates well with Apple health and the Apple Watch. Cannot see why you would want to pay a monthly subscription and there is no need with this app.

Enodrahcir Apr 7, 2023

The paid features are honestly worth it. It's kind of like the "gym membership effect;" I pay for it, so I should use it. I started March 26th, and it's now 2 a.m. on April 6th. I have lost 9.6 pounds, and I'm not even exercising aside from work. That's barely 11 days. I didn't need the app to do this, but I can choose a cheat day and still maintain my goal. I also don't feel like I'm just starving all of the time because I'm eating better meals. Overall, 9.6/10

Jacob Horn Apr 6, 2023

Fantastic motivator!!!

This app has helped me keep on track with my eating habits. I have lost 10kg. The weight goal really keeps me motivated and I love that I can track my protein intake.

Apr 6, 2023


Brilliant app, simple and easy to navigate. Clear tracking of calories/macros etc.. database for the food log is second to none. Barcode scanner is brilliant, so accurate. Can not fault this app.

Apr 6, 2023

His app is just 👍🏼

This app has work for me so well that I’m really happy that I decided to go por the premium version. It was worth it every penny! I tried other apps before and it was a little more bothersome to add the food and I don’t recall you can share it with your contacts. Due to my wife and myself are trying to keep weight under control this sharing option has been a blessing: one of us create a recipe or a meal and just share it with the other person and add it, this is great! I love the complete nutritional information you get when you create your recipes, besides you have access to a ton of recipes (when you become premium) that are good. This app has so many features that I just love it. In addition, there is a lot of info that you can see and store, in case you are monitoring blood pressure, glucose, etc. This app help me to lose 29 pounds already and I’m planning to continue to maintain my weight. Kiddos for the developers!

Apr 6, 2023

I love this app. It was an eye opening experience for me to understand counting calories. I have the free version and it is sufficient for my needs at this time. If I plateau with the weight loss then I'll probably consider the bells and whistles option. I chose this based on the reviews of others. The issues highlighted by others are, so far, minor inconveniences to me. Keep up the great work and thank you for having so many accessible free features!!

Meem Rahman Apr 5, 2023

I've found the free access really helpful, doesn't try to hard sell you their other options. There if you want more!

Louise Salvi Apr 5, 2023

Love This Easy to Use App

This is a very easy to use App for helping with my low carb, high protein diet. I am losing 2 lbs a day since I started counting carbs. I did not realize the amount of food I was eating until I started logging it daily. I am gaining more energy and feeling much better by eating better. Thanks, I have shared this App with others needing to lose weight.

Apr 5, 2023


I love it! So easy to use. Breaks all my meals down. The scanner is amazing!!! All my foods are listed here.

Apr 5, 2023

I've used many calorie tracking apps over the years. I find MyNetDiary the easiest to use, with a large food database, good interface, easy-to-add recipes from URLs, etc. I started eating keto, so I decided to pay for premium for the additional net carb feature. I use both the app and the website, and also love the weekly reports that I can review and share with my doctor.

Scott Hobbs Apr 4, 2023

have only had it for a couple weeks, and so far really liking the app. I'm likely going to jump to the paid version before i give a full review, but the free version does what it promises.

Scott Hobbs Apr 4, 2023


Such a good app if your looking to count your calories! Been doing it and down 30 pounds and feeling great!!! Super simple and easy to use.

Apr 4, 2023

It’s worth it!

My biggest pet peeve for diets and apps like these is not allowing you to eat “unhealthy” snacks. This allows you to do that WHITH portions. Love this app. I went from 14:13.5st to 14:4.6st in 1 month I’m excited to lose more! It also tracks water which is good as I forget to drink sometimes 😊. LOVE THIS APP

Apr 4, 2023

Love it

Just started using this app and so far, I love it! Have been using my fitness pal and this seems easier and more accurate. Haven’t connected it to my exercise app yet.

Apr 4, 2023

Love it! easy, exactly the date I need to make healthier decisions and keep on track. I do pay the monthly membership, which for me is worth it.

Sugeily Mojica Apr 3, 2023

THE app for fat loss

I was a My Fitness Pal user for the last 10 years. I would use this app whenever I wanted a more structured routine to lose 5 pounds here and there. I recently wanted to lose 20 pounds so I got My Fitness Pal again and I couldn’t delete it fast enough- what an awful app to have now. I searched for an app that had similar features as MFP and most websites said MyNetDiary was a free app and it was rated #1 by so many people on these websites. I downloaded MyNetDiary and instantly fell in love. I first day, I dropped half a pound. I use this app every day for the last 5 weeks and I have lost 10 pounds. Yes, I know this isn’t sustainable but keep in mind that a lot of that is actual salt/water weight. I am still doing my lean muscle exercises and I am getting more defined but I have a smaller waist. A lot of my clothes that were too small now fit again and I have all the confidence again. I can look at my body and love how I look…again. MyNetDiary has an excellent food catalogue that’s accurate and the free features are excellent and all I needed to lose fat. The app can tell you what to do but you have to be the one to follow-through…hold yourself accountable.

Apr 3, 2023

Amazing app! I tell everyone about it and show it to everyone. I got my family members and friends using it. I talk about it on social media. it is addicting, user friendly, and has everything you want & need. it makes goals and your journey easy! I was surprised it scans bar codes for me, uses favorite foods and has restaurant items too. i hope this app is existent forever it truly simplifies my life. i do want to go Premium but want to wait 6 months to ensure it is worth giving out my PII.

Forced Email Apr 2, 2023

Excellent app. Very easy to use and works very well. Also educates you along the way as to what works if you use it correctly and don't cheat. I got another user started with this app who has really struggled losing weight and they are amazed with their progress! Highly recommend this app.

Noel Ramsey Apr 2, 2023

Pros: Far better than Myfitnesspal. The yearly sub is super affordable. The app is fairly complex, interactive menus are everywhere, but the UI is very clean and tidy. Help and tips are placed in every page, it's kinda self-explanatory. I enjoy using it. Cons: barcode database is subpar to the mentioned app. The new entry submission is fine, but they often won't add your entry if they find a similar item in the database. Which is fine, but you still won't be able to find it using the scanner...

István Kocsis Apr 2, 2023

I've tried several food trackers. This one is hands down, the best! It's so intuitive and the app is easy to navigate. I have not experienced any bugs, slowness or glitches.

Karen Bonnice Mar 31, 2023

Best app I've ever got !! Very happy with the product. Easy to use, extremely informative, and great data base of food brands.

David Melson Mar 31, 2023

Honestly this is the best calorie, food intake, macros, protein, carbs, and fat app out there. I have done My fitness pal, Omo, Lifesum, and many more, this one is user friendly and the free app is amazing!! It has a cute roller coster image to let you know if your calorie deficit is on track for your weight loss goal. I love this app!!! Thank you 😊

Kayla Bauer Mar 30, 2023

Great app, the barcode scanner makes it easy to log food items; also, the recipe log can calculate calories per serving. Please bring back the "sale" offer for premium 🙏 😭

Amanda Roszko Mar 30, 2023

Walked away from My fitness pal due to their ridiculous charging and useless free version. This is better than the other by miles and the free version of this is absolutely brilliant so good in fact that the modest price of the full version is worth it. Still testing but seriously impressed but I can see paid coming just to say thanks. The competitor previously mentioned have locked it up so much its not worth spending the data to download and the prices are disgusting. This app however is 5*

John Macfarlane Mar 30, 2023

I think the UI could be slightly less confusing, but I absolutely love all of the information and things you can do on this app. Leagues better than myFitnessPal. Keep up the good work devs!

Kaleb Hill Mar 30, 2023

User friendly, easy to understand the app . NO ADS

Samuel Mthembu Mar 29, 2023

Love this app

I have had it for years now… to help my daughter put on weight and then to help me shed over 30lbs… it keeps me honest and aware… I wasn’t aware how I had my coffee had an absurd amount of calories, I learned to how to fix that… can not live with out this app… if you honestly log everything you put in your mouth and every activity you do you WILL lose weight!

Mar 29, 2023

This app has given me great tips and motivation to get better. There is so much that even the free version gives you! highly recommended!!!

Samuel LaBono Mar 27, 2023

I have been using this app for the past 3 months and it has helped me lose over 20 lbs. When MyFitnessPal changed to a paid model, I tried a few new apps and this one easily beat the rest. It has SO many features and is so thoughtfully designed. The more I use it, the more impressed I am. This is a strong 5 stars.

Noah S Mar 27, 2023

So happy🥰

I LOVE THIS APP!!!!! Every other app I’ve used to help me lose weight and track my calories has been 1. Too complicated to understand, 2. NOT FREE. This one is free, easy to use, extremely helpful & so so incredibly handy. THANK YOU!!! I’ve tracked my exercise with this app, learned how many calories I’ve burned after exercising with this app, and this app scans freaking EVERY LABEL. So convenient, accurate & helpful. Literally so happy, thank you!!!

Mar 27, 2023

I’m converted.

I’ve used the free versions of both LoseIt! and MyFitnessPal, and I get way more out of this than I did either of those apps. The amount of information available to me for free on MND far surpasses them both. The scan feature, which used to be free on those apps, is so convenient here. I’ve been using this for a month and have seen progress toward my goals. The weekly reports about my nutrition intake and calorie consumption still blow me away, and I appreciate the tips in the report to help address where I’m falling short. 10/10, no notes.

Mar 27, 2023

Pre- diabetic

My son was diagnosed with pre diabetes a few weeks back. I found this app and started making him meals from here and he’s lost 10 pounds so far. I highly recommend this app to everyone, no matter if they’re diabetic or not!! So worth the yearly fee, just to know my son is eating good and staying healthy!! Total life saver this app was for him!!!🥹🤍

Bre cardenas Mar 26, 2023

fantastic free app that has helped me lose 5 lbs in a month!

M D Mar 26, 2023

Genius eye opener

The most zen like and intuitive app to follow (track) for your “goal”. I love the ratings of foods and how easy it is to see your fat/protein/carb and minerals intake. In summary, it took me a week to find out what I was doing wrong and I adjusted that and kept the caloric deficit going and lost weight over time.

Mar 26, 2023

Great app

This app helps me to monitor my caloric intake even when I’m away from home. It’s simply one one of the best apps for weight management. I like the layout, it’s clean and easy to navigate through. The amount of calories is adjusted according to my level of activity, the visual for portion sizes makes it easy to create a balanced meal , and I’m able to upload the nutrition label of foods not found in the drop down list. The only thing I found that could be better is a more extensive list of ethnic food items could be added. I travel a lot internationally and although you can essentially create your own meal, it’s just not practical for the the intended purposes.

Mar 26, 2023

Really good app. Easy to use. Just wanted to say thank you for helping me 28lb since the end of October 2022. It's helped me gain the confidence to take control and eat whatever, sensibly. I would really recommend this.

Denise Jardine Mar 25, 2023

Loving this app. Easy to use and loads of info/ guidance even without upgrading. Presented nicely and easy to see where things are. Much prefer it to MFP.

Angela H Mar 25, 2023

Love using this app - so useful

Love this app for logging what food I eat. Super easy because you can scan product UPC’s and then type in the serving size you had, or look-up the item with quick search, or even create the food item from scratch. Then you can view your nutritional intake every day, track calories, see trends or progress. Let’s you choose a goal weight and time frame, and then shows you how many calories you can eat each day to reach your goal. Keeps track of food & water intake as well as logs your steps and let’s you enter in any exercise. It really helps you get & stay where you want to be weight-wise. Sweet! Makes me interested in what I’m eating and how I’m living (fitness-wise). Love it! It also has tons of recipes, and diet plans (like low-carb, keto, low-cal, etc.). A super cool app for people who want to take control of what they consume. Check it out, it’s super easy to use.

Mar 25, 2023

this app is awesome

it’s amazing. the free version is literally better than most subscription versions of other calorie counting apps. 10/10 recommend. also, the scanning feature is just incredible

Mar 24, 2023

Super happy with this. Had Myfitnesspal for years, but this is so much better. I probably wouldn't have given it a try, but when I could no longer get basic features like upc scanning, I looked and I found, and glad I did.

Carol G Mar 23, 2023

very comprehensive. gives good detailed info of macro ratios, which is helpful for me. better than the Noom and fitbit apps for detailing nutritional info of each food while still providing a big picture of your overall food intake. this has been the best app so far I've encountered. I love the ability to input your own recipes and import recipes from online sources!

Irene Wong Mar 23, 2023

Better than MyFitnessPal! Helping in my weight loss journey better than any other app.

Michele Guild Mar 23, 2023

Absolutely love this app. Finally I can stick to a plan, which the app pretty much made up for me. So many features included with the non subscription its amazing. So easy to keep track, also connects to my Samsung Health app. I've lost about 10 pounds in a month just from using this. Sooo glad I found it!

Samantha Cook Mar 23, 2023

Best app ever!

I am reviewing the free version. I have had this app for several years. It is by far the best food tracker/weight loss app out there! The barcode scanner feature is fantastic, and also the ability to create a custom food, especially if it's something you eat often. Whenever I have needed to lose weight, I have always had better success when tracking with this app. I am so happy to have found it!

Mar 23, 2023

I absolutely 💯 love this app and in comparison to others this is the others. its fun, it's clear, easy to use and I love it 😀

Rachel Florence Pitt Mar 22, 2023

If you take the time to explore all the options, this app is KING. Be patient because the interface can seem complicated, but if you want one app to handle all your diet tracking, this is it. Hands down the best and blows whatever that other app was out of the water. My fitness pal or whatever. Lame. This is the best!

Justin Hattenhauer Mar 22, 2023

Fantastic and super helpful app

Upgraded to a year of premium as the service is brilliant, very easy to use, extremely helpful and I’m 75% towards my goal and on track with my original target time. I love the app in every way and I wouldn’t change anything. Great value and I have used it daily since the new year.

Mar 22, 2023

Best nutrition tracker / logging app so far. Tried many other apps like MFP, Yazio, Lifesum, Chronometer, Nutrionix and many others. But this app has got "All-in-one" features. It has free barcode scanner with a huge database of products, personalized diet plan, huge recipe database (with categories ranging from different cuisines, dietary preference, meal type to many others), and many more useful features. One of the best and most useful apps ever!!!

Aadil Momin Mar 21, 2023

So easy to use. It gives great information on your intake for calories, sodium, fat etc. Can be used for tracking exercise, water and offers advice, information. plus you can add your own recipes.

Glynis Arnold Mar 21, 2023

Pregnant person here trying to gain weight. I've had this app for less than a day but I think I like this one better than MyFitnessPal. This app has the functions of MyFitnessPal but is easier to navigate and it shows my macros for free! I also like the portion guide feature because I don't have a food scale so I can't input using grams or ounces, so the visual portion guide is so helpful.

Veronica Puda Mar 21, 2023

Love this tracker

Started using this after surgery when I needed to focus on keeping carbs down, due to Diabetes, and protein up to promote healing. It has been GREAT! Easiest way to keep track! Love the scanning option!!

Metalguy26 Mar 21, 2023

Highly recommend to anyone

I am a 15 year old high school student who has been struggling to gain weight, eat healthy, and plan realistic workout routines — though now, that’s all beginning to change. This app was recommended to me by a friend about a month ago (I was 124 lbs then.) Since then, I have been experimenting with foods and trying to figure out a diet that works for me, and to this point in time I have settled in to my new lifestyle and am gaining weight at a steady, healthy, and responsible rate, I have been developing proper work out routines. At the date this review was posted I am currently at 134 lbs (My goal being 150 lbs by June) and feeling the most healthy I have in all of my life. So, in conclusion, I can tell you that this is a SOLID app, I just can’t stress it enough how good it is, it taught me the discipline to become a happy, healthy young adult. I can’t express my gratitude towards to creators of this app as much as they deserve but what I can say is thank you.

Mar 21, 2023

Awesome App

I have recommended this to several people and all have loved it. Easy to use and really makes you understand the calories and nutritional information for everything you put in your mouth. This is my 9th day and I’ve lost three pounds. The original calorie allotment was too restrictive for me and I was able to change my daily allowance to 200 more calories/day. The app showed that I will reach my goal in 4 months instead of 3. That’s okay with me! The app is very adaptable, has a lot of education and guidance and the Premium version has a lot of recipes. You can choose what type of diet you want to follow (low fat, keto, vegan, vegetarian, or Mediterranean). I chose Mediterranean- it’s easy to follow, lots of choices and recommended by professionals as the healthiest diet for diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. I would (and have) highly recommend!

Mar 21, 2023

This app is by far the most beneficial and user-friendly, the interface is easy to use and the options for food are at a super wide range. Other apps constantly try to force their premium app version on me at all times but so far, this app has challenged that stereotype. I would recommend this over any other weightloss app as it allows you to put in any amount of calories and their signups process is very useful and ideal to finding a sustainable goal and sticking to it. 10/10 would recommend.

Ana PM Mar 20, 2023

I started using this app 6 days ago to track my calories to stay under my budget for the purpose of losing weight. it's really helping eat less and I have lost 3 lbs so far in 6 days. I hope to continue until I reach my goal of losing 20 to 30 lbs.

Anna A Mar 20, 2023

Really good app

Simple and easy to use app - few steps to log food, exercise and track nutrients. Love the daily notes - would be great to have some reports or better views of journal notes. Thank you.

Mar 20, 2023

Great features

This app has so many great features. Free version includes a barcode scanner for quick calorie and nutrition tracking, you can copy previous meals etc! The paid version gives you unlimited recipes and meal analysis. You can log exercise and watches to this app as well! My family has seen the benefits of this app and have all started using it. Definitely recommend this app to anyone!

Mar 20, 2023

Fantastic app.

I have been consistently using the app for about 3 months. I have lost 21 pounds of stubborn weight I could not get down. The water function with reminders have been key as well as the food logging with weight options such as grams and ounces. I tried everything thing for the past 3 years and this has been my only sucess

Mar 20, 2023

Love the APP

I absolutely love this app. I was a my fitness pal user for a long time and paid for the subscription. However, MyNetDiary is by far the best.

Mar 20, 2023

Amazing app!

This app is very well put together. I recommend it for anyone who is trying to get their health on track! The premium version is very nice and inexpensive, but the free version will also provide you with a lot of great information!!!!! I have tried many different calorie counting apps and this is by far the best.

Mar 20, 2023

Worked very effectively for me. Actually too well, I had to up my limit because I lost 4 kg in 2 weeks. Max advised is 1kg per week. I don't feel deprieved, I don't always respect the limit yet still have results. There are no restricted foods. It makes me pay more attention. Great freedom. I'd advise people to 1)remember to eat nutrious food: pay heed to macro and oligo elements your body needs 2)eat carbs in the evening or you'll feel dizzy in the morning even if you have breakfast.

Olive Thunin Mar 19, 2023

Download this as fast as you can!!

This app is amazing! Ive been able to lose 12 lbs in two weeks. Right now just focusing on the calories and not avoiding carbs and been a great experience. I had the free version and you were able to use the barcode but I decided to upgrade to the premium for $30 a year since it breaks down the items more so when i want to move on from just calories this will help with the next steps. Absolutely want to recommend to everyone i know!!!

Mar 19, 2023

My Success with MyNetDiary

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been using this application for almost 13 years. My starting weight was 255 and for the past week I have maintained my real goal weight of 175. My original goal was 185 and I have bounced up and down between 220 and 190 for about 10 years. I originally found MyNetDiary when I did HCG as a diet protocol under a doctors supervision. My latest usage is for intermittent fasting and MND has helped me with this journey from 213 in August 2022 to 175 now. IF is my new lifestyle and MND is my support tool of choice. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Mar 19, 2023


So I started using this app b/c on my own I actually was gaining weight. So I downloaded this just to try it out to see if it would actually help get to my goal. Let me tell you this app ACTUALLY WORKS. I started my weight loss journey on March 1st of this year(2023) and TODAY IS March 18th I’ve lost 7lbs. Mind you when I started I was 201 to be EXACT and I’m a female 5”5. On the scale on 1-10, 1 being under weight and 10 being overweight, I landed myself on plus the 10 side in my opinion. Long story short my current weight as of March 18th is 194…I’ve lost 7lbs in 18 days. By using the Calorie Calculator it helps u not over indulging in high calorie foods. By June with the help of the Calorie Calculator I hope to be 185..or even smaller my end goal is to be 150-160😊.. with this app I hope I get there. Thanks again to the App creators for this amazing app!

Mar 19, 2023

I'm using the free version and I love it. It's easy to navigate. I love the food grades I.e. A,B,C etc. Really great app!

Mme Truffles Mar 18, 2023

I was after a calorie counting app and tried the free version for a few days. impressed by how easy to use so took the plunge and paid annual subscription. This enables link up with Fitbit which is handy. would like to be able to log meals further ahead than 3 days as meal plan a week ahead.

Sarah Sexton Mar 18, 2023

Helped me lose 20+ pounds for my wedding

I tried several calorie counting apps and this one was the best. I had the pro version on Android until I switched to iPhone and loved it. This version is even better. Highly recommend, especially if you care about the whole nutritional picture, including very specific vitamins and minerals. As a vegetarian, tracking protein, B12 and calcium is particular important, and seeing the amount of saturated fat I was eating helped me drop my cholesterol into a healthy range. Big kudos!

Mar 18, 2023

It’s effective for me

I don’t know how helpful this review will be to anyone, but I have tried all 10,000 (nearly) meal/calorie tracking apps in this App Store and this one is the only one that I’ve been able to stay consistent with. I can’t put my finger on the exact reason why. It may be the way that the information is presented to me on the dashboard, or the easy way, in which you input the things you’ve eaten throughout the day and this app just never feels like a chore to me, where is a lot of others feel that way after a while. Once that happens, I tend to stop using them, or avoiding them all together, until I eventually uninstall. Oh that’s say that I’ve been consistently using MyNetDiary for several months now and I’m seeing results. So five stars for sure. Thanks for listening!

Mar 18, 2023

Great App

Best weight loss ap so far and I’ve tried a lot of them. Thinking about trying premium, but what’s free and included is already fantastic in itself. Thank you!

Mar 18, 2023

Great App

I love this app you can personalise it to your diet needs, I would however like the app to also have an reminder to take my meds and vitamins much like the Pillboxie for me it would allow me to use one app instead of two different ones. I also like that fact I can scan stuff as I go to help me make the right choices, it simple to use and easier to understand.

Mar 18, 2023

I was recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic and needed a way to track my foods. I tired everal apps and this, by far, is the best one. It is so easy to use and everything works really well on it.

Michelle Southern Mar 17, 2023

Great tool for tracking and lifestyle change

I really like this album. It’s really easy to use and it has all the parameters that I need to track the food I’m consuming. I’ve learned that tracking each meal is the most effective way for me to eat healthy and loose weight. It is intuitive. Remely is views.

Mar 17, 2023

Reasonably priced

I read a lot of reviews of people complaining about the price of this app. Got to say if you ever checked out weight watchers or Noom or my fitness pal this one is similar I’d not less than, cost wise. It’s a great app.

Mar 17, 2023


Love this app I’ve used it in the past without premium and lost 20kg. Unfortunately covid hit and eating without exercising became a problem Back on track again using the app, this time I purchased premium and seeing positive weight loss and with clinical easy to read articles to help focus mind on not eating incorrectly. In hindsight I wish I had purchased premium first time round, I may not have lasped and put on the weight again

Mar 17, 2023

My go to..

I always go back to this app when I need to go back on track. It’s by far the best. It’s easy to use and most items I scan are there. It also shows me if I maintain a healthy diet.

Mar 15, 2023

Decent app for tracking calories and weight

Pretty good app for tracking weight loss using calorie counting by simply scanning the barcodes, ngl that is pretty cool especially considering the fact that this is included in the freemium version of the app. Probably the best app for tracking macros and cals for weight loss and fitness goals out there (without being forced to pay)!

Mar 15, 2023


I tried using using MyFitnessPal, but that app kept asking for money and was not very intuitive to use. This app is super easy to use, doesn’t have annoying adds or pop ups, and has definitely helped me get on track with my fitness goals. Check it out!

Mar 15, 2023

Easy to use and keeps me on track

Really enjoying this app. It’s very easy to use and I can log every meal, snack, workout and also link it to my phone so it logs my steps too. I’ve been using it for a week now and I’ve lost 3lbs! Give it a try!

Mar 15, 2023

Love this tracker

Great app with a ton of features! I’ve used Fitbit, my fitness pal and Lose it and none compare to the info this tracker has. Great for Keto! Also has any other diet tracking you’d need.

MarieHanes Mar 14, 2023

I Love ❤️ this App!

Ease of use, delicious meal options. I love the way it helps keep me on track to drink my water and helps me make healthy meal choices! A must have!

Oceanbaaby Mar 14, 2023

Best app ever!!

I used to used MyFitnessPal and I’m now using this app and I love it. So easy to use, helps me stay on track. I feel I can loose the weight I need to because of this app ( and my determination)

LAM768 Mar 14, 2023

Best weight loss app ever

2 months in and 10 kilos down. Amazingly easy to use and great features

Mar 14, 2023

Accurate macros and calories mostly for everything I consume, pretty rare you find an item that isn't already logged. Easy to use and can be used totally free forever

Liam Jones Mar 13, 2023

I've lost 32 pounds since January 29th with the help of this app and diet alone.

andre flores Mar 11, 2023

FYI I have paid for premium. This app really has worked in helping me to lose weight. As someone with an office job and a partner who is a builder it's helped me with portion control. You can change the calories day by day, which is good if you want to eat out or have a drink at the weekend. Since using this app in October I have lost 18lb in a healthy and sustainable way.

Kat Tricsli Mar 11, 2023

Very helpful for tracking diabetic nutrition

As a newly diagnosed Diabetic, I needed to find an app that would help me track my glucose checks, my medication, and my carbs and sugar intake. This app was the answer. I’ve been using it for a week. I did pay for the premium version and I really like it. It’s got different diets that can be customized to your needs. I chose the low carb diet and used the app’s recommendation of total carbs needed for my height and weight and my personal goals. I am finding it very easy to use. I would recommend to anyone who needs or wants to be more mindful of their nutrition.

Angel Bix Mar 11, 2023

Excellent App; it's helped me lose 10kg in the first 5 weeks. No intrusive adds and easy to use with great content and indepth details. I've even invested in the full version.

Al Gordon Mar 10, 2023

Better than any other weight loss app I’ve used!

Wow! I usually don’t take the time to rate an app but couldn’t help but share the love I have for this app. The information it offers, automated goal setting for calories, recipe import for tracking, exercise and water tracking….all in a user friendly, intuitive app. I had initially signed up for one month but now subscribing annually. You will be pleasantly surprised how this app differs from others. I had been on Weight Watchers for years but find I’m losing more easily when presented with these easy to read metrics that put me in total control. Love it!

Mar 10, 2023

Best diet app I’ve used!!

I’m new to this diet app but thoroughly enjoying the way it is designed for ease of use. I’m still using just the basic program but it has previewed to me an index of all the added special features to keep me track. Ease and intuitive to use is excellent, Cowboy Rick

Mar 10, 2023

Great app!

This app is easy to use! I used MyFitnessPal for years. I started looking for something else when the scanner was no longer available for free. This app has a more affordable plan, so I’m trying out the premium version. The scanner is free though! I also like the overall appearance and design better than MFP. Water intake is simple to track as well. The data is as simple or as detailed as you want it to be. Excellent app!

Mar 9, 2023

Love the app

I’m trying to lose weight after two heart attacks. Works well with my pre installed iPhone health apps. Really helps me understand my food intake better. Easy to use, colorful and I love the bar code scanner.

Mar 9, 2023

Great app

Best app I’ve used for calorie counting. The scanning feature works so well and you get almost all features in the free version.

Mar 9, 2023

Very user friendly

I like the easy layout. It has a lot information. Also really like the scanning option. It really helps to get a visual of my daily intake.

Mar 9, 2023

Love this App!

I’ve tried many different food tracking apps, and I’ve come to love this one. It lets me track everything for free, and you can add your own foods quickly and efficiently. Also, I like how the app gives you a visual of how much your eating using an apple. Or also show your weight loss progress as a person sliding down a slope which is encouraging!

Mar 9, 2023

Love this app!

Easy and all around complete that you can use ,without the coach if you’re at that level in your journey!

Mar 9, 2023

I love this app! it makes tracking everything soooooo easy! I have been using it to track my progress for about two weeks now. the amount of detail it provides is amazing and entry is super easy.

F'aizah Gidharry Mar 8, 2023

Best weightloss app

I use this app everyday. It helps so much. So far I’ve lost 28 lbs in 4.5 months (I haven’t been the best at following it). When I work out I plug it in and allows for more calories. Anything I’ve eaten is already on there so there is nothing to add. I don’t have the premium and it works just fine. This is THE BEST WEIGHT LOSS APP. I’m sure it works for weight gain if that’s what your looking for but I’m not sure. So if your looking for a free weight loss app that will help you lose weight at your pace; download now.

Mar 8, 2023

Best app ever

I’m seriously obnoxiously obsessed with this app! I love it more than any other app i’ve tried. It has every food I’ve eaten, every workout i do and every drink i’ve drank. I’ve been using it for nearly a month now and have already lost a lot of weight! The app creators are god sends who are freaking awesome for creating such a great app. I don’t even have the premium package and am still obsessed with this app! I LOVE IT. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing app that is also free!

Mar 8, 2023

Better than MyFitnessPal. download this one.

lucas salazar Mar 7, 2023

Favorite Calorie Counting app

And man have I tried them all! This one is reasonable with what it allows for the free version, easy to use, has a great “bank” of food items to choose from, and is truthfully just a breath of fresh air as far as these apps go.

Mar 6, 2023

Good app

Lost ~20 pounds

Mar 6, 2023

This app is great. It's easy to use and self explanatory. I like how it keeps track of carbs, fats, and proteins. It has such an extensive food library. It gives clear, achievable goals.

Miss Kimberly Mar 5, 2023

much better than MyFitnessPal, already lost 5 pounds in a week since I started. You can use the bar code scanner for free where MyFitnessPal requires you to pay $20 per month for that feature.

Josh D Mar 5, 2023

This is easily the best calorie tracking app available. I tried at least 7 others and this one does it all and does it better. I pay for the premium (55 cad a year?) Andnit offers custom meal plans and advice. It has options for vegetarian and vegan and paleo and keto...and on and on. This is an investment in your health. I have lost weight using this and am getting close to my goal!

Kyla Buehler Mar 5, 2023

Thank you mynetdiary

I reached my goal of losing 65 pounds strictly using mynetdiary. What an amazing app for anyone who is ready to start the work. Keeping track of calories really opened my eyes to what and how much I was eating. Thank you Genevieve

Mar 5, 2023

Working well

Pretty accurate. So far the deficit in calories equates to the amount of weight i've lost. Easy to scan barcodes. Customisable exercise tracker. Can set your own weight plan. Analysis on macronutrients, sodium, calcium. I use it everyday and i've seen more accurate progress because of it.

Mar 5, 2023

This app is really good, so much info and so many features yet intuitive and easy to use. kudos to the developers!

Bill Henning Mar 4, 2023

lost 17 lbs so far great app

Nicole Freeman Mar 4, 2023

I love this app! I switched recently from MFP for a few reasons. The main one being that I wanted more nutritional info and this app gives me everything I was looking for. It was a bit overwhelming at first. And the yearly membership to have access to everything was a fair price and was happy to pay it. I dont know if I just haven't found it yet, but my only complaint is that the weight portion doesn't show me week over week. Like you are down 2 lbs since your last weigh in. Just the total.

Becky A Mar 3, 2023

I love this app. I'm unable to get premium right now so I can't give my opinion on that, but even the free stuff is great and super helpful to me.

Abigail Shirley Mar 3, 2023

This app has changed my life! In just 5 weeks I've lost 1st stone 4lbs! It's incredible app! Thankyou! 🥰 ( sometimes calories are slightly off, american based? But you can adjust that yourself) perfect app

Kayleigh Chipperfield Mar 3, 2023

I have been using this app for a few days now, and I am loving it so much. I especially love the fact that even though you are not a premium member, you still get so much. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight the healthy way. Thank you guys for this life transforming app🙏

gomotsegang ramaphiri Mar 3, 2023


Great app, I can keep track of everything I eat , and I can see if I’m eating too much of carbs , and I can count my calories with ease, I don’t know what I would do without it, definitely 5 ⭐️

Mar 3, 2023

Very impressed!

Got this app to help me to be more aware do what I was eating and my calorie intake. Boy oh boy was I surprised! I was nibbling way more than I realized and eating a lot more calories than I thought. I started using this app 2 weeks ago and I’ve already lost 4 pounds! I didn’t intend to lose weight that fast, but yay! I love that you can set your goal and how fast you want to lose the weight. This app is very well laid out and extremely easy to use. I’ve no doubt that I will reach and maintain my goal weight with the help of this app. Very very happy with the app and my progress!!

Mar 2, 2023

I found this after another app that shall not be named put their most useful features behind a paywall. Making this app so useful for free and having even more on premium is making me more inclined to go premium, I plan to purchase a full year subscription soon. Excellent app and a great help for not only weight loss but overall health!

Ian Morton Mar 1, 2023

its pretry great for logging food, the free version works really well. Seems like after two weeks or so they ask occasionally if you want to try the premium version but its not pushy at all. Once you say no a couple of times if offers you a discount so if you want to try the premium just wait for the half price offer.

Blake Smith Mar 1, 2023

I was so disappointed when my last app started making update after update and restricting what made it great to the premium version, so I switched to My Net Diary and couldn't be happier! The UI is visually appealing, barcode scanner is quick and easy, tailored calorie and diet plans depending on your needs, and it syncs with Samsung Health. I really hope this app doesn't do the same as others! I may even consider the paid version after I've given it a try for a few weeks to explore the extras.

Alexa Rochelle Feb 28, 2023

I love this app. I've never actually tried calorie counting because it always seemed a bit of a hassle. I decided I would see if there was an app to help. I found MyNetDiary and absolutely love it; I've lost 14lbs in 2 months! It helps keep a running total of my calorie intake, as well as calories burned, gives me a total deficit for the day, and forcasted progress. It has a large library of food selections and types of exercise with calorie info already built in, making it super easy to input.

Stephanie McCrea Feb 28, 2023

Top notch, best easiest food diary

It’s not a struggle to log your food! It’s extremely interactive. Easy to scan your food and make changes, watch the apple and bicycle, watch videos and get helpful tips. They also send to your email a weekly update and breakdown of nutrients exercise weight loss blood glucose ( BG) water intake. They have reminders to drink water or take BG if you would like and so much more. Worth the premium price 10 x over.

dds113 Feb 28, 2023


I’m a newly wed who’s gained 20 lbs. I’m at the heaviest I’ve ever been & knew something needed to change. I was consuming lots of alcohol, eating anything & everything I wanted all while transitioning to a sitting desk job. I had thought about downloading my fitness pal, but of course you have to pay for it so I passed it up. I still wanted to start tracking my macros/calories so I opted to try an app. I skimmed through these views & man oh man, I am NOT disappointed. This app is superior from anything I’ve seen. Starts you off putting in your weight & goal weight & you tell it what date you’d like to lose it by. I know I’m not necessarily going to “lose” that much weight by the time because I plan on getting back in the gym. All that to say is that there are always different factors that might not allow for perfect accuracy, but this app is incredibly helpful & even converts measurements for you- making the food scale fast to use. I love how you can sync with your Apple Watch, the bar code scanner is SO fast & accurate; I’ve used other barcode scanners that had difficulty reading, but this is incredibly quick & can read the labels no matter the angle or brightness. Hands down just download this if you’re needing help with your fitness journey.

Feb 28, 2023

Easy and intuitive

This app is blowing me away. I haven’t even signed up for any of the premium features and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. It’s super easy to use and intuitive with customizable features- for FREE! I had other apps for calorie counting and the results were usually incorrect and there were so many extra steps making it complicated and burdensome to use.

Feb 28, 2023

App review

Very good app. Easy to use. Most foods found even quite specific brands. Really makes me think about what I am eating

Feb 28, 2023

This app is a great food diary. Having a way of monitoring one's food intake relatively easily is a great tool to have. The list of foods and their corresponding nutritional information is extremely extensive. After only a couple of weeks using this app, I realized how much I was deluding myself about my daily calorie intake. No wonder I wasn't losing weight. Duh. If you're really serious about controlling your food intake and losing weight, this is the app for you. I recommend it highly.

JL Wessale Feb 27, 2023

Works pretty well and the scan feature works pretty good (sometimes needs two scans) and it's free unlike MFP which started charging fees to use that feature. One feature that would be good is to subtract your daily steps as calories like MFP. Overall highly recommended!

Jun Cho (juncho1977) Feb 27, 2023

Easy to use. Every feature you could ever want. And free forever if you don't need the premium features.

Angela Storrs Feb 26, 2023

Great for anyone trying to count calories. It has a bunch of predetermined food items from grocery stores and restaurants that helps make it easy to calculate meals. You can input calories burned after workouts and helps to set realistic weight lost goals by setting your daily calories.While also showing the weight loss during your journey. I use the free one but for people that might need a little more help they do have a premium program you can pay for

Luis Aponte Feb 26, 2023

Easy to follow, don’t really need the expense of the premium version.

Easy to follow, helps a great deal to stay on track, especially the reminders to log meals. So far, I have lost 27 lbs without the need for the premium version.

Feb 26, 2023


This app has given me insight on foods . You can eat healthy and on the days you need the treat you can see how much to eat. I have lost over 25 pounds and I still do it for accountability

Feb 26, 2023

Best tracking app by far

I’ve tried a few other apps to track my food intake, hands down this app is the easiest to use and manage Highly recommend it

Feb 26, 2023

Best tracker I’ve used!!!

I have had MyFitnessPal and this app! This app wins for overall ease of use and accuracy! Also, for the free version of this app; you absolutely cannot beat it! I recently upgraded to premium for the yearly fee! I don't know why this app isn't as widely known as other fitness/calorie tracking apps! Amazing!

Feb 25, 2023

Weight loss has never been so easy!!

Since November of 2022 I have loss 21 pounds (started at 227lbs). There are many apps that track calories but this is the only one that has helped me find portion control by adjusting my calories as I lose weight to keep me from stalling my weight loss progression. With proper incremental calorie adjustments I don’t feel like I am starving as I learn to eat proper sized portions. Used the free version for a couple weeks then felt compelled to buy the year subscription due to the progress seen!!

Feb 25, 2023

works great and good features aren't locked down like other more well known apps

James McGrane Feb 24, 2023

I have used multiple trackers and this has got to be one of the best. I highly recommend

Stephanie Fackler Feb 24, 2023

Free works great

I am greatly pleased with all the available free portions. It helps me be mites aware of what I am wearing and what I an missing in my mascots for the day. There are plenty of foods to choose from the library or by scanning in the bar code. Creating your own meal from ingredients is also easy. The multiple options in the paid version may convince me to move over.

Losing for life Feb 24, 2023

Excellent features, great free app

The free features were exactly what I needed to measure my intake and self-teach what ought to be in my diet. The learning curve of what to eat (this over that) was so beneficial and much harder than learning the app. LOVE the UPC scanner! Love the customization! The grading system is a nice touch and I like how it adjusts your “grade” if you have too much of a good thing.

Feb 24, 2023

It's just incredible! I have lost 6.7 pounds in 3 weeks. If a person is mindful and honest, they will lose weight. It has every food imaginable and is pleasant to use. Thank you to the app designers!

A Grad Feb 23, 2023

Use friendly and uses a holistic experience to help you lose weight! I'm only using the free version and so far it's amazing!

Elyse Paxson Feb 23, 2023

Amazing tracking tool

Paying a year subscription is motivating me to continue using the app. By being aware of what I am eating and how much, I have managed to loose 13.5 lbs this past month

Feb 23, 2023

So Easy

I procrastinated using this app. I had tried others but they weren’t as user friendly to me and didn’t track the way I wanted or needed. I thought it would take a week or so to get the hang of using this but it only took a day! I knew I was overeating and since I hit menopause I also knew I couldn’t eat like that anymore. I had gained some weight and wanted to get into new portion control habits and check my macros since entering this new phase of life. What a difference! I lost 5 pounds without trying and have become very aware of all of the “extra” things I was eating, like a piece of chocolate here and there, a handful of peanuts a couple times of day…it really adds up at this stage of my life when it didn’t use to. I already had a scale and it’s become my new best friend and takes no time to use. You can set a reminder dee alarm for water intake, log exercise, etc. You can set your personal plan to adjust your caloric intake when you lose weight so you won’t plateau and so much more! I highly recommend this app!

Feb 23, 2023

Very comprehensive, even in the free version. Tracks everything you need and has a huge catalog of foods to select from to journal calories if, like me, you don't know where to start with self improvement.

Brian Robinson Feb 22, 2023

WAYYY better than MyFitnessPal. I used the free version of this app for 2 months and so far have lost 20 lbs. The free version offers a lot and doesn't bombard you with advertisements. I recently upgraded to the paid version because it was on sale. The meal plans look great! The widget makes recording my meals super easy.

Krys Feb 22, 2023

Favorite calorie app

Easy to use, able to personalize food and goals.

Feb 22, 2023

Best Calorie Tracking App

My husband and I have been using this app for a couple of months. It is easy, intuitive, and no ads! One reason I like this app is that I can put in my own recipes and it will figure up the calories per serving. I have not seen this in any other app. I have tried at least three other calorie counting apps, and this is the best and easiest one to use.

Feb 22, 2023

Simple Easy and Very Useful

I tried about 3-4 apps and decided to keep this one. It is easy to record, with a fairly good database for calculating calories. Its function is simple, but just as I wanted : a basic record of my daily diet and calories; i don’t need any more complicated calculations or well being programmes. Simple as it is, its most basic but useful function is to give you a sense of calories “ budget” that raises your awareness to manage diet sensibly. Another of my favourite function is the weekly pdf report it generates, that I can share with my personal trainer. I use the free version and it still gives me some nice bonus function: you can see your daily and weekly proportion of carbs and protein, so you get to know if your carbs is on a higher proportion and you can see the result when you adjust your diet. Very nice app I d happily recommend to friends!

Feb 22, 2023

My favorite, I’ve tried many! Down 30lbs in 3 months

This is by far my favorite app for calorie counting, weight loss (or gain if that is your goal!) and being more mindful about my health in general. I’ve tried Noom, Myfitnesspal, and others and although they seems flashier, they are mostly just busier and less focused on what matters, the data. I also felt like the other apps were pushing their own staff written articles on you, their own recipe plans, etc etc. which honestly didn’t work for me and felt a bit inflexible. MyNetDiary is perfect for those who want complete control over their diet and health plan, while also having options for meal recommendations. I think my net diary wouldn’t be a good fit for those who really need guidance around what meals to eat and cook, since in my opinion, there is a lot of self-discipline needed to make this app work. Also, the community forum aspect of the app could use a ton of work. When it works though it works. I’ve lost 30lbs in 3 months and planning to love another 30 in 6 months. 100% would recommend.

Feb 22, 2023

Best Weight Loss Diary App Out There!

I love this app for all things weight loss. Great search capability for foods; seamless syncing with Health Mate, Apple Watch etc. The free version is generously robust on its own, but the premium version, that provides some additional features (menu planning, etc.), is extremely affordable. I had used WW’s app for years (which is very good), but it simply does not compare to the functionality of MyNetDiary. Make MyNetDiary part of your weight loss/health journey — you won’t be disappointed.

Feb 22, 2023

The Perfect App

This App includes everything you need to track nutrients and more. It’s easy to use too. It’s very motivating for weight loss.

Feb 22, 2023

Awesome experience, even the free features are so amazing, wondering how the paid features will be....... Great

bilal ahmed Feb 21, 2023

Helpful! I really like this app and how easy it makes food logging. I like that there is no pay wall for the main features and that the premium gives you information that is worth the money paid. The only thing I dislike about the app is that on occasion, depending on the rate in which you want to loose weight, it will ask you to lower your intake to lower than your BMR. This can be ignored, however if you struggle with eating it can make you feel as tho you can push yourself to your limit.

Emi 950 Feb 21, 2023

I have logged meals for a couple of days with this app and finding it easy to use. I have used My Fitness Pal in past, but I find it too cumbersome to log my food. I like that when I find what I want to log there are usually choices for the unit to use in a drop down selection list. Then just enter quantity. Love the absence of ads other than prompts to upgrade to paid version if I try to view something not included in free version. I would prefer a one time purchase rather than subscription.

Nancy Myers Feb 21, 2023

Lost 12 kg twice with this app

Iv'e lost 12 kg with this app in 2018 and now 2023 lost 12 kg I gained in covid, made sure to loose it slowly over 7-8 months in a 1/3 kg per week rate and am very happy with the results and using this app to monitor and have calorie estimates. Make sure to do it in a slow pace with consistency and make sure you eat low calorie food to fill your stomach. Don't be hungry, you will just binge later.

Feb 21, 2023

The best food diary app period👍🏾

I have told so many people about this app. I love that there are no ads... None🤯 only theirs from time to time to upgrade but nothing annoying. Their free version is🔥so I know for the people that want to go all in would love the paid version. If you are thinking about it just do it and thank me later🤗

Feb 21, 2023

This app is exceptional!! Very well thought through, great design, highest quality. I've been using it daily for over a month and I have not seen one bug or issue. I absolutely love it! It has everything I need/want from such type of the app. I am using the free version. Would give it 10 stars.

Solo M Feb 20, 2023

Awesome app hooks up to all of my other health apps and keeps me accountable for my health lifestyle.

Felecia McGowian Feb 20, 2023

I paid for the whole year in advance and I don't regret it. I am definitely eating much better now, the app shows how many vitamins I eat during the day which is super helpful for a vitamin deficient person like me. You can also easily add your own ingredients or whole main dishes. I eat as many calories as it shows me a day and lose weight. I highly recommend.

Karolina Michalska Feb 20, 2023

I've lost over 4 stone in less than 5 months thanks to this app. Easy to use and really motivating to see your progress in a chart and all the change over time.

Rosie Hitchings Feb 20, 2023

Wow- impressive app

This app is everything you would expect for a food logging and weight loss app! I was looking for a free app after using (and pay for WW). I was hoping to find an app with basic food/calorie logging with some similar abilities to set and track weight loss goals. Wow- this app does that AND then some! Love the ability to scan barcodes and how it logs the calories and food nutrients. I use the free version and am stunned at the features. I have recommended this to several others and highly recommend this if you are looking for a basic app to help with a weight loss goal (I am 3 mo in and I am down almost 15 lbs). I am considering the premium app upgrade but am waiting a bit to see if I really need it. Thanks for making such a great and easy to use app!!!

Feb 20, 2023

It helped me lose 20lbs

With the label scanner on board, it’s a great tool to help calculate your intake. It also communicates with my Apple Watch to factor in exercise calories burned into my daily allowance to meet my goals. I did buy a digital scale for $8 to help me accurately weigh things out like chicken, condiments, etc. I like that it calculates how many calories you can take in to meet your goals based on gender, age, and starting weight. It helped get me from 190 to 170 in 2 months with a lot of hard work and reprogramming my food choices. Highly recommend.

Feb 20, 2023

Way better than my fitness pal!

I was a long time user of my fitness pal and they took away like every feature and made it basically a paid app. If you’re trying to count calories and macros or even just to scan your food into your diary this app is the one for you.

Feb 20, 2023

My journey

Only been using the app for two weeks Finding it easy to use and allows you to see easily how much you can eat to stay in your calorie count. All them little treats add up 😬hopefully will hit my target before my holidays 😀

Feb 20, 2023

Amazing!! Really helpful with macro tracking and gives many tips. Easy to track, and gives you insight on how much to be eating!! Amazing 10/10

MaDDog HoOvER Feb 19, 2023

It's great. Everything I could want and more. It's super easy to use and stay on track. I lost 5 lb in 10 days and still got to eat what I wanted. Works perfectly without paying for premium but you get some added benefits if you pay. For example seeing all of your micronutrients.

Jennifer Griffith Feb 19, 2023

Best Detail

I’ve been using this app a long time and it’s become easier and easier to track with whatever level of detail you require. I fall off the wagon at times but it’s always here to help me get back on track

Feb 19, 2023

Easy to use

Not that techy. This app is easy to use. And great in free. Gives you everything you need without annoying apps. Unlike others. And not limited to 7 day trial !!! So well done. It’s also for that reason I am going to support and upgrade to premium Thanks

Feb 19, 2023

Super Great App

Great app to keep track of your calories in take. You get a lot of off the free version. Since it's a reliable app. I will look forward to purchasing the premium when I advance with adding work outs.

Feb 19, 2023

I've used MyNetDiary intermittently for years. As a vegan, I like to occasionally check that I'm hitting all my targets. I love the ease with which I can create recipes and meals and, copy or switch them about. I've tried all the other popular apps out there and love this one. I had the free version for a few years and it was brilliant but, because I'm really into all the app's functionality, I went premium. It's money well spent and I'll keep renewing it each year.

Michelle Jones Feb 18, 2023

Fantastic app, very easy to use. Barcode scanner is super helpful, and ability to combine ingredients into saved meals. Made losing weight very straightforward, for which I am extremely grateful. Easily five stars.

Melissa Arthur Feb 18, 2023

It's easy to figure out and use. I love that you can scan food packages easily and super quickly. I have the free version of the app and it's working out very well for me. Maybe down the road I'll try the paid version and see what it's all about. I'm really happy with this!

Jae Dee Feb 18, 2023


This app has helped me improve my lifestyle by making very simple to do so. I no longer have to worry hard about counting calories by the scanning or recipe features. It has also helped me track my macros which is excellent for people who want to build muscle. And the best part is… ITS ALL FREE!! Without this app I don’t know if I would’ve ever made the changes I have today I must say an incredible thank you to the developers of this app and the entire team. MyNetDiary has helped me live a healthier life.

Feb 18, 2023

Very helpful

I have tried other apps, but I like this one the best. Will probably buy the pro version, just dragging my feet. We’ll worth the investment of time through the day. Very easy to see how many calories to go.

Feb 18, 2023

I am impressed with the free version of this app! I'm going to definitely purchase the premium asap. Best Food diary I've ever used ❤️

Amy Strader Feb 17, 2023

great app better than WW

K Shelton Feb 17, 2023

We've used the apps for weight watchers and noom. this free one is better!! The paid one is incredible.

Cheryl Wayne Feb 17, 2023

I used to use my fitness pal years ago and I went to redownload it and for such a high rated app, it was a pain to use. I deleted the app after 5 mins and went to look for a similar app. My net diary is a lot easier to use and does everything I want it to. Very happy with app.

Paula7886 Feb 17, 2023

I love this app. it is like Noom, but no annoying psycho babble trying to justify the expense. This app has more foods logged and is a very reasonable price. Is user friendly and loads of insight features.

Deborah Mingham Feb 17, 2023

Awesome app

This app is awesome for tracking calories. They offer a lot of data even in the free version. It has helped me a lot in tracking calories taken in from food and calories burned. I can see exactly how much weight I should lose. Great database of foods and love the recipe builder.

ar73949 Feb 17, 2023

Easy To Use

I love this app. It’s extremely easy to use. Has all the features I need to stay on track of my calories deficit diet. You can’t go wrong with this app.

Feb 17, 2023

Great app to lose weight

Calorie counting is the best way to lose weight. This app is very easy to use and very accurate as long as you are honest logging your foods

Feb 17, 2023

5 stars!

This app is amazing! All inclusive and easy to navigate!

Feb 17, 2023

I've been using this app for... ummm... probably 10-11 years (at that time they still didn't have monthly subscriptions!) and I love it and always recommend to my friends who want to learn more about their bodies. I tried so many other apps (because I simply get bored and look for something new), but I haven't found anything more userfriendly, more informative and easier to use. Thank you team!

Olena Lima Feb 16, 2023

This food tracker is the best. It has lots of depth, including nutrition amounts for each item, meal, day or week, and proportion of carbs, protein and fats. They also provide layers of advice, but it's not smarmy, cutesy in your face like Noom. Despite all the layers, it is simple and intuitive to use. I highly recommend it!

Georgia Earp Feb 16, 2023

Easy to use; barcode scan w/o premium; dashboard tracks macro %; Best of many trackers I tried

Vicki Bridner Feb 16, 2023

Simple, easy to use and an accurate way to track food consumption

Keith Russell Feb 16, 2023

The absolute best

I’ve tried so many apps with similar functions — this one blows them all away. Absolutely amazing. Get it!

Feb 16, 2023

Has Everything You Need

This app has everything you need to guide you on your weight loss journey…. I started with the free app, but then upgraded for the ‘extras’ - well worth it:-) From shopping lists to carbs to weight loss projections…I could go on. It even has a barcode reader…. Go and have a look….

CWCGB Feb 16, 2023

Dieting made easy

Using this app I was able to successfully track and limit my calories for the first time. I dropped about 80 pounds in the last 2 years and I attribute a lot to this app. Even just using the free version it’s easy to use with barcode scanning and Apple Watch complications. This is a great app for calorie tracking it really helped make the whole thing easier I highly recommend it

Feb 16, 2023

Easy to pick a plan and stay accountable(even if you have a bad day)

I have been using this app for two weeks now. I love the user interface. I love the diet styles to choose from and the weekly analysis. I don’t feel the need to track my food to the exact amount because I am busy and I look at the portion size and get as close as I can to what I am eating. This helps me to stay accountable to myself without stressing over meal prep time.

Feb 16, 2023

So far the BEST app I have ever used. I would givr more stars if i could. Thank you thank you thank you everyone who has a part in making this App is brilliant thoughtful and just plain smart. Easy to navigate, user friendly, recipes are delish meal plans are spot on all the info logged into this database is huge. 💛💜💛💜💛💜💛

Tanya MacConnell Feb 15, 2023

The best weight watching and reducing plan I've ever used. Their data bank has thousands of foods and drinks including restaurant foods. This plan knows and posts on your chart the amount of protein and other nutrients in the foods you ate. It also tracks water intake, exercise, etc. Enter your current weight and target weight and it figures how many calories you can have daily to reach that goal. This plan is free or for $39 a year you get unlimited access to everything in the program.

Frank Wingard Feb 15, 2023

Losing Weight

This “super” app has helped so much in my work to lose 8lbs. before vacation!! Simple to use!

Feb 15, 2023

Love the app

This app is easy to use. They ask if you want to upgrade to premium but don't try to force you to do it like other apps.

Feb 15, 2023

Solid app - even using free version

Does what I needed it for - to help me see how many calories all my extra snacking accounted for. Helped me limit my eating more effectively and take accountability for my diet. Has a lot of other cool little free features that are handy.

Feb 15, 2023

Love it!

This is the best app for a food diary !! All the foods are there…if not scan them in, easy! You can make notes for each day to reflect back on. Like I am keeping a food diary because i have GERDS…so I can also keep track of how I am feeling or heartburn or indigestion, etc…. Great break down of foods…carbs vs fats etc… The recipes are very handy to have if you are looking for suggestions. Great app!! And simple to use!!

Feb 15, 2023

Easy to use

I love this app was a My Fitness Pal for years until they started charging you for simple things like scanning bar codes or other important things that are free and easy to understand on this app. Love it and Thank you I have introduced this to many friends and family who are using it and loving it as well

Feb 15, 2023

Great tracker

I like this is particular app is easy to use and track your food. So far I like it I see how I do in the next three or four weeks. I’m optimistic.

Feb 14, 2023

I really like the app. It has a good interface and seems to be user friendly. MND gives you many free features and just about all you need. Their customer service is friendly and they are quick to assist.

geri remy Feb 13, 2023

I like it. Easy to use, large database of foods- manually enter or barcode scan. Easy to input foods you've had before. Option to have exercise increase day's calorie budget or not. And regardless, it shows your estimated calorie deficit for the day with exercise & how that affects your forecasted weight loss. Shows your macros - carbs, protein, fat - with a recommended daily budget for each. I like the graphics, esp. the bike downhill to your goal.

Tracey Speicher Feb 13, 2023


So far I’m really pleased with the app. I have the free version which is comprehensive on its own. There are so many different elements to explore that I still haven’t utilized everything to it’s best capacity. I do appreciate the helpful tips and dietary suggestions. I suppose the best thing is seeing results which keeps me motivated to continue on my health improvement journey. I’m thankful that it’s free!

Feb 13, 2023

Free version

So far this app has been great to use. My NP loves the pdf reports and so do I! Now I have even started adding recipes so I have their nutrition and it was so simple.

Feb 13, 2023

great app for keeping track of food intake. it's easy and it's helping to lose weight

Mitchell Roy Feb 12, 2023

Lost 65 pounds! Maintained for 1 Year!!

Love this program!! It's my daily tool in staying on track. If you are SERIOUS about losing weight and keeping it off, then you must track your food. No shorts cuts. You just have to track your food! This program has helped me maintain my 65 pound weight loss. I enjoy the fact you can add your own recipes and custom food. I also like the daily and weekly analysis so you can look at the "big picture" on your weight loss or maintained. My only recommendation would be if they would put a calendar in the app so you can refer back to a specific day. Right now you have to scroll back manually which is a hassle. Overall, great app!!!

MochaRhonda Feb 12, 2023

Best I've tried and continually expanding.

I've used mynetdiary for a number of years and it has continually improved. Best development was Diabetese Tracker, medication tracking, and blood sugar in particular. Very robust and easy to use. Only wish - better estimate of caloric burn with exercise tracking. Not aware of any other comprehensive app that does it either. Best app of its kind that I've used.

14Ron14 Feb 12, 2023


This is the best weight tracking app! So many extras included in the free version. It’s well laid out and easy to use. I deleted my old app immediately after trying this one out.

Feb 12, 2023

Lost 20 pounds

This app is great no joke. I went from 150 to 130 in a little over a month. Basically a free weight watchers

Feb 12, 2023

MyNetDiary Calorie Counter

A great App ‘ have lost 4kg .

Feb 12, 2023

Translated from Spanish: Among more than 10 applications that I tried to record food and count calories, this is without a doubt the best; It is very complete, right here I can do a lot and get informed even with just the free plan. Highly recommended, I will probably use it for several years.

Aznar Wolfpelt Feb 11, 2023

Honestly the best app I've ever used. It's well-designed, visually attractive and clear, easy to use and does it's job really well.

Mark Kent Feb 11, 2023

Self accountability

This program absolutely works not only to take weight off but to keep it off. It’s simple, really. You record in the program how much you want to weigh by what date, and it gives you a daily calorie budget. You get to add calories for calories earned by exercising. Then you enter every bit of food all day long and weigh yourself every day. If you stay under your calorie budget, you lose weight. A great tool is to enter something BEFORE you eat it to see what that will do to your “bottom line.” You can still eat it — you just see what the result will be. And the program tracks nutrients as well. And if the calorie budget is just too strict for you to maintain, you just adjust your expectations — push your target date out a month, or raise your target weight. I lost 30 pounds during the first year and a half of Covid, starting in October 2021. It’s now February 2023 and the weight is still off. If you use the program, you’re accountable to yourself. It’s simple and powerful.

Fan in Hawaii Feb 11, 2023

The best

I’ve tried a few food trackers. This is the easiest to use and most comprehensive.

Feb 11, 2023

The best of the calorie tracker apps

It works nicely. Easy to use, fairly intuitive. Free features are generous.

Feb 11, 2023

Must have app

This is with out a doubt the best food logging app I’ve every, it is better than the NHS app .

Feb 11, 2023

The best App for fitness

The best app for fitness and food and it’s free i’m a fan of this

Feb 11, 2023

Great app. Very easy to use. The best calorie counting app available.

William Ballard Feb 10, 2023

Such a good app, makes it very easy to track calories. I've already lost 2kg

emmi latham Feb 10, 2023

I like it!!

Easy to use, very informative and encouraging.

Feb 10, 2023

Best health app ever

Losing weight, accountability, easy !

Feb 10, 2023

My net diary

Easy to use . I like the trackers on it and the add my weight function. Great app

Feb 9, 2023

Best App

This is going to be honest. So buckle up buttercup! I am a mom of 2 and let’s be honest I needed to find something to help me keep track of what I was putting in my body. I was first doing ww and felt I couldn’t enjoy certain things (iced caramel lattes) without feeling so guilty. I decided to try out another app to see how the calories compared. This app helps you understand nutritional value of the foods you put in your body which I don’t feel like other apps do. In 8 weeks I have lost 15lbs. I love how it connects to my apple watch and can track my workouts as well! I was able to put in my goal weight by the desired date and it calculates the calories right there for you! It’s been awesome to see the number on the scale continuing to go down!

Feb 9, 2023

Great App

Have lost 35 pounds so far and kept it off for over a year!!

Feb 9, 2023

This is the best calorie counter app I've used so far. It does a lot and more even with the basic version. I was previously using MyFitnessPal but all the annoying pop-up ads have made me decide to switch to this hassle-free app

Wella Flynn Feb 8, 2023

Deadass fireee

This app has everything and is free, great developed and great business decisions

Feb 8, 2023

Great App & Easy to use

Tracking calories is easy and most foods appear through scanning the barcode. Been using the free version for 6 weeks and considering the paid version

Feb 8, 2023

Best diet app I have ever used. Since my doctor put me on a restricted diet, this app has been a life saver, literally. The recipe import and grocery features along with the ease of recording my food choices, make living with a restricted diet so much easier. I highly recommend it to anyone needing to keep a food log or keep track of any diet/lifestyle change.

Cecilia Marie Pulliam Feb 7, 2023

I'm currently using the free version of the app and I think it's great! So intuitive and easy to use. You can get a subscription for access to more analytics but if you're looking for just a food log to be mindful of your eating, the free version is excellent.

brooke on wheels Feb 7, 2023

Really great app

I can confidently say this is an app worth getting. I LOVE that the workouts I record on my Apple Watch automatically import into the app and then my calorie budget adjusts automatically. I’ve tried many other calorie counting apps, and this one is certainly my favourite. This app rocks, definitely give it a try.

Feb 7, 2023

Great App for tracking calorie intake

I downloaded this app to count calorie consumption and ended up falling in love with the features. I like how recipes can be created and it will provide calories and macronutrients per portion (then added to meals), the ability to search for and plug in minutes of exercise (and it will give you the number of calories burned), and the super easy to use, configurable dashboard that provides a great overview of daily calorie intake, calories remaining, exercise, etc. I also found a feature somewhere that allowed you to change the macronutrient intake based on specific diet type (Keto, Atkins, etc.). The paid version provides additional macronutrient tracking features but, for my use, the app is perfect.

Feb 7, 2023

This is actually on of the best apps I have ever used if you are committed to it daily even if you don't feel like it, it's gonna be so worth while thank you so much I've lost 15kg I'm so grateful for that and I'll keep going 🤍 all the best.

Mayland Mok Feb 6, 2023

It does what I want, but is unnecessarily complicated. I just want a simple food diary that reads barcodes and will help me keep track of calories each day. This does that, so that's four stars, but it takes several non-intuitive steps to add a single food item, and then it's hard to find my way back to the summary. UPDATE: I just increased the rating to five stars. Once I used it for a few days I figured it all out and now it is quite easy to use.

Daryl Lafferty Feb 6, 2023

very good app, easily can control your dailt intake

H R Feb 5, 2023

So Helpful!

I absolutely love this app! I am 62 and have been trying to lose weight for so long. But this one is so helpful and easy! I have been doing this for 32 days and with calorie counting I have lost 13 lbs and it has seem so easy. I eat what I enjoy but I think the ability of giving me a better idea of the portion size and it covers so much info with you it just helps.

Feb 5, 2023

i love this app after 6 days im 6lb down the barcode scanner is free that's why i switched from My Fitness Pal to this im doing waaay better with this than MFP... excellent app

K ? Feb 4, 2023

Lost 15 lbs in the first month! Would love to have you as a sponsor on tiktok! ❤️❤️💪🏻💪🏻

Monica Smith Feb 4, 2023

Amazing Health Tool

This is the most comprehensive nutrition tool that I have used—and I have tried several other nutrition apps. The layout, appealing graphics, nutrition guidance as well as motivational strategies to support a healthy weight loss, is priceless. No gimmicks, no false promises, but a highly motivational tool of being educated, motivated, and techniques to promoting a healthier you!

Feb 4, 2023

Great tracking app!

I’m so impressed with the MyNetDiary app because it keeps me focused and thinking healthy eating. I don’t like to drink water, however when I look at the app, it reminds me to drink and log…not at the same time! LOL! If you have a hard time measuring your sodium intake, this is the one! It’s incredibly easy to see how much sodium there is in the items you eat AND drink. I reward myself by knowing that I’m consistently below my daily intake! Yay!

Feb 4, 2023

a great free app that is worth checking no ads and no necessary percheses for a good calorie counter.

Sarel Garcia Feb 3, 2023

Love this app

So easy to use and intuitive. Tracking food with this app has helped me loose weight and understand foods that I am eating much better. Also, love the fact I have been able to reduce other apps due to the many options within this app. My Net Diary has awesome support staff, very helpful.

Feb 3, 2023


You don’t have to recall too many steps to enter the foods eaten. Easy to enter foods eaten, either by scanning or typing in. Nice to see a successful day by viewing a green apple. Looking back you can see days where you didn’t stay on track by seeing an occasional red apple

Feb 3, 2023

I have tried all of the most popular food logging apps over the past 10 years, and this is BY FAR my favorite. It is very intuitive and I love that you can navigate where you want to be very easily. It paired with my Garmin tracker like a dream, and now there is no guesswork as to how many calories are in my budget for the day. The free version works great, but I barely blinked an eye at paying for a year subscription in order to get the extras.

Bethany Anderson Feb 2, 2023

Updating to 5 stars. Using the app since 2020 and have lost 25lbs (and maintained it!). If the food you want is not available send the packaging/nutrition snapshots. The app is spot-on in suggested calorie consumptions. The concern I had was searching for simple red/yellow/orange bell peppers or potatoes and was only getting suggestions for brand name packaged foods, but can now see the row ones also. I recommend this app to everyone who wants to lose weight.

Edward A Feb 2, 2023

Love This App

Easy to use, very detailed and keeps me on track! It’s great to have all my food, water and exercise info all in one spot. I told several people about this app and they all signed up!

Aunt Water Feb 2, 2023

Very Good App. The best i saw for free weight loss objective

Definitively I recommend this App. The best for who is seeking a free option limited a weight reduction control. Dont loose time trying other apps like I did.

Feb 2, 2023


I have tried so many other of these apps and this takes the cake, it makes it so easy to log my health

Feb 2, 2023

Great app, keeps you motivated

Great app, the best I’ve used so far, very accurate and has so many features, easy to use, convenient and allows to track any progress what ever your goals are. Once you have established the routine of logging the food and following your guidelines it becomes very easy and quick. Keeps you motivated and I love the measurements and other variables that keeps you on track for your ultimate goal!

Feb 2, 2023

Helpful and user-friendly

This app is a miracle! It has all you need to lose weight for free!

Feb 2, 2023

Brilliant app

I love this app. It’s easy to use and is like having a dietician in your pocket. I’m now weighing my food and this has been a big eye opener. I love the graphics and the Autopilot feature. It recalculates your calorie deficit as you lose weight and has a cute little graph to show your projected end date if you stay on target. Brilliant!

Feb 2, 2023

Loving this so far. Very versatile and everything I need is in the free version.

Cheryl Bender Feb 1, 2023

Absolutely love this app and how it easily calculates portions and calories. It makes me so much more conscious of my choices. great for accountability!

Kelly Wenzel Feb 1, 2023

works great, free offline calorie counter, with added fats, protein, carbs Calc. also fiber and calcium. I will probably get the premium version to check other intakes.

Are Pea Feb 1, 2023

Easy to navigate

Barcode is very quick to pick up food brands. Very clean and easy to use. Thank you for making this app user friendly🙂

Kimilovv Feb 1, 2023

Great app!

This app is great! I have lost 20 pounds in 4 months with the help of this app. I wanted to go slow so i could keep it off. I set the amount for loss per week and make sure to record everything. The app makes it easy to find foods and get the calorie amounts right for calculating. I have been able to eat mostly anything i want just controlling my portions. This app helps me stay accountable. I don’t feel like i am giving up anything. Can’t say enough good things about this tool! Thank you!

Feb 1, 2023


I love the app it’s awesome and super easy to use helped me lose great weight

Feb 1, 2023

Terrific tracking app

Im really enjoying using this app. Very simple and intuitive and chock full of super useful data and information. I upgraded to premium and it was worth it. No real gimmicks or anything - I was using the WW app and program and the “zero points” thing is utter nonsense. To lose weight you need to consume less calories than you expend. Science. This app is a great tool—- if you log honestly.

Feb 1, 2023

So far so good

Just getting into the creation of healthy habits and this app has made things much easier. Keeping track of what I eat had never been that important until now.

Feb 1, 2023

Really great food & health app

I’ve used tons of apps for tracking my food intake and monitoring my health. This one is easy to use and doesn’t cost as much for premium as the other popular food pal.

renee's_girl Jan 31, 2023


Absolutely love this app. Easy to use and help you get to your goals! Whatever you measure gets better!

Jan 31, 2023

Best Fitness App

A lot of the other apps out here in the store are just trying to get all the money they can out of you. This app however, has many features that other apps charge for, completely for FREE!!!! They constantly are trying to improve and have a good system if something scans wrong.

Jan 31, 2023

easy and works quickly I don't have time to do these things but this app makes it possible love it

Daniel Zawadzki Jan 30, 2023


I’ve been using My Fitness Pal off and on for years, when they decided to put everything behind a expensive pay wall I decided it was time to go! I’ve downloaded many other apps and just downloaded this one this morning. This is wonderful! It’s not plagued with ads and information that’s unnecessary, also it has the scanner and it’s very accurate. I like how you can change the food scale weights and so on! This is now my go to app and if your a MyFitnessPal person looking for a new app, give this a try I like it better!

Jan 30, 2023

Great app!

I tried 2 other apps first & then this one. It is simple & easy. All I need without paying for the premium. I especially like the bar code option for logging your food; so quick, and snap you have all your nutritional food you need.

Jan 30, 2023

definitely great 👍 I wasn't sure about this app at first so I gave it a month tryout and so far this is my results. 16 lbs lost and ready to go premium 💪.

Bigbird Daniel Jan 29, 2023

Very good. Syncs perfectly with Withings Health Mate directly! Best calorie tracking app; have tried many.

Derek Quiram Jan 29, 2023


This is, hands down, the most efficient, user friendly, and seamless nutrition app I have used. Your only job is too input your data consistently and it does the rest. Though very generous with features on its free version, I feel the premium upgrade is worth the price. The coaching/ nutrition advice given is solid and useful and the recipes are easy. The best feature though is the recipe import and ability to edit those imports to fit your needs. No problems syncing either. Amazing.

TLat1n Jan 29, 2023

Great App

Easy to use once you figure it out. A carb counters friend - can select total or net. Also shows the corresponding calories, nutritional values, and labels for common foods. Allows you to set a goal and provides you feedback on whether you reached it and how many carbs you have left throughout the day to meet your goal.

Jan 29, 2023


I really like how easy to use the app is and also how visual it is.

Jan 29, 2023

Just switched from MyFitnessPal. This app is AWESOME! I can scan things again & yearly/monthly is way more reasonable... Like it should be. Great

John Mares Jan 28, 2023

overall easy to use, some foods are not on the list, but there is always a workaround I enjoy this free to use app

mary martin Jan 28, 2023

I've tried a lot of food/activity trackers over the years. This one is the best by far. The app is so well done and intuitive. There has yet to be a time when I thought "oh that's annoying, too bad they didn't design that this way". Example, when the calorie deficit autopilot is on, the app will recommend you adjust your daily intake after weigh ins. Instead of having to take note of that recommendation and then go manually change it, you can instantly make the change from there. 10/10!

Goiy Burnett Jan 28, 2023

love this app. makes keeping track of my health so easy.

Dawn Arkin Jan 28, 2023

This app is much more intuitive and user-friendly than MyFitnessPal. I like the fact that it also provides a lot of feedback and visual interpretation of your weight loss goals within the dashboard. Great job to the developers.

Jorge Bermudez Jan 28, 2023

I've been wanting to gain weight for a long time and found it hard to track my calories, my fitness pal didnt help at all. But this has really helped me so far.

Jasper Marshall Jan 28, 2023

This app is pretty fire

This app is actually helping me to lose weight and continue my journey

Jan 28, 2023

My Mindset coach and Dietician in my pocket

Hi All, Let me start by saying without this app I don’t think I could have achieved what I have so far. My journey is far from over but now I can see the finish line in sight. Starting out at 140kg and now I’m 97kg on my way to 82kg. This app has given me the tools and motivation to track and push myself everyday. Thanks MyNetDiary

Jan 28, 2023

Better than Fitness Pal

Used Fp for many years but the “Mynetdiary” app is far far easier to navigate and provides much more information

Jan 28, 2023

Awesome weight and calorie tracker

I love this weight and calorie tracker. I’m a recent convert from MyFitnessPal and I love that the free version of the app doesn’t have a ton of blocking pop up ads. The calorie tracking system is super easy and I like the recipe creation system too. One of my favorite parts is their grading system. It makes it super easy to stop myself and think before eating something. Love the weight loss tracker. Only thing I would improve is that I don’t understand the ski-er weight loss graph at all. Would appreciate some numbers there. Still weighing subscription or not. I think if there were an easier way to see / organize my recipes, import them, and some more weight loss tracking ui/ Fitbit integration I’d be more likely to subscribe. All in all, loving the app.

Jan 28, 2023

Super Helpful & Motivating

This has got to be the best app out there. I paid for Noom but this free app had way more to offer than they did. I can see weight loss, macros, detailed reports, track exercise and so much more. Excellent food tracker with bar code scanner.

Jan 28, 2023

I really like this app... there are lots of foods in the data base, so it's easier to help me keep track of what I'm eating. I'm using just the free version for now, and I'm getting a lot of use out of it!

Gina Jordan Jan 27, 2023

awesome app free or paid. the benefits of it aren't hidden behind a paywall like other tracking apps. if you want recipes then it's paywalled but tracking and scanning barcodes are free

Travis Jan 27, 2023

Has basically everything that the MFP app has but with more detail for micronutrients which I really like

Shane Garvey Jan 27, 2023

Best App ever

My net diary has the largest food data base that I've ever seen. If there is something that they don't have requested and you will see it within hours. Makes it very easy to track my macros & exercise. I find it difficult to enter my own recipes, however

lbotteon Jan 27, 2023


I’ve used many Apps in the past. I really like all the features included. Easy to use also.

Jan 27, 2023

Great tracker!!!!

A few years ago I lost around 100 pounds using this app and keto. Stopped tracking, started gaining, used a different tracker and still was gaining. I started using this app again 1/23 and I’m losing again. I love this app and there has been so many improvements to it since the first time I used it. Makes it so easy to track that I don’t mind it at all and this comes from a person that said “I hate tracking and I’ll never track again”. I just went to premium but the free version is good also. Kudos to the developers!

Jan 27, 2023


I started with the free version, which honestly gave me everything I needed - particularly for the first few weeks. This is a great example of an intelligent, intuitive app. I love that it brings up recent/last food searches first, and then has the serving size you used (in the past) as the first option. I’m now on the premium version and the recipes and “menus” are next level amazing. Beautiful photography/styling, plus you can easily adjust number of servings in each recipe, as well as get the ingredients in grams. Would give this app six stars if I could!

Jan 27, 2023

This has been the easiest and best program to use so far! It definitely keeps me on track!

Jean Jones Jan 26, 2023

I absofrigginlutely love it! Its so easy to setup, use, enter my daily wgt, intake etc. I'D LOVE TO GIVE IT 50 STARS! Thank you for making such a GREAT PHENOMENAL APP!

Smart Ass Italian Jan 26, 2023

Awesome app

Intuitive and really easy to use. It’s helped me understand how nutrition works in a practical way. Highly recommend this app

Jan 26, 2023

Best app in its category. Helped motivate me to lose 30lbs. Love the calorie tracking! I use this every day!

Louis Quinones Jan 25, 2023

Recently switched over from MyFitnessPall to this app. Simply amazing!!!!! I absolutely love everything about it. Easy to use, nutrition facts are clearly displayed, has a barcode scanner, and fun!!! Good job guys. I found my new favorite app!! Makes me want to loose weight even more!

Polina Anderson Jan 25, 2023

Easy to use. I love that it gives a grade for my food choices, this helps me choose the best foods so that I can be successful in reaching and maintaining my weight and health goals.

Shannon Kerby Jan 25, 2023

I was looking for the best, and this one's the best. Give it a go, you'll love it too. It's so easy to use.

zoe blake Jan 25, 2023

Ease of use.

I work nights. I love that I can enter all my lunch box items to pace my choices . I can see the lack of progress when I eat what is offered at work and my apple goes yellow. You have such a large bank of foods that come up when I don’t have a bar code!

Mary's Brat Jan 25, 2023

Love this app!

I have used myfitnesspal for years and MFP can’t touch this app. Not only are there not a bunch of ads, but the information given is so helpful. It is user friendly and I love the visual aspect of the app. The layout is great!

Jan 25, 2023

Love the App

I love this app. Good visual representation of the progress, lots of features in the free version and affordable Premium features.

Jan 25, 2023

Better then myfitnesspal

So much better more options and free barcode

Jan 24, 2023

User Friendly

I started MyNetDiary a couple months ago and have easily and diligently (and honestly) tracked my food. I used MyFitnessPal before and it has become too complicated for me. I even bought a year of MyNetDiary (which I have never done) which scans bar codes so quickly! I love this app. It tracks my calories (lower than my Apple Watch), and I never eat all my exercise calories. It’s best not to to lose weight. I’ve lost 4 lbs with the final 3 to go. I strongly recommend this app!

Jan 24, 2023


This app has so much information. It’s easy to keep track of all of my needs and it is user-friendly.

Jan 24, 2023


I’ve been using this app for about a week. I must admit, I started it wearily, because I’ve used weight loss apps before, and found them so cumbersome, and difficult to log food onto. This one is a very pleasant surprise, and now I feel quite enthusiastic about it! It’s so easy to use, the frequently used food items, with the amounts come up as soon as you start tapping. I love the charts and graphs, which are so encouraging. I’m using the free app atm, but as soon as I have lost a bit more weight, I’ll buy monthly, as the app tailors the amount of daily calories to weight loss, and also I’ll have access to more recipes.

Jan 24, 2023

Really easy to use, knows all the foods from bar odes. Impressed so far.

Charlie Brady Jan 23, 2023

rly helpful! i havent got the premium but i will definitely be getting it soon since its so cheap <3 even without premium, its great!

char Jan 23, 2023

Great free and paid options

Love this app! It has a lot of options for meals and I love the ability to customize your dashboard. The free version still lets you do a lot with the day-to-day calorie counting and pro gives you a lot more specific options and macros. I like the interface much better than it’s tracker app counterparts.

Jan 23, 2023

Great App

I was looking for a free app to track my macros, and boy have I found the right one. I am a real person and I do not work for this app, and I want to say I absolutely love it! I do not have the premium version of it and I still love it. I am sure the premium version is even better! I have tried other “free” apps and your abilities are very limited with the free version. With the free version you can add workouts, scan foods, add foods by searching, add your workouts, add your water consumption, and a lot more! I highly recommend this app!

Jan 23, 2023

Just started but so far I love it. Best part is each food item gives a easy to understand letter grade based on how much good stuff and how little bad stuff is in it. (i.e. B+, D-). The bar code scanner is really what I wanted to go after. The former app I used to use made that a paid option. It gets tedious logging in items by hand so the bar code does most of the work. Just verify the info is correct. The app may take some time getting used to but well worth the wait and time investment.

Johnny Becker Jan 22, 2023

So easy to use and such a helpful tool to help me stay on track with my healthy weight loss plan.

Judy Whitehead Jan 22, 2023

Great app

Great for keeping up with calories, carbs, protein, etc very useful for gaining weight or losing weight has recipe recommendations and is very useful even in the free mode compared to other apps if you can’t find your food in the search bar then you can always customize it by checking the nutritional content and just adding it to the app then saving it so you can add it again later if you need to very easy to add your favorite foods that you eat regularly and keep up with all your nutrition goals I highly recommend this app!

Jan 22, 2023

Great app (even when free)

This is a solid, helpful app. The barcode feature is phenomenal, and this app makes it easy to log your calories, water, weight, and have realistic goals. It makes it easy to visualize your progress. I highly recommend. I might even get the premium version at some point, but it works amazing even when free.

Jan 22, 2023

Calorie counter and training aide

This has to be the best ap I have ever used and I have used quite a few. I have been recommending this to my friends and I am losing weight faster than ever.

Jan 22, 2023

I absolutely love this app. I have been using it for almost a month. I have had great success, it's user friendly and I would give it a 10/10.

Tracy Page Jan 21, 2023

great for young athletes

one of the few apps that account for younger ages and their energy maintenances. Easy to use and very customisable.

Jan 21, 2023

Love this free app

Easy to use, simple dashboard to track your activity and eating for the day. Had no idea about the calories I was consuming until I started using this, you don’t have to give up the foods you like you can manage the portions and work out your meals for the day, exercise more meals more calories you can consume if you want to. Link it to you smart watch to get your activity levels linked in.

Jan 21, 2023

Game changer for me

This app has been a game changer for me. Super easy to use and I’ve actually started losing weight faster since using it because of the accuracy in which you can log your food/exercise.

Jan 21, 2023

This picks-up where a popular diet program leaves-off.

For five months I’ve been using a “psychology-based” app-based diet program. It was quite helpful in guiding me on a path where I lost nearly 50 pounds. But all the time, I was asking/searching within the program a way to get better analysis of cause and effect. As I was nearing my goal, I grew so tired of the daily readings and lack of more detailed analysis, my wife suggested this MyNetCalorie app. I took a look, and thought it was worth a try. Now I sync-up to my Apple Watch, so it tracks my exercise. It links-up to my digital scale, so it tracks my progress. The most impressive thing is it’s access to UPC bar code data, as even odd grocery items populate the fields when scanned. (Like for instance, a cheese stuffed baby portobello mushroom pack from the produce section.) Now I’m able to approach my goal while monitoring different analysis - like how much calcium I’m (not) getting a day, and adjust on the fly. I was previously trained to weigh myself, get my steps in, and measure my portions. Now I can plan my portions, and still leave room for that ice cream sandwich and bourbon at night. I wish I had found this earlier, but it dove-tails in and picks-up where my previous program leaves off. And, just four days into the app, I’m already ahead of schedule to achieve my targeted weight in time for my six-month check-up. Just in time! Alas, no orange, yellow or green foods; this app gives more realistic data and analysis that can give me better information to meet and maintain my goals.

Jan 21, 2023

This is the best, most complete app I've used. Not just as a diet app, I mean any app. Extremely well designed and thought out. Great interface, easy to use. Oh, I was using Fitness Pal, this app is far and away superior and much easier to use.

Adventures with Jane Jan 20, 2023

Get this app!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Decided to follow a keto diet to lose weight and didn’t know anything.This app provides the tools to be successful. This app is amazing! Provides information on how to do a keto diet, food/ nutrition track, recipes, log exercise/food and provides personal and set plans. Trust me search no more for the perfect app because this is it!! You can upgrade but honestly no need you get so much for free unlike other apps. Download now and thank me later ❤️😜

Jan 20, 2023

Helped Me Get Out of a Plateau

Love the food logging and being able to see all the nutritional details for each food I log. Also love the recipes. The Mediterranean diet helped me break a plateau, and I lost 9 more lbs.

Jan 20, 2023

Easy to use

Really easy to use helps with weight loss and no payments like the other apps.

Jan 20, 2023

This app has been helping me so much! I've tried other similar apps in the past but they weren't as user friendly and didn't work for me. I love the create a recipe option. Once I logged the recipe it finds it for me next time I make it and logs by serving. Other apps stressed me out. I am actually having fun with this and loosing weight!

Karen K Jan 19, 2023

I love thoa app! Even better than the weight watchers app

Rhonda Dellinger Jan 19, 2023


The app is perfect and you could buy the premium version but there’s no need. The standard version does everything you need

Jan 19, 2023

Great, simple food tracker

I am using the free version. It is perfect for my needs. It is a nice simple, straight forward app. I would definitely recommend to my friends and anybody.

Jan 19, 2023


I am so glad that I found this app as it’s so easy to use and I can document my daily intake and exercise

Jan 19, 2023

Love it easy to use. Daily reminder to track keep you on track. Definitely helped to keep the weight gained during the holiday season to a minimum. I love the free versión. I was skeptical about my commitment to using the app. I've kept it up for a little over 6 months and am definitely considering the paid version moving forward.

Nothingbud Dank Jan 18, 2023

Excelent programme. Easy to use.

Fr. Reg Gilbert (Father Reg) Jan 18, 2023

wow, what a game changer! the app is easy to use once you get the hang of it. the free bar code scanner makes it easy to find your foods and get your calories right!!

Douglass Kilpatrick Jan 18, 2023

Very informative, easy to use. Love it

Karoline C Jan 18, 2023

I love it!

This is the 1st weight loss app I have really enjoyed. Love the layout and the option to customize it. Love how everything is easy to find and the huge database of foods is next level. Love how I can weigh myself every day if I wish. Also the reminders to log is helpful That “ other app”🙄started charging to use their scanner but MYNETDAIRY is free!! Thanks for not nickel and diming people.

Jan 18, 2023

Love it

Simple, easy to use app. Down 3 lbs already.

Jan 18, 2023

I love this calorie tracker!

Moved over to this because MFP made the scanner a paid premium feature. I’m pleasantly surprised at how many features this app has! I love love metrics and particularly love the “report card” feature. I strive to get straight As. Only thing I wish this app had was a list of “verified” foods that is denoted by some sort of astrick. There are many foods users seem to have put in the database that are not accurate so I end up needing to fact check.

Jan 18, 2023

I actually really enjoy this app Its easy to use and the diagrams make it easier for me to see whats happeneing The weighing in and predicting when u will reach ur goals are really good There are like no ads which i absolutely love And u can scan bar codes for ur calorie counting which gives all sorts of stats Also ive now made it five stars as ive just realised they let teens use it and also they reply to feedback really well Well done guys ur amazing

Archie Hipgrave Jan 17, 2023

Easy to use with full tutorials on each section if you choose to tap the link.

Justin Watts Jan 17, 2023

If I could give 100 stars I would

This app is amazing. It’s helped me learn how to be consistent and stay on top of my goals. Seeing a visual of how I’m doing makes this so much easier too!

Jan 17, 2023

Great app!! Easy way to quickly log meals and water and workouts, etc. as well as monitor calories and protein intake, etc. Great companion to have in a workout journey! 5/5 stars!!

Jonathon Mahathey Jan 16, 2023

I've used this app since last 2018 eairly 2019 and its been my absolute favorite. I like that I can customize and add my own foods, track full meals with easy to read macros! Love it so much!

Steph Jan 16, 2023

I actually really enjoy this app. Previously to using this app, I used MyFitnessPal and stopped using that app when the barcode scanner became a part of premium. I think this app is easier to navigate. Previous difficulty with food log history was resolved with the app of MyNetDiary support!

Brooke Konicki Jan 16, 2023

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Easy to use and comprehensive app. All features you could want for free app: barcode scanning for quick use, custom recipe creator for home cooking or fruit smoothies for example, custom serving entry if you use different quantity to standard, custom calorie entry for unique items, exercise entry, quick add buttons for water and daily steps, weight gain/loss analysis/tracking for your preference, and a host of other features that won't fit in the character limit in this box.

Dylan Jan 16, 2023

Very easy to use. Does everything I need, plus some, on the free version. Don't pay for WW, just download this! Highly satisfied.

Erin Clark Jan 15, 2023

a great app even on the free part it shows you all your nutrition shows you exactly how many calories a day you can have to lose your weight you want to lose in the amount of time you want to lose it

alan galloway Jan 15, 2023

My wife, son and I love this app. Week 1 and we are already seeing the benefits. Easy to log foods and track calories. We can plan meals in advance helping us make wise choices without breaking the bank. We have synced this app with our phone carrier apps to track activity. We don't have to log exercises in 2 different spots.

James Maina Jan 15, 2023

Integrates with Google fit - super easy to get workout/steps in without any work at all 😎

Morten Knudsen Jan 15, 2023

Brilliant app to monitor calories

I love this app! Such an amazing wealth of food contents and so useful. The ability to scan barcodes or the fact it quickly recognises regular foods is so helpful. I find it has been really useful to help track my daily calorie limits, which in turn is helping keep me focused to lose weight. Absolutely 5star! Highly recommend. So great to have a useful all which is free too. Thank you!

Jan 15, 2023

Nutritarian 🌱💪🏻

Love this app! So quick and easy My favorite feature is the color coded graph. Nutritarians eat high nutrient, low calorie foods. Sometimes you need to eat more food to keep the graph in the green.

Jan 15, 2023

Way Better Than MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal has made some serious missteps lately. And even if they hadn’t, this one’s far superior in terms of UX, aesthetics, functionality, and options. So far, I haven’t found one thing I want it to do that it doesn’t. I opted for the paid version, but for the $60 a year, worth it.

Jan 15, 2023

This app is far and away the best food diary app I've ever used. It's way better than My Fitness Pal. I hope it stays accessible and doesn't go the c way of MFP by putting things like macros and other basic features behind a pay wall.

Elizabeth Ann Jan 14, 2023

Tracking my calories diligently and watching the pounds drop. Easy to use and look up foods for calorie considerations.

Jude Jude Jan 14, 2023

fab app, easy to use and us really working for me

Maria Gillespiepowell Jan 14, 2023

Fantastic app, considering paying for Premium even! Love all of the capabilities. Free got me hooked, love the recipe import feature and wanna keep. There was a discount a week ago, if they offer again, I'm definitely getting Premium!

Carla Bakos Jan 13, 2023

Great free app! I'm only 4 days in to the free version, yet have found it does everything I need. Easy to log foods and exercise, which is helping to keep me on track. I'm beginning to understand my relationship with food and make healthier choices. I've set my goal and I'm determined to achieve it. I believe I can with the help of this app. Would definitely recommend for anyone wanting to lose, maintain or gain weight.

Laura Dower Jan 13, 2023

Using it for a few days now and it is very easy to use with lots of options. So far all foods I scanned where recognised. The app has a good design and is easy to navigate. Very good so far. Not even any annoying ads.

Tom Blip Jan 13, 2023

Fantastic features & easy to use

This is the best meal, calorie, and weight tracker that I’ve tried. it has so many options for customizing it the way you want! The barcode reader for adding foods is really handy, and the projection of what I’ll weigh in 30 days if I keep my current trend is fantastic. I used to use myfitnesspal, but they recently made a decision to keep the barcode scanner out of their free version. Last summer, I decided to try Noom after hearing their ads for so long. What a disappointment. It was expensive, simplistic, and when you stop paying, you can no longer see your history in their app. My only suggestion for MyNetDiary is that the name really does seem clunky and out of date.

Jan 13, 2023

This app is so easy to use! Downloaded after losing scanner on MFP and I've come to love it.

Jlynn C Jan 12, 2023

Decided to get back on track with my health and opened My Fitness Pal to start tracking my calories. When I discovered that the barcode scanner was premium?! I left! Found MND and thought let's give it a try. It's been less than a week and I LOVE it! Soooo much better than MFP! User friendly, FREE barcode scanner, and motivates me to keep with it each day with the little ski slope. I just signed up for premium with MND! Keep up the great work! Hope more people convert over to MND!

Belinda Sanders Jan 12, 2023

I love this app. It has helped me immensely with my weight loss. I have the free version but still totally worth it. I've recommended it to my friends and family.

Sunshine Kerkenes Jan 12, 2023

This is simple to use and working well for me!

Tammy Herrmann Jan 12, 2023

very easy to use. I really like it.

Emma Acosta Jan 12, 2023

Great App for Carb Counting

This app makes journaling foods so easy. I love the barcode function! I’m enjoying logging in my weight and daily foods and seeing exactly where I am and how many carbs I have left for the day. I enter my exercise as well. I feel like this fun little app keeps me engaged and staying on track to hit my goals. I am 8 days in and hooked! It’s kinda like a game.

Jan 12, 2023

Awesome diet and fitness app!

Every day I use mynetdiary to help me plan my meals and keep track of my fitness goals. Since December 1st I’ve gone from 242 pounds to 225 pounds largely due to careful monitoring of my caloric intake. With mynetdiary it is very much easier to keep track of how many calories are in each meal and to make adjustments as necessary to keep the total caloric intake on track with my goals. Combined with a 10,000 steps a day fitness program I should be able to make my goal of 200 pounds by April. An awesome app and well worth the modest price!

Jan 12, 2023

Very easy and actually fun!

Very easy tool to track nutrition and keep on tract for your goals. Helps you set up a plan and follow it for best results.

Jan 12, 2023

Food & exercise options are extensive, making logging more accurate. There is sometimes complexity in logging home-made foods, however, I have found this to be true of other food logger apps as well. Edit- 3 years later & this is 100% by far still the best app for tracking calories. Tried another app recently as part of a program I was trying & it was so clunky & complex by comparison. I love that I can save frequently made meals & even my specific water jug to log them super fast & easy.

Pamela Sanchez Jan 11, 2023

It's lookin' like the best one out there these days. I've tried nearly all of them. My opinion is they've got MyfitnessPal & Carb Manager beat. I'm using it to track a very low carb diet. A+++++++..

Dannyle Jennings Jan 11, 2023

I love this app! it helps keep track of your daily food intake and keeps you on track with weight loss. it also gives very helpful information on weight loss and eating healthy! if your looking for a free app to get healthy I recommend this one!

Brianna Holland Jan 11, 2023

super easy to use, doesn't force you to pay for premium for basic calorie counting great app

Samantha Hirsch Jan 11, 2023

It works

Keep with the calorie goals and you will succeed. The layout of the app is easy to use. It is a pleasure to use. All features for a serious person looking for an answer.

bevenh Jan 11, 2023


Best app I've ever used of ANY kind!! I can't believe all that come with the FREE version.... I've been using it two weeks straight, and have lost consistently. Diet suggestions, how I'm on track, what my main offenders are, great articles, easy logging with a huge database. There is no competition.

Jan 11, 2023


Love the new site, lost 2 stone, so easy

Jan 11, 2023

Absolutely brilliant

Been using for 2 week nearly and it is so simple to use, gives a fantastic amount of info, analysis and suggestions. Really good for being honest with yourself.

Jan 11, 2023

Very Useful Tool!

This App is so easy to use. It only takes a few minutes in the morning to plan my day and balance my calorie intake. I’ve lost 16 pounds in 8 months while eating what I want, even sweet treats! If I slip because of a special occasion, I know I can get right back on track. It has been more effective for me than WW because nothing is free. I don’t feel like I’m on a diet that stops and starts. I see this as a tool to manage my weight.

Jan 11, 2023


This app is amazing, I was underweight and extremely sad with my eating habits that plummeted the past two years. In a month this app helped me get to my goal weight. It is so easy to use with the logging & scanning. I usually never write reviews but this app really deserves it, I am very happy and thankful.

Jan 11, 2023

This app is really helpful and easy to use.

Erika Jan 10, 2023

I used to use my fitness pal for years, but recently they made it so it's really hard to use unless you pay for premium, which is $20 a month! so then I found my net diary and I like it even better than my fitness pal when it used to be good. very easy to use and lots of great features.

Jamie Naylor Jan 10, 2023

I enjoyed working with this app. most of its usefull features are free.

Soheil Dolatabadi Jan 10, 2023

Great UI. Fairly large database of food makes entries pretty easy. The free version is worth it. I may check out the paid version at some point to try out the recipes and meal plans

ERIC HEAD Jan 10, 2023

So many cool features

This app has so many cool features for free that most other apps would charge for, I really like the “food grade” thing especially, and the fact that you can scan barcodes and even fill them in manually.

Jan 10, 2023

Both free and premium are good

I think I’ve tried all the meal tracking apps- even some that don’t exist any longer. This is my Goldilocks app. I have a variable activity level from day-to-day and (with premium) I can just carry my iPhone with me al day and the tracker makes sure I’m on point for calories. Logging is faster than any other I’ve tried (and accurate). I like the menu planning. I haven’t figured out how to smoothly incorporate the grocery list. I like that I get a nutrition summary in my inbox with no effort on my part. It was easy to see that, yep, and multivitamin would be a good idea for me. I don’t use the preplanned menus. I am AIP/ lots of food intolerances so it doesn’t work for me. I also am not a snacker, so the existing menus are too fussy. I have grabbed recipes to log with several times. I haven’t cooked with any, but I haven’t seen anything that seems off. (I’m a “retired” chef). I don’t have a lot to lose- around 20 pounds- but I went ahead and paid for a year to keep me on track for maintenance. After that, I’m not sure. Some simple AIP or super basic no-fuss grain free (paleo?) menus would make it worth continuing the subscription. I appreciate the lack of ads and upselling (coming from a trial of a popular app “program”, it is a breath of fresh air).

Jan 10, 2023


The only calorie counting app I have ever found that just works for me. I am now able to lose weight healthily and concentrate not on ‘only eating salads’ but eating what I love in moderation. It makes planning meals fun for me, and the progress section is really encouraging and simple to use. I hugely recommend!

Jan 10, 2023

The best weight loss app out there.

Easily the most helpful tool I use to lose weight, so customisable and offers so many feature. I’ve told many people about this app.

Jan 10, 2023

Great app!

I’ve been very impressed at how easy this app is to use. Scan the bar code of the food (or enter it manually), select grams/portion size etc and the app does the rest. If you eat the same foods regularly the copy and paste feature makes it even easier. Highly recommended!

Jan 10, 2023

Get this app if you want to loose weight

I am a high school wrestler and this is definitely the easiest way to count my calories. And it also has a bunch of useful features. It is honestly impressive

Jan 10, 2023

This app is a life saver literally!! ❤️♥️

Adrienne Berry Faison Jan 9, 2023

Only Privacy Friendly Food Diary Option

Every other food diary and calorie counting app in the store will track you so they can target ads to you. This is the only option that won’t track you. So, if you are concerned about your privacy, this is the only real option. Separate from privacy, the app is extremely polished and high quality with lots of features and options and an incredible food rating system which adapts ratings based on how much of the food you are eating. For example, a single spoon of Nutella in a day is not as bad as having 4 spoons. Rather than the static ratings that other apps provide, this is much more useful. You will not find many (or any) apps that provide this much functionality for free without ads. Their business model is primarily around subscription and Pro version sales. The premium features are great too including diet plans, amazing high quality recipes and tracker integration. I would recommend that you try the free version and then buy the Pro or get a subscription to support this awesome App’s developers.

Jan 9, 2023

Great app to track food intake

This app is easy had fun to use Has many great features to help you track your food and water intake. I like the reminders.

Jan 9, 2023

switched from mfp after finding this app that has food bar code scanning for free. Learning my way around this new app but I am LOVING it! There's so many ways of viewing your data & stats. Highly recommend this app for calorie counting! So easy!

Lyn H Jan 8, 2023

extensive data base of food items and easy to follow recipes.

Geneva Douglas Jan 8, 2023

Works for free

This is the one app I found that tracks all your calories, protein, and carbs for free. It also will scan food and search database with basic version. I tried other apps and it would charge for all the basic functions.

Jan 8, 2023

Makes staying on task easy

MyNetDiary is simple, full of what is missing in other popular apps and the Free plan works perfect for me.

Jan 8, 2023

Love it!

This app is really helping because it makes self-accountability so much easier. Takes a little work to figure out controls but that's mostly because there's so much available. Highly recommend!

Jan 8, 2023

Does everything

I love this app. So many great features to help you monitor your calories as well as nutrients. Love that it lets you add notes to each day and easily see what foods are providing nutrients. Also let’s you see if you have a deficit for the week. Great foods databasel and I keep stumbling upon new features. Definitely worth the money. Was using Noom before but this works better for me.

Jan 8, 2023

Great weight loss tool!

Easy to use. Keeps you on track. Great analytics and trend analysis.

Jan 8, 2023

Brilliant app

I’ve recently decided to look at the alternatives to My Fitness Pal. MFP really bumped the premium price up by over 50% of what I paid last year. And to be honest that was the push I needed to look around. I’ve also realised that the interface of MFP was actually rubbish and focused on advertising things to you before your food tracking. So MyNetDiary. After testing numerous recommended apps, as a UK resident, I have settled here. 1) excellent UK food database 2) app interface is the best of many that I’ve tried. (MFP (longer term user), Cronometer, Lose It!, Calories Counter+, and a few more that were regularly appearing in reviews as recommended choices). The interface is focused on your goal front and centre. But you can essentially build the dashboard and organise it how you want for the many various modules it is made of (there are many to add in). 3) price - £23.99 for the pro subscription for the year as good value for money. £30-£35 seemed to be the average asking price but this is excellent value. (Lose It! had a news years promo on for £16 which was amazing value but overall the app experience wasn’t quite as good, 2nd place for me due to the uk food database) 4) adding in custom foods is the best of all the apps I’ve tried. 5) logging foods is super easy. The best for logging food is either MFP or Lose It! Both start to offer items intelligently based on your usual choices for breakfast, lunch etc. by filtering down the most common breakfast items to the top of the list or offering as a group. I’m hoping this will start to do that too but MyNetDiary does at list list items you have been eating at meal times. 6) the insight analysis on the dashboard is actually so far interesting and accurate. This is great as I am actually following the predicted weight loss curve on the graph after a week and a half. I was sceptical at first and I am still keen to see how it goes over time, but exercise additional calories and amount in consuming seems to be working in the short term. Essentially, this is a great app currently at a great price that has made food logging much easier. Reducing the friction to log food really helps. MFP created more friction for me and I was starting to not bother to track all the time. Ultimately, if your not honest with what you eat and log everything then you just cheat yourself. For me that is what has made this app the winner. Best user experience of all apps tested over the last two weeks that makes it the easiest to use.

Jan 8, 2023

Love the app. Had My Fitness Pal for years and this one is so much better

larry olsen Jan 7, 2023

Easy to use Well laid out Fun to use Interesting to watch progress on Definitely helps with motivation. I love it

Pete Staley Jan 7, 2023

Great App

I have used My Fitness Pal for years. They changed it last year and totally screwed it up. My brother in law recommended my net diary and I love it. Super easy and intuitive to use. I highly recommend it.

Jan 7, 2023

Great tool

Love it because it is easy to use it.

Jan 7, 2023

I've tried a few different calorie counters and so far this is my favourite. I like the barcode reader, the easy search for foods, there are local foods listed (New Zealand), the portion size options are easier, it has macro pie charts for the individual portion, the meal and the day. Best of all it's easy and fun to use. I like the sky slope estatimate chart for reaching goal weight. There are lots of other great features. I'd like some of the premium features, but I'm happy with free.

Helen Pickles Jan 6, 2023

I have used this app on and off for yeeeeears now, I've tried almost every other tracking app and this is the one I have always come back too. it has 99% of foods, so many options & helpful things.

Carissa Leigh Jan 6, 2023

Best app for weight management

Awesome app. Lots of options to customize. Barcode scanning makes using the app easier.

Jan 6, 2023

Way better than expected

After trying a few different apps, I have to say, I love the layout, all the valuable information and ease of use. I really think this app will help me more than any other has. Not just for my weight loss but also tracking sodium, potassium, etc. Being that I have high BP, being able to set limits and see the information at a quick glance is very helpful. Thank you for such a great app!

Jan 6, 2023

Best Food Tracker

It’s easy to log, nice graphs, analysis, full access to recipes and diets for inspiration. For bigger weight loss use premium.

Jan 6, 2023

Easy to use, links to my watch and helps me keep track of how much I've burnt.

Chantel Griffin Jan 4, 2023

Better than myfitnesspal ever was. Thank you!

Jared Schaffer Jan 4, 2023

Great app with all the features I was looking for. I use a paid version and am happy with the ease of food and nutrition tracking and the very good user interface. One of my favorite features is the ability to import recepies from the webb with all their nutrition value. Prior to this app, I used MyFitnessPals app that started charging for their once free features, and it was more expensive compared to MyNetDiary. I am so glad I switched - this is a much better app!

Olga Jan 4, 2023

Great tool!

I live the app, easy to use and keeps focused on my goal.

Jan 4, 2023

Best Diet App in Market

I have tried a ton of apps for tracking calories, weight, macros, etc. And I have to say this one takes the cake. It’s very easy and intuitive to use and allows you to save your own analyzed and common meals in a way that makes tracking fast. Love it and it’s worth the money!

Jan 4, 2023


This app has truly changed my life! It’s helped me bring my diabetes fully under control, and with it, I’ve lost over 50 pounds and am fitter than I have been in many years! The app has so many amazing features, but it’s still remarkably simple to use. The autopilot feature that adjusts calories allowed per day based on weight lost has been the key to my success. The premium account is quite affordable even on a low budget and worth every penny to me for the enormous health benefits I’ve achieved thanks to this app.

Jan 4, 2023

I'm so impressed! This is far better than the other more popular apps. Love it!

Debbie Brewer Jan 3, 2023

I've used MyFitnessPal for years, and have switched to mynetdiary - I should've switched long time ago because the user interface, the features and overall app is so much better!!!

Tim Lilii Jan 3, 2023

One of the better weight/calorie trackers

This does everything I need it to do as I track my calorie intake, exercise, and weight. Syncs with my Apple Watch so nothing need to manually enter exercise of steps. Pretty much any food I have scanned or manually enter has come up. I did Noom for a while, but don’t need that with this app. I would recommend it for sure.

Jan 3, 2023

Love Love Love

This app is so good to help keep me accountable with lots of free features that I use everyday! 0 complaints

Jan 3, 2023

Loyal Calorie Counter

I had been a loyal user of MyFitnessPal for nearly 7 years until they added the ability to scan barcodes of food behind a paywall. I must say I absolutely love this app and it has one of the best UI’s. As long as nothing gets put behind a pay wall I will be sticking with this app for many years.

Jan 3, 2023

Life changing

Phenomenal app. Tied to a smart watch and smart scale I’ve lost 50lbs.

Jan 3, 2023

Really like this app. Nice simple interface and it gives me all I need to know for macros. Let's me save meals that I revisit. I am using the free version and it's perfect.

Ted Jan 2, 2023

My Fitness Pal took away the free barcode scanner so I read a review and decided to try this. So far it is just as good if not better than the old MFP. You do have to pay on this one to adjust your goal carbs, fat, and protein

Judy Johnston Jan 2, 2023

Excellent app! The calorie and macro counting is great. The BIDIRECTIONAL syncing with everything including GoogleFit, Samsung Health, Renpho, etc is really what sets this app apart from the others.

Jason Franklin Jan 2, 2023

Lost 10 pounds is 2 months using this app (even with the free version). Very intuitive to use.

Casey Losee Jan 1, 2023

Genius App

I marvel at how they've integrated food, water and activity/exercise tracking in a way that's almost effortless to use, presenting one's daily and trend stats with beautifully designed graphics. The info is encouraging and motivational and has kept me on track to lose 1.5-2 lbs. per week since mid-November. I haven't explored the menu plans and recipes, but I'm looking forward to trying them out in 2023.

Jan 1, 2023


Very good I’ve tried other calorie counter apps and they don’t compare to this one

Dec 31, 2022

Well deserved 5 stars

Taking a minute out of my day to thank the developers. It’s not a big feat, but I’ve lost 34 pounds and am well on my way to my goal weight because of this app. No it’s not a miracle product, but it makes it easy to see your mistakes and your triumphs. Even If you log your foods honestly without doing anything different you learn so much about food. You realize that you can eat significantly more of one food versus a small amount of another for the same calories. For instance I can eat an entire lean cuisine meal for 300ish calories but one fruit pie will set me back 400+! Getting started was hard, I tried and gave up twice before but this app also encouraged me to be easy on myself and that a little mistake today doesn’t have to be the end of my diet, that I can pick up a fresh day tomorrow and have a great week and the one bad day has little consequence in the terms of long term dieting. My starting weight was 262, my goal is 175 and I’m 44% done. The Fourth of July 2023 is my goal date and I look forward to it very much. Thanks again.

Dec 30, 2022

Easy & Motivating

Hands down this is the easiest app to monitor yourself and motivate yourself! I look forward to each new day because I am am able to easily track what I’m doing and be in charge of the my choices!!

Dec 30, 2022

Great app & devs, very responsive to feedback! Would love a WearOS version at some point, but enjoying the phone app for now. Wish the weight trajectory was based on a trend, not solely today's calorie intake. This is the only tracking app that accurately syncs calories to Google Fit. UI is compact but extensive, with tons of functionality. Much less clunky (& fewer ads) than MyFitnessPal and much more functionality than Noom. I'm using the free version and not missing any major functionality.

Hannah Zellers Dec 29, 2022


This has helped me lose 20 lbs just by writing in what I eat. It helps me control my eating and maintain my goal weight. It has helped me not only lose a few pounds, it has helped me change my lifestyle to maintain my goal weight.

Dec 29, 2022

The BEST weight loss App!

This is the BEST App I have ever found to help me with counting calories, making a balanced daily food menu, helping me watch my nutrients, and so much more! I have been able to successfully change my eating habits, establish new habits, get educated, learn to eat healthier, and lose 70+ pounds in almost 8 months! I feel better, look better, sleep better and have more energy! I have told many of my friends and they are loving this App too! Thanks to the creators of MyNetDiary!

Dec 29, 2022

Hands down the best calorie counting app! I've used my fitness pal in the past. This one is far superior even as the unpaid version. Easy to use and the little details make such a difference! I feel like the formula is different too to calculate your allowed calorie budget. I don't feel starved and I'm dropping weight like crazy. It's a realistic, sustainable lifestyle change.

Kori Lyn Price Dec 28, 2022

Better than My Fitness Pal!

I don’t mind paying for this as it’s so much better than MFP. Having used the other app for many years this one is set out much better & I feel it’s easier to use.

Dec 28, 2022

This one does everything I need, finally! Manually choose my own calorie target... Instantly show how many calories remaining (widgit)... and barcode scanner. I couldn't find another free calorie counter that did those three things, until I found this one. It does TONS of other stuff too. (If I get a raise this year, I'll pay for the premium version, just to support it)

Denn C Dec 27, 2022

Great APP

Prefer MyNetDiary over MyFitnessPal, to me the app is just a lot more user friendly. Use the app since I’ve downloaded. Like how it takes info from Apple Watch and adjust calories.

Dec 27, 2022

has nice features like barcode scanner and easy lookup of foods and different serving sizes that makes it easy to add things without digging through nutritional information and pulling out scales

Idiocyyy Dec 26, 2022

Wish I Knew About This Sooner!

I used MyFitnessPal but started to search for an alternative when they started to charge an unreasonable rate. I’m glad they did that because I found this app which is way better!

Dec 26, 2022

Easy app for beginners, which creates longevity of use. You can add your custom recipes or pick from a huge amount of preprogrammed food and beverages. I've used this app for 2 years, and it's been a HUGE tool not only in weight loss but weight maintenance.

Stephanie Mace Dec 25, 2022

Best food logging app

This app is a game changer for food logging. It is accurate (mostly), so easy to log food and has so many stats and figures for the data lovers (such as myself). Ive already lost 0.7 kg in a week from logging food as it has raised my awareness and knowledge about calorie intake. Also love that it does you all the macro and micro ingrediants. There are many more features than the free food logging apps that make this a fun and informative app. Highly recommend.

Dec 25, 2022

It’s great!

I’m always skeptical to try “free” apps because half the time you can’t ever use the features you want without upgrading and paying for it. But I’m glad I gave this one a chance. You can do so much with the free version, which I was very surprised by! I’ve been using it for about a month and I’ve already lost 4.5lbs! Definitely recommend this to anyone trying a calorie deficit.

Dec 23, 2022

Fantastic app

I have struggled with weight loss for the past 16 years. Nothing I tried worked until I made the decision to download this app and use it every single day no excuses. It’s the accountability that I need. I’ve used other apps and they just didn’t work for me. I started around the end of May 2022 and so far I’ve lost about 30 lbs. To the developers: Thank You! You have made a wonderful tool for my weight loss journey.

Dec 23, 2022

Best food log I’ve used so far

This app is way better than a lot of other ones and easier to use. They have so many foods already in the system too that are easy to find. Thank you for making it free and easy to use!

Dec 20, 2022

Helped me get to my preferred weight goal

Found this app back in the spring when I started counting calories to stay on track with my health, and it’s beyond amazing for me! Thank you for developing this. I love the graphic around the apple to help me know how much I have left at a quick glance.

Dec 19, 2022

I've lost 47 pounds using this app! highly recommended

Milli_ 864 Dec 18, 2022

Truly helpful app

This app is really helping me get a grip on portion control and good food choices. My sister is a dietitian and uses this app all the time. I asked her how she keeps so fit. She said she uses this app to help her keep on track. I downloaded it and love it. Lots of useful features like barcode scanner and tips based on how I eat. Recipes are available which I will try as well.

Dec 18, 2022

Simple, easy, and fun to use on the iPhone.

I love it. I'm losing weight because I’m keeping track of my food and exercise. Really good food data base.

Dec 17, 2022

amazing app! so much better than i thought it would be and can easily be used for free. thank you so much, love it 🙏

Mystik Mermayde Dec 16, 2022

Great app

So useful that I have lost weight at a nice slow pace. This app is so helpful. End of January I should be at my goal !!!

Dec 16, 2022

Feels better

I Don't usually write reviews, but this just made me want to. Had it for about 2 weeks now and although I haven’t lost much, I feel a lot better. I feel more in control of what I eat and keeping track has helped me in so many ways. Not only do I feel physically better because I’ve been able to look and see what I need nutrition wise, but mentally I feel better too because I’m not worrying if what I’m eating is too much or too little i just can look and know, enough to go to the gym and not feel embarrassed by not really knowing what I’m doing yet (which is silly i ever felt that way because I’m there for me nog anyone else). I’m not a whole lot overweight so I didn't really get this with losing weight being my biggest reason, mostly I just didn’t feel good and knew something was off, I thought I was taking care of myself but seeing my progress physically and mentally over the past two weeks having made some changes based on the tracking this app has provided, I know I wasn't. Im genuinely so grateful for this app and know I’m going to continue to progress as I learn new things about taking care of myself every day!

Dec 14, 2022


I don’t know if I'm speaking too soon, but I LOVE this app!! It’s so easy to navigate and I’ve already lost 3.8lbs in 8 days… wow. This app really helped me realize how much crap I eat everyday lol. I used to eat when I was bored, sad, happy, and really anytime I had time to grab a quick bite. Just seeing the stuff I was eating on a daily basis helped millions. Highly recommend 👍

Dec 14, 2022

I love Mynetdiary. It's so easy to use and keeps me on track. I was eating way too many calories before and not even realizing it. Now I know exactly how much I can eat and how much I need to exercise to balance total calories. I have lost 10lbs so far!

Julie Murphy Dec 13, 2022

Great App!!!

This app is awesome!!! I was using another one before, whose name I won’t mention but they keep changing it, and making you pay for things that used to be free. I hope you all don’t do the same thing. I love the help guides and tutorials as well…Awesome!!!!

Dec 13, 2022

It's easy to use and has lots of features in the free version, which I really appreciate. I'm thinking of going to the paid version to get the full experience. I need all the help I can get to lose some weight.

From_ Milena Dec 12, 2022

Comprehensive data base, easy to use and set goals so it doesn't have to be about calories. Rapid response to any queries raised

sarah pitt-bailey Dec 12, 2022

This apps help well to track my calories intake and also track your micros like your carbs and protein. I really love the scanning feature, it help and easy to use. You just have to pay extra for the tracking of the diet plan you are on, like high protein low carbs ect. but for free you can just track it yourself. good app 👍👍

Johnny Franco Roman Dec 11, 2022

Great app! It has all the features I love and isn't a blatant cash grab like MFP

A. M. Deese Dec 9, 2022

Everything I need. This app does a great job of helping me track me nutrition with scanning & a pretty clean food DB, lets me create & save recipes including directions, and syncs to Samsung Health & Google Fit and through them to other apps like Lumen. Even in the free version! So glad I switched from MFP. Got a subscription not because I needed what was in premium but as a thank you to the developers - it's that good.

Diana Grayson Dec 9, 2022


Makes it easy to manage weight, nutrition, exercise and other health metrics. Combined with my motivation and new, healthy lifestyle choices, it's helping me to get healthy again. Pro and Maximum versions are worth every penny. Beats MyFitnessPal and others hands now. Rich, science-based features for all lifestyles and diets. Crisp, popping interface. Amazing!

Taoman1963 Dec 9, 2022

Great app

So many things tracked for you, easy to add foods, recipes, and meals, links to Fitbit, etc. Currently having some lag with Fitbit and my device, but that’s a Fitbit issue i need to take up with them. Lots of info at your fingertips, articles, encouragement, communities…loving it!

Dec 9, 2022


I’ve been using this app without the Pro edition since October. I have lost 17 lbs so far! Even without the Pro edition, you can see the results.

Dec 9, 2022

easy to use and the bar code reader makes it so easy!

Christy Bachman Dec 8, 2022

Very intitive! Easy to navigate and helpful finding foods

Gary Dutelle Dec 8, 2022

this really helps me keep track of everything and easy to scan and log it in. very easy user platform and the widgets for the home screen are so useful.

Ashley Delano Dec 8, 2022

Great program

I use it daily and have maintained my current rate easily. I use this program daily! It is just a great way to maintain my diet!

Dec 8, 2022

Awesome. Love this App!!

This app is so useful to me. it’s like weight watchers by free or much cheaper if you pay for the expanded version. Well worth it though! losing weight steadily and learning new ways to eat and feeling better that i have in years!!!

Dec 8, 2022


Seriously, do yourself a favor and get this app! It has helped me when literally nothing else has, and I only have the free version, so far.

Dec 8, 2022

Great app replace myfitness pal and other Sellout fitness apps!!! Absolutely the love the easy to use interface and has alot available for free members. Scanning barbies is also FREE!!! I hope they add some new premium features soon as I would pay $60 if they gave me a free trial so I know what it missing out on.

killershot707 Dec 7, 2022

Love it

So much easier to use than my fitness pal. It auto loads my workouts and it’s so convenient. Plus the apple is a hella cute design

Dec 7, 2022

Love it, Free version does everything I need and more!!

Dougie Taylor Dec 6, 2022

After numerous years of using Loose-It, I could no longer stand the intrusive ads. Now that I have switched MyNetDiary, I wish I switched a long time ago, I like this app much better!!!

Tim Dec 6, 2022

easy to use with great graphs and chart data! Large database of foods with a capability to scan bar codes for packaged foods not listed in the database.

Lee Laphamr Dec 5, 2022

easy to use. I had try diferent apps but this one is working for me

Sonia Frehafer Dec 5, 2022

Good app easy to use and visually appealing

I have been using the free App for a couple of weeks, to track my weight and now my food. It’s easy and intuitive and not too bombarding for the paid app, very easy to use and it’s pretty so nice to use.

Dec 5, 2022

I haven't had any success in loosing weight until I started using this app!! It makes tracking my calories so easy and convenient and I can quickly plan meals days ahead in order to make sure I'll be within my calorie budget. This app is truly amazing!!!!! My only regret is that I didn't find it sooner...

CandiRain89 Dec 4, 2022

I lose 25 kg without doctor .. by thise app. and light sport .. amazing app

Menna A fattah Dec 4, 2022

Great system

This is the most complete system I have seen. Easy to maneuver, information explosion It actually teaches you, just follow the advise & boom, first week down 4+#,

Vjjemsen Dec 4, 2022

Honestly the best

I’ve used a bunch of fitness apps to track calories, especially ones with subscriptions. Honesty this one is just amazing and so simple to use, plus the library it has is so big you don’t even have to stress to find the calories when you go out to eat. This app does have a subscription but it’s not even noticeable. They don’t promote it a lot plus it’s not required and you get most features.

Dec 4, 2022

So easy to use and my favorite weight loss app yet!!!

I have tried so many different apps and programs and none have ever been as easy as this one. They provide recipes, they give tips, I can find any foods/recipes I’ve eaten and it’s easy to scan. I’ve lost over 6lbs so far in 3 weeks including Thanksgiving and it’s been so easy to follow and utilize. I am not starving myself but instead being more conscious of what I am eating. I love that they give different program options and they grade the food you are eating. For anyone who struggles and needs something realistic to help lose weight, this is for you.

Dec 4, 2022

The ABSOLUTE best!

I used one popular fitness app for years and never loved it. But then they started charging for features that used to be included in the free version. So I started looking for a new one and tried several until I found this one. It’s the absolute best! I love the dashboard and how you see everything in one glance. Incredibly easy to add information into. Every food item I’ve tried is in their database and I love the scan the barcode feature…some apps charge premium for that. It also tracks your exercise and connects seamlessly with iPhone data. The premium features in this app are true premiums. I don’t necessarily need the premium but I’m probably going to end up paying for it just to see what else it can do.

Dec 4, 2022

Great app easy to navigate,lovecall the features and the Diary.

T.A. Menendez Jr Dec 3, 2022

Love this app. Everything I eat or drink, I record. The info helps me correct my portions, quantity, types of food. It's easy to use.

Regina Danner (Gina) Dec 3, 2022


I love the app the 60 dollars is so worth it for the premium because you can customise it your self and it gives you everything. The macros and even the normal free app is good as well I’ve lost almost 6kilos by just using the free app but I’ve just upgraded to the paid version thank you my net diary

Dec 3, 2022

Great app to track calories

Has all the needed features for free. I can track my own recipes as well. I can see that the product managers has done a good job on the app. User experience is great. Please keep it like this. Only thing to make it better from my point of view is to have more manual activities but that is a very minor.

Dec 3, 2022

This app is incredible. I've been tracking my calories and activity levels since 2008, and have tried a lot of different apps and tools. And this is the best I've ever used. All the main functionality is completely free of charge, the product database is huge, and they will update it if you'd send them photos (you can do it within the app). So 5 stars for the free version. BUT! Today I've bought the subscription, and omg, there is so much more to it! I love this app, it is fantastic. 10/5.

Jelena Skorodumova Dec 2, 2022

it is helpful to lose weight. easy to use.

Kathaleenmiller Miller Dec 2, 2022

Caloric Deficit

Hello fellow users, I have never had to “try” to loose weight before. After looking at myself weighing 196lbs, after weighing 170lbs for 15 years. I said, “eff this, I’m losing some weight”. I found that counting calories w My Diet Plan was a great way to be aware of what I was eating. Lost 6 pounds in two weeks. I realize that once I plateau, I’ll need to physically exert myself!!!!!LOL

Dec 2, 2022

A very helpful weight loss tool

It’s working for me it’s easy to enter your foods and exercise and I recommend it

Dec 2, 2022

Easy and Motivating

Easy to use and keeps me on track. Big database of foods. Helpful hints.

Dec 1, 2022

Thoughtful features that make tracking so much easier!

I got tired of the advertising and shrinking features of a competitor app so switched to MyNetDiary and am so glad I bit the bullet. It has so many features that have made tracking easier. I went for the paid version, which is very reasonably priced, but the free version is also great. There are no unverified food entries, so you don’t have to comb through a long list of inaccurate or incomplete foods to find what you want. One of my favorite features is that I can send them screen shots of my meal kit nutritional info and they verify and add it to the database within hours. I was having to enter the information manually every week with my old app. I also love that they let you edit a food item (not a recipe) to add or subtract an ingredient. So, for example, if you are eating out but asked for a substitution in your entree or maybe didn’t eat the bread, you can just enter the whole entree and subtract a food from it. No need to enter each item individually. I also really like the calorie cycling feature so that I can lower my calorie budget for early in the week and give myself more of a buffer on the weekends. This is a great app!

Dec 1, 2022

This app dialed it in.

I am on journey to be at center of my BMI healthy range. That means going from 198lbs down to 145lbs. No easy feat when exercising is not an option (due to advanced MS). I got to 167 and then got stuck. It felt like I couldn’t lose anymore….wrong. Along came MyNetDiary 😄 The app helps me dial in my calorie intake. Everything I eat or drink is recorded. I find myself planning supper using MyNetDiary. I chose different things based on the calories I have left. Pros: easy to set and achieve goals Easy to use Very good and comprehensive product info Impressive menu library Cons: nothing yet I bought the pro after 2 days. Your health is worth the cost.

Dec 1, 2022

Fantastic app it has so many pre loaded foods it makes life very easy

Bear Payne Nov 30, 2022

Fantastic aid!

I’m am down 27 pounds since starting in July. I recommend this to everyone, I love it!

Nov 30, 2022

Finally, It’s Easy!

Love this app. Everything in one place. Easy to use. Not expensive. Automatically summarizes for you. Yeah!!! Gift yourself now.

Nov 30, 2022

Simple, reliable and accurate

use the free version of the app and find it very easy to use. I haven’t come across a foodstuff it doesn’t recognise and find it far more accessible than some other well known apps

Nov 30, 2022

Better than MyFitnessPal

Now that those scummy worms at MyFitnessPal are charging for BASIC FEATURES I had to find a different food tracker. This one is PERFECT! The layout is nice, the basic features are free, and it’s got an adjustable weight loss plan with a goal tracker that tells you when you will reach your desired weight. No complaints. Grateful to this app for not price gouging like MFP.

Nov 29, 2022

easy to use and love that I can scan items without extra fees!

Lesly F Nov 28, 2022

Lose it!!!

OMG I was 140 and after 2 weeks ban 134 Thank you!!!!

Nov 28, 2022

Great app!

This app makes diet management so easy with the desktop version that syncs with the phone version. The database of food is huge and the ability to scan UPC codes and create recipes is really helpful. I’ve lost 116 lbs and know from experience I’ll be needing to journal food for the rest of my life. The cost of the pro version is reasonable enough for me to do just that. The ability to track exercise is also helpful and with my Apple Watch, everything syncs with the Apple health app. Can’t say enough about it! Highly recommend!

Nov 28, 2022

The My Net Diary app is a game changer

I love this app. It has everything in one place to chart health and nutrition. I’ve been using the app since March 2019 and am conscientiously holding the line. I lost very gradually, 15 lbs in 2019, took a long diet break, 10 lbs in ‘20, break, 10 more in ‘21, break, and 5 more so far in ‘22. My body’s set point seems to need time to readjust. Meals are loggedevery single day no matter what for accountability. Down 40 lbs, 3 full dress sizes, smaller by 9” across the chest, 9” in the waist, and 7” in the abdomen/hip. The BMI dropped from an obese just above normal at 25.8 for my age, height and weight. I’m 67 by the way. Not overly active, retired. Walk the dogs, garden. Its great to feel light on my feet, healthier, and have more energy.

Nov 28, 2022

Switched over from My Fitness Pal which I had used for years but they made barcoding a paid item. I couldn't be happier with MyNetDiary which has a ton of free features! I was wondering where the ads are so I came back to the app description which states it is ad free in the non-paid version! Not sure how they are managing the profit margin that way but I'm a happy camper.

Kristie Thomas Nov 27, 2022

Good app!

Really works to keep track of what I eat. Easy to use. Works to lose weight. Encourages healthy eating too.

Nov 27, 2022

Bob Borges

I love this app. I used MyFitnessPal go over 10 years, but it got to technical for me. I’m an average 79 yo male and am primarily interested tracking my weight and activity. I like the ease in which you can log, create new meals, etc. hence why I don’t go to premium. I hope to be with MyNetDiary for a lon time.

Nov 26, 2022

Super cool, wish I could afford to purchase it, but a lot of dope free stuff

Melissa Lutz Nov 25, 2022

Lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks

I used to use my fitness pal but they did an update and now you have to pay to use the barcode scanner thing, so I transferred over to this app, and the barcode scanner is free which makes it so much easier for scanning any item with the barcode instead of just searching it . Also the user interface is a lot more simple and clean. On my fitness pal there’s advertisement everywhere on the app. I’m super happy so far with this app

Nov 24, 2022

Love this app

I’ve never wanted to use an app to help in my weight loss journey as it’s so much flaffing about! However I came across this app and it’s so easy to use, either by scanning bar codes or searching for foods (easily) I’ve been using it for over a month and it’s been brilliant and has definitely helped me to track my calories, fats, carbs, and proteins. I love the ease of adjusting targets and calorie budget. I’m only using the free version and it’s got so many features giving you the chance to try it out before deciding if you want to upgrade to premium. The only slight downside is that the foods listed tend to be American options however that said most foods have a ‘generic’ option and you can easily weigh in grams to get exact weights and calories. Once you’ve scanned and added favourites it’s so quick to add them again for further meals. I can honestly say I’ve found this super helpful and have not missed any food logging as it’s so quick and easy, and it’s certainly helped me to be accountable. I’ve introduced this to a friend who is such a technophobe and even she can use it and it’s helped her loose a stone so far too!

Nov 24, 2022

Straightforward and accurate. Started using after fitness pal scanning pay wall, and I find this app to be overall better for food tracking.

Lindy S Nov 23, 2022

just installed, looks lots of free features. please dont make them paid like MFP thx

Paul Sauline Nov 23, 2022

Comprehensive. I acheived my target weight and have been maintaining it for over one month

GC M Nov 23, 2022

amazing features even with free version

So helpful and the scan function works really well - no glitches and easy to navigate

Nov 23, 2022

Love it

I love this. Really cool features that are free. Thanks.

Nov 22, 2022

😋👍 tds

Easy, convenient and really helps keep track of everything.

Nov 22, 2022

has all the foods I eat considering I live into he middle east and is really easy to use.

daihatsumaster Nov 21, 2022

To fix a diet this will help in the process

I don’t usually write reviews but I had to fill this up this app is so good for daily use if you wanna see how much your consuming you can easily log anything you want in (even your exercise) and cut back when you see your limit. There’s a great guideline for food recipes and you could make your own goals and change them there’s a graph to see how much we using weekly daily. Everything is organized so well And so easy to use! It will always make you open the app first thing!!

Nov 21, 2022

So far a great experience

I just downloaded this app….works better than the one I was using.

Nov 21, 2022

Love it

Absolutely love this app, the fact you can log your exercise, water intake, steps, calories etc for free is just amazing. Love the reminders it sends too whenever you forget to log your bfast/lunch/dinner etc

Nov 21, 2022

Really good :)

I’ve been using this app for a couple months and I’m really happy with all the features it offers. A lot of other apps have certain features like weight prediction behind a pay wall. This app is also very pleasing to use i like the way it looks and I like the lay out

Nov 21, 2022

Better than MFP

After the last update of MFP I was pretty much done with the app. I felt like couldn’t trust any of the numbers and it was impossible to input the actual weight of food, as in grams or oz, depending on the item. My net diary is hands down better but the subscription really makes it all worth it. This interface is just as easy and intuitive and the ability to customize the dashboard really stand out. I’ll be back to this review after I have tried all of the features.

Nov 20, 2022

Made the switch since MFP barcode scanner went to premium only. MyNetDiary is far better than MFP and I should have switched sooner.

Samantha Williams Nov 19, 2022

Great app

This app is easy to use and understand. It’s customizable to suit most anyone’s needs. It has helped me reduce weight and get other nutrients in-line. Using this app also gives me a mental boost, knowing that I am doing something positive each day to live a healthier life.

Nov 19, 2022

This is by far the best all in one health app. I have downloaded many others. you won't regret paying the full version. Don't waste time with others.

Gary Peterson Nov 18, 2022

Love everything about it. Best calorie tracker I've found including the Weight Watcher app. Keeps getting better!

J D Nov 18, 2022

In using the free version, good to.keep trakc of calories entake.

Sandro Raspino Nov 18, 2022

I successfully lost 20kg and moved from size 12 to 8 I love this app so much 😭💞 something about this app that others just can't compete with it's the best on the free version making very good analysis on what u eat as well.

Mayland Mok Nov 18, 2022

Glad I made the switch!

I used MFP for over a decade and decided to switch after their ads became too much and they took away the barcode scanner on their free version. I found a different app that I thought I loved but realized it was annoying to not be able to do different serving sizes beyond the conventional 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and because I couldn’t create recipes. That’s when I stumbled across this app and let me just say, it’s worlds better! Their interface is easy to use and I love the fact that I can input whatever serving size I ate (for example if I can just type in “1/8” or “0.2”). They have a free barcode scanner which I appreciate, especially for busy days! If you’re annoyed like me by the changes in MFP, trust me, you don’t be disappointed in the switch over to here and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

Nov 18, 2022

When I'was used that app.I was loose 10kg of my weight.I'just can to recommend for everyone's.

Adam Nagygyorgy SRGT. Nov 17, 2022

This provides everything I need to manage my weight and food intake all nutrition Info and really easy to log food

Patricia Uhlman Nov 17, 2022

I was able to reach my weight loss goals after replying a few questions. User interface is very easy to use for planning your different meals in a day. It's a great free app for keeping track of your calorie count and macro nutrition value.

Deniz Lara Gunesen Nov 16, 2022

awesome app. the free version has everything you need including the scanning of upc. left my fitnesspal after they want you to pay for literally opening the app and honestly this is way better

Evan Vega (Ashleyproductions) Nov 16, 2022

Right up there with the best

I’ve used several food trackers over the years and found MyNetDiary recently. It tracks everything I want to track and is so user friendly that it’s the only one I use now. Another feature I absolutely love is the weekly email summary. Thank you MyNetDiary!

Nov 16, 2022

My NetDiary App

I’m so very happy with this app. Not only have I lost weight, but it shows me everything that I’m eating! I’m hypersensitive and I was alarmed at the sodium I’ve been eating, especially when I thought it was low in sodium. I’ve also seen what has the potassium,etc. I love the reminders, nutritionists advice, recipes, etc. I’m on schedule with my weight loss, but I’m going to continue with this app to maintain my weight and to be careful about what I’m eating and feeding my family. I also like the cost! If I got it free, then I probably wouldn’t keep up with it. I recommend it for everyone! Great app!

Nov 16, 2022


This app has made it really easy to keep up with my diet.

Nov 16, 2022

Excellent app for those committed

Excellent app for those committed to being successful in their weight lots goals. I needed to lose 50lbs to have surgery as directed by my doctor. I have lost 45 over 11 months. I decided to take a slower path so it becomes a life style change and not a crash diet. With the app was able to keep track of my calorie intake based on the weight loss targets set by the app and also account for the calorie burn from my workouts. Much easier to stay on track and be successful, with little pain, if you keep track and are committed.

Nov 16, 2022

I do not often write app reviews but this one is well deserved. Very complete app. Super useful! Even the free version is great.

Spiros Brouzas Nov 15, 2022

Great App

Best Calorie Counting App out there bar none. Easy to use and understand and gives Macros!! Best Info page, much better then Myfitness Pal in every way!!

Nov 15, 2022

This has been a tremendous help and provided good direction. I have tried other systems that counts points, but like this calorie counter as it allows me to adjust. I can have some foods like a fast food hamburger without being punished. Lost 3 pounds the first week.

Ron James Nov 14, 2022

Amazing, won’t ever look at mfp again

So I was a loyal user of mfp for years as it had helped me lose weight, but when they had made scanning a paid feature I was in search of a better app. Let me just say, this app is the best diets or tracker app EVER. It’s aesthetically pleasing, no ads immediately in your face when opening, more like they put the ad at the bottom of the screen, and it helps you know if your losing or gaining over an extended period of time, so if I wake up 3 mornings in a row and the weight on the scale moved up, I don’t have to worry to much, just continue what I’m doing correctly and the number goes back down just like the app predicts. But anyways, yes, this is literally my favorite tracking app, gives more information, reasons for things, and calculations. Oh and if you do want premium, it’s not $20 a month like mfp, it’s $8.. but free version is awesome as well.

Nov 14, 2022

Michelle Ste

I weighed 217 and now I weight 160. I still have 30 more lbs to loose . This app has helped me loose so much weight. I love it.

Nov 14, 2022

easy to use free calorie tracking app.

Deborah Farley Nov 13, 2022


Loving this app!! So much better than other apps they provide so much info

Nov 13, 2022

Very helpful for weight loss

I have found this app very helpful in my quest to lose weight, watch sodium and carbohydrates intake to combat diabetes and heart disease. The app is very easy to use and tracks as much or little as you want.

Nov 13, 2022

Great app

Plenty of features, super intuitive

Nov 13, 2022

Love it!

I switched to MyNetDiary after my fitness pal decided to charge for scanning barcodes. I am so glad I did! There is so much data and information on your stats that it’s so easy to loose weight! I can’t give this ap enough praise because it’s amazing! I upgraded to premium so I could enter my recipes as I cook. That’s my favorite feature!

Nov 13, 2022

Great app

I upgraded my iPhone and had been using Track3 for years. It was no longer available, so I downloaded several till I found this ! Entering food items is so easy! Love this app!!💜

Chery06 Nov 12, 2022


I love this app. Yes, it is very well organized and I don’t even have the premium and I’m able to log on my food. It is amazing.

Nov 12, 2022

So helpful! It really helps to count calories when you know how many you should be counting for your activity level. which, for me, is sedentary. I always eat less than my calorie budget allows so my deficit is higher than permitted, just in case I'm more sedentary than the app is assuming I am. So far, I've lost 8.6lbs in 38 days! I couldn't've done it w/o this app. I did pay for the extras but, Im barely using them. You can totally lose weight w/o paying. Just counting calories is a huge help!

Yurii DeLaney Nov 11, 2022

great way to keep track. I like to limit carbs and this app works for me😃

Linda Wilkinson Nov 11, 2022

My fitness pal sent me. No free scan= bye, bye mfp.

Shops Alot Nov 11, 2022


Have lost 80 lbs , kept it off for over 8 years and find my net diary app really helpful. It represents a call to consciousness around healthy choices . My doctor suggested it and is delighted with my improved blood pressure , lower cholesterol and now normal HbA1C!

sagov Nov 11, 2022

An app I’ve used for years and more to come

Easy to you with great accuracy. Am able to control weight and easily identify the reason(s) for a bad day. Several applications available but none come close to MyNetDary.

Nov 11, 2022

Game changer

Excellent app to help you understand what nutrients your food contains and how to balance those in your diet.

Nov 11, 2022

I love this App!

Best App ever for tracking just about everything - calories, carbs, macros, water, nutrients, etc. It has a fantastic recipe database and you can add your own recipes. It has a bar code scanner and is very intuitive. I can’t recommend this enough! It’s really helped me to track my weight, exercise and a whole lot more. Get it! 😎

Nov 11, 2022

Great App!

Great free app for those looking to track their weight and/or manage it by counting calories!

Nov 11, 2022

Best app I’ve found for meal tracking

Terrific app to track all parts of the nutrition of food. It helps ensure that you don’t forget the other key nutrients in food when you cut calories. I like the water and exercise reminders and the “available” calories countdown each day.

Nov 11, 2022

Helped me learn how I react to food. Losing weight after years of trying.

Pat Tierney Nov 10, 2022

Easy to use, intuitive, great charts and projections, great tool to use periodically to get back on track.

Marcy Thomas Nov 10, 2022

Absolutely the best app that I have used for tracking, recipes, nutrition. I feel with this app I'm set for success. great work #mynetdiary

Anna Marie Bell Nov 10, 2022

It’s absolutely PERFECT!

It’s the most complete app for calorie and macro tracking. I have tried at least 15 apps plus the most famous one MFP and had a premium subscription however this is much better and it’s free! I absolutely love it! Has great widget plus it work amazingly on Apple Watch too. I have only paid for premium just because I love the app and wanted to support the developer but I definitely did not needed the premium account for tracking the macro and logging food. You have everything you need for free.

Nov 10, 2022


My fitness pal? GET OUTTA HERE! This app has been a blessing, truly. I’m obsessed with it. It helps me reach my goals week in and week out. Please don’t ever change!

Nov 10, 2022

I Never Write Reviews But…

This app is awesome! The tools you have at your disposal for free is really great, and more than I expected, but once you go to premium it’s quite amazing. My wife and I both moved up to premium and could not be happier. Very easy to use with an incredible amount of analysis to help you not go off the path. It’s a virtual accountability buddy!

Nov 10, 2022

Excellent, I subscribed for a month and the premium program is amazing You won't regret 1 single dollar after your seeing the features that are really put together to make sure you are staying healthy Thanks for the team behind this app

Amr Alsabban Nov 9, 2022

Great app! keeps me in check, and looking up food is super easy and fast!

Mariah Wallace Nov 9, 2022

Great simple app to use to help track food intake and weight

Richard Craven Nov 9, 2022

The bees knees (Aus)

This app may not look snappy and visually appealing with its black and green interface but it is second to none in helping “You” keep track of your daily food intake. From typical day to day groceries to fast food and even obscure and exotic foods this apps database is extensive if you can’t scan it using the barcode scanner you can search it by typing it in. With it being able to connect with your health and fitness apps you can really dive into your micro nutrients as well as a plethora of other things. The recipe importing is absolutely next level, you can google any recipe copy the url and then paste it into the import recipe tab and in a matter of seconds the app will mark down the ingredients and steps, giving you kilojoules per serve as well as macros! Utilising this app has helped me curb my diet and still meet and track my macros with relative ease the last 2 weeks I’ve managed to lose 3 kg’s. well worth the 8.99 per month subscription or you could opt for the yearly at 59.99 which is what I’ll be doing. This is an amazing app I highly recommend.

Nov 9, 2022

I am using the free version of the app and it is very helpfully . I have tried some of the most recommended from play store but this is one of the most complete one and also has a good design.

Jaasiel Bravo Nov 8, 2022

This is my second day using this app and so far so good!. You can scan everything and select how much of it you ate, it gives you really good nutrition facts about what your eating and breaks all the food down in depth. So much better then MFP I switched to this when they took away the scanning feature unless you paid monthly for it. So far loving the switch.

Britney Johnson Nov 8, 2022

wonderful and perfect app

Neil Forker Nov 8, 2022

Most features are Not behind a pay wall. Great app

chris cronje Nov 8, 2022

Easy Peasy takes all the Science out of logging food

I really should make it a point to use this app far more frequently than I do. Every time I come back to it there’s some new kind of improvement that has made tracking my food easier. Although I deviate and don’t always track my food (I have pre-diabetes and suffer when I don’t track) this app takes me back to where I need to be and almost makes it fun again. The easy settings; the friendly interface; just makes it a lot less cumbersome and entices me to do it more consistently.

Nov 8, 2022


Love this app!so much information which I enjoy

Nov 8, 2022

Worth it!

Most diet plans don’t give you actionable analytics. My net diary asks you what’s your current weight and what is your target rate and gives you good visual graphics to inspire you to continue the journey. It will net out your exercise, and tell you how many calories are left for the day Helpful guidance about water consumption and how it curbs hunger. I’ve already lost 4 pounds and I’ve only been on this diet for a couple weeks.

Nov 8, 2022

Best Modern weight/calorie tracking app

Back in the day there were apps like noom and my fitness pal who have been bought out and now you cant even use the apps to a worthwhile extent or just get spammed with ads without paying. This app gives you so much options and tools for free and even gives you a local account by default instead of forcing you to make an account. At this point I've used it enough for free that now if i actually want to make an account and pay for the premium features i don't feel like I was forced to do so which is extremely rare these days. Great app glad to see quality free apps are still being made.

Nov 8, 2022

I enjoy this app and it's great! I did not like MyFitnessPal, ads and such were plentiful. I also tried fatsecret little to no adds, but features were broken. MyNetDiary keeps me on track. the barcode scanner is wonderful. I enjoy that so many foods have a gram conversion so it's easy to weigh out on a digital food scale

Corey Solberg Nov 7, 2022

lows MFP away. paying for the app actually seems worth while IF your the type to pay ( I am not, free version rules)

Jacob Waxmonsky Nov 7, 2022

Love this app

Loveee this app. Especially the scan feature.

Nov 7, 2022

LOVE this app!!!

Was a MFP user for more than a decade but decided to switch to MyNetDiary after MFP changed to barcode scanner usage to premium membership only. That was the best thing that could’ve happened because MND is SO MUCH BETTER!!! So many more features and I love the user friendly platform. It’s a game-changer to be able to add a goal date for your plan and to have the added feature of calorie adjustment as you lose weight. I love the prediction estimates as well - very motivating to keep going! Plus the app is just plain pretty!

Nov 7, 2022

Love this app

This app is the best! So many options are free! Tracking food, water and weight is so easy! I would highly recommend this app! This app by far exceeds all the rest of the weight loss apps

Nov 7, 2022


I just started using this free app and am thrilled with how easy it is to log information. If you want learning about and are open to adjusting foods to have a healthy lifestyle this is for you.

Nov 7, 2022

My fav calorie counter app! I love the scanning option and how simple it is to log food. I absolutely love how food is rated by letters because it helps me understand what is good and bad. It even has water and exercising tracking which is really cool! Overall really easy to use while having multiple helpful options without the disadvantage some apps give you if you dont pay them money. In love with this app😊

An id… Nov 6, 2022

It works

I have lost almost 13 pounds easily by using this app

Nov 6, 2022

Amazing useful

I’ve tried plenty of calorie tracker apps and this is by far my favorite. Easy to use. A lot of features free. I love the simplicity of it and I also like the forecast that helps. So far a very useful app.

Nov 6, 2022

The best

I’ve only had this app for a couple of days but so far it has everything you could possibly need for free. I’ve used other calorie counting apps and this one beats all of them.

Nov 6, 2022

New to Dieting

This app makes it easy to track my diet and keep me educated about my choices. Also gives me tips and menu ideas. Definitely worth the money.

Nov 6, 2022

This is by far the best software for this purpose that I've encountered. The menus are deep and the software makes it really easy to log food

Brian Donohue Nov 5, 2022

We have used this app for years. It is intuitive, easy, visually pleasing, and updated frequently. I found it more accessible than well know competitor apps. The free version is generous. We got so much use out of it that we decided to pay for the full version, as the app really is worth its salt (pun fully intended).

Sdr Nov 5, 2022

The free version gives me everything I need. You can scan barcodes of the food you eat or tell it by voice what you ate that day and it logs it. The food selections are diverse and it has easy, healthy recipes. You can also add your exercise. I'm very happy with this app.

Spookycat Nov 5, 2022

My Control ❤️

Love this Dashboard thingy!! Helps me with all aspects of my daily life. Thank You A Grateful Granny Cynthia

Nov 5, 2022

Great app

t’s a great app even in the free mode, it meets all you need.👍

Nov 5, 2022

I used to use myfitnesspal but I thought that I'd try something new for two reasons 1) Mfp changed some features from free to the premium version 2) just to make it exciting again 😆. Turns out that I really like this app!! It's fantastic. It runs smooth, has a great database, barcode scanner, you can create recipes, etc. Really good. Give it a try if you're looking for something with these features.

stravello s Nov 4, 2022

Free user friendly

The app is user friendly and after a short time of using it, it’s super quick and easy to log food/adjust the macros. It’s not just for weight loss, I use it to be certain of healthy eating.

Nov 4, 2022

Beautiful and Great Tracking

I have used this app off and on since 2010. Overall I have found it to be a fantastic experience. As a healthcare provider I appreciate that it doesn’t have crowd sourced junk data in the app. The food library is sufficiently large although I do occasionally find a food that isn’t listed. Tracking is pretty easy with the barcode scanner, search by text, etc. I like being able to create a recipe but this feature isn't as easy as some other apps I have used (sure would like to see ability to copy paste a whole list of ingredients into the search as I frequently modify web recipes to make them healthier). Overall this app is beautiful to look at, sufficiently easy to track foods and offers a lot of options and great info from dietitians that other apps do not. Get it! You won’t be sorry.

Nov 4, 2022

BEST Tracking App out there!

After years of using a well known tracking app, I’ve grown quite tired of how my previous tracking app charges the same amount for their premium service as a gym membership. I also grew quite annoyed that my previous tracking app kept throwing all of the useful features behind their expensive paywall. So, I searched and found MyNetDiary. Upon starting the use of MyNetDiary, I was quite pleased. 1. Easy to use interface 2. The ability to log not only food intake, but also being to log water consumption and weight 3. A lot of foods are in their database 4. The coaching 5. Their premium service membership equals out to less than $10 per month BONUS 6. They even have voice logging where you can speak what you are and how much!! This is by far the best tracking app! Much, much better than the others in my opinion.

Nov 4, 2022

its the best app I have tried for tracking my food, exercise and fluid intake.

CowboyFletch Nov 3, 2022

This app is fantastic. I highly recommend it!

Jessica Mckechnie Nov 3, 2022

Need option to select “forgot username”

After forgetting username & contacting Tech Support on 2 occasions, found the response very helpful & was able to successfully restore my subscription in the App A great App, very easy to use, multiple recipes to try

Nov 3, 2022

So easy!

I love the MyNetDiary app! I’ve used many different weight watching apps and had little motivation to keep going on my weight loss journey. This app motivates me because of the user friendly features. This is by far the best! I love the options portions. I love using grams instead of ounces or servings. I love the motivating apple as you use calories and the ski slope as you lose weight. Great job!!!!

Nov 3, 2022


Great app…I am very happy with it…so helpful to keep you on track and easy to use ☺️. 5 stars for sure. Many apps are glitchy or there are a million ads…not this one. The ads that are there are easy to click out of. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Nov 3, 2022

No charge for sku entries

Used them all-this is the most intuitive and thorough-even in the free version. The paid version is more in depth on all nutrients. Really too many features to list. NO ANNOYING ADS even in the free version. FINALLY! This is everything I’ve wished for in this type of app. Seamless and easy to use.

Nov 3, 2022

Game changer

This app literally change the way I approach folks from a more objective pedestal. If you have always been scared of what and what not to eat in order to loose weight, this is the app you need

Nov 3, 2022

Best thing since sliced multi-grain bread!

I needed to lose 15 lbs and didn’t want to do a formal diet…more of a lifestyle change. This app has allowed me to structure my eating so that fits into the whole daily picture. Being completely honest is key and using the scan ability makes it so easy. I lost the weight before the app’s algorithm said I would and I use it everyday religiously. I’ve maintained the weight loss with no difficulty. I highly recommend it.

Nov 3, 2022

Comprehensive Aussie database of foods and groceries

Took my weight loss efforts to another level when I started using this app along with a $25 good scale from Amazon.

Nov 3, 2022

great app

Far better then any of the apps for breakdown of analysis and scorecards visualised to assess macro and nutrient. and track weight loss goals

Nov 2, 2022

Healthy Eating Made Easy

I've been struggling to eat healthy for years and put on weight. This app is what I've been searching for for a long time. It makes tracking every calorie super easy and makes healthy suggestions. Download this app. Now it will change your life.

Nov 2, 2022

Fantastic. No bloat. Everything you need.

After using plenty of Loseit and Myfitnisspal, this app is an incredible breath of fresh air. It’s interface is well designed and has everything you need and nothing more. Logging a meal is a touch a way, you don’t have to slog through multiple screens of pop ups and over complicated UI trying to sell you premium every hour of the day. Really great. Will recommend to everyone.

Nov 2, 2022


I found this to be the best tracker in all phases of healthy living! Great menus, superior coaching and excellent quality. I can and will recommend this app to everyone interested in improving their health! Thank you for a great APP MyNetDiary.

Nov 2, 2022

Weight Loss

This system is outstanding. It continues to work for me where others failed. Approximately two years now and I’m a satisfied user. Thanks!

Nov 2, 2022

great service easy to use

J W Nov 1, 2022

My favorite food logging app!!!!

I’ve tried them all ! fitness pal , chronometer, lose it , to name a few …. i need something more … THIS IS IT! I get an email weekly evaluating all my food logging .. and it’s awesome . I have premium and i love the meal plans, recipes and love the rating for what i log . EVERY food has a grade which is cool … just seems to have me so much more motivated ! keep up the good work !

Nov 1, 2022

TPW 63 yr old

Easy to use. Love the food grading system helps you make better choices.

Nov 1, 2022

Love it.

Free barcode scanner and it calculates bmr and tdee.

Nov 1, 2022

Easy to use. Good way to keep track and stay motivated.

Christeen Buck Oct 31, 2022

Great app for keeping track

I switched from mfp after they started taking features out of the free version, notably the bar code scanner. I wish I would have switched earlier! This app is so much prettier and easier to navigate. There is so much less stuff cluttering up the screen. It just makes it less of a hassle to log my calories, which means I’ll actually do it.

Oct 31, 2022

Excellent (delete your fitness pal)

Excellent app and a great intuitive way to track your daily intake

Oct 31, 2022

Life changing

This is really the best app I have ever used. It is so very helpful. It’s very easy to use and understand. It just may take time to get the hang of things. I feel like there’s always something new added. I really enjoy using the scanner. It’s very helpful when shopping. Im so much more aware of what I’m eating. It’s very interesting what you think may not be ok to eat and what is ok to eat. I love the fact that it grades the food with keto. The recipes are awesome and give great meal options or ideas.

Oct 30, 2022

So motivational!

Love this app. From someone that has never watched what I eat or exercised , now thanks to this app I am doing both, I love it!! On track for my weight loss, wahoo!!

Oct 30, 2022

Really loving this app

I’ve used several apps before, my fitness pal, keto diet app and lose it, just to name a few. The restrictions with those apps is frustrating. This app is so easy to use and I love the layout. Everything is visible from the dashboard and inputting your foods for the day is super easy. It takes the guess work out of calorie counting and has made it easy to stick to a healthy way of eating. I love that they also have a grade for your food choices. I’ve found myself looking at the grade my food choices were given and saying, “ewww, that got a D?” And putting it away for a better, healthier choice.

Oct 30, 2022

I started looking for a new app after myfitnesspal started charging to use their barcode scanner which just made it not user friendly anymore, after using this app though, I'll never go back. I love how easy and customizable this app is! The measurements guide makes it so easy to estimate food when I go out to eat, I feel confident in what I'm tracking! Best calorie app I've ever used!

Natasha Culp Oct 29, 2022

Excellent app with lots of valuable info

This app is really easy to use and will give lots of valuable information about the foods you’re eating. I especially appreciate the info on sodium!

Oct 29, 2022

Happy Accident

We found this app while looking for a complete diet tracker after becoming disenchanted with the most popular offerings. Does everything we want and more and the premium version is well priced and good value for your money.

Oct 29, 2022

very detailed, it's like having a coach!

Amanda Duke Oct 28, 2022

This is a great app. I especially like how it gives you a large list of foods and the nutritional information about them, that way if you are like me and have no clue how many calories are in a banana or french fries, you can use the app, instead of having to guesstimate the number.

Maycrow 19 Oct 28, 2022

Love it

Big Lu Oct 28, 2022

I've used a lot of apps, usually reverting to myfitnesspal which makes tracking calories a chore for me. Its early days with this app but it doesn't feel as restrictive because it gives you the calories you need to stay in deficit from, which is different from the calorie budget I'm reccomended so i dont beat myself up if I go over my budget, as im still in deficit. It gives you a lot on the free version and is just better looking, easier to use and everything is on your dashboard, easy to see.

Anita Kilbride Oct 28, 2022

Helped me lose almost 20lbs

Shotgunfacevlogs Oct 28, 2022

MyFitness Pal started charging for scanning and I found this app. Wow! It beat MFP all the way around. Much easier to use and fun to watch your apple's progress. Thanks

Donna D McBerty Oct 28, 2022

This app is awesome! There is so much information provided and I really love the grading system. Turs out that is something that actually motivates me.

Nicole Franck Oct 28, 2022

If your looking for a life style change not a diet.

I have struggled with diets and my weight for manny years. I been keto and vegan lol. This app is easy to use. I am becoming more mindful of what I eat. I’m making better choices and even I a day I go over my limit, I go back to better choices the next day so I feel like it’s balances out. No longer feel guilty or failure. If I want to eat the dam cake I eat it and then just make healthy choice the rest of the week Or just a smaller option portion size. Every thing in moderation including moderation.

Oct 28, 2022

I am so happy MyFitnessPal forced me to look elsewhere. This is a far better app. I LOVE THIS APP ❤️

Lucinda Scherting Oct 27, 2022

The app is simply better than anything on the market in every way. So thank you for it

NP Oct 27, 2022

I downloaded this after MFP removed the bar scanner on the free version. Loving it so far. Very easy to use and no issues with scanning items.

Mandy Oct 27, 2022

Favourite calorie & water tracking app

I recently started back taking care of my health and fitness. I have to credit this app for really helping me through my weight loss journey. I love using the clean interface on the app and I track my calories and water intake easily. There are widgets and shortcuts that I am using daily. It has been the best calorie counting app I’ve used to date. I would highly recommend the app 👍🏻

Oct 27, 2022

Best Diet App Ever

This is the best because mainly it has all the foods I eat and it’s free (Well The Important Things Are Free)

Oct 27, 2022

Logging food is really easy especially now you can scan bar codes. It's good you can log in kJ. Overall it's easy to use and isn't gimmicky like some other apps. Some of the recipes are good too.

Lu Nickell Oct 26, 2022


This was very helpful to track losing weight. Even more helpful keeping the weight off and tracking trends in weight.

Oct 26, 2022

Came from MyFitnessPal because they dropped their free barcode scan function. So glad I did. I like this app even better than MFP when they had free scanning.

Clint Powell Oct 25, 2022


Finally an accurate app that makes food logging as easy as possible!!

Oct 25, 2022

My Net Diary

Easiest app I have used for tracking weight and food. It has lots of analysis features . Little did I know that I was eating some D rated foods. It tracks food , water and calories used. It also notifies you if you fail to track your food . It has some coaching tools and recipes. So far I am loving the app.

Oct 25, 2022

So Impressed

Wow! I am so impressed with this app. It is so impressive and the information you can get from the data you enter is brilliant. I have just tried the recipe import and it has actually blown me away. Well done! Only comment would be to be able to add recipes from the + tab. 10/10 from me!!! The weekly analysis showing me we which vitamins I am not consuming enough of is so helpful. I think everyone should use this app even if it is to keep a check on nutrition. I will be going Premium just on the basis that this app is too good to be free (don’t often say that!) so feel I should be paying for it.

Oct 25, 2022

I have been using this app on and off for 6years. I have looked at others thinking perhaps i needed a change, but it turns out, I always come back as this app. I find this one is easy to use, easy to follow and has everything i need. It is not complicated or busy on the eyes. Just couldn't swap it out for any other!

Bbronzed Oz Oct 24, 2022

Amazing app experience, I track my workouts in the notes section too. The barcode scanner has yet to fail me. I don't pay for the app yet, but the subscription cost is very reasonable.

Oatmealmix Oct 24, 2022

Easy to use and it doesn't bug me much to upgrade.

Terry Pullen Oct 24, 2022

Awesome app

Can’t speak highly enough about this app. For someone who has come to diabetes later in life it’s absolutely brilliant for checking foods using the barcode scanner. I love all the daily tracking stuff that integrates with Apple health and shows me my weight etc. it has made it much easier for me to keep myself accountable and to limit the amount of sugar and carbs that I eat in order to bring my blood glucose levels down to an acceptable level. highly recommended.

MrRepo Oct 24, 2022

Awesome App

This app is awesome. It’s very user friendly, it allows you to copy from day to day with a swipe and it encourages you. The best calorie counting app I’ve ever used.

Oct 24, 2022

So grateful to have found this app after finding out I am at risk for type 2. Just plug in your exercise and everything you eat. It tells you how many carbs, calories, and how much fat you have eaten for the day and lets you set targets to stay under. It even tells you your vitamins levels! Set water reminders and goals, keep track of blood sugar. Invaluable in my opinion. Thank you so much for developing this app!

Erica Richmond Oct 23, 2022

A really elegant app

Probably the best app for weight loss or control. Easy to use.

Oct 23, 2022

My Net Diary!!!

Great app for logging foods, water, weight and exercise! Even on the free version you get plenty of help, tips and recipes. Highly recommend!

Oct 23, 2022

Love it, so easy to use and keep track of all the nutritional values. I purchased the full version as the information and the work on building it must have been remarkable.

Cristina Pérez Oct 22, 2022

This app is easy to use & has been super helpful to me in managing my calories, carbs, and sugar daily.

Deborah Dukes Oct 21, 2022

The app we needed.

There are a few bar codes that are off, but so far I really like this app. It is easy to use and you have pretty much all the tools you need. I will try it for free for another week and then I am thinking of getting the premium version. Just because this developer is not greedy and actually offers a quality product before sticking their hand in your pocket. Keep up the good job.

Oct 21, 2022

Amazing App!

I love this App. It has never crashed or lost data for me. Easy to use and i use it daily. I am using the free version and I will upgrade soon.

Oct 21, 2022

I tried MyNetDiary after mfp locked the barcode scan option. I have found this to have all of the features that I liked with mfp plus the database is less cluttered. There was a slight learning curve getting used to the app but it's not bad. I will say that I haven't even begun to take advantage of all of the features available. It's a great app. For me and my needs, this is by far the best choice.

Matthew W. Oct 20, 2022

this is the best app I could find to lose weight it is just incredible

Salma Hossam Oct 20, 2022

Awesome app

​​This app is great. Easy to use and loaded with features even in the free version. Much easier to search and find a food than other apps iv used.

Oct 20, 2022

Best calorie and weight loss app I’ve ever used!

Sooo much better than MyFitnessPal; seriously.

Oct 20, 2022

Very concise app, perfect for any weight loss journey as everything well recorded & easy to use

ayesha moola Oct 19, 2022

Love this app I so paid for the year. It has an easy to use dashboard and allows targets/goals to be set for macros and micros. It also syncs with my Fitbit. It offers so much that I am discovering more and more as I use it. It allows recipe website coordination, health record data and much more. Probably this is the most complete food tracking, weight loss, lifestyle app available.

Maureen Faber Oct 19, 2022

I wish I had known about this earlier. Great app, makes you accountable. I feel great at the end of my day, am learning about portion control and my macro nutrients. Two things I never bothered to check before and thought it took too much time to sit down and count calories,this app makes it so easy!

Phiona K Oct 18, 2022

Works great, better than expected. So good in fact, my wife switched apps to this one.

Justin Thompson Oct 18, 2022

I almost like a game and I try to beat it daily. It works and is informative.

Kathy Young Oct 18, 2022

Great app. Many cool features and no pesky ads.

Moné De Wit Oct 18, 2022

Fantastic app. It helped me lose 20kg in 3 months. Still another 10kg to go, but it makes tracking calories so so easy!!

S Parker Oct 18, 2022

Best health app out there.

This app has everything and the UI is well designed too. You can do pretty much everything you need to do with the free version of the app. If you’re hardcore there might be some things on the full version worth paying for. What I like most about this app is you can translate any food entry to a single gram, making it super convenient if you happen to be a few grams over or under a “serving size”.

Oct 18, 2022

My Covid 15

My doctor suggested I use an app to help me lose the weight I’d gained during the last 2 years. I can’t exercise due to my health, so calorie counting and watching what I ate was the way to go! I was using the “free” version of this app and told myself if the app worked, I’d buy the “Premium” version…. It worked and was more helpful than I thought an app would be! Thank you for creating such a helpful and easy to use app!

Oct 18, 2022

Excellent application. I found it very useful and effective.

ABDUL RASHEED PK Pk Oct 17, 2022

Stay on target

This is a great app. I’ve used it for about two weeks and even on the free setting you get great feedback and it’s food tracking is easy to use.

Oct 17, 2022

Truly the best nutrition app ever created!

This app is truly remarkable! The level of detail and customization is fascinating! The usability is great and the analytics it provides is so helpful! It definitely blows MFP out of the water! I’m shocked I just found out about it and just started using this!

Oct 17, 2022

I am amazed.

I have used so many apps before and nothing ever clicked for me. This app is super easy to use and helps me make better decisions by grading the foods in their database. I love the daily tips and weekly analysis.

Oct 17, 2022

My Saviour!

Like most people I have tried a lot of diets and like most people I yo-yo my weight without settling with a steady target weight. I realise that the only diet that is workable for me is a calorie controlled steady loss that allows me to eat enough to not feel uncomfortably hungry. I used a similar diet app which worked well but had a subscription that was prohibitive long term so to find this app with so many free elements has kick started my diet. I love the easy to use interface, the ability to scan bar codes and especially the integration with my Apple watch exercise app that automatically adds my walking

Oct 17, 2022

This app makes it easy to track what you eat. just wish I was able to import my own recipes from my computer.

trpqweyr Broncos Oct 16, 2022

Geweldig (Awesome)

Heb dit programma al 8 jaar in gebruik, de laatste updates zijn goede verbeteringen en ik ben er zeer content mee. Met behulp van eigen discipline, mindfulness, gezond eten, crossfit, yoga en voldoende slapen ben ik uiteindelijk 25 kg afgevallen van 105 naar 80 en de laatste jaren handhaaf ik het op 82 kg met een vet percentage van 12% en zit dus goed in mijn vel. Mijn pols is normaal laag en regelmatig en mijn bloeddruk is van een jonge god terwijl ik 71 jaar ben. Klaar om op avontuur te gaan, zonder balast, Go. TRANSLATED FROM DUTCH: I have been using this program for 8 years, the latest updates are good improvements and I am very pleased with them. With the help of my own discipline, mindfulness, healthy eating, CrossFit, yoga and sufficient sleep, I eventually lost 25 kg from 105 to 80 and in recent years I have maintained it at 82 kg with a fat percentage of 12%, so I am in good shape. sheet. My pulse is normally low and regular and my blood pressure is of a young god even though I am 71 years old. Ready to go on an adventure, without any burden, Go.

Oct 16, 2022

Easy to use and keep updated

It has been easy to use this app and to remember to update it with widget that lives on my Home Screen. The different trend charts are helpful to better understand food choices, macros and weight loss progress. Lots of tips along the way. Have used similar apps before but feel this has given a better user friendly experience for a lower subscription cost.

Oct 16, 2022

Better than Myfitnesspal. Doesn't charge you to use a barcode scan and if you do pay it is much cheaper. I don't personally use premium and it's working great for me.

Samuel Carmona Oct 15, 2022

Got it to replace my fitness pal. It's a far superior application even if my fitness pal had not put most of its functions behind pay wall

Steven Nyquist Oct 15, 2022

So convenient and easy to use. Love all the charts!

Sunny Mapps Oct 15, 2022

Fitness Pal Who ?

Love this complete package easy to use Still learning daily Use some of the app or use all of it. If your considering this app. Get it ! Use it ! Love it !

Negative average Joe Oct 15, 2022

I love this app and I'm so glad I found it!!! Easy, educational, and motivational! I'd choose this over MyFitnessPal any day and I used that app for years!!! Now, let's actually lose some weight!

Emily Angel Oct 14, 2022

Best app ever!

This app is by far the easiest and most user friendly app to use for holding yourself and your health accountable! You can look up foods or just use the scanner and save that food as a favorite! Awesome! Hands down the best!

Oct 14, 2022


Easy to use, just what I needed! Was looking for an app for increasing awareness of what I was putting in my body and this ended up being like a new toy. Easy to use and I like the encouraging analysis the end of each day (even on days I was way off my intention). I use the barcode scanner more than I thought I would and like the gps feature that can track my hikes and bike rides. So glad to have found this, as my practices needed more change than I realized. Thanks to developers!

Oct 13, 2022

Downloaded this app because MyFitnessPal made the stupid decision to put the barcode scanner behind a paywall. Then I subscribed to premium, just to spite MyFitnessPal. However, it's totally worth it. This is a very good app. I haven't yet realized its potential, and I wish it could pair with my Renpho app, but I am glad I got this and wouldn't go back to MFP even if they gave back the barcode scanner.

Christopher Bridges Oct 12, 2022

very useful even without paying. *Update* I've been using this app for a while now and it is so useful and easy to use. The little hints and recommendations that pop up are valid and relate to me and where I'm at. Yes there are some things that don't scan with the bar code but it is easy to take a pic of the nutritional info and submit it. I love this app!

Sondra Scheiblich Oct 12, 2022

This is a great app I have lost over 18 pounds, it makes you more aware of where the calories are coming from, mine was biscuits and portion control. 👍

Nick Oct 12, 2022

excellent app. works hand in glove with my dietician recommendations. really like the interface, and weekly summary email status report.

Lisa J K Stacholy Oct 12, 2022

Great fitness app

This is a great app that’s easy to use and coordinates well with my Apple watch. It’s better than anything I’ve else I’ve tried and I have tried a number of these over the years.

Oct 12, 2022

Amazing - Super lazy & this app changed my life.

I’m m super lazy, hate writing reviews, hate logging, hate even thinking about the calories ect - this app has changed my life - not specifically for the weight loss, but just in understanding a balanced diet better. Although weight loss is still my focused goal here, and have lost over 10kgs on this app, but can see how it’s going to help me keep it off!!! Aussie - and heap of our brands, nice and easy… I’m on the free version, and honestly can get by, but I can see how the subscription would make all the difference.

Oct 12, 2022

Love this App!

I am on a new healthy lifestyle and used to use My Fitness Pal and discovered it was no longer user friendly. I came across this App on an advertisement and tried it out. I am so happy I downloaded it! It’s easy and has the ability to scan your food items. The steps make it super easy and fun to track my progress. I started looking at the recipes and there is some good content on here. If I decide to buy the pro level, it’s a reasonable subscription cost. Thanks for making this app! It’s awesome!

Oct 12, 2022

Love it!

Great App. Easy to use. Tracks all the things I need weight caloric intake, water intake, and exercise. Each food gets a grade so you know what’s good for you and what you should eat in moderation. I highly recommend it!

Oct 11, 2022

Weight loss

I’m so happy with my results I lost 30kg in 7 months just by using this app I was 110kg in March 27 and I’ve hit my weight goal of 80kg today 11 October The best thing is that I can eat what ever I want as long as I don’t overdo my calories . It was to easy ! Just followed the app and it worked . Kfc , hungry jacks , McDonald’s … I still eat it all and support my cravings . I feel really good now and have so much more energy Thank you

Oct 11, 2022

I used MFP for years and liked how it worked, but this platform is so much more user friendly and just overall easier to use. There is a wide database of foods already entered to choose from. I like how everything is on the same page so you can see how you are doing at a glance on your proteins and fat intakes. Absolutely recommend.

Heather Nelson Oct 10, 2022

Fav Diet App

I have tried many diet apps and this is by far my fav! It offers lots of options, diet plans, settings options, syncing to all my devices, etc.

Oct 10, 2022

Functionality Blows Away the Competition

The stack of offered tools (barcode scanning, log, water tracking, smart recommendations, dynamic caloric goal setting, weight loss tracking) and beyond features like a library or recipient and scientific data one click away to back up their statements. Apple watch and health integrations are excellent. Gives me confidence I can advocate for my own health

Oct 10, 2022

This is AWESOME!!!! Never had an app for calorie count before since I'm more about what I eat than how many calories I eat and yet, this covers sugar, fats, and more with an ease which makes me keep coming back to record!!! Very helpful and handy to keep track easily without feeling bogged down with typing everything everytime since it remembers what I've already recorded AND has an awesome barcode scanner to boot, thanks so much for this!!!!

Geoffrey Blackwell Oct 9, 2022

So Easy to Use

Love this app!!! Lost 30 pounds tracking my weight daily and the tips are helpful and informative.

Oct 9, 2022

bar cod reader included on the free version!

T Mc Oct 8, 2022

Great app for free

It makes it easy to count calories. I love the bar code scanning feature. It saves a lot of time.

Oct 8, 2022

this is great. makes counting calories easy. it took a few days to get the hang of it...but now, so glad we found it! (wife uses it as well)

Phil Smith Oct 7, 2022

It's such a helpful app..if you're dedicated towards your health then it's your best buddy.. really appreciate it ♥️

Nadia 1011 Oct 7, 2022

Free version is great with a clean intuitive interface. Color coding of daily deficit helps keep me on track. so glad they have all the features I need without the premium subscription.

Josh Ferreria Oct 6, 2022


I actually LOVE this app and couldn’t recommend it more. I use yhe free version and you can use most of the app with it, and they don’t nag you to join premium which is nice. I needed a fresh new app since mfp has tanked so badly. This app is better with so many more features within the daily log, it makes it fun to use! I will say the app tooo me a day or two to figure out and get used to since there are so many features but now I’m obsessed. Thanks for making such an amazing free app.

Oct 6, 2022

I just switched to this app because my life long app (fitness pal) wants to charge $20 a month now to use the scanner. So I got this one instead and it is free and if I wanted to pay monthly it is way cheaper. So far I love it. I love the visual of me on a bike to get to my goal. I think I might even like this one better. Good app. I give it 5 stars.


Excellent app! Easy to use and free scans on food items is a fantastic feature. Highly recommended

Mumma Bear Oct 5, 2022

Love, love, love everything about this app. I'm always finding new ways to do things. There are great articles and I love the food grades. Also love being able to make notes. It's worth the extra money for premium. The money I used to spend on snacks goes toward this app. Love it don't change it.

Shannon Ramsey Oct 5, 2022

Great app

So much functionality, and no subscription. Thank you!

Oct 5, 2022

I’ve lost weight!

Brilliant app, it has really helped me stick with eating better, it’s a bit of fun counting calories lol

Oct 5, 2022

Best Calorie App Out There

I’ve never written a review, but this app is just too good. It can help so many people in sticking to their goals. I’m trying to gain some weight and so far, it has done a great job in making sure I go above the amount of calories needed. I have seen improvements in just less than a week even, after having this app for only 2 1/2weeks. And it can tell me when on the exact date I will hit my goal. This app has also given me a food plan specifically for me, and has been able to tell me what I may be eating too much of or too little of. For example, my foods have consisted of not as much protein and too much sodium. I am able to see what foods do that and try healthier meals of change up my meal plan. The app has a ton more than I just stated so definitely try this app and it could change your life. *Also, this is all without any subscription or premium offer, so definitely try it out*

Oct 5, 2022

Weight Lost!!

This app made it so easy to track my calories. Learning how to eat my favourite foods whist on a diet helped me lose 10kg easily. Would recommend this app to anyone who wanted to actually lose weight.

Oct 5, 2022

Easy Way to Weight Loss

I had been a big SparkPeople user but when they changed their format i searched for an app that would work for me. I also wanted to be able to use it on my laptop. This is by far the best i looked at. Love the “my recipe” option and there are so many brand names it’s amazing. Even with my obscure food choices i find everything’s listed. So far have lost 40 lbs but still have a ways to go! Thanks.

Oct 4, 2022

Food tracking

Love this app. No commercial. Simple to track and easy to use.

Oct 4, 2022

Great tool for calorie counting

This is a fantastic tool for calorie counting-it’s easy to use and makes calculations really easy. There’s lots of other information on it too to help you make healthy choices as well as helping you to record water consumption. It makes calorie counting easier. Highly recommended.

Oct 4, 2022

Weight loss management

I’ve tried many calorie counting apps and find that MYNETDIARY is the best overall. I. Addition to basic calorie and exercise tracking, it’s easily customized and customer support is excellent!

Oct 4, 2022

I don't say this often, but this is an extremely well designed app. I'm genuinely impressed and would recommend it.

L Wilson Oct 4, 2022

Just installed this. Everything I search for it says "by xyz". I've figured out how to add my own meals as eating out is absolutely not a good idea for weight control. I've lost. 108 lbs and want to maintain using My Fitness Pal. I used MFP for 8 years and it has become unusable without paying. Ads, limits on what was previously free has forced me to look elsewhere. Very happy with the app so far. Good bye MFP!

james carunchia Oct 4, 2022

I love it

AI have recently changed from calorie counting (which wasn’t helping me lose weight) to carb counting. Carb Genius is making my journey so easy and enjoyable. Thank you. 😊

Oct 3, 2022


Amazing App to “partner with” to observe how I am currently eating & learn how to eat better. It keeps me honest with my calorie intake and the distribution (carbs, protein, fat); as well as with water consumption and exercises.

Oct 3, 2022

I was with MyFitnessPal for many years. For free. Then, they pulled the "scan barcode" option for us with free service. You COULD pay $19.99 a month for premium. No thanks. So, since loyalty gets you nowhere anymore, I downloaded MyNetDiary. And I'm sure glad I did! Not only is it WAY more user friendly, it also has the "scan barcode" available for anyone enjoy the free version. Plus, it has a slew of perks available for free as well! You CAN get premium service: For $8.99 monthly! Good job!

Deborah Howard Oct 2, 2022

Been using for a year. Love the recipes and finding out my vitamin intake. I suggest you get full labs done in your vitamins. My vit D was toxic so I use the app to monitor my vit D and no longer supplement it. Been a huge help.

Vicki Contreras Oct 1, 2022

Super easy to use and has a great food library.

Annette Sep 30, 2022

I am losing weight and the need for insulin

I’ve been using that my net diary for years now. Two months ago I decided to really apply myself and use the premium menus and recipes. I’ve lost 20 pounds and I stopped using injections for insulin at meal time. I’m on my way to true freedom from diabetes. Thank you my net net diary.

MarkAvery Sep 30, 2022

This app really has it all: calorie counters, macro trackers, recipes, advice, weight forecasts. I love it!

Julie Nondorf Sep 28, 2022

Doesn't beat you over the head with a weight loss requirement. you can just monitor what you eat. I paid for Premium.

Vicky Norton Sep 28, 2022

lost 20lbs in 5 months love this app

Michele Lawson Sep 28, 2022

This app is outstanding. I have tried a few different ones and this one is by far the best I've had. So much information and no limitations and restrictions trying to milk your wallet.

Klaudia KK Sep 28, 2022

Ideal for tracking weight loss and calories. Being able to scan items and add them to your daily total is a god send.

Jay O Sep 28, 2022

this is such an awesome app it helps me to keep my blood sugar and cholesterol under control thank you so much for having it here

Sharon Adams Sep 27, 2022

A surprisingly comprehensive and easy to use App providing all the tools necessary for nutrition tracking and effective weight management.

Mark Yasewicz Sep 27, 2022


Great app. Better than my fitness pal. I wish it was a bit less cluttered but it’s still good.

andrewthe1st Sep 26, 2022

I've lost two stone in the last few months using MyNetDiary. One more to go!

velcrohead85 Sep 25, 2022

I really like this app, no matter what diet your on or just trying to eat healthier, by keeping track of what you eat. This app has helped my husband and I to both lose over 30 pounds each in the last 6 months.

Janet McMaster Sep 24, 2022

Love this app

I have been using this app for the last four weeks and I have lost 8 pounds already. It’s easy to use, most foods are already included for ones to add its very simple.

Loving this app 2022 Sep 24, 2022

This is a user friendly app. I love that it knows calorie intake for many popular restaurant foods and name brand grocery items. This app helps me watch my calorie intake and make lower calorie healthier choices. It has helped me reach my weakly goals in loosing weight.

Debra Cochran Sep 23, 2022

My new app

MyFitnessPal just screwed it’s users by moving the bar code scanner to the high priced premium version. So this is my new nutrition app. So far it’s been good. Will need to get used to a few differences but I’ll manage.

Oct 2, 2022

The best

I’ve been using MyNetDiary for a few weeks, and I am so happy with it. This is the most complete and robust app I’ve used, and it’s FREE! I’d been using My Fitness Pal for a few years, and after they hid more features behind their pricey paywall, I found MyNet Diary. Oh how I wish I’d switched a long time ago!

Oct 2, 2022

Much better than myfitnesspal

Great app to use like myfitness used to be before they brought in the astronomical charges, great visuals and very easy to navigate.

Oct 2, 2022

I love this App!

I absolutely love this App and I am very impressed with the numerous features and different ways to be customized or personalized. I am getting the results I wanted, as planned. I recommend MyNetDiary to anyone, it is simply the best! <3

Oct 2, 2022

Excellent App

Way better and easier to use/view than MyFitness Pal. The best part is that I am actually losing weight on it :)

Sep 30, 2022

Super Diet, Exercise, Nutrition & Fitness App

TOTAL Nutrition and Fitness tracking that works well with Garmin fitness trackers. Way better than MyFitnessPal and other Apps. Truly Love this App ! .....Marvellous !

Sep 29, 2022

Great Alternative Since MFP Is Ruined

I was a long time user of another calorie tracking app that decided to make their scanning system subscription based. MyNetDiary has shown that keeping the scanner free to all helps grow their library of scannable items, as people will do it for them willingly. So thankful this app exists.

Sep 29, 2022

Best app ever!

I finally feel like I’m in control of my weight and my health. I love that I can scan barcodes and easily calculate the calories of each meal. Everything is easy to use, and for someone who is technically challenged, that’s a true compliment! I love how logging exercises gives me a larger calorie budget, so I feel rewarded after doing exercise with a little extra snack. I’ve lost 2.5kgs in two weeks and have not felt hungry once. I’m excited to fit back into my summer wardrobe before Christmas. I couldn’t be happier with this app💚

Sep 25, 2022

If you like MyFitness Pal but got tired of all the basic stuff being a premium feature, this is the app for you. Scans, diet add up, basic charts on dietary nutrition, options and recipes for your needs. Premium stuff doesn't hide what you need, but if you like analytics and obsessing over the most minute details and way more detailed charts, consider upgrading.

7Pop Sep 23, 2022

Best Health & Fitness App I’ve Used!

I am so in love with this app, and I’m currently using the free version! It is so sensibly designed, beautiful layout, excellent report features, works great & tracks exactly what I need for diet & exercise. I have tried nearly all of them out there and find this the best! They also offer great help tutorials & a wonderful support team who responds to your questions. Highly recommend!

Sep 21, 2022

Super App!

Absolutely super app! Very detailed and covers all areas of weight loss, nutrients and vitamins that I’m interested in. Easiest way to count calories too. I have recommended this app to co-workers.

Sep 21, 2022

Have lost 10% already and 5% body fat

With a good selection of foods (including from Australia) and easy adding of foods that aren’t in there as well as integration with Apple Health for exercise calories burned, it makes it really easy to accurately keep track. The app elegantly analyses data and presents in a simple way to help stay motivated. The app will only work if you track everything that you eat, but this is easy to do and so worthwhile. It really helps to “budget” food intake - making it possible to enjoy a night out without being “that person” on a diet. I’ve found that I’ve lost about a kg and 0.5% body fat each week for the last 6 weeks. Humour the app and follow its guidelines and you will be rewarded. While it took a bit of getting out of the habit of massive portion sizes, I haven’t felt hungry of deprived. I’ve found it great for raising my awareness of the calories in some foods. You can integrate with Apple health - for both calories burned, steps, but also body weight / fat if you have scales that can do that. That way you have one centralised place to track everything.

Sep 20, 2022

If you're sick of MyFitnessPal's bloated slow nonsense and you just want a quick way to jot down and/or find out the calories of something, this app does it so well. My phone is a piece of junk and it opens really fast, but my favourite thing is it has widgets! Finally!! I have a little meter on my home screen showing how many KJ I have left that day, along with a button for barcode scanning and another for adding a food from a list, and that's it! Less is more :D never change, MyNetDiary ❤️

Adam Halley-Prinable Sep 20, 2022

Love this App

I absolutely love this app!! Thank you MyNetDiary for making my healthy living so much easier and believe it or not FUN ! I’m consciously eating healthier because I can see how much salt , protein , vitamins , calories , fat , and so much more with this app. I started off with the free app and upgraded to premium by the 3rd day ! You should too if you’re thinking about it . Another thing that’s a plus is the email support group . Any questions you have they are quick at responding and very helpful😊 Lina

Sep 20, 2022

Awesome App

This app (free version) is great. I switched from myfitnesspal and haven’t looked back. It’s beautifully designed and functional- and it does everything I need.

Sep 20, 2022

Best app for weight loss

Best app for weight loss and tracking. I have full control and can track my progress and share with others my meal plans and status. Love this app and have recommended it to everyone close to me!

Sep 19, 2022

Don’t waste your time with other Calorie/Health Tracking App

This is by far the best and most user friendly calorie tracking app I’ve come across. It’s got a great widget I keep on my Home Screen that tells me how many calories I’ve consumed and how many I have left in my day to reach my goal. Entering foods is incredibly easy with the option to scan barcodes or search the extensive library of foods in the app. Can’t say enough good things about this app. Extremely happy with it’s ease of use and visual appeal.

Sep 19, 2022

This app is so easy to use compared to other food trackers. I have zero complaints.

Sep 17, 2022

I tried chronometer, lose it, and MyFitnessPal, I ended up on MyNetDiary. I love the app. It's clean and motivating, everything just works and is exactly how it expect things very intuitive. The other apps that I mentioned either don't work like they put a barcode scanner behind a paywall, or they don't make calories straightforward, or their food databases don't include all the random units so it's hard to measure your food. As someone who's currently calorie counting this is the app for you!

Nick Nack Sep 17, 2022

Fabulous app

This app is so easy to use and it's packed with helpful tools. I did not purchase the premium edition and frankly, I don't think I need to. The calorie counter is quick and easy to use. I love that I can scan barcodes and find many of the foods I am eating. Within the app you can keep track of exercise , steps, water intake, weight, measurements and more. There are helpful articles for your health and recipes. There is even a calorie analysis to let you know what has been healthy or not. With this app I am staying on my plan of eating healthy and reaching my goals. Honestly, I love this. I recommended it to my daughter. She said she already had the app! I believe you can sync the app with other devices to monitor your health. Love this app!!!

Sep 16, 2022


First great app in a while! Didnt expect anything good from it at first (sorry). But it is surprisingly convenient, very easy to use, so many free features. love it! recommend. oh! and the most important thing! it works! i lost 1,5 kg in a week as planned!!

Sep 15, 2022

I had never heard of this app until I started actively looking for an alternative to MyFitnessPal after they removed their barcode scanner from the free app version. MyNetDiary has all the features MFP has & more, with less ads, less glitch, more user friendly, I could go on. This is my absolute favorite app now. I use it to count my calories but also to make my own recipes in the app to be able to accurately calculate the carbs for my Type 1 Diabetic child. This app makes that process so smooth in general, but especially allowing us to use the barcode scanner, I’m so appreciative that I found you!!! Thank you for being better than the others!!

Sep 14, 2022

Nice alternative to myfitnesspal

If you are a long time user of myfitnesspal and are unhappy with where that app has gone, give this a try. The dashboard is great and the free version is very nice. There are some ads and pop ups requesting you go premium but its not excessive. The premium cost is less than myfitnesspal and more inline with my budget. Its easy to find foods by search or scanner and selecting the units and quantity is simple. I also like the analysis for how my plan is going. Dev’s please keep the ads and subscription price reasonable, this is a great product.

Sep 13, 2022

Great interface, worth it for the full version

I was pleasantly surprised by this app. I was previously using LoseIt to track my calories and stay on top of my nutrition, but I decided to download MyNetDiary just to see and compare. I prefer this interface much more because it looks nicer, tracking water intake is easier (and you can set drinking reminders), and I have found that I’ve gotten better results overall. It’s also really great that it shows what’s recommended for your body weight, height, and age for certain nutrients and vitamins. I did the free trial and was happy enough that I bought the full version. Would recommend for anyone trying to lose weight, watch their figure, or just have a better overall idea of what’s going in their body.

Sep 12, 2022

Get this app!!!

Better than My Fitness Pal, Very detailed and helpful! Still functional without a paywall.

Sep 9, 2022

Exceptional. After years using MFP that recently made barcode scanning a premium feature, I tried some alternative apps. This one blew me away with features, usability, and the look/feel. So much better than MFP. Wish I found it sooner. Will never go back to MFP. And will tell all my friends about this one.

Karl Shearer Sep 6, 2022

Fantastic !

Been using the app for some 8 years now. Has made life easier and made me understand how badly I underestimated caloric intake. Has helped me eat In a deficit and kept my at a maintained weight. Thanks!

Sep 5, 2022

Love this app

This app makes it very easy to track calories and macros and it has a free version which I really appreciate and recommend. I am have used other apps in the past and this one is by far the best one. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!!

Sep 4, 2022

I absolutely love this app

I’d used MyFitnessPal for a few years despite it never really doing what I needed to do (outdated UI, no Siri integration). Their recently turning to full page ads and eliminating barcode scanning sent me looking for other apps and I’m so happy I did! MyNetDiary is phenomenal. They have Siri integration so logging regularly eaten meals and water intake is easy. Barcode scanning works better than other apps I’ve used. The serving sizes and calorie counts are more reliable than other apps. Searching for food is easy and there’s typically reliable info in the first few results. And on top of that the UI is pretty and intuitive. You have an overview of your stats for the day as soon as you open the page. I honestly love it so much I’m considering a paid subscription, which at $5/month is reasonable for everything the app offers.

Sep 4, 2022

This app does it all

I didn’t know there was anything better than MyFitnessPal. So glad I found this app. I’m learning so much more about vitamins and minerals and macros. So much more than just calories.

Sep 3, 2022

The Best

Like many of the commenters I’ve tried them all and seriously this is my favorite. The ease of using the app, and the way you can customize the display to show the extensive info available is amazing. It’s been a game changer for me and is absolutely one of the main reasons I was able to eat healthier and lose almost 40 pounds! I’m in the process of transitioning from one diet to another, and it’s seamless. Paying for pro was well worth it.

Sep 2, 2022

Leading App in my opinion

After using “brand X” for more than 10 years to help control weight and diabetes, I became disillusioned because of their quest for limiting free service and greed for money. I tried several others and was not happy. Then my wife came upon this app and said I should use it. I used the free option for awhile and really liked what I saw, so I paid for the premium for a year and it is a super app! I am on a fixed income so I will be compelled to re-evaluate each year, but I am thrilled with this app! Beats “brand X” all over the place!

Sep 2, 2022

Love this app

This is the best app I have tried that I have been able to stick with. Slowly I’m losing weight and considering I’m disabled and not able to walk very well I’m happy with how I’m doing even though I know if I was able to exercise I could lose more. But it so convenient… so happy I found it and I definitely recommend!!

Sep 2, 2022

Perfect for Me

I have been on Noom and used their app at a greater cost. I only wanted the portion that tracked my meals. This App is absolutely perfect and far cheaper than the other. It has a wider database than I had hoped for and the ease of use is fantastic I am enjoying using it daily and the weight loss of 14 pounds in a month proves it.

Sep 2, 2022

After some very scary lab reports, I decided to really get serious with my diet. I have used a lot of other apps before but this is the best app by far. I did purchase premium after one day of free use because I saw how easy it was to use, and how much guidance it provides. I cannot recommend this app enough.

Sep 1, 2022

Better than My Fitness Pal

Love this App! Recognizes more barcodes than MFP. Really breaks down your nutrition for you.

Aug 31, 2022

I am now at my goal weight. Total loss of 62.7 lbs. Thanks everyone for your support.

Barbara McGraw Aug 31, 2022

I have to say this app is brilliant

I have been using this app for about 8+ years now. Best of all I have used it all this time for free✔️I have very slowly lost about 10 stone✔️I can set my calorie intake easily from 1000 to 2000 calories a day & back again. I may set it to 3-4000 calories for high days & holidays ✔️ I found for me, this is the secret to successful weight loss: i eat sensibly at all time’s, I eat a maximum of 2000 calories per day. I consume them as healthily as possible. However, spasmodically to fit in with my life & when I feel emotionally able etc. I reduce my calories intake to 1000 calories per day. I can maintain a restricted mostly veg diet for a few days or a week or two at a time & then back to 2000 calories per day, to maintain for a few days at a time. Keeping a records has been an enormous help. This app is very adaptable & I feel has helped enormously with my success. 👍xm✔️😃🤞

Aug 30, 2022

This app is all you want it to be. I have not upgraded, so using the free version and honestly it's spot on for my needs. Easy to use, tips and advice etc. No fad Diets, just simple calorie counting. Options available if you want to follow the latest trend. For me Calories is a lifestyle I can maintain in every day life.

Toni Sussex Aug 28, 2022

Exactly what I wanted!

I had been using MyFitnessPal for many years but they are too greedy with their ads and ridiculous prices, so I went in search of a replacement and found this gem. The interface is very nice, and I’m loving the watch integration! I have it set so that my calories are shown in a corner of my watch face, so at a glance I can see how much more I need to eat. I’ve been underweight my whole life and need to track calories to make sure I eat enough to gain weight. If that sounds crazy, it’s just like being overweight and trying to lose weight. It’s a constant battle, especially if you want to do it in a healthy way, and tools like this app make it much easier. Also, as a software engineer I have to give props to the devs on making an app that proves that you don’t have to choose between form and function.

Aug 27, 2022

Everything a diet app should be

Other diet apps I’ve tried are laughable compared to MyNetDiary. Underneath the simple, clear dashboard is a beautifully constructed database to help you understand EVERYTHING about your diet and your progress losing weight. Logging the foods you eat is super easy, in so many different ways—by typing in the name, by selecting from the list of recent foods, by scanning the barcode, by swiping across to copy a meal that is the same as the day before—they’ve thought of everything and made it all as easy as possible. The nutrients in all your basic groceries are there in addition to thousands of packaged foods, and the database is constantly expanding, as every user can scan barcodes or manually key in nutrients of purchased foods to add them to the app. So in addition to logging calories, carbohydrates, protein, fat, and fiber, you can follow all the micronutrients—all the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that contribute to keeping you healthy, including ones I never thought about—copper, selenium, and many others. It’s really fascinating to review the nutrients of your day’s meals and see exactly which ones provided which nutrients, and then you can use this information to round out what you’re missing. For example, the other evening I saw I was low on Vitamin C. I ate a few mandarin oranges that were in the fridge—presto, when I logged those in the app, it immediately showed I had reached my daily quotient of C! There are also how-to tips and videos, really well done. MyNetDiary accommodates different diets, so it has advice tailored to your preferences and lifestyle. And the app is constantly maintained and improved. These people take their app seriously! The previous time I had to lose weight, a few years ago, I used the free app, and it was great. This time I decided to go for the upgrade, and that gives some added benefits I appreciate—for one thing, it will automatically adjust my daily calories depending on my progress losing weight.

Aug 27, 2022

I used MyFitnessPal quite a bit, but I prefer this one now. After you get the hang of entering food, I find MyNetDiary the easiest to use. Very well designed with thoughtful details.

Jon Whitener Aug 24, 2022

Wow, MyNetDiary is a great help!

I am down 32 lbs. in 5 months. This is a great APP. It helps me pick food and tells me calories. I use it as a daily blog. My goal is 100 pounds loss. I can do it with the help of MyNetDiary. There are so many other useful areas to explore on this site also. I highly recommend it.

Aug 22, 2022

Really Well-Designed

In general, I HATE apps, but I wanted to lose some weight and this one looked, at least, interesting. But MyNetDiary turns out to be incredibly useful, even in ways I wouldn't have expected. It's really intuitive, and provides an enormous database of both fresh and packaged foods--impressive because I'm gluten-intolerant and eat a lot of pretty obscure brands of bread, etc, and I wouldn't expect that many people would have ever heard of them. Logging what I've eaten is actually kind of fun, and I even do it when I've binged on too many calories and would usually just not bother counting them because I'd be too embarrassed at my lack of self-discipline. And I love the very precise breakdown of all of the nutrients, which is important to me because I'm also a vegetarian (yes, I am a pain to feed!) and now I have a better idea about how to get more protein and various other nutrients that I need because of my weird diet. And tracking my water intake is really helpful, too, as I've gotten a little lax about drinking enough (water!), and now I'm more motivated about that, too. Sorry--long review (I also hate writing reviews, so the fact that I did this one should tell you how impressed I am with this app!). Very soon I should be back to my ideal weight, and probably a lot healthier than I've been in a while (oh, yeah--the app also works with my Apple watch to keep track of my activity and workouts...awesome).

Aug 21, 2022

MyNetDiary is absolutely the finest aid to help anyone achieve their goals.

I have used MyNetDiary for many years and recently have been upgraded to the new version. I have been using the new version now for 2 weeks and I have found “MyNetDiary has everything”included to track your food and water intake and an educational library of help. This app is so thorough and anyone by tracking their own progress on a daily basis, can see progress so that they can achieve their own personal goals. I highly recommend this program.

Aug 21, 2022

Easy to use and works!

This app was recommended to me by my sons weight loss camp.I started using it for myself and have already lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks! (34 to go) It’s extremely easy to log meals. The barcode scanning makes it a breeze. I love this app and wish I had found it sooner. It’s a life changer. I feel so much better and know I have a plan. It’s super motivating that they track your plan down to the date you’ll be at goal weight. i’ve been happy just using the free version, but honestly feel like I should just upgrade in order to pay them for this amazing app! Well worth it!

Aug 20, 2022

So much better

What a fantastic app. I have moved over to this app from the competition and I have not regretted it. The app is intuitive, clean, fast and does more than others. I actually feel encouraged to log in and track my progress, and I get actual insight into the foods that I am eating and the effect it will have on my goals. Absolutely superb.

Aug 20, 2022

I honestly don't understand why anyone would use anything else. Ads are not intrusive. The dev doesn't datamine. Straightforward use. Scans barcodes for ease of logging. Manual input for things like fresh fruit. If you're using any other app, stop now and switch. All listed features are free. Seriously considering paying for the sub. This app rocks.

Nathan Rosen Aug 19, 2022

Love it! Great program & I'm down almost 30 lbs in 6 mo. I recommend it to everyone! I started it as a Science experiment because I truely didn't believe it would work & wanted to prove it wrong. My husband is down 50 in the same amount of time. We're sold on it!

Megan Berry Aug 19, 2022

This is the best weight loss app I’ve come across, incredibly versatile, keep finding more and more great features! Highly recommended.

Aug 18, 2022

Bob Borges

I love this app. I used MyFitnessPal go over 10 years, but it got to technical for me. I’m an average 79 yo male and am primarily interested tracking my weight and activity. I like the ease in which you can log, create new meals, etc. hence why I don’t go to premium. I hope to be with MyNetDiary for a lon time.

Aug 18, 2022

I’m a beyond happy seven year user!

I’ve had this app since 2015 and its so useful! Stop wasting your time with other apps, you have everything you need in one. They’re doing updates every few days and my favorite thing about the updates is when one occurs, the next time you use the app, you’ll get a screen which pops up and explains to you what they have updated, fixed or if they added something new. My favorite features would have to be the Home Screen widget and the fact it’s compatible with my Apple Watch. It even has its own face you can apply and is fully customizable. I chose to be shown my water intake, activity and current/remaining calories for the day. I love it because you can quickly look at your watch and see your progress and also input new data without having to go on the app on your phone. Overall, it’s a great app and I don’t know why it took me seven years to give it a review!

Aug 15, 2022

Great app! Very user friendly and the free version is pretty comprehensive and doesn't make you feel like need to spend money just to make it work for you.

Josette Aug 15, 2022

My favorite weight loss app

This app is easy to use. I can find or scan foods quickly. It is not as time-consuming as Noom. It meets my needs perfectly. I also like the graphs and charts that give me a visual on my progress.

Aug 9, 2022

Simply the best…

This app had everything I needed to permanently change my eating snd diet habits. It helped me lose 50 lbs and keep it off through practical, actionable insights thoughtfully delivered in real time. The scan function that helps “preview” good and nutritional values of foods quickly and completely as I shop USA game changer. I have shared and recommended to family and friends all of whom have been similarly impressed.

Aug 9, 2022

Better than the others

Tried Noom and WW and I like this better. Intuitive, organized, doesn’t keep me on the app longer than I need to, but automatic analysis when I wonder how I’m doing.

Aug 9, 2022

If you're serious about losing weight and improving your health then this is the app for you. Using just the free version I lost 50 lbs and fixed my blood pressure. Premium adds a lot more bells and whistles to an already great product. Would definitely recommend.

Daniel Sizemore Aug 9, 2022


The app is very easy to use, and by seeing what foods and beverages have the highest calorie count it incourages you to charge your diet to healthier choices. I have lost 40 pounds over 5 years and continue to maintain my goal weight.

Aug 8, 2022

Definitely the best option for a free calorie counting app!

There aren’t any annoying pop up ads, the user interface is intuitive, and it allows me to track my calories and show how many I have left, which is all I need it for. Definitely would recommend this app, it works exactly as it should. 👍🏻 if I ever decide to pay for a premium I would 100% pay for the premium on this app.

Aug 8, 2022

Excellent app for those committed

Excellent app for those committed to being successful in their weight lots goals. I needed to lose 50lbs to have surgery as directed by my doctor. I have lost 45 over 11 months. I decided to take a slower path so it becomes a life style change and not a crash diet. With the app was able to keep track of my calorie intake based on the weight loss targets set by the app and also account for the calorie burn from my workouts. Much easier to stay on track and be successful, with little pain, if you keep track and are committed.

Aug 4, 2022

Super Diet, Exercise, Nutrition & Fitness App

TOTAL Nutrition and Fitness tracking that works well with Garmin fitness trackers. Way better than MyFitnessPal and other apps.

Aug 4, 2022

Top App

Excellent app, coming up to losing 40lbs, keeping an eye on remaining calories to maintain weight and making me think ahead not to keep eating and eat less than I need. The more you use it and scan foods in ( and add to favourites) the easier it becomes. Highly advise if you intend to lose some weight. 👍🏻. That’s the free version I’m using to.

Aug 3, 2022

WAY TO GO - Invaluable App

My husband and I have been using this app since late 2021. I have the premium version, hee does not. We have both lost a LOT of weight - 33 and 70 pounds. It’s easy to use, now, with the microphone feature - tremendous! The summaries provided tell you what you’re missing as far as nutrients, what you’re doing right and what’s needed to improve your health. I’ve tried all other weight apps. This isn’t complicated. I write this review because I want to. YES - you MUST do some type of exercise - ANY TYPE. Do what’s fun - even if it’s just dancing in your living room - do SOMETHING. No program works magic. We really use this app.

Aug 1, 2022

Helpful App

I have been trying to track my calories for awhile now and have used many different apps but this one is the best so far. I find it hard to understand complicated things so it’s perfect for me. And I love how when you put in the serving sizes they give you examples of what half a cup is, an ounce, and tablespoon, etc. A nice simple weight loss app that you can use for free. Love it!

Aug 1, 2022


This is the best calorie counter/diary I have ever used! Have been using this for atleast 10 years. Not only is it free, no ads either. You have the option of paying for a more individualised app e.g meal plans etc. With this app you can easily take a photo of the bar code of whatever you’re eating and it will bring it up and it’s exact calories. Not like some apps where you scan the bar code and nothing comes up. However I have rarely come across where you have to register the food and it’s calories but even if you so it’s sooo simple. For calorie counting - you simply select how much you are eating or you can simply measure and it will give you the exact calories. The app also helps you figure how out how long it will take for you to get to your ideal weight/goal. There are sooo much benefits with this app but can’t write it all these are just my favourites

Jul 31, 2022

Great App!

I love the dashboard and how easy it is to enter food. I’ve used other food tracking apps and this one beats them all!

Jul 30, 2022

Fantastic calorie tracker, and free!

Personally I hated MyFitnessPal’s UI, especially the dashboard. Kind of made meal tracking feel much more like drudgery than it needed to be. In contrast, MyNetDiary has an absolutely fantastic dashboard (fully customizable too!), has (as far as I’m aware) almost all the same features, and is overall just an infinitely better user experience. The dashboard is my favorite, it makes managing my meals so effortless especially with how easy it is to log your meals right from the dashboard using barcode or search or whatever saved meals or recipes or foods you want to log. Also you can even customize the order in which the different food filters appear when you’re logging stuff — amazing. I love the interactive weight progress chart too, so neat to see. More things I love include being able to add (almost) whatever nutrient tracking you want to the dashboard for “at a glance” info (premium’s needed for some more niche nutrients), so for example I can always keep an eye on how my protein intake is for the day without having to nav far into the app. Another cool thing is the letter grade system they have, which allows you to develop a baseline for which foods, meals, and recipes might be more nutritionally beneficial for you. This is especially cool when logging your own recipes in the app: you can get an idea how nutritious they are right away. Not to mention that when you create your own recipes, it automatically calculates the total estimated nutritional information for the whole recipe, and then you can just log how much of that recipe you ate and get the nutrition per serving — that’s awesome! What that means is I don’t have to focus so much on building recipes that work for my nutritional goals: I can instead portion out my favorite foods in a meal plan that allows me to hit my macro targets AND stay within my caloric budget! Say goodbye to compromising! I honestly could go on and on about this app, but it’s literally free so you should just try it! Give it 2 days and see, I think you’ll love it as much as I do.

Jul 27, 2022

Idiot proof

I love this app because it removes the guesswork of dieting! As long as you’re just doing a limited calorie diet it’s perfect. I use the free version and it’s got everything I need. Syncs to my watch for exercise and to my smart scale to track weight (super recommend that as well-I got mine for $20 on Amazon) Having the daily logging and reminders has made it so I can actually see progress.

Jul 25, 2022

Highly recommend

I used ‘my fitness pal’ for about three years and I do like that app and it was helpful in so many ways and I lost weight using it …I’m not saying that it’s a bad app, however ‘my net diary’ is about 100 times better for a few different reasons. The trackers are excellent and the foods are so much easier to calculate that it takes at least half the amount of timeTo find your food and log it… And conversions are already calculated for you!! … I’m a very busy woman running her own business, & i end up eating the same food over and over (because I do intermittent fasting which means I don’t eat after 7 o’clock at night and boy when I’m racing against the clock & it takes 45 minutes to enter food, i just chuck it & eat what I already know has the right macro allotment😂) this has allowed me to do some exploring with what I eat easily♥️♥️♥️

Jul 24, 2022

Lost 20+ kg

Seriously, counting your calories work and this app makes it so much easier. I’ve dropped from 93kg to now weighting 72kg. Still more improvement to be made but thanks to MyNetDiary that will so easy.

Jul 23, 2022

The best! A+ A+ A+

The absolute best, most convenient calorie tracking app available. Thank you for making it so easy to keep track of my calorie consumption on a daily basis. I also love the fact that it sinks with the health app and my Apple Watch; such great features, I will alway use it! Thank you

Jul 22, 2022

Fantastic at all things food and weight related!

This app has it all! Food entry, break down of nutrients, macros, weight logging, meal planning and recipes, exercise videos, and syncing with fitness trackers. It’s so easy to use and understand. I’ve been able to see where my diet is deficient so I can make changes to supplement. I love the meal planning options with recipes geared toward my choices. Overall, this was a great investment that was within my budget.

Jul 20, 2022

I have NEVER used an app that actually works as well as advertised with no BS. I appreciate all the functions you can use without an upgrade. If my budget would allow it, I would purchase the upgrade. Highly recommend this app.

LG Jul 19, 2022

Really helped me lose 60lbs I was able to record my cal carb input and track my cal output. I was able to determine what works best for my diet and workout routine. Best progress report i had at hand to meet my goals : )

Arko 2 seven Jul 19, 2022

So far, one of the best calorie counters I've ever used. I love it!! The layout is decent better than mfp for sure, and the tracking seems very accurate and thorough. Should've used this app sooner.

Dahlia Jul 17, 2022

In LOVE with this app!

First off, I have never written a review for an app but I genuinely love this app so much that I had to. I have used many apps to control my food intake and weight. They have all been either garbage altogether or good but incredibly annoying to use with the flood of ads and very limited functions without paying. This app is fantastic! It is so easy to use and lots of great information/functions already unlocked. It does not push the premium (paid) functions on you like others do and in doing that it actually makes me want to pay for those items because the base level functions are so good and so helpful for me that I would not mind at all paying to get the full experience. Hands down, best tracking app! So happy I found this one after completing giving up on weight/food apps for so long.

Jul 17, 2022

Genuinely Impressed :D

I’ve used a few nutrient-tracking apps before, this one absolutely takes the cake. The dashboard is very customizable, and using this app helped me gain a better intuition for nutrient intake. Its easy to use — there’s a built in barcode scanner so you can make sure you’re tracking the *exact* foods you ate. If you get stuff from Walmart it’s practically guaranteed the app will know what you’re scanning. It’s absolutely worth it for the small amount of money per month, too. You get a bunch of recipes!! I try to eat Mediterranean, and I can find specific recipes for that diet in the app (same for if you eat vegan, vegetarian, keto, low-fat, whatever). This app takes a lot of mental burden off me when it comes to making sure I’m getting my nutritional needs. If I had any nitpicks, it’s that when you scan in a brand-name food (say: Birds Eye brand frozen broccoli), it doesn’t always increase certain nutrients. For example, I know frozen broccoli has vitamin K, but because vitamin K isn’t listed on the Birds Eye bag, the app doesn’t increase my vit K intake. It will keep track of the overall calories, the fat, the carbs, and whatever’s on the label… but the label often leaves out base nutrients I know are there! The only way around this is using the app’s built in data base of generic foods. So instead of 2 cups of Birds Eye broccoli, I’ll log 2 cups of generic broccoli. Then it’ll recognize I ate lots of vitamin K! But other than that, it’s kind of a perfect app!

Jul 16, 2022

I just love this app!

I like that I don’t have to pay to use just the basic features which is perfect for me. I like that it gives you recipe ideas if it notices you skipped a meal. I love the way you can easily log or scan in foods and almost all seem to be there which a grade of how healthy the choice you made is...or most importantly- NOT! This helps me to actually learn the right portion sizes and make better decisions on what I’m actually putting in my body. Calories aren’t as important to me because I seem to always lack in that but the food choices I’ve been making or were eating are coming up C’s & D’s. With this app I now pick only A’s & B rated food choices! Maybe a C food choice like 1 chocolate chip cookie if I’ve been good!lol But in following this app you can monitor not only the food your eating but exercising, steps you’ve made, amount of water you should be drinking,etc. you can even choose a body system by joining groups but I prefer not to. I’ve been using this app since Jan 8th and I’ve already lost 6 lbs. I forgot to weigh myself the day I started so my starting weight was actually taken 6 days after starting this diet system. Anyway, love, love this app...super easy to use and it’s really nice keeping up and keeping track of what I’m actually putting in my body! Thanks!!! : )

Jul 16, 2022

Amazing app

This app is absolutely incredible, and the fact that theres no paywall is good too. Love this app, ever since I started going to the gym I use this to balance my diet so I can have a protein heavy diet.

Jul 16, 2022

One of the best designed apps I've used. Entering meals is super easy, their search function remembers what you searched last time, including amounts. I love the UI: It's full of information but it's not overwhelming. There's so many features but it's still free, no ads.

Gus P Jul 14, 2022

I've tried a few calorie tracking apps and my net diary is far and above the best. I lost 80lbs tracking what I eat with this app.

Dante Marone Jul 12, 2022

This app is by far the best out there!!

Hands down this far exceeds MyFitnessPal and the ability to customize is amazing. I can see daily all of the nutrients I’m putting into my diet, additionally tracking water and food is quick and easy to do! And adding to the database is easy while still being reviewed for accuracy. Unlike MyFitnessPal there is so much food that is not accurate. All in all, worth the membership. I’ve suggested this every opportunity I get. People need to know about it.

Jul 13, 2022

Easy to use

I’ve tried a lot of other tracking apps and a lot of them are unintuitive and difficult to use. This app just makes sense and is very easy to use!

Jul 12, 2022

So simple I can use it

This app is brilliant. Massive data base of foods from all main supermarkets plus Greg’s and other food places. Simple goal setting makes altering your calories to suit you, also great. Easy to read at a glance home screen, and this is just the free version. Have helped me lose over a stone and keep it of by tracking my calories and still losing more. This app coupled with good diet/health videos from YouTube make the dieting very easy and successful.

Jul 10, 2022

Best Calorie Counter I’ve used

Bar none best tracker I have used. Barcode scanner best in Canada.

Jul 10, 2022

Seriously Impressed

Have used other trackers and find this one to be fast, easy to use and provides all the info needed, including nutrients, vitamins and supplements, to accurately track your food consumption. Very happy to have found this.

Jul 9, 2022

Great App!

I’m really enjoying using this app over other tracker apps. It’s easy to use with helpful tips and it’s great that you can see your progress with an estimated date of completion. Would definitely recommend

Jul 8, 2022

Best out there!

I have used many trackers and other weight loss plans. This app is perfect for me. I have recently been diagnosed as diabetic, need to track carbs and protein per meal and snack, as well as monitor my exercise. My fitness tracker is attached and keeps me on track. No other app or plan is as accurate as this one.

Jul 7, 2022

Honestly the best calorie tracking app I've used

I've used multiple apps like myfitnesspal and others and these apps r good however nothing seems as good as this one especially for uk residents it's so smooth and has an amazing ui and interface and I actually love using it as it's so friendly and well put together while other apps just feel like robotic and like I'm just putting my calories in for no reason

Jul 7, 2022

Amazing app -- much, much better than MyFitnessPal! It is so easy to track calories, exercise, weight, and so much more. I've tried so many fitness apps, and this is by far my favorite one.

Stephanie Ojeda Jul 6, 2022

Best App Ever!

I was looking for an calorie counting app that had a lot of bells and whistles. This one ticks all the boxes. I paid for Premium and love love love all the features. A year’s cost of Premium for this app would only give you 2 months on WW here in Australia. Love that it has heaps of Australian foods. Love the Create A Meal and putting in your own recipes, plus the custom foods. Love all the extras. You will not be disappointed with this app. 10/10 from me.

Jul 6, 2022

This app is the only thing that works for me in my weightloss journey

I love it. I come back to this app a few times a year when I need to regulate my weight. This is the only way that works for me to get rid of unwanted kilograms. This app transformed my eating habits to the healthier ones, but at the same time I can still eat everything I like, but in moderation staying within my calorie budget and still losing weight.

Jul 5, 2022

Making life easier

I decided to go vegetarian but needed a way to track and make sure I was eating enough and more importantly enough of the good stuff. Just because one goes vegetarian or even vegan doesn’t mean they can’t load up on fat and junk foods. I’m very impressed that not only could I select a vegetarian lifestyle but also find and upload recipes and get a nutritional breakdown. The fact that links to my iPhone and watch for steps and exercise to adjust my calories for the day is great too. If you need to drop weight, maintain weight or gain weight this would be a great tool.

Jul 3, 2022

Nothing motivated me to stick to it !!!

This is so fun! Easy to use, keeps you engaged , writing everything WORKS.. love the way it shows you what was not such good choices. Showing all the nutrients , protein, fat, salt etc consumed in your day is wonderful . The scanning is the best I’ve found , have had diets where I’ve scanned . Best part ——no restriction , but rather healthy and well thought out choices . In love 4 weeks, down 6 lbs . Slow is the way to go plus feeling more energized and less tummy bloating … I actually look forward to journaling my days meals/snacks 😊 Just Judie

Jul 3, 2022

Variety of ways to lose weight in one app

A wonderfully flexible app with macro counts. I have partially collapsed lung and a serious heart afib. With this app and careful guidance of my dietitian I successfully lost 100 pounds quickly while living immobile in a wheelchair.

Jul 3, 2022

Very user friendly. Good visual graphics. Free version provides a ton of information, without being cheesy and repetitive like noom. NO Ads! After using this app for several months for my weight loss, I decide to I upgraded to premium for my T1D child. I am impressed with the amount of infor I can get from the daily report. Will be printing it to next endocrinology appointment. App its worth every penny! Currently using to track total carbs, insulin intake and blood sugar all in one spot.

Ana U. Jun 29, 2022

Awesome app 💕💕

This app has helped me make lifestyle changes. I use it daily with all meals, even the bad ones! It helps to see the calories and the gives your food a letter grade which I find helpful. I’ve lost 20 lbs. in 1.5 months by using this app and the recommendations that they offer. Highly recommended!!!!

Jun 27, 2022

The free version is extensive

Good job. This is much better than other apps I tried. I’ll most likely upgrade to premium for more details on things like potassium etc so I’ll know if I’m running a deficit 👍

Jun 26, 2022

Best Tracking App

This is the best app I’ve used to track macros. It’s so easy to input information if there isn’t a food but it rarely happens since you can also import a recipe from the internet. You can track fluctuations in body measurements as well as weight over a 12 month period and customize your own macros daily. I highly recommend paying the little extra for the upgrade, it’s a lot cheaper than a coach!

Jun 26, 2022

Simple and effective

I love this app. The free version allows you to track exercise, water, calories, etc. It also allows you to track your weight loss progress. It’s perfect for me and my goals. Other apps were too complicated and ask you to pay for the simplest things

Jun 24, 2022


This app is much better than my last one nutracheck it gives you more diets to choose from give you details of macros and a break down of what you eaten for the day get good advice and tells you if you’re on target for weight loss can’t get a better app

Jun 24, 2022

User Friendly and the Best

I’ve used several different apps trying to log and keep track of food intake and this app by far is the best one. Easy to use and faster to get things plugged in.

Jun 21, 2022

Great app

Easy food entry. Easy to create meals that you use routinely so that it is even faster. Multiple ways to enter weights and portions. Pleasant graphics. I have started using a gram scale that I zero out as I add each portion which makes it even easier. Easy predictable weight loss by allowing me to budget my calories over the course of the day, avoid hunger and cravings, and see how much exercise lets me eat a little more. So rewarding to see incremental weight loss and an increased level of fitness as I exercise. Using with the Apple Watch which automatically adds the exercise. calories burned to my target calories budgeted.The macro nutrient and micro nutrient information is also useful and very accurate and easy, especially with barcodes and whole foods. I did things by hand the first year (12 yrs ago) and then used my fitness pal (for about 7 yrs) and now MyNetDiary (for the last few years) and I strongly prefer MyNetDiary.

Jun 20, 2022

I’ve tried a lot of these including WW, the Spark, etc. This beats them all for ease of use, clear navigation, recipes, regular but not disjarring updates, responsiveness to questions — everything. It’s the kind of app where you think you want it to show something then you find out it already does. I’m sure they collect data but — unlike the WW site — they don't collect data AND use it to sell you something AND have ads tho you’re paying for it. I’ve had this for abt a year now and I’m very happy with it.

Jun 14, 2022

I love this APP

This App is so good for me. I tried WW but it was not user friendly. This app allows me to scan my food and log it. It's helping me with my portion control and adjust with my workout information from my Apple Watch.

Jun 14, 2022

I installed the free app after my husband overheard a coworker--a part-time trainer-- recommend it. It has a small learning curve but it's the best and easiest app I have ever used, and I've been dieting for 54 years. The diet dashboard helps me visualize calorie status , what my problems are, and what I can do to have a deficit. We began walking .8 miles after dinner. After a week, we are walking 3 miles/day. I've lost 7 lbs. since we started last week. It's never been this easy for me.

Bonnie E Jun 14, 2022

Extremely informative and easy to use, used WW app for years this is by far a good alternative.

Carole Beaty Jun 14, 2022

Easiest most complete app for food diary

I couldn’t find a good diary that met all 3 conditions I needed in one, until I found this one. It took some learning before I really found my routine for entry - but not too much bc I’m still using it after a year! And the support provided is so quick and friendly. So many apps I tried didn’t have the regular grocery items in them and I felt like I was always having to create my own entries. This one continues to grow and submitting new ones for entry is easy. The third thing I really needed was one that synced with my other apps or would send info to other apps since due to my health issues, my doctor and I rely on day to day data - and for me, it’s matter of seeing what I’ve eaten or done that caused scores and numbers to go up and down so I can make more informed decisions, rather than waiting for quarterly lab results. This app provides documentation of not just the regular things I need to monitor, but it allows additional items to be shown that not everyone else might want on their dashboard. It even changes the dash it’s and requirements if I try a different diet and approach to lowering different scores, like changing from a Whole food plant based diet to Keto or any other focused eating plan. While there are still some things I would like to see, the app is amazing enough that I subscribe to it annually bc it is definitely worth the cost. I readily share info about the app to anyone who asks about my dieting processes and managing to lower my cholesterol, triglycerides, diabetes, and low iron/high sodium monitoring issues.

Jun 12, 2022

Tried a couple of this type of app, but this one is superb. The free version is very detailed and I can imagine that the premium version for a few quid a month is spectacular. As a 58yr old bloke I'm not in the demographic to race about this type of app... But this one is excellent.

John Taylor Jun 10, 2022

Undoubtedly the best free app our there to control your diet. Gives calories, fats, sugars, etc for an massive, expansive, range of food. Haven't used the paid upgrades but they are tempting me to assist further. No time limit. No card details. Can not highly recommend enough. 4kg lost in just over a month by acknowledging what I'm consuming. An insightful, user-friendly and highly-compatible design. I can not rate this app highly enough! Ps: If your a protein jockey, fully subscribe!

Nathan Kelly May 31, 2022

Best free calorie counter App!

This is hands down the best calorie counter app. It’s very easy and convenient to navigate and log everything and the amount of free services it provides it amazing!

Jun 10, 2022

Absolutely great app

Very informative app of how you need to lose weight or just eat better overall. It grades your food for you to see how well you are eating. I’ve lost 20lbs because of this app and can finally see my abs coming out. I haven’t seen abs in 30 years. Anyway this is a must have app if you are serious about your health.

Jun 9, 2022

Better than Noom

I downloaded the MyNetDiary after a 2-day Noom trial. What I like about MyNetDiary is that it’s uncluttered and the tracking of meals, exercise, daily steps, water intake are all easy to do. The program is not gimmicky, silly, childish, and talking down to you. The graphics are fun and motivating. I like that you can go at your own pace and tailor the program to suit your own needs, while you have lots of expert advice for guidance.

Jun 8, 2022

Brilliant motivator

I have been using this app since the end of September 2018 and I have lost over two stone since then After a few months I upgraded to the full app and this has been a good idea. Logging in my food with the bar codes and food searches is really easy and the reminders to log in regularly keeps me on track. I have linked my readings from my scales via Bluetooth to my phone and this app and this has been a great motivator. I found that , unknown to me ,my daughter was using the same app. Her weight loss has been even better than mine and she showed me how to get the best from it. Delighted with this app. :-). Update. March 2020 Weight still going down. It’s my lowest in over 20 years. (I’m 77) Only problem is I’ve gone down 3 dress sizes and it’s has meant buying new clothes. Shame!! Great app. CG June 2022. I’m still using this app and have managed to keep my weight under control control during Covid :-)

Jun 7, 2022

Love this app!!!!

I was using the my fitness pal app which kept crashing so I downloaded this one. This one is 1000 times better than the my fitness pal app, it’s easier to use, the interface is better and just better all around! A+

Jun 6, 2022


This makes it so incredibly easy to track, and the barcodes and ability to share with others (spouse, kids, etc) to log food is outstanding. A lot of hard work with as our into this and it is absolutely worth the yearly subscription.

Jun 3, 2022

Helped me drop 45 pounds in about 4 months

I will caveat this by saying I didn’t drop weight, I also put on muscle.. I had one of those crazy impressive transformations and the most important thing was maintaining a calorie deficit while also hitting my macros. I think this is the true key to success and avoiding becoming skinny fat.

May 30, 2022

The best calorie counter app out there

I’ve tried them all and you can’t beat this one for the price!!

May 30, 2022

About to Cancel My WW App

It’s only been a week but so far I am really enjoying the app. It has most of the stuff that I pay way more for on WW. I think counting my calories is really holding me responsible for everything that I put in my mouth making me think twice before I do.

May 29, 2022

The absolute best!

The best app of its type I have tried over many years. I am now subscribing. It logs calories, water intake, steps, weight, measurements and so much more. Tons of info and keeps you on track. Also breaks down nutrition info for each item. Has a great user interface and is clever. I can finally stop searching for the app I want as this covers everything. Highly recommend.

May 27, 2022

Outstanding in so many ways

Like others, I have tried a variety of tracking apps but this by far surpasses anything I have used. It is fun, visually appealing, intuitive, and has every feature I need. I no longer use Fasting as a tool but I could see where including it with this app would be an upside. As smart as these developers are I’m sure they could find a way. One feature I really like is the ability to write myself a note for a future date. On days where I know I will be eating out and need to give myself an extra peptalk I can have the note waiting for me on that particular day. This is good for vacation, weekends, and special occasions. I have found that this positive self talk makes a difference. I also love the way that exercise integrates with the calorie counting. It has inspired me to take that extra spin around the park on numerous occasions. Just a big thank you to the developers for their persistence in coming up with a really good tool.

May 25, 2022


I have found this app to be the most user friendly of the food trackers - quick and simple with a big database that is mostly very accurate. Food tracking is extremely tedious to me but of all the big names, this is the app I have been able to stick with most consistently. I appreciate that the free version does not have constant, relentless pop-ups trying to get me to buy premium.

May 24, 2022

Great app to track food and weight

This app is pretty user friendly and allows me to track food as well as weight and other measurements. I also like the ability to track water and the nutritional analysis of my food intake-all in easy to read formats and charts. The ability to scan items from bar codes is great, and if they're not in the data bank you can upload the information for future retrieval. I've had the app for several years, and have never had any stability / performance issues.

May 20, 2022


An AMAZING app for tracking your diet. Hands down, the best one out there. I love the ability to scan barcodes and use voice commands to add items. Also integrates with my Apple Watch and iPhone for tracking steps and excercise. Amazing!!

May 18, 2022

Love this app!

This is the first time I’ve ever written a review for an app. I had to write it though, because this app is fabulous. I have been looking for an app that would not just track my calories and macros but also my calcium. I am older and want to make sure that I’m taking in enough calcium every day to help protect my bones. This app makes tracking your food so easy. I also input a recipe that I make and it automatically figures out everything! Thank you so much for creating this app!

May 18, 2022

Having tried several, maybe a dozen, of these; this one works. Logging is easy. The foods in the database match the product or are so close I don't bother. Selecting portion size is very much up to you, it breaks out in many measures. Simple to get started and use. Track your water, exercise. A vast accounting and explanation of many nutrients. Learned a few things along the way.

GE Oakley May 15, 2022

Excellent app

Everything you are going to need to track your diet, this app has it! The paid version worths every cent, trust me. They run 50% discounted offers throughout the year, so you can download the free version and wait a while to get the discounted full one. Also worths mentioning their terrific technical support, truly professionals. I couldn’t recommend it stronger, just try it and see for yourself.

May 15, 2022


I never write reviews and I never purchase in app purchases I have done both for this app and have no regrets. Super effective and amazingly well done

May 12, 2022

So Easy

Even just using the free version it’s so helpful! I’m recovering from ED and tracking my food isn’t to punish myself or to make sure I don’t eat too much it’s to keep me from skipping meals. I set my goal to gain 5lbs and let me tell you it keeps me so full and healthy! I’ve tried so many other apps that only let you do minimal tracking unless you paid crazy fees! I am sooooo beyond grateful for this and how it has helped me stay on tracked and in recovery

May 10, 2022

Best Tracker

I’m 18 recently started my weight loss journey at first I expected the app to be like others where everything had to be paid for however it was basically mostly free and its helped me massively track my calories and its such a simple app to use! I recommend it to anyone out there.

May 9, 2022

Everything you need & user friendly!🤩

This app is one of the best, I’ve used a few others and this one seems to be the easiest, the food data bank is quite expansive! It’s easy to log in foods and figure out all the extras without getting frustrated. It’s packed with information, and you can customize it to get as much or as little information that you need.🤩👍🏼

May 7, 2022

Best Calorie counter app I ever used!

This app is not only a great calorie counter, but it also tracks all kinds of things. Such as your macro nutrients and it lets you do portions of over thousands of foods, including restaurants, that it has stored! I love that it gives you an estimate of when you should hit your weight goal and adjusts the date according to how many calories you consumed that week. You can also pay for their premium, which includes all kinds of other great stuff! I can’t say enough about this app! Note: I did not get paid to sponsor this app. This is my honest opinion.

May 5, 2022

The absolute best app for tracking food and progress

I have used countless apps before to no success to track food, weight loss, and more. This app is so comprehensive and easy to use. It is also very customizable to display your desired metrics. The app breaks down nutrients and lets you set individualized targets but also gives recommended targets for both men and women. The coaching feature breaks down calorie deficit needed to lose and helps you stay on target by noting daily, weekly, etc deficit totals and what you should have lost. Great for accountability as if you surpass calorie targets it will show impact on weight loss. The app auto adjusts based on weight inputs. I love love love this app. The developers nailed it with this one.

May 4, 2022

Thank you

Thank you so much for making this app. It is amazing. It’s easy to use (almost everything is scanable. I have the paid version. For me it’s worth it, I use it almost everyday. I was able to change my specific nutrient targets (the largest one I count is sodium) and had a 6 pack when I was religiously using that. Now I’m exploring my micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). Since I’ve been tracking what I eat for a while, the app has a record of how much I’m getting of each one. I saw I was only getting about 50 percent of my daily iron intake, and extremely low on selenium and copper! I wouldn’t even be aware of these things if it wasn’t for the app. I got a nice multi vitamin and multi mineral and am focusing on consuming more mineral dense foods. I’m grateful for this app on some many levels. Also, it might not matter to most ppl, but I find this app much more aesthetically pleasing than my fitness pal. In fact I never really got peoples love for my fitness pal. In terms of calorie counting apps I would rate this number 1, Loseit number 2, and my fitness pal after that. Thanks again!

May 3, 2022

Never going back to My fitness pal! This App provides all that MFP offered and so much more at zero or low cost ( if you want or need premium)!!! But it never forces you to pay. I am forever grateful to the developers for finally making an app designed to truly help us track everything, including but not limited to: water, weight, meals, calories, steps...every-thing! And ease of use is 6 stars if they'd let me. It is so motivating to use this. It's perfection. Goodbye for good MyFitnessPal Pal

Roxie V May 2, 2022

I will never use another weight-loss app!

I began my weight loss journey about 2 months ago and was so overwhelmed with where to start. I knew I needed to be in a caloric deficit, but it seemed really overwhelming and other apps I tried were really confusing to use. MyNetDiary is so simple to use and visually appealing. I love the weight tracking feature and seeing my progress on a graph and tracking my meals has never been easier. 10/10 would recommend!!

April 29, 2022

Love this app

I was so frustrated with MyFitnessPal that I went searching and found this! I soon deleted the MFP app. This is so easy to read, easy to use, and it integrates seamlessly with my Apple Watch exercise. Thank you - just wish I had found it sooner!

April 28, 2022

Hands down… easiest app I’ve tried

Hands down the fastest app I’ve ever found to track food/ nutrient intake. Intuitive and easy to use. The import recipe feature is really nice. Kudos to the developers- definitely worth paying for.

April 25, 2022

Best FREE calorie counter app

Loving this app so far. Downloaded multiple calorie counters to find an actual free one. This one has settings that are only offered with premium, but so far I have been able to do everything I want to do with the free version, without ads even! I got my daily calorie budget based on my stats and goals when I first got on the app, it’s easy to find and add foods by search or using the barcode option, also tracks water intake, steps and daily exercise.

April 25, 2022

Great app

Love this app. I have tried many apps to help me lose weight and have found this to be the best. Allows me to track what I need to and not have to dig through things I don’t need. Also have some great recipes. Things I actually will eat and has led me to eat new things.

April 25, 2022

Lost almost 30 pounds

Absolutely life changing app if you let it run on autopilot and you’re diligent. I have lost 30 pounds in three months. I’m connected to a smart scale and enter my exercise and calories daily.

April 24, 2022

Great Free app

I’ve only ever used the free version of this app and whilst some features are locked there is still an abundance of great stuff!! I’ve lost 30lbs in 4months and keeping it off!! There features are brilliant for helping you see your progress and keeping you on track!!!

April 23, 2022

Looks weird! Ends up the perfect health app!

This app is off on marketing with a weird name like MyNetDiary and looking like it can change your life. You’ll consistently benefit from this app. I tried MyFitnessPal and everything because I am a high tech female. I kept coming back to this app. It’s loaded with features like barcode scanners your products from the store etc. it’s how it’s designed that makes healthy eating sustainable. All other apps, I would stop using when the “new” feeling wore off. When your motivation dies down, this is the only app consistently still being used. They didn’t keep it flexible. The only thing I’d change is adding more functionality to the iWatch. They could improve their social personal blog functions. I have consistently chosen this app for years. I finally wrote a review!

April 22, 2022

Best App

After completing Keto diet I needed a calorie count app, I downloaded 6 and as weeks passed by deleted 1 by 1 until I was left with this one. It is perfect,and when linked to apple health on iPhone tells me every bit of info on nutrition I need. Excellent app.

April 22, 2022

Best food diary app

I wanted an app like this primarily to track macros. Everything else is a bonus for me. This is by far the simplest app I have tried and it far exceeds any other. The dashboard is simple and provides all the necessary info. It’s very easy to add foods, water and supplements. No annoying ads that block what you’re trying to do. No recipes, blogs, or anything else on my dashboard which is great. I don’t want extra stuff anyway! Just the ability to track food. Thanks for keeping it simple!!

April 21, 2022

Best macro-nutrient app for weight loss, training, or general healthier lifestyle. Polished and intuitive interface. I prefer this over my fitness pal as I felt the latter was very clunky with far too many food input options. But just my opinion. I bought the premium version and it was well worth it. It has really helped me reach my health goals and foster a more mindful and sustainable lifestyle balance.

Alexa K Apr 18, 2022

Simple and beautiful design

Works for me, practically and aesthetically. I am using the free version which is adequate for my needs. I have been dieting off and on for decades- and through the simple practice of tracking daily- counting calories with healthy eating and exercise did the trick- I’ve lost 20 pounds in 3 months. I notice for me it’s also been fun to compete against myself.

April 17, 2022

Excellent app. I was previously using MFP for years until someone in my weightloss group mentioned mynetdiary. So I gave it ago for a couple of weeks. Great app, specially for UK users as it has a good chunk of UK foods and barcodes. lots of information, data and analyses as well. I even upgraded to the premium version because I love it so much. Highly, highly recommend.

Marissa Hugill Apr 14, 2022

My ❤️

I am so grateful for the creators of this app. It has everything I could hope for in helping me to be more aware, and more accountable to myself in my weight loss journey. I love the format. The recipes. The educational clips, reminders , nutritional info. ❤️❤️❤️ Not to mention it is very affordable! Thank you for that affordability! It takes so much stress off an individual trying to better themselves with a little help.

April 13, 2022

It helps

I was looking for an app that could help me lose weight. I had no idea where to start so I just typed in “calorie counter” and this came up. You have to remember to log EVERYTHING you eat and drink, but if you can keep it up, it does work. I’ve lost 20 lbs from this app alone (I broke my ankle so exercise isn’t easy at the moment). It does get difficult to remember to log everything when you’re busy, but the app makes it easy and quick. I 100% recommend it! (I’ll reiterate again, it only works if you remember to keep it up to date)

April 13, 2022

Excellent app

I tried several other apps like this in the past but have stayed on with MyNetDiary only. It scans barcodes, take a photo at the grocery store and the package nutrients come up along with a “food grade”, like A+, B-, etc. The built in recipes are great as is the ability to import just about any web-based recipes. This app is packed and I am happy to pay for its’ subscription.

April 7, 2022

Best Calorie Counting app I’ve ever tested 5 stars

Absolutely on point - has everything I could need - especially handy is the recipe calculator- brilliant down to recipe weight it makes like so easy.

April 6, 2022

The best nutrition tracker BY FAR!!

I tried all of them, this one is by far the best to track your detailed food intake. I weight all my food and wanted an app that was easy to input the weights of my foods to keep track of my macros and even micros. This App works perfectly.

April 1, 2022

Awesome and can be completely free!

This app is so awesome. You don’t have to purchase anything to be successful with this one!!! It makes logging your food and drink exciting. It’s like your waiting to see how *good* your choices are. Also being able to make 1 recipe and share it with others is such a great feature. I can send my husband our dinner and it makes it so he will actually log it. This app links with iOS health app to keep all your steps and it reports your water intake to your phone. Also links great with activity app for Apple Watch so I fell like it has a great sense of what I am doing. So many times I lost exactly how many ounces it predicted each day. It is as accurate and honest as you are!!!! Really love this app!!!!

Mar 31, 2022

Extremely user friendly & NO ads

I love the scanning feature that can be used to “rate” foods in the same categories to help when grocery shopping. There also isnt a limit on how many items you can log into your daily food journal. Other apps I’ve tried would limit how much I could input so I wasn’t accurately tracking all my meals and snacks. This is my fav and ONLY app needed for my new healthier lifestyle.

Mar 30, 2022

Way better than other apps

I started using this after being frustrated with the capabilities of my fitness pal. This was so easy to customize and I really like the weight tracker graph, it’s very motivating. Overall will be recommending to friends!

Mar 29, 2022

My Net Diary Review

I have tried many “diet” apps and found this to be the easiest and most straight forward of all of them. Have lost 58 lbs. An on maintenance now. Very motivating and intuitive.

Mar 27, 2022

Does Its Job

A great calorie tracker. Like the recipe feature that allows for editing. Worked for me after I achieved Weight Watchers goal. Great for maintenance.

Mar 27, 2022

Exactly what I needed

Rich with statistics that matter for my weight loss and overall health. Fat, protein, carbs, fiber, sodium, etc. Easy to access and understand all the data. Even gives me tips on how healthy my food choices are. Finding and logging foods is super easy. Recently logged foods show up as suggestions for today's items, and any food I’ve logged in the past shows up in a different color text at the top of any search, so it’s easy to find foods that I frequently eat. With a huge existing database, I can search by typing or by scanning bar codes. It even allows me to add new items to the database and enter the nutrition facts. Great app with no glitches. The most deserving app of 5 stars I can think of. I went out of my way to leave this review. Stay inspired with this one!

Mar 25, 2022

Great App!

If you want a simple, straightforward app to track your calories and weight, this is it. Simple, easy to use without a dozen useless options you don’t need and never use My only suggestion to improve it would be to see a graph of my weight as I log it, similar to the Noom app. It is very exciting to watch the graph plunge down as I lose weight, but this app only shows your current weight. But better than Noom, it has lots of measurement options to choose from when logging your food. A great app that is very easy to use.

Mar 25, 2022

Can’t believe it’s FREE!

I have tried other diet apps and spent too much$$ for much less functionality. This app is great and has it all!

Mar 24, 2022

Saved my life!!!

This app saved my life. It helped me lose 147 lbs in 2 years. I learned that there is no easy way to lose weight and it has everything to do with calorie deficit. It was my guide and bestfriend through my journey. I never had to lie about anything just input my truth and my results were all my own. This app helps with everything from water intake to calories burned to my disappearing waistline. I recommend this to everyone because I truly believe in it. I learned so much about nutrition. My net diary helped me make the new chapter in my life and my families with a healthy lifestyle change that was an easy transition. Take the time and let the app help you be wherever in your life you want to be. You can do it if I did it!!

Mar 23, 2022

Simple and Intuitive Nutrition Tracker

This app is exactly what I was looking for. I have tried other apps in the past but they were over complicated and cumbersome to use. This one is the opposite. Very simple and intuitive. Must have app to track your diet.

Mar 23, 2022

Life Changing

I wish i could post photos on here. I used to be a fat kid that used to get made fun of, but after this, I lost 17lbs and gained a lot of muscle from sports and the gym. This really helped me cut weight for wrestling and I think I may use it for the rest of my life so i maintain a constant, healthy weight. All in all, I recommend this app greatly and I wish you all a great day.

Mar 23, 2022

Best app ever

I have used several different apps in the past. This is by far the best app. There is so much information to help you make good choices and succeed. Please keep up the good and keep free!

Mar 22, 2022

I love this app

This app has been such a helpful instrument in my journey. I am completely honest with what I eat in a day and I love how it breaks everything down. It lets you know when you’re over indulging on any unhealthy foods. I love how it gives little daily tips and recipes. It’s everything I need to get me through my day.

Mar 22, 2022

Love this app ❤️❤️

This app is the best app out there and it keeps getting better! It’s customizable and the interface is beautiful! It keeps track of my food, workouts and imports my steps from the health app! Their support team is very responsive and helpful!

Mar 20, 2022

Simply the Best. No Contest!

This app was always the best, hands down. There have been many enhancements and improvements over the years and the app is always getting better. The app’s GUI is absolutely beautiful and the program is super customizable. Although the free version is very good, the Premium version is most excellent and worth every penny. Don’t waste your time with any other app!

Mar 19, 2022

Excellent app that helped me lose and keep off weight

There are a ton of excellent features, and I find this app very easy to use. I’ve been using this daily for a few years now, and it’s been instrumental in helping me maintain my weight and health.

Mar 18, 2022

Has so many FREE useful features. App has a lot more free features than a more popular food tracking app. Also, I have not see any ads on this app. I am losing weight, just be consistent in logging food and adjust or use their suggestions. Great app.

Mar 17, 2022 bet bai

Incredibly useful

Very helpful for my weight gain goals. The app has nutritional information for most foods, both store-bought or from restaurants. Most items can be easily found with barcode scan. Even the free version offers a helpful, customizable way to plan and track your diet, calories, and macronutrients as well as your weight loss/gain progress. I recommend this to all my friends as an essential too to assist with their body goals.

Mar 15, 2022

I was lucky to find this app first. When I was motivated to take control of my diet I started using MyNetDiaty. From about 280 to 180 so far. Many people who have discussed my obvious transformation have been advised to use this app. As I explain to them, just log food accurately. Logging accurately is right, and not doing it is just lying to themselves. With the help of MyNetDiary the transformation will end around 160. It is yet to be seen if logging food is a permanent lifestyle change. So far it has been logged consistently over the last 15 months. Thank you for creating a great tool that helps people take control of their lives.

Mar 15, 2022

Best App Ever!!

This app is so easy to use and each and every day I look forward to recording my intake This app keeps track of everything you put into your body food wise and liquid wise !! It counts the calories making it easy to never go over your allowed calories fats carbohydrates etc for you daily intake ! I have lost 20 lbs in a month easily using this app !! Love it and IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!

Mar 15, 2022


I tried Noom first, which costs $199/year. Not worth it. MyNetDiary has many of the same features and so much information! This app is all about tracking what you eat. If you’re honest and stick to the recommended range, you’re obviously going to lose weight. It’s science. But the app makes it easy to log meals and see info at a glance. I have not done the paid version yet but I think I’m going to. The price is reasonable and the product is great! Update, I am on year 2 of the paid version. ❤️❤️❤️ My main motivation was being able to input my own recipes, which allows the app to calculate the calories in your serving. Very handy when your tracking. I lost 35 lbs using MyNetDiary and working out with another free app. It was gradual and manageable and I learnt so much!

Mar 15, 2022

Easy to use

Great app to track calories and make sure you’re following through on weight loss. Because of using this app and conscious eating I have lost 22 pounds in 8 weeks. It keeps me accountable and is easy to use.

Mar 11, 2022

The best one to use! It's been around 15 plus years, and I always go back to it after checking others out. The free app alone gives more data compared to the other apps. it has far more foods readily for you to record, and multiple options on weighing your food. Big bonus! Simple : easier to record your entire body intake, exercise, break down of fat, carbs, proteins all recorded easily to follow, and nutrients. I can't say it all, but I used this to show my doctors in my issues.

Mar 11, 2022 Darlene

Excellent app that you will never regret, I recommend subscribing for extras

Takes a bit of getting used to but after integration with the health suite and apple watch this is the best one I’ve tried that does not require having access to Facebook or twitter. Good price if you take the 1 year subscription to get recipes shopping list and integrated scan that works with 99% of market foods. Integrated with blood glucose G6 becomes easy to control weight end type 2 diabetes. I would never switch app again since it became one of my life changing consultant and ressources. Most Menus are simple and quick to prepare specially with kids and very limited time and night. 300% recommended even if you live in Canada and food have their own bar codes sometimes, you can easily snapshot them and it enters the food label values for you in a simple click. The next time you can put in favorites and voilà!!!! What can I say more, this app helped in the worst times of my life by small encouragements and easy integration of my new type 2 reality since you can also monitor your meds intake water intake and even supplement intakes. Reports can be prepared for your doctor and this really simplifies all exchanges. I am Hans Meyer from Montreal and recommend this app.

Mar 10, 2022

Simply the best…

This app had everything I needed to permanently change my eating snd diet habits. It helped me lose 50 lbs and keep it off through practical, actionable insights thoughtfully delivered in real time. The scan function that helps “preview” good and nutritional values of foods quickly and completely as I shop USA game changer. I have shared and recommended to family and friends all of whom have been similarly impressed.

Mar 10, 2022

Seems like they’ve thought of everything

I really appreciate this app. I’ve used several other meal tracking apps, but this has been the only one I’ve managed to be consistent with. Maybe it’s the ease of use. Maybe it’s all the information it provides on an easy to read format. Maybe it’s the flexibility. Or maybe even the variety of recipes and food suggestions. I’m especially enjoying the food grades feature which is similar to that used in the Fooducate app, but doesn’t suggest a healthier alternative (maybe this is an area of potential growth in the app?). I’d pay extra for that! This app has it all. Update: actual weight loss has commenced 😁 Even more happy with the help this app offers.

Mar 7, 2022

This app is by far the best calorie counting app I’ve ever used. It lets you set your own goals, gives you a visual of how many calories you’ve consumed and have left, makes it easy to track calories by scanning bar codes, informs you of the type of nutrients you’re consuming and where you could improve, has a cute bicycle graph of how far along you are towards your goal, and gives you a personal analysis at the end of each day. All of this is available for free! That’s not even their premium membership features. I’m really happy with it so far.

Mar 5, 2022

I downloaded this app because we started a biggest loser contest at work. I have lost 20 pounds in less than 7 weeks. Love this app. Many different ways to measure commake sure, easy to enter information, love the diet dashboard! Also come within the app there are many links and tips, links and other resources. Unlike other apps, the resources and advice are not trite, or condescending. They are eliminating illuminating. Using this app has definitely impacted my health! Easy to use

Mar 5, 2022 Allison Hawthorne

Best app EVER

This app helped me lose 30 pounds easily so then I could get lean and look amazing and get nutrition that is good for my body and helps me retain more energy than ever I highly recommend this app to anybody who is starting out or just thinking about losing/gaining weight this app is 100% for you I’ve never been so intrigued by an app that actually works I don’t write many reviews but this app guarantees my approval I don’t know if that means anything to you but to me my approval has to be raided really high and this app has everything I am now shredded and feeling amazing

Mar 2, 2022

Life changing App 🙏🏼

My partner and I have been on off dieting for around a year finding fad diets little success. We decided to attempt a calorie deficits diet we stumbled across this app and since then we have not looked back. We have both lost, we can keep it up and it’s completely changed our lives for the better. Anyone looking to gain nutritional knowledge, easily understand a deficit diet and look after themselves this app is for you. To the app people - thank you for creating this app!!!! #payitforward 🙏🏼

Mar 1, 2022


If you are honest with yourself as well as the app, you will learn tons about your nutritional life. This app couldn’t break down your nutritional intake much more than it does. It even allows you to print weekly summaries of all that you’ve eaten, exercise you’ve entered, and projections/adjustments for increasing, decreasing, and/or maintaining various nutrients. Thank you My Net Diary!

Feb 27, 2022

A game changer

I can’t say enough good things about this app. Between it and my AppleWatch, I have managed to lose 60 pounds after decades of struggle. And the things I have learned about my body and nutrition are lessons I’ve been actively trying to master for thirty years. I can import most of my recipes directly in and edit them. The app gave me crucial insight into my eating habits and data that saved my sanity. (Yes, I have been losing weight even if I FEEL like I haven’t been because the data is all there.)

Feb 24, 2022

User Friendly App

I love this app. Just started using it last week and it’s so easy to use. Because of that I can focus on me. I especially love all the articles that are included to help me out, the grading of foods and the recipe creator. I’m doing things I never dreamed I could do and it’s not even painful. I am truly amazed.

Feb 20, 2022

User Friendly App

First app I’ve ever used to record my intake, weight & physical activity and I LOVE it!! Fast and easy to enter info. Takes less than a few minutes every day for recording resulting in excellent data that helps me meet my needs and make changes if need be.

Feb 19, 2022

Set Me Free

When the WW app changed and made all the foods I had learned to eat to lose weight zero points, I know longer had a meaningful way to track my intake. This app was an easy transition and set me free to eat any sort of food and honestly know if I was in a weight loss position, weight maintenance position, or weight gain position. I love this app and it’s tremendous flexibility! I create food from nutritional labels, make custom meals, or find what I’m looking for already created. Very happy! For a while I used the free version, but saw no problem upgrading to the pay version once I saw the power and flexibility. Thanks for a great app and the regular updates.

Feb 14, 2022

MyNetDiary App

So far this has been one of the best Apps that I downloaded to help me with my get healthy journey. The food scanner, the exercise & Steps that's pulled from my Health App works very well. The grading on my food choices, help me to make better choices. The recipes as well as Being able to enter amount of water I drink per day is a plus. I'm unable to purchase a Withings Scale right now, so I'm not sure how that part would work. But, I have no doubt that it will work well with this App. I appreciate & thank the developers of this App, they put all they had into it❣️ May you all continue to Accelerate❣️ I absolutely love The MyNetDiary App❣️ JAE

Feb 13, 2022

Makes MFP look pathetic

Very nice app. I am using the pro version which for $5 a month (yearly). Gives you a vast knowledge and resources for logging your daily calories. I use Strava on my Apple Watch which automatically logs calories burned on my daily bicycle ride. The dashboard is visually appealing. It’s a little different and took me a day or two to figure it out, but at this point this is I’m sold on app for your daily dietary log.

Feb 12, 2022

Brilliant app you must use

What a fantastic app. Even without paying for The premium it’s awesome and I’d highly recommend you to use it. It’s helped me lose 9lb so far in nearly 3 weeks. Can’t get any better than this app. 10/10 from me. Thank you so much.

Feb 12, 2022

Love app

I have tried Nutrisystem and South Beach diets several times over the years and this basic app has been wonderful. It allows me to continue to eat my normal foods but allows me to adjust amounts and switch and swap as needed to stay as close or below allotted daily calories. After 5 weeks I have just upgraded to full app to see what else is available. I highly recommend this app.

Feb 11, 2022

Absolutely fantastic range of Australian foods

Love the range of Australian foods in the database and it’s super easy to add new items or even add custom meals that you create yourself. Also love that many menu items from restaurants are in the database too which makes it really easy to track my calories when eating out, and again very easy to add new items. The premium recipes are great for giving me food ideas, I enjoy the articles and blog posts, and I love all of the tracking features like being able to see all of my nutrients for the day. The app has a very welcoming and positive vibe to it with little guiding tips and motivation sprinkled throughout. I absolutely love the app and highly recommend it especially for Australians because of the massive range of Aussie foods and how easy it is to use.

Feb 10, 2022

This app has it all!!

I’ve been using the pro version of this app for 5 years. I have tried several others to apps in the past and this is the one is the best. All the calculations are right on! Great advice and great recipes too (haven’t cooked one of the recipes I didn’t like yet and have tried so many). This app really does have it all, a lot of work has gone into making this app and the math is very accurate. Give it a try, you might just love it also!

Feb 10, 2022

I had another calorie counter for two weeks and this one blew it out of the water. I love it, can't say anything more than that. I'm not a Premium user, hence why I wish I could purchase the Premium instead of it being a subscription. I never buy any subscriptions, so I'll never be. I still can't deduct a full star only because of that though. The app functions perfectly fine, hasn't glitched or underperformed, and the database of food is extensive and easy to count.

Feb 9, 2022 Karis Rahl

Finally an App that is Helpful!!

I tried 4 other apps, with unsuccessful results before finding MyNetDiary. In the few weeks that I have incorporated this app into my lifestyle, I feel encouraged and hopeful that I will finally be able to lose weight and keep it off. This app has so many resources to help in this journey. I love the fact that I can input my traditional recipes, and then thoughtfully determine the serving amount needed to keep me within the recommended caloric range. I can no longer use the excuse that I wasn’t aware of how much I was eating. I now weigh everything and pre-plan my meals for each day. I’m more aware of portion sizes, and the dashboard clearly shows me how I’m doing throughout the day. I’m very happy with the app and believe it will be an integral part of my new healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend it! Thank you MyNetDiary! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Feb 7, 2022

Easy and stylish

I like the look of this app. Beyond that, it gives accurate goals and has many diet options in the paid version. I used it for a month then decided to go for the paid details. It is more than just about weight loss. As an athlete, I need to make sure I am eating the right balance of nutrients.

Feb 2, 2022


You just have to remember to use it. It has helped me keep on an even keel with food. The ability to record exercise is a big help. My husband has lost 35 pounds and I have lost 30 from February to August. Not too rapid but steady. We are using Blue Apron food plan and adjusting portions to match our allowed calories. Eating healthy and well with lean meats and lots of veggies and some starch. Over all a healthy weight loss. Update: we each lost 60 pounds and have kept it off with little blips from time to time mostly over holidays then back on the diet. We no longer use blue apron because we know how to cook low calorie

Feb 1, 2022


I love this app to keep on improving it all the time. This app was a key instrument into my losing 140 pounds. It tracks the calories then the calories out. I also develop recipes and it breaks down the recipes. When I have a new cookbook and the calories seem off I’ll enter the recipe in and get a much more accurate count.

Jan 31, 2022


I LOVE this app!!! I have tried Noom and other diet/calorie counting apps and they are disappointing compared with using this app linked with Fitbit. Noom is great for psychology/CBT around food consumption & building good eating habits, but it’s tool for logging food and calories falls WAY short of My Net Diary. I love that I can have favorites, customize foods, build recipes and track my supplements & nutrients. These are crucial to eating with the perspective of viewing food as fuel. And especially important while eating a reduced calorie diet. Being able to insure that the proper nutrients are in smaller quantities of food is extremely important to maintaining a healthy body during weight loss. Two thumbs up to MyNetDiary! 👍🏼👍🏼💖

Jan 30, 2022

By far the best nutrition tracker

I have had this app for quite sometime. As most of us do. I fall off and get lazy tracking, but every time I get back at it, this app just gets better! Easy to use, comprehensive, gives me different types of diet plans to choose to track, meal plans and recipes. There is so much to this app that I am sure I have not discovered it all. Thank you to the developers.

Jan 30, 2022

Well Worth Using

This App worked for me. I managed to lose around 60 lbs over 7 months using it. It gives the number of calories for most foods, and the layout makes it easy to record how much you’ve eaten. The hardest part for me was learning to weigh EVERYTHING I ate every day. It provides a lot of information on nutrients, etc if you want to know these things; and there are recipe sections for ideas. You can pay a subscription for more detailed analysis and access to discussion forums. Also if you have a particular fitness-tracker, it will automatically record exercises taken, sleep, etc. If not, you can record these things manually. I subscribed for one month, just to see what was there, and while it provides some extra incentive, it’s not essential for the diet. I came across one or two discrepancies while using it, but they were very minor things; and easily worked around. I’m very pleased with what I’ve achieved using this App, and as a tool to help with weight-loss, I’d definitely use it again.

Jan 28, 2022

An Excellent App for WIEGHT Loss Management

I have been an advocate for healthy eating for the past 12 years, and my nutritionist introduced me to this app for managing my progress and also for her to monitor me. I must say, this app has been reliable and helped to keep me on track in all areas of my program. I lost 60 lbs my first go round, and recently, the period of about one year, ( COVID stress eating I’m sure), have gained about 10 lbs back. I am working on talking off about 8 of those 10 lbs( being older, I could do with a little more meat on the bones). I have no doubt I’ll be successful with the assistance of MyNetDiary and God’s help. Thank you for your continued upgrade to all areas of the app. Best Regards ADP

Jan 27, 2022

Great app, easy to use!

Best weight loss app I’ve used. Does everything other weight loss apps promise at something like a 10th of the price. It's easy to set goals and count calories. Barcode scan option works really well! I'm using the interesting "autopilot" function for tracking calories. There are many functions to explore and the dashboard is fully customizable. Whoever designed the GUI for this app, great job!

Jan 27, 2022

Great app to inspire fitness

I use this app daily to log my foods and exercise. It’s inspiring to see my weight and fitness goals on target. The app instantly links with the website so you can enter data while at your desk. I was surprised to see my steps automatically logged in the app, linked from iPhone health app. The best feature to me is the instant bar code scanner to log foods and nutrients. At work we have a lot of available snacks from avocados to snickers and everything in between, plus sushi and salad kits in the fridge. It makes it easy to see if it’s worth eating without having to read each label. I have used this app off and on for nearly 10years. It remains as one of the top as far as I’m concerned. There’s links to success stories or you can join a group to inspire others and yourself, or just to socialize on the app. I recommend this app to anyone interested in analyzing their food intake and exercising habits.

Jan 26, 2022

I lost 60 lbs in one year thanks to this app

An absolute godsend! I am so thankful. I recommend it to all my friends and family. It’s truly foolproof and easy to use. I even have an elderly aunt that uses it! Losing or maintaining weight is simple. Balance calories out with calories in… but how do you keep track? MyNetDiary is how. I’ve tried the macro apps and other stuff and this one is by far the best. It’s suitable for any eating plan you want. Keto, paleo, vegan or just plain old watching your portions! I’ve had this app for 4 years and no matter what plan I was on I was able to use it. Worth every penny for the pro version too! Took me a couple years to give in and pay but I wished I did it sooner. Thank you to the creators of this app!

Jan 26, 2022

Excellent Healthy weight loss!

I’ve used this app for approximately 2 years, I find it extremely easy to navigate and track, great recipes... I’ve tried 3 different program diet guides to find what best fit my lifestyle. I highly recommend this to anyone from beginner to experienced in nutrition. The info is science based, safe, accurate. I have joined now and paid a small fee to keep me focused and on track. I love this!

Jan 24, 2022

Perfect App

MyNetDiary has everything you could possibly want in a lifestyle nutrition and wellness app. So many amazing features! Perfect for anyone and everyone. This app is right up there with Instagram for me, I may even use it more. Premium if obviously better but the basic version is also full of good tools!

Jan 21, 2022


This is the one stop app for everything you need to track to help you heathy journey :) from recipes to community support. You can also customize your home page so you track what you want to only. I love. Completely worth the price to buy the full 1 yr subscription. You won’t regret. I tried the trial version for 2 weeks and it’s amazing too and I lost weight. But I wanted more and access to recipes. So excited to get going.

Jan 17, 2022


I have tried many diet apps and this one is absolutely the best and I’ve tried many! is user-friendly! It’s excellent the way it is set up andNavigate and a picture of the little bike rider going down the hill, as you wait does is so cute!It is easy to scan food codes and log them in. It also has a large variety of food choices to search for that you’ve had during a meal and want to log! It says if you are on target to reach your goal and if not, it gives you tips on how to make you more successful to reach your goal. Offers numerous recipes and fabulous articles to read. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this app to family, friends or anyone looking for the perfect weight loss tracking app! THANK YOU MyNetDiary! Warmest of Blessings to all!

Jan 16, 2022

Wonderful app

This app is so easy to navigate. I’ve lost 84lbs to date while using this app. It helps keep you accountable in a simple way. I love almost everything about this app.

Jan 14, 2022

Easy to use!

This tool has been awesome for me. I’ve lost 200 pounds since 2017, and more importantly, 90 since I started using the app in late summer of 2021. And no, no gastric bypass.

Jan 14, 2022

This is an amazing app - and I have tried out several food/exercise trackers, all which were, at best, klunky. It's so easy to use, and provides so much useful information to help with your goals. I am really pleasantly surprised, and plan to bump up to the (very reasonable) subscription plan. Kudos and thanks to the developers. I will revisit this review if more to report!

Jan 12, 2022 Jo Bennett

Quality app

After many trials though various calorie tracking apps finally came across this gem. This is a fantastic starter app, just the free version alone is great. Very use friendly and lots of options/suggestions for different values to track. I’ve used the free version for about two weeks so far. The inventory for items that can be quickly scanned is vast, which I had a problem with on other apps.

Jan 7, 2022

This is more of a work of art! Creating something so intricate, informative, helpful and efficient yet user friendly at the same time is quite an achivement! Kudos to the programmers!

Jan 6, 2022 Google Play user

Expansive Database of Foods

For the several different food tracking apps to work, they need to be simple to use and have a huge database of foods. MyNetDiary meets both criteria. Every item on most fast food menus are listed. So entering a meal is easy. This app is the only one out there that helps me lose weight. It does it by making you aware of the calories is what you eat. It also monitors the nutrients, and with my high cholesterol, that’s critical. It works on my phone and it has a desktop app. This is the best dieting and nutritional management program available!

Jan 6, 2022

Keeping track of everything you eat helps you make better choices. It let's you know by grading your food. Lost 60lbs in 7 months using this app with using a treadmill 2 to 3 times a week and lifting weights 2 to 3 times a week. I'm 63 so it works even with old farts!

Jan 4, 2022 Jeff Benson

Really impressed with this app. Even the free app is outstanding. Extremely easy to import recipes and customize them. Have yet to search a food in the data base and not find it. Great graphics. SO much more functional than others. Frosting on the cake: I had a tech issue for which I received an immediate response with a great fix. Highly recommend!

Jan 4, 2022 Mary Anne Graf

Love It

I’ve used a few other options, came back to this one. I invested in the premium version due to all the perks. I love getting updates, coach advice and all the articles. It has helped me enormously selecting health snacks to fit my diabetic diet. I was hesitant at first then realized that I spend more than $60+ buying junk food in a year! Try the free program first, you will appreciate the premium more!!

Jan 4, 2022

The Best!

I have used ALL of the tracking apps! I mean it, every single one 😀. By far this is the best interface and easiest to use. It’s not preachy and annoying. It allows me to decide if I want the weight loss sermon or not. Good tool for a healthier journey.

Jan 2, 2022

ntuitive and Easy to Use

I have been using My Net Diary for about 6 months now and find it to be the best tracker I have used. It isn’t complicated (to me) but has so many features. I especially love being able to upload a link to a recipe and the app automatically calculates the nutritional content (but allows you to review it first for accuracy). I will be using this app for years to come.

Jan 2, 2022

Helping my patients everyday

I use the existence of the free app to engage my overweight teen patients and parents. Not only did you help me personally to finally lose weight, (I paid for premium that year). You are helping low resource youth and families feel like change is possible with your free version. I can’t thank you enough for giving me a tool in a nearly impossible battle for the health of our children.

Dec 28, 2021

Hands Down Best Tracker

I’ve tried so many and this one is by far the best. Easy to navigate, easy to use, a wealth of usable information, fast, accurate and robust food database, no sync issues with my FitBit. I upgraded to premium - the $60/year is well worth it.

Dec 20, 2021

User Friendly

I love ❤️ the MyNetDiary!!! It’s keeps me accountable and is so easy to use. My nutritionist even checked it out today and said she really liked the app. Creating new foods is an easy task. Im watching my goals be reached as I add info, daily. If there is anything to change it would be the ability to change the “Goal Date” for when I’m expected to lose a certain amount of weight. I don’t like the limitation or the app determining when I should be able to lose weight, especially when the app is unaware of the nutrition plan I’m participating that could change my weight loss amount or goal in shorter amounts of time. Please make this available for the user to change. Thanks Other than that.. MyNetDiary surpasses my needs. You’re helping me reach my goals!!!! And I have.. in 3 1/2 months I have lost 42.1lbs. No way I could have maintained without this app for documentation, charting, goal maintenance!!

Dec 16, 2021

Has helped me on my health journey this year and I've lost 18 lbs in 2 months :) be sure to track everything! Edit: I have used this app for 726 days & I have lost 72.2 lbs for free, my BMI is now 21.4. The best way to get results is to use a food scale & follow the macros as consistently as possible. I cannot thank these devs enough, my quality of life has improved 10 fold. More energy, no pain, I look 18 again! Thank you so much💝

Dec 15, 2021 Cassie Castillo

Number one out there

I don’t use the app to loose weight. As a cyclist and runner i use it to keep track of my nutrition input. I have tried several apps before, but this is by far the best . Keep up the good work. For me the app is really usefull. The way the app work would do it easy to loose weight too, just be honest to yourself and log everything you eat, remember loosing weight is simple math, its all about plus and minus. Good luck to all.

Dec 9, 2021

Best Calorie App Out There


Dec 7, 2021

My husband and I have lost almost 10 lbs with in a week using this app! We’ve used others that charged $24 a month which had all the bells and whistles that we didn’t use/need. Even though we are using the free version, seeing that the premium is only under $10 is awesome!! We really like how it can sync with our iPhone and Fitbit AND we love how we can control our calories and see how we can gain more in our calorie budget by exercising which gives us motivation to do more!

Dec 6, 2021

I've tried quite a few of these apps but this seems the simplest to use while supplying a good range of features even in the free version. The food scanning is great and if bar codes are not found you can submit them to us next time. I've experienced this and the turnaround is impressive. food can be copied or moved to other meals and on other days. I also use the apple version so that I can link my apple watch steps and activity. this process was characteristically simple.

Nov 26, 2021 Stephen Connell

Love this app!

I love that I can scan my food packages and it upload it for me. I love that I can customize my dashboard and what nutrients I want to track. I love that there’s a place for my notes, exercise input, water intake , I can change to macro nutrients and diabetic dashboards and see the nutrients that matter for whatever it is that I need to monitor! Not to mention it’s compatible with my Apple Watch and easily accessible online! Great job! Can’t wait to see what other features they add in the future ! I definitely will be using it with my personal training clients! 😆

Nov 24, 2021

Love this app!

I am a medical doctor giving advise to my patients regarding weight management for years. Among all products I have seen this app is the most helpful, impactful and user friendly app I have seen. I personally use this app and love it. I introduce this app to my patients who want to lose weight or ones who want to eat a more balanced and healthy diet and the feed back is great.

Nov 19, 2021

Best free weight loss app ever

I tried many apps over the course of a month. They all said, join for free, then after logging food and drinks for up to two weeks, they got stuck on paying for any further use! So consequently I lost all that data! This app MY NET DIARY is true to its word. It’s free. I’ve been using it over forty days and have lost 10 pounds!!! So easy to use… my tech challenged wife even started using it! She’s happy to be watching her weight with this app.

Nov 15, 2021

Fantastic Program

I recently found myself needing to turn my health around. After having two more cardiac stents installed at the age of 58 I realized I needed to make some serious life changes. By simply changing my diet, portion control, logging each meal (really easy with your application) and adding some exercise, I’ve been able to drop 23 pounds! I still have 30 lbs to go but I’m confident that as I’m allowed to add more exercise and continue with my dietary changes that I’ll reach my goal of a healthier me. I’d previously tried NOOM but found much of the reading to be quite silly and childish. I appreciate your straight forward approach. Much more my speed! A Sincere Thanks! Dan Schleitwiler

Nov 14, 2021


Hands down the best app out there. Very detailed and operates at lightning speed. Made for anyone serious about controlling diabetes.

Nov 6, 2021

Best Calorie Counting app I’ve ever tested 5 stars

Absolutely on point - has everything I could need - especially handy is the recipe calculator- brilliant down to recipe weight it makes like so easy.

Nov 5, 2021

Works well for me

Excellent logging capabilities and a great database. (And none of the balderdash one must endure with Noom, which seems to be slanted for someone a third my age.) This will work well for me! And after a few weeks of using it, I can say I am even more impressed. I find it gives me great and useful information, and is being very helpful in helping me get my eating back into a more realistic basis after a year of eating for consolation. Update: and a few more weeks into it, I keep finding new and unexpected useful features that are so easy to use. I love it!

Nov 4, 2021

Best Food Journal App

I was using the free version and loved it so much I bought a subscription. Love that I can take a picture of nutritional values and it auto populates or copy a recipe URL and it will populate into the app. Also with recipes imported in I can change the ingredients if I make adjustments and the app adjusts the nutritional values. Love that I can tell the app I’m a vegan and I get recipes for my lifestyle. This app has a lot to offer. I highly recommend it. It is better than NOOM and Weight Watchers app in my opinion. I have lost 9 lbs in 8 weeks using the app. I stay within a calorie deficit per my physical activity per the apps recommended calorie intake for the day. Really like that the app is set with my Apple Watch, heart rate and RENPHO scale. I haven’t tried the workouts yet, but will do when I’m unable to hit the gym.

Nov 3, 2021

Love this app!

I am no stranger to weight loss programs, years of Weight Watchers, and most recently another popular online platform. I lost 30 pounds five or six times but never kept it off. What it comes down to for me is accountability and it’s so easy to log food on this app. Not only that, but the information I have on my dashboard is so helpful from a nutritional standpoint because that’s what matters the most to me at the age of 66. I’m very grateful to have found this app. Thank you so much everyone on this team!

Nov 2, 2021

So many helpful features

I love this app to bits. It is worth every dime of my repeating subscription. I’ve been using it for three years (I think?) & every time I decide I’d like to do a thing or know a thing, I discover the developers have already built the functionality into the app. It handles all the portion math with no effort required of my own brain, the recipes are easy to shop for & to make & I love how much you can customize the dashboard—from Cliff’s Notes to Encyclopedic. Oh yeah.... it also helped me lose 38 pounds of weight I’d gained on anti-depressant meds :-) I still use the app daily to make sure I don’t gain any of it back. Nice work, guys!

Nov 2, 2021

A great daily food log!

I began using MyNetDiary a few years ago, then took a break, enrolled in Noom for a few months, then when returning to MyNetDiary and realized how perfect this app is! My philosophy in using MyNetDiary is to target a total A- rating each day for the day total. Each meal should be A- and snacks, although these may total B+, should not result in the daily total being A-. These goals are especially handy when for whatever reason, travel, etc., result in an unusual choice of breakfast items, etc. You can then use MyNetDiary to see if a serving of low-fat cheese or a couple of boiled egg whites will bring you back to an A- rating for the meal or snacks. Targeting all 3 meals at an A- rating is a great strategy. This results in having high quality protein, veggies and/or fruit and small amounts of quality carbs, ideal for either weight loss or maintaining your ideal weight. If I sound like a fan of MyNetDiary, I would say that I am absolutely a devotee! Try this app, you will love this!

Oct 31, 2021

Love it

Really easy to use, like the food icons, like the fact if you don’t find an item you just take a picture and send it to the developer and in 1-2 days your item/food will be ready to use with all the macros. Note to developers: continue to polish and keep the apps updated cause it’s better every update and you can see you always put effort in the apps. Highly recommended 10/10

Oct 22, 2021

Excellent App

Can’t remember how I came about this app. I must have come across it when searching through the App Store when another app wasn’t giving me what I needed MyNetDiary is brilliant. Its intuitive and easy to understand. I love the analysis bit and the predictions. It lets you do recipes meals and favourite foods. I’ve already recommended it to a work colleague. I’m on a free trial of the premium but I’m definitely going to pay the fee for the year.

Oct 20, 2021

Eats Noom for Lunch

This is a great ap. Very economical and feature rich. Easy to use. I’ve been using for 5 years and it works.

Oct 17, 2021

So much better than Noom!

I love this app - and I hate everything (ask my friends)! It gives you real info on what you’re eating - not the bogus, opaque color coding. And so easy to use - synchs across devices, easily captures activity, even does seamless recipe and bar code imports. Really motivating.

Oct 12, 2021

So simple and easy to use!

I have tried other apps to track my eating habits and always gave up because they were too time consuming and never seemed very accurate. This app is so easy and gives so much helpful information!

Oct 12, 2021

Best Calorie Tracking app out there

This app is fantastic. I landed here after being very disappointed during the trial periods at Noom and MyFitnessPal. This app is super user friendly. You can tell that the dashboard was created by someone who likes his or her job. It is very customizable and looks great. I really like the virtual coach and auto pilot features. If you are on the fence regarding the premium package, the recipe import via a URL link is worth the cost alone. Most recipes online have someone writing a small book prior to the actual recipe. This feature ignores all that and grabs just the ingredients, a photo, the how to directions and also adds the calories and serving info. I have used this feature A LOT because it is sooo easy. Just amazing really.

Oct 9, 2021


Excellent app. Of all the apps I have tried, this is one of the best. Simple to use, speed of entry, searching, charting, favorites and recipe creation capabilities are only a few of the outstanding features. You won't be disappointed. It is difficult to lose weight if you do not document it. This program does it all for me.

Oct 8, 2021

Helped me lose 52lbs in 6 months

I’ve been fit due to sports almost all my life. I got married and comfortable and let myself go. Black 25yrs of age 5’9 male. This app helped me track and hold myself responsible. March 2021 238.2lbs to September 2021 185.8lbs. Lifting 3X a week (burning 300cals each session) and cardio 5-6X a week (burning 200cals each session).

Oct 1, 2021

Best free app for calorie counting

This app is by far the best one out there! I recently started on a 1000 calorie diet ( doctors orders) and I tried many different calorie counting apps. By far this one has been The Best! It has many kinds of foods already logged, and when you need to add something new, it’s very easy to do so. Also tracks macros, has lots of recipes for free.

Sep 29, 2021

Recommend 100%

I have tried so many different apps and this one is absolutely hands down the best one! Normally I never last a day or I forget to mark it down in the app. This app is so easy to use and makes it so much easier! The best part is that the food actually scans, I mean here and there it won’t but it most likely will! I have been using this app for about a month and I absolutely love it! I would strongly recommend or suggest this app to anyone who is looking to loose weight (lost 10lbs in first month) and/or just looking for a calorie tracker. I guarantee this app is amazing and well worth your time!

Sep 26, 2021

Recipes on point

I have tried so many health/calorie counting apps but this if by far the best one. I got the premium version and it is worth every penny. Not only I love all the metric dashboards, but the recipes included in the app are actually easy and motivates me to eat healthy. Plenty of recipes. Love the app!

Sep 21, 2021

Recipes on point

By far the best fitness app, and diet app. Both beautiful and functional, one of my favorite go to apps of all time. So much so I renewed my subscription every year since 2010.

Sep 21, 2021

Great app for keeping track of calories

This app proved to be the most accurate, easy, and hassle free among competing apps of the same variety. I tried Weight Watchers and MyFitnessPal and Noom, and MyNetDiary was the one I found myself returning to again and again. Mainly because of the range of ready-to-choose food list and “all in one view” dashboard. It was easy to adjust weight loss goal and tailor the dashboard to suit my visual preferences.

Sep 23, 2021

Love This!

I was so tired of MyFitnessPal This app does all that MyFitnessPal does and more. The premium cost is also less … something that I can afford! I love the pictures of the food. I love the nutrient screen. I love the daily tips. I’m SO happy with this app!

Sep 16, 2021

35 Lbs Lost and Counting!

By far the best fitness app, and diet app. Both beautiful and functional, one of my favorite go to apps of all time. So much so I renewed my subscription every year since 2010.

Sep 14, 2021

Love love love

Love the free version! Has everything you need and more. Have used other apps including the famous MyFitnessPal and this one is sooo much better than that and has more free features.

Sep 8, 2021

Great Diet & Health App

I love this app. It is more work than MyFitnessPal but gives you a lot of info. Every week you get a detailed nutritional chart emailed to you so you can see how you're doing. It's colorful and keeps you motivated! You can add your Supplements and Vitamins as well, which you can't do to my knowledge in the other app. There is a great pictorial Library of recipes and you can chose different diets. I have lost three pounds so far and I never lost that much weight even with Weight Watchers in the same amount of time. It is better to lose weight slowly but it's great to have a jump start. Not saying it will be the same results for everyone, but just saying using the app is very effective. If you're Diabetic they include a low carb plan and supportive articles. Definitely recommend!

Sep 4, 2021

Best calorie app in the bus

great app, you can change from kj to calories as that was confusing for me but usually 95% of the food I scan are on this app. i used MyFitnessPal previously but this app way cleaner/newer (and less ads) 10/10

Sep 3, 2021

Best diet app ever

Seriously wish I found this app earlier it’s so impressive. I can track my food, exercise and steps all in one app. Another bonus is being able to track my vitamin and specific nutrients intake. My favourite feature is being able to scan a products barcode to get nutritional information. Absolute WINNER!

Sep 1, 2021

Very Pleased

I had preciously used several apps, the previous being Noom. I like this one better: -More affordable premium option. -Calorie counts more accurate. -Easier process to add or create your own options. -More specific fitness logs. I am very pleased with this App.

Aug 28, 2021


This app is insanely good, considering its free and even if you pay it is only $59.95 for a whole year. I have a family member that is on the WW app and it is crazy money. MyNetDiary is written by people who “know” and the reason why I say this is because I have been on every diet over the last 40 years and any app that lets you count how many calories from taking a poop “knows” the weight loss customer!!! All I am saying is I have been on the app for 6 days and lost 15 pounds. Now anyone who has tried to lose weight knows the weight always comes off faster in the very beginning but I will tell you the way this app works is great. East to track calories, east to track water, easy to track fat intake and not too many in app purchases and not pushing you to buy all the time. Perfect app in my long weight loss experience and it is sooo good I am actually considering buying the premium just to get at the easy meal recipes and diabetic sections of the app. Thank you very much MyNetDiary!!! You want lose weight! This is the app!!!!

Aug 26, 2021

Great app!

Was using MyFitnessPal for a while like everyone else, but was not a fan of it at all. It was so clunky. And the updates they kept rolling out sucked. Somehow I stumbled upon this one and gave it a try. Tried the free version for about a week, decided I liked it a lot and wanted to track some more things that were on premium so I subscribed to the paid version. Sooo nice! Love everything about it! I can track anything and everything and it’s so simple to use. Wishlist for the devs: ways to track IF (intermittent fasting) - be great if down the line I could do it all on mynetdiary instead of tracking my fasts on another app. Aside from that, great job on the app! Its worked wonderful ever since I’ve used it and worth the fee for the paid version. 👍

Aug 23, 2021

Fantastic app with bags of useful free features

It’s a rarity I leave reviews for apps, but this app certain deserves a 5 star review. I’ve always been a slim person. However, with the last 18 months being in lockdown and starting a new job where I’m now at a desk all day I’ve piled the weight on. The real turning point for me was when I saw that my BMI was classed as over weight. A colleague recommended this app to me. I’ve only been using it for 2 weeks and I’ve lost half a stone. It’s so easy to use. The free features are amazing and very in-depth. Sometimes I really lack motivation to diet, but this app has certain helped to drive me, which in turn is driving my weight down. There’s features you can pay for, which I have t yet. But I’m considering it seeing as the free features are brilliant. Highly recommend!

Aug 22, 2021

Super Easy Accurate Healthy

I’ve tried many other apps including the most popular ones and ones that I paid for. Finally gave up and just went for the free ones the others weren’t worth it. But MyNetDiary has been so great that I went ahead and purchased. Easiest to enter my own recipes (I have food allergies plus with the pandemic cook & eat almost exclusively at home), transfer a meal or item from one day to another, AND edit!! Love the graphs and the ability to customize the dashboard. Sometimes I view macros, sometimes not. I’m doing the Mediterranean diet and have tried the Vegan and the recipes & coaching satisfy. Def a keeper!

Aug 22, 2021

Amazing App!

Great app! Great price (I subscribe monthly) All the information is one place. This is a great app to use whether you know a lot or a little about weight management, eating right, carbs, fat grams, etc. You can also scan a bar code to see whether a certain food is going to have a positive or negative impact on the goals you set. This app rates the food from the information on the bar code. New Information is being added on a continual basis.

Aug 20, 2021

I absolutely love this app

Major kudos to the developers and team behind this app. I love the simple navigation and all of the powerful analytics, which have helped me to understand food more which resulted in losing 49 lbs to get to my goal weight (214 lbs -> 165 lbs). Keep innovating (would love to customize food score) because you guys are crushing it.

Aug 17, 2021

Love this app!

This is the first time I’ve ever written a review for an app. I had to write it though, because this app is fabulous. I have been looking for an app that would not just track my calories and macros but also my calcium. I am older and want to make sure that I’m taking in enough calcium every day to help protect my bones. This app makes tracking your food so easy. I also input a recipe that I make and it automatically figures out everything! Thank you so much for creating this app!

Aug 13, 2021

If you want to be healthy & lose weight at the same time, this app is for you!!!

I have been trying to lose weight for 2 yrs. Always thought that I had to do intensive cardio & have a strict gym schedule to lose weight, and basically feel tired all the time. Since I got my hands on this app, I have been tracking my foods, set up a calorie deficit diet and managed to lose 6.8kg (15 pounds) in 2 months without starving myself or feeling weak with minimum workouts (barely once a week 30 min workout). This app helped me gain my self confidence back, I couldn’t be more thankful! ❤️‼️🙏🏼

Aug 10, 2021

Wow wow

Everything in one place. I love this app for counting calories, logging exercise, browsing articles, it has it all. Thank you. I believe this is the most comprehensive and not overwhelming app I have used for fitness. Bravo!

Aug 7, 2021

I love this APP

This App is so good for me. I tried WW but it was not user friendly. This app allows me to scan my food and log it. It's helping me with my portion control and adjust with my workout information from my Apple Watch.

Aug 4, 2021

Works wonderfully so far!!

I’ve only had this app for a short while, but already I can tell this is top-notch. No issues with the free version, all of the available features work as promised, and I do not feel cheated out of more the innovative aspects. Though premium offers a wide array of extra bells and whistles, the free version has great variety too! Maybe one day I’ll upgrade just for fun, but for now I’m happily satisfied. Highly recommended for anyone watching their weight or just conscientious of general health 😄👍

Aug 2, 2021

Works wonderfully so far!!

I had used MyFitness pal without success, but after only 1 week of free edition I have lost weight. I now will gladly move to the premium. This is wonderful! I love it for my diabetes. Thanks

Aug 2, 2021


I tried MyFitnessPal. It was hard to log food and not much fun to use. Recently with the encouragement of my Dr i tried the much touted noom🤮🤮🤮. It is totally non intuitive, cutsey, phony “ coaches” and not nutritionally sound. It was not only non-helpful but was horribly frustrating. My husband showed me mynetdiary and i liked it instantly. Such a great dashboard, easy to find and log food and i love the nutritional analysis that i can share with my doctor. Being able to read UPC ‘s and save home made recipes is very helpful. I have logged meals every day for almost 2 months. I feel that this app will help me keep going for the long haul. My husband uses it too. I recommend it to everyone i know. Even if you were not trying to lose weight, it would be a great nutrition tool. I did buy the premium but the app is full of great free stuff and easily used without it. All around great app!

July 24, 2021

My review

I use to use MyFitnessPal, I found that this app is better & cheaper.

June 22, 2021

Love it like Lose It!, but better


June 17, 2021

Sooo much better than MyFitnessPal!!!

Words cannot describe how much I rely on this app. This app holds me accountable and is so easy to use. I tried MyFitnessPal before this and find this app so much more reliable and accurate. This app also has specific items to Woolworths/coles which is amazing as MyFitnessPal had very little variety in terms of their food data base. This app is worth the small fee every month. 100% would recommend. The only tiny thing that I dislike about this app is that your BMR is not optional to change. I had a dexa scan done and the scan does not match the BMR on the app. However, still the best app none the less. I love the macro tracking as well as the barcode scanner!!! Love love love this app!

June 17, 2021


Best program I’ve seen, better than Noom. You get to put your own foods in so less time than a coach and recipes that would take a lot of your time.

June 16, 2021

The best calorie counting app

I had successfully used a different calorie counting app for a couple of years to lose weight and keep it off, but that app changed so I went looking for a new one. I’m so glad I did! After trying out several other apps I finally hit upon MyNetDiary and it is far superior to any other app I’ve tried. It’s incredibly easy to find and log foods, and alter them if necessary, and you can toggle between g, oz, c, servings, etc. You can create and save your own recipes for easy logging. The nutritional information breakdown is very useful. You can decide if you want your logged exercise to add in extra calories to your daily allowed total or not. The app is elegant and intuitive. And all of this is with the free version!!! Try this one out - you won’t be disappointed.

June 15, 2021

This app is essential!

I needed an app to track my progress after ending my sessions with my nutritionist who used another app for their business. I tried all the major apps but this app shone through due to its very user friendly interface and web access for when I’m at work! The barcode scanner is also the best I’ve found to quickly log food for the nutritional data you need! If the food your trying to log is not cataloged, you can simply take a picture and send it in and they’ll notify you when it is logged! This app is great and I use it daily!

June 15, 2021

Amazing calorie counter app

I never write reviews for any apps but this one needed a 5-star. For one, this app never nags you to buy a premium account. All the features that need premium aren’t essential to calorie counting. On the dashboard where you log your water, meals, and exercise, you can see it all without any complications. The app is easy to navigate through and it’s wide variety of food options makes it better. You can see clearly how to search for food you’ve eaten, log the food, and keep track of it all. You can scan barcodes on food that doesn’t come up in a search. For the immense amount of search options available, it has anything from the most specific restaurant’s homestyle potatoes to random recipes online. I would 100% recommended this app to anyone who wants to count calories, keep track of their calorie deficit, and get in shape.

June 12, 2021

Very Inclusive

This app is great! It has a lot of different features and includes food types from different brands which has helped me be more specific. If you can’t find the food you ate there’s even a barcode scan feature! The part I like most is that it doesn’t beg or nag you to buy ‘premium’. There are some features that need premium, but they’re not essential and it doesn’t stop me from using a lot of the app’s functions. I’ve only had this app for a few days and I already feel myself becoming more conscious about my eating habits and overall health. Great app, developers!

June 11, 2021

Fantastic App - best one I’ve used for macros

Excellent app, perfect for tracking food intake, macros breakdown, activity. I love how it allows you to add all the ingredients into your own recipe or meal when making food/ meals at home from scratch, it also allows you to then measure by grams instead of serving which is so helpful. You can also customise your macros which is brilliant. Also if you are a diabetic you can track glucose in food etc ... so many different tracking variations.

June 11, 2021

It worked for me.

I have lost 52 lbs in 4.5 months since using the app and 20 lbs in the 24 months before using the app. Most of that was finding motivation, but the app helped keep me on track. Here are the best parts: - entering food is easy: it remembers custom foods, which foods you often eat for which meals, and imports recipes from websites (huge plus!) - its engaging, not annoying: gentle prompts to log meals, the different graphs and reports on weight, nutritional goals, etc. keep you focused on the pay-off - lots of customization: its easy to use out of the box, and easy to optimize to your own plan. I bought the full version and it has been worth the investment for sure.

June 11, 2021

The best tracker out there

This is simply the best tracker out there. Fantastic user experience and app. Great integration and lots of tips, articles and support. Lots of insightful analysis. It's free so give it a try! I've used MyFitnessPal. Clunky, hard to use and lots of unverified and inaccurate foods. WW. Limited insight and data and it's blue, just blue and dull. Such a boring app to use. Nutracheck. Good app, but not as good as this app, less functionality and insight and it needs a monthly subscription. Noom. Hard going, like visiting the psychologist every day. Dull App with little insight.

June 7, 2021

Better than Noom

Way less $ to go premium on MyNetDiary than for NOOM. My favorite parts of noom were the food tracker, and access to research studies and articles within the app. MyNetDiary has a leg up also by allowing premium users to pick a dietary plan. MyNetDiary keeps the food tracking and info pertaining to dietary needs simple. Forget about “using psychology” to trick yourself into making smart choices. This app is all you need.

June 6, 2021

Tried various apps and find this one the easiest to navigate

Tried many other apps, but this one is the easiest to navigate. Not busy interface and very intuitive.

June 4, 2021

An app that goes beyond what it says it can do

Not often I run into an app that goes beyond what it advertises it can do. MyNetDiary is that kind if app. The free version is pretty goad if you want simple, basic tracking. However, I am managing a diet for other health issues than weight and the added nutrient information is essential for maintaining a proper diet. It’s a ridiculously easy interface to use. Every opportunity is provided for you to input your data, including reading a barcode from a package, compiling your own recipes (and having it figure the nutrient and calorie content), and moving between screens/tabs. I live this app.

June 2, 2021

An app that goes beyond what it says it can do

Not often I run into an app that goes beyond what it advertises it can do. MyNetDiary is that kind if app. The free version is pretty goad if you want simple, basic tracking. However, I am managing a diet for other health issues than weight and the added nutrient information is essential for maintaining a proper diet. It’s a ridiculously easy interface to use. Every opportunity is provided for you to input your data, including reading a barcode from a package, compiling your own recipes (and having it figure the nutrient and calorie content), and moving between screens/tabs. I live this app.

June 2, 2021

Love this App

Being both an allied health professional and having my own needs to fuel my own body to meet my fitness/weight goals I cannot express how much I love this app, I have been using it for years, and is the only food tracker I will use. Unlike most food trackers that I’ve tried this does not put your calorie deficit too low which is so important for losing weight and makes it less about “earning your calories”. Highly recommend!

May 27, 2021

It’s a University of Health

By far the most user friendly APP that provides all the information to guide you into having a healthy body!!! Just love it far out beats all the other APP available on the market!!!

May 26, 2021

Love it

Just started using this app and so far, I love it! Have been using MyFitnessPal and this seems easier. Haven’t connected it to my exercise app yet.

May 25, 2021


I am so grateful for this fantastic app! I originally started counting calories with a notebook and calculator on hand. This app is versatile, informative, intuitive, extremely easy to use and engaging in a way that gives you a great shot and improving your health. I love it and will be reaching target weight this week!

May 24, 2021

What a find!

I absolutely love this app. Although you track your foods most are contained in the app which makes your daily log very simple. I am losing exactly as my target suggests. The best part is that it’s free and it works!

May 24, 2021

Better than Noom

I downloaded the MyNetDiary after a 2-day Noom trial. What I like about MyNetDiary is that it’s uncluttered and the tracking of meals, exercise, daily steps, water intake are all easy to do. The program is not gimmicky, silly, childish, and talking down to you. The graphics are fun and motivating. I like that you can go at your own pace and tailor the program to suit your own needs, while you have lots of expert advice for guidance.

May 23, 2021

Download it now

I love all the features especially the graphs and charts that organize my data. If u have a background in a scientific discipline u will appreciate. I don’t mind entering in foods I eat regularly manually and using the data to calculate so overall very nice. I prefer it over MyFitnessPal.

May 22, 2021


What a brilliant tracking device. I’ve used a few in the past, but this is by far and away the best! Love the report facilities. Brilliant!!!

May 20, 2021

Great dashboard

Just switched from MFP. Much better UI and more granular nutrient analysis if you use the dashboard customization feature. This allows me to choose supplements each night based on exactly which nutrients I missed in my meal plan.

May 20, 2021

Amazing app

All of these fitness tracker apps and nutrition apps cost money and you need to pay for the plans and stuff. This app is just amazing I cannot believe that it’s free 10 out of 10.

May 19, 2021

Easy to use

I really like this app! It is intuitive and easy to use with the right amount of depth. The premium features look enticing but I find the free version is all I need to track calories. The information and functionality in the app, basically, puts an interactive fuel gauge on food. My diet plan has been to “Eat less, move more and keep breathing”. The app doesn’t restrict your intake or nag you to exercise but it does assist you with good data to make your food choices. The best part of the app is the bar code scanner! This makes food data entry so much simpler. Then, the favorites tab to store your regular meals/snacks is a major timesaver.

May 17, 2021


For those who wants to track calories but want to do it easily and stylishly, this app is THE GO!! It scans and recognizes almost EVERY barcode of food products and the calories & nutrition values are accurate! I love love love the design, drawings and layout, it's convenient for me to just tap at my fav list and add my staples, also the cute drawings make me want to do it all day long!!! Saying it's a handy app would be an understatement. It saves and analyse measurements and personal info BETTER THAN ANY other tracking apps i've used (which also requires premium upgrade with the least it could provide). If i could give 5000 stars i could.

May 16, 2021

This app is AMAZING!!!

I am actually an app junky. When I'm looking for a particular app, I download a few of them simultaneously to compare which ones I like the best. I was using MyFitnessPal for years and did a premium trial which I was enjoying. The cost of their premium subscription really made me look at other apps. When I came across MyNetDiary it took me a few weeks to really go through the information because there's so much. I noticed a deal for the premium subscription so I thought I'd try it out. Since subscribing I have deleted my meal plan app, my grocery shopping app and my water tracking app. Because this app has it all! With this app I can customize pretty much everything - my macro nutrient percentages, water intake goals and alerts, micro nutrient goals, workout calories (connects to Apple watch) groceries list, diet specific recipes and Soo much more. The one thing that is a slight downside is the barcode scan doesn't have a very large database and many items I scan are not read. The upside to this is that you can manually add the nutrition information and pictures and upload them, therefore adding to the database. Customer support is very quick. I had an email reply within minutes. There is still a lot more information in the app that I haven't even looked into yet. I am overly happy with this app both as a free version and paid version.

May 15, 2021

Excellent app

I used to use the competition for years and found this app. I hesitated to switch but glad I did effortlessly to find food, save meals, add foods. Excellent app.

May 15, 2021

I love this app

Brilliant I ❤️ this app! I was using MyFitnessPal but this is just way better. I love the way this app is easy to use and tells you exactly cals in and cals out.

May 15, 2021

Love it!

I used to use MyFitnessPal but Net Diary is a lot more helpful.

May 14, 2021

Has worked wonders

I love this App, it has helped me reach and maintain my goal weight. Previously I have used Slimming World, WW, and almost every diet under the sun, they all worked however I love this App because it puts you in control, let’s you eat whatever you want, encourages you to exercise and is free! Thank you MyNetDiary 😊

May 14, 2021

Has worked wonders

Only using the free version as find that to be plenty good enough! Has really helped me understand and control what I’m consuming, and as a result I’ve seen my weight steadily drop off. Great app!

May 13, 2021

Amazing app for free

My husband had a liver transplant this last year so we are tight on funds trying to pay medical bills. I can’t afford the apps advertised on TV etc. The free version allows me to log my foods. It really is so easy. I just scan the barcode of the food and really understand what I am eating. I can hold myself accountable for everything that goes in my mouth! The paid version is about half of those other apps so as soon as I get funds in I am going to upgrade but in the meantime I am very thankful that this app is out there.

May 11, 2021

Love this App

I started a trial with Noom however, about three days in, I noticed that some of the data was incorrect. Portion sizes and calories counts of some staple foods we’re not accurate. Well I was enjoying the learning aspects of food behaviours patterns with doom, I lost complete confidence in the app due to the data issues. MyNetDiary has proved to be exactly what I need. Accurate data, easy to use.I chose the paid full version, but the free version does nicely as well. I love this app! I am two weeks in and I’ve dropped almost 17 pounds and I’ve had more energy than I’ve had in years.

May 8, 2021


Love this app. I’ve used several of the top 10, majority are inaccurate. This is user friendly, informative and keeping the apple green is a great challenge.

May 8, 2021

I love this App!

Best App ever for tracking just about everything - calories, carbs, macros, water, nutrients, etc. It has a fantastic recipe database and you can add your own recipes. It has a bar code scanner and is very intuitive. I can’t recommend this enough! It’s really helped me to track my weight, exercise and a whole lot more. Get it! 😎

May 5, 2021

Happiest an App has Ever Made

Out of the hundreds of apps I've used from the App Store, this one is by far the best thing a mobile phone has ever done for me, just wow!

Apr 30, 2021

Best App Ever!

Definitely one of the best apps I’ve ever used. It works without glitches, allows you to do way more than expected, and is super helpful. It’s very intuitive and flexible. It has foods in the database that I did not expect, and it’s super easy to add a new food by photographing the labels, and miraculously, that works surprisingly well. I am more than happy to pay a monthly fee for this level of service.

Apr 30, 2021

I love the MyNetDiary app!

I have used other food trackers in the past, including Weight Watchers and Real Appeal. This app far surpasses them with ease of use, great graphics & helpful features. I very highly recommend.

Apr 26, 2021


This app is incredibly easy to use and very logically assembled. This one is no fluff and straight to the point. If you’re a MyFitnessPal user, I recommend this app 100x more for so many reasons. Thanks for a great app!

Apr 24, 2021

Better than other premium apps

App is fantastic. Super easy to use and intuitive. Information dashboards are perfect. I tried MyFitnessPal and got the premium version because the free version had too many ads. The free version of this app is better than premium version of other similar apps

Apr 23, 2021

Tried many. Stopped here.

I tried many different food tracking exercise tracking wait tracking apps. They either didn’t do what I needed or were too confusing. This app is perfect. It quickly and easily Logs food and wait and has integrated GPS for accurate exercise tracking right in the app. Perfect.

Apr 22, 2021


This app has changed my life! I have been on many different diet apps for years, this is the only one that I feel actually helps me make better decisions. I am in my first month in and have lost 9 pounds!

Apr 20, 2021

All In One App

I truly love this app. Last year I tried a couple of these calorie counting apps, and I didn’t love them and resented the cost. I have been using this one for free for a week now, and it is perfect. So perfect in fact, I am going to pay for it because I know developers aren’t free. Everything you need is accessed from the home screen. Calorie count, meal log, exercise, steps and lots more is right were you can easily track your progress. It even has helpful tips at the bottom on ways you can improve. I seriously love this application. I highly recommend you try the free version. I am looking forward to the premium version because it has so much more to help me on my food journey.

Apr 19, 2021


I have tried a lot of meal tracker apps. This one is beyond anything you would expect!!! The logging of food is so easy!! Their bar coding system tracks every food I’ve ever scanned in. The recipes they have are endless. Other apps don’t seem to ever update their recipes. There are so many beneficial items using this app. The reminders to drink water are so helpful. It’s so easy to create and save a new recipe!! I honestly can’t say enough about this app!!!! I did by the subscription and it’s well worth every penny!!!!! Only been using it for two weeks and I’m sure there’s much more I’m going to learn as I keep using it. This is the app for you!! Don’t even think twice and stop looking for anything better. This is the app you want if you want to lose weight!!!

Apr 17, 2021

I have to say this app is brilliant

I have been using this app for about 8+ years now. Best of all I have used it all this time for free✔️I have very slowly lost about 10 stone✔️I can set my calorie intake easily from 1000 to 2000 calories a day & back again. I may set it to 3-4000 calories for high days & holidays ✔️ I found for me, this is the secret to successful weight loss: i eat sensibly at all time’s, I eat a maximum of 2000 calories per day. I consume them as healthily as possible. However, spasmodically to fit in with my life & when I feel emotionally able etc. I reduce my calories intake to 1000 calories per day. I can maintain a restricted mostly veg diet for a few days or a week or two at a time & then back to 2000 calories per day, to maintain for a few days at a time. Keeping a records has been an enormous help. This app is very adaptable & I feel has helped enormously with my success. 👍xm✔️😃🤞

Apr 15, 2021

Finally I can track

I have used all the food diaries around especially the likes of MyFitnessPal but the ads and price always became a hinder not a help, then I discovered MyNetDiary and within a day of using it I brought premium and so far have lost 1.7kg

Apr 14, 2021

Great App

I have been using another calorie counting app for a couple of years. I decided to try this app and I love it. It is so easy to use. The options included with this app allowed me to combine several apps in this one. Also, the support team is awesome! Quick response, follow up and very helpful. Thank you!

Apr 9, 2021

This app is AMAZING

You don’t have to pay for the basic use of the app, which allows you to diet and lose weight, and if you want to you can buy the premium version, BUT IT DOESNT REQUIRE A SUBSCRIPTION it will show you the estimated time for when you will have lost the amount of weight you inputted in the beginning, and it will take your age to see if it works for your age, now this app is helping me count my calories and lose weight, just amazing. Oh yeah they also even grade your meals for how they do towards your diet, it’s great, it will also send you recipe ideas if you skip a meal which is great! If you are looking for a way to fix your weight overtime, this is it.

Apr 9, 2021

Best app for weightloss!

This app right here is the best hands down! When I started dieting, I did not know how many calories my body needed nor did I not l know what I was putting in my body everyday! Needless to say, I did a little researching and decided that I wanted to buckle down on a calorie deficit diet and I came across this app. So everyday I log my food, look up recipes, log my water, exercise, and steps. Around 3 months in and I have lost around 25 pounds! I give it all to this app because without it, I don’t think I would have stuck to my diet like I should have. Seeing your food rating and how many calories you have to eat in a day has helped me so much. I love this app and I’ll be logging my food from now on, diet or no diet in the future! I recommend this to all of my friends when they ask how I do it! Thank you guys for creating such an awesome, knowledgeable, user friendly app!

Apr 6, 2021

Changed the way I look at food

Like many who want to loose weight, I wanted to keep track of calories. It goes further then just jotting everything down, it’s truly changed my way of thinking from “oh I’ll just eat this and stop when I’m full” to “let’s log this and follow the serving sizes” and it has actually kept me in line with portions. I think having a daily goal and to stay at or below it is a healthy challenge. And even on the non premium version, it has SO many features. The lists of foods that are documented is phenomenal and the feature to scan the barcodes of what you’re having and have it show all nutrition and serving info is fantastic. I will continue to use this through my weight loss journey

Apr 4, 2021

Awesome App!

This app has helped my lose weight better than Weight Watchers because it enables you to pick the type of diet you want to follow. For me, a low carb diet works best, so when I track food I track my net carbs, and THAT has worked better than anything! I’ve lost 25 pounds and am now under 155 pounds in just 3 months. I haven’t been this low in decades! I love that you can bar code scan any food, and choose portion size in a variety of ways.

Apr 4, 2021

Exceeded my expectations!

I spent a little time comparing features on different apps when I decided to try using an app to log my food for weight loss. There were many apps and I am thrilled with my choice. Logging food is easy. Food database and ability to input easily make this so user friendly! The analysis of nutrients and breakdown reports are so helpful and interesting. I have been using this consistently for three weeks and I have lost five pounds. I think that there are even more features that I will learn to use over time. This gives me an easy way to hold myself accountable and make much better decisions on my eating and drinking choices.

Apr 3, 2021

The best tracker! (Coming from a real person lol)

I've been using this the free version of this app for a few years and between trying other apps I've always come back to it. I recently purchased the premium version and it's so worth it!! Short background: I've struggled with EDs for a while and tracking can be iffy for me, but I've found that focusing on the macros helps me to eat healthier, eat more, and not feel guilty about calories. This app is the only one I've been able to find that has everything I want- calorie tracking, macros tracking, recipes and ability to import my own recipes, body measurement/weight tracking, and personalized tips and analysis' based on everything I put in! I definitely recommend this app, the free version is amazing but the premium package is definitely worth it if you use the app as much as I do!!

Apr 3, 2021

Love this app!

This app has helped me eat better an lose 30lbs in 3 months. I often find myself not wanting to eat unhealthily because I know it will show on my log. Being able to see the calories and breakdowns of the foods I eat has been super helpful. The user interface is slick and gives the user loads of data even without a subscription.

Apr 2, 2021

Best out there for free

Really great features for free with option to go premium if you want, but no forced free trial and no forced upgrades. Nice to have good functionality without being forced to pay if you don’t wish

Apr 2, 2021

Quick & Easy, no Fluff

Logging is a great way to be mindful of what you’re eating and to make healthier choices. This app is fast and easy to use. The dashboard is customizable to you so you’re looking at your goals with little clutter. I use the free version and it has been perfect for simple food tracking. No annoying ads, very few intrusions to try to get you to upgrade to the paid version. Over the years, I’ve used quite a few different food logs, this one is my favorite.

Apr 1, 2021

Simply the best to track calories,nutrients and your goals

I tried a few apps. If you wish to put emphasis on eating balanced meal within a set calories plan, this is an excellent app. I was trying to find a fitness and nutrition combo app but the ones I found that included fitness were not that great at logging food calories and recording many nutrients. So I decided I would prefer to use a very good nutrition one: MyNetDiary. And if I want a fitness one, I will find one just for fitness. I loved MyNetDiary the minute I tried it, hence I did not keep anything else I tried after having tried this app. You will be very satisfied with this app!

Mar 29, 2021

Lost 40 pounds cut glucose by 75 percent

I bought this app 6 months ago. Just recording my food intake and watching my glucose levels daily did the trick. Thought about writing a weight loss book, but it would have been too short. Just two words “Use MyNetDiary. BTW This is the only app review I’ve ever written

Mar 26, 2021

Love This App

My Net Diary has helped me lose 20 lbs by keeping me on track. I’ve learned so much about the composition of different foods and how much a serving is. I’ve recommended it over and over!

Mar 23, 2021

Better Than All the Res

I have tried all the other apps, this one is by far the best. The tracking, reporting and other tools are all on par or better than the rest. Learning to navigate all the features took a little time, but now I truly value how dynamic the app functions. To developers-stay on top of updates, thanks!

Mar 21, 2021

Finally, useful and doesn’t break the bank!!!

We all know that increased activity and decreased calories equal weight loss. Finally a simple to use and effective tool to accomplish that goal!! This simple to use app gives you everything you need without pouring one more dime into losing weight. There are bells and whistles available in premium option for a reasonable price. Even if you’re tried EVERYTHING else - give this a try. It’s worth your time.

Mar 18, 2021

The Best Calorie App on the Market

I have done EVERY calorie counting and diet app on the market. I am a frequent fluctuater between WW and MFP. Finally I found an app that has the ease of counting and feedback on what I eat (like WW) but has much healthier eating parameters and information about daily nutrition like MFP. Much more than a compromise, this is an app that clearly shows what happens when people put the time and energy into developing a comprehensive app based on nutrition science as well as the cognitive work on building patterns for making better choices. This feels and works like real information you can use, the support you need. Do not hesitate on getting the subscription to this, the extra perks are definitely worth it (like choosing specific diets and grocery lists and specific nutrient tracking). A few years from now everyone is going to be doing this app. Great job putting this together!

Mar 17, 2021

Thank you!

Honestly, The fact that this app is so good and it’s free it is unbelievable. I never write reviews on here, but there is always a first. I love the interface of this app and all of the benefits it provides. It’s easy to use and extremely helpful. A huge thank you to the creators. I will be getting premium. 😁 Get this app folks, you won’t regret it.

Mar 16, 2021

Fabulous app! Definitely worth the $60 a year to upgrade

This has made getting off the baby weight so easy. I’m down 10 pounds after having this a month. You can find recipes, and it will import and add the ingredients for you with serving sizes. I’ve struggled with figuring out what to cook while trying to lose weight as a new mom, but this makes it so easy. I totally recommend!!!

Mar 16, 2021

The best program by far!

I’ve tried most of the meal logging/calorie tracking programs. MyNetdiary is better by far. The information is likely to be accurate, particularly if you opt out of user created foods. If you take a photograph of the nutritional label on a food, MyNetdiary will enter the food into their system within 24 hours. You are provided many types of units. You are given the option of entering a food multiple ways: cups, mL, grams, ounces, cans, et Veteran’s. Your posted questions will be answered by a registered dietitian. MyNetdiary works great on the Apple Watch.

Mar 13, 2021

Love this app

I love this app! I think it’s better than MyFitnessPal - has a tonne of features, worth the subscription.

Mar 13, 2021

Best Food Diary Ever!

This is by far the best food diary I’ve ever used and I’ve used a lot. I’m just on the free version and it is awesome! My search for the right app is over!!!

Mar 11, 2021

My Net Diary

This program is the BEST, hands down! Like others, I rarely take the time to sit down to write reviews. But I found this program overall needs to have one. The program is so easy to manage throughout the day. And what’s great is that you don’t get bombarded with Premium Upgrade ads. I give the creators and the APP designers a big thank you. It has been helping me lose weight. I’m at the point now where I ask myself “do I really want to spent my calories eating this?” My only suggestion and hope would be, to be careful and not redesign or make changes to this program that would make it complicated like so many other APPS have become.

Mar 8, 2021

Love this.

I was at a weight loss plateau when I came across this app. As soon as I started tracking calories, exercise, etc., I broke thru my plateau. I love this app. More user-friendly than any other app like this out there.

Mar 7, 2021

meaning easy to use. Keeps you informed of your caloric intake, whether the food is rated “A” for good or “D” to eat moderately of. Rating scale has been really beneficial. Trying to lose weight? The app will inform you of how much of a caloric deficit you’ll need to maintain (usually 500 calories than what you would usually eat in a day) and how you can achieve this. Hesitant when I first used it but can’t imagine life without it. Trying to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle? Look no further, “MyNetDiary” is the app for you! Enjoy your healthy future amigos 🤘

Mar 6, 2021

Best calorie app I’ve tried

I really love this app. I tried others before and lost interest. I love how they don’t constantly ask for money, no glitching and I like these out (the apple lol its a great visual and helps). I love how they have recipes and tips. Deff 5 stars. Love it, I recommend to everyone.

Mar 5, 2021

Well Worth It!!!

I am obsessed with this gem of an app. It is beautifully designed, wonderfully intuitive, and is the only reason why I have lost 10 pounds recently!

Mar 4, 2021

LOVE this app

I can’t say enough good things about this app. I’m finally losing weight and not cutting anything out of my diet except portion control. I find it so fun to log my food every day and my weight every week so I no longer dread getting on a scale. This app makes it easy to lose weight and I can fit it in a busy nigh shift nurse schedule!!

Mar 3, 2021

Great app

I’ve tried a few of these and I have to say this one is exceptional, even the free version. The interface is great - the library of scan codes for food is vast. I wish the recipe part was a little more intuitive but after some clicking and thinking I figured it out. Really considering upgrading to the paid version so I can see macros. The articles are informative as well. Give it week, you fall in love with it.

Feb 26, 2021

Easy to Use

I like the simplicity of using the app. The interface is clean and easy to understand. I like being able to scan barcodes and to copy foods from day to day. The coaching and analysis features are also informative and helpful.

Feb 25, 2021

100% recommend

This is great if you are trying something new in order to be more healthy! basic features are free but if you want that little extra motivation the price isn’t bad!

Feb 23, 2021

Great app for keeping track of calories

This app proved to be the most accurate, easy, and hassle free among competing apps of the same variety. I tried Weight Watchers and MyFitnessPal and Noom, and MyNetDiary was the one I found myself returning to again and again. Mainly because of the range of ready-to-choose food list and “all in one view” dashboard. It was easy to adjust weight loss goal and tailor the dashboard to suit my visual preferences.

Feb 22, 2021


I tried Noom first, which costs $199/year. Not worth it. MyNetDiary has many of the same features and so much information! This app is all about tracking what you eat. If you’re honest and stick to the recommended range, you’re obviously going to lose weight. It’s science. But the app makes it easy to log meals and see info at a glance. I have not done the paid version yet but I think I’m going to. The price is reasonable and the product is great!

Feb 17, 2021

Great helpful app for eating disorders

My daughter has an eating disorder. I have used this app to help ME her mother increase her eating and during the re-feeding process. It is easy and quick and head helped me feel less fear and have more control in managing this process with the help of the app. I would Just would ask that you balance out all the marketing messaging and weight lose photos with weight gain messaging as well. It is calorie and food restricting and media bombardment of weight lose everywhere that is making our young teenagers think that at 95 pounds they still need to lose more weight. So please be aware that This app can be used to help those of us with extra weight lose it, and be healthier, or to help moms better help their keeps get the adequate nutrition and calories they need, and but it can also hurt those who are already obsessing dangerously over weight loss and using calorie counting to restrict or harm themselves and to gain a false sense of control in a pandemic world.

Feb 16, 2021

Hands down best food tracker

I've tried lots of different food tracking apps and I kept abandoning them bc they were bloated with ads/content, and were just not simple and streamlined. This app is great, you can customize your dashboard, see the things you want to see, very easy to use, no ads, simple, clean UI.

Feb 12, 2021

The premier food tracker

The free version is good, the paid version is excellent. I’ve tried a lot of food tracking apps but this is absolute the best one, by far. It’s like all the best parts of similar apps rolled up into this one. So much information in such a small screen. Very intuitive user interface. Very customizable. I’ve stopped using the Apple ‘Health’ app completely. Note: When managing recipes and such, my only complaint is use of the term “Retire” instead of say “Delete”... not a big issue, just confusing. Thanks

Feb 12, 2021

So much better than MyFitnessPal

The interface is so much cleaner and intuitive, which a lot of apps have but they lack the massive library of foods that MyFitnessPal has, whilst this app has a pretty exhaustive list, which is nice.

Feb 11, 2021

Best app ever. Genius!!

This is the best app I have EVER come across. It has helped me lose weight and build a healthier lifestyle more consistently and sustainably than whole 30 or keto etc. Excellent graphics, very user-friendly, syncs well with other fitness apps and really just helps me make informed decisions. Also love the tips, and recipes (that already show macro nutrition content- !!). Whoever made this app, definitely knows what they were doing! I will be a lifetime user for sure! Thank you!!

Feb 10, 2021

Excellent. Totally recommend.

I’ve liked this app way better than other calorie counting apps I’ve used. I can track my nutrient intake to know I’m getting enough of everything I need. I love that it adjusts my calories as my weight changes. Has pretty much every food I’ve had to log.

Feb 9, 2021

Love it

This is the easiest APP to understand and it works very well. You get all the information you need for your dashboard at your fingertips. Would never go back to anything else.

Feb 8, 2021

The Best

I’d been using the most popular calorie counting fitness app for a few years but found it inadequate because it didn’t accurately record calories nor nutrients, especially calcium. This app is so much better!

Feb 7, 2021

Best application I’ve ever been

It changes my life completely, I have already gone to gym but I do not have a plan to follow it, so my mate recommend me this application, day by day I count all of my calories through this application. Before using this app I was 142kg, but now I’m 115kg, still I’m in progress. THANKS A BUNCH.

Feb 6, 2021

What an Amazing App... all for FREE

This app is truly amazing. Most other apps like this will cost you anywhere from $3-$10 or closer to $50 for a membership. This one offers hundreds of thousands of meal ideas, and allows you to track your food and water intake, your exercise, and much more without paying a penny. I would highly recommend trying this app out.

Feb 1, 2021

Easy-User Friendly App

Great app! I’ve used many of the more name brands and this one is by far the best. And it was introduced to me from my teenage daughter who has been using it to improve her eating habits. It includes a large data base of food items, easy and fun interface and excellent summary of nutrients. Which is great to ensure we are all eating well. Also it gives a grade to you for how well you are eating for each meal. Great Job to those who designed this.

Jan 30, 2021


Been doing Weight Watchers for years and it had stopped working for me and this has helped me pick back up eating in track and offers the same thing

Jan 27, 2021

Gosh I love this app — preliminary review

I’m only two days in. I’ll submit an updated review after some time, and when I can provide more detail. But! Having used Lose It and MyFitnessPal, entering my daily intake has been ... a joy. Well done. If my opinion holds up, I’ll either subscribe to Premium, or send a generous one time contribution.

Jan 22, 2021

Love it!

I have been looking for a better replacement for MFP, which is seriously over rated. I think MyNetDiary will be perfect.

Jan 22, 2021

Best free calorie counting app

I tried several and they always seemed to force a purchase after 2 weeks. Other than the occasional check in to see if I want to subscribe this one doesn’t force a purchase. I really like the dashboard.

Jan 22, 2021


This is seriously one of the best apps I’ve ever used. Your UX design team and developers should be proud. And you have some serious parsing skills! I love the fact that you do not crowd source food entries without properly vetting the data. Well done. The majority of everything I tried scanning, from here in Canada, seems to be in the database. The way that this apps handles recipes is also excellent. Creating recipes is so easy. The large menu of recipes is great. I absolutely love how easy it is to add a recipe from the internet. Like I said, you have some serious parsing skills. I look forward to using your app daily to help me meet my health goals.

Jan 20, 2021


I didn’t expect to like tracking my macros so much but this app makes it super easy the interface is very user-friendly do you even have the ability to track nutrients and not just calories you know what type of vitamin levels are low and high in the food that you’re eating. I've used MyFitnessPal before - pretty standard but honestly at this app is worth paying the extra dollars for. They have a lot more foods listed than on other apps that I’ve tried and they also give you tips and recipes honestly I don’t see anything wrong with this app in my opinion.

Jan 18, 2021

Beats Noom - hands down

MyNetDiary has provided more clear information, analysis and support in 1 week than Noom did in 3 months. I bought year subscription ($59.00) and receive an array of personal nutritional charts and auto generated assessment of eating patterns/advice. I asked an online question and received a reasonable response in 2 days. This has helped me drop 1.5 pounds in my first week. Best of all, no one calls clients ‘grasshopper’ (...cough Noom) anymore.

Jan 14, 2021

I can’t say enough good things

This is the most user friendly app I have used for weight loss. I have struggled with my weight all of my adult life and I think this app is what will turn the tide for good for me. You really only need this app to be successful. And sticking with it shows that you don’t have to be perfect everyday to still get results. And the price is very reasonable considering how expensive weight watchers, gym memberships etc are. I am doing a Keto diet and since September I have lost 30lbs using only this app as a guide. And I absolutely love that it syncs with my Fitbit.

Jan 13, 2021

Love this app!

I’ve been using this consistently since November and I love it. The layout and overall design is great and it really helps me to stay on track. So far I haven’t needed to pay for premium, what you get for the free version is really good. 10/10 would recommend

Jan 13, 2021

Works great!

I’ve been using this app for several years and it has helped me dial in my macro & micro nutrients successfully under different circumstances. I first started using MyNetDiary when I started a vegetarian diet while working on a tank ship & needing nearly 4,000 calories / day. I hate to pay, but it is worth it!

Jan 10, 2021


Seriously, it’s worth it. I feel so empowered now that I’ve discovered a way to not only track what I’m eating, but also make informed decisions about what to eat next. Thanks to this app, I don’t feel restricted at all! I feel educated and confident about my eating habits. It’s expensive, but it’s so worth it.

Jan 10, 2021

Best tracking app!

I’ve used other food tracking apps, but this one is, hands-down, the best one. I’d lost about 15 lbs using the free version but decided to get the paid version for their low-carb food plan and recipes, which have not disappointed me yet. I love the macro-tracking and the recipe import is so easy. I’m looking forward to hitting my goals this year using this app!

Jan 8, 2021

Love it

I switched to MyNetDiary after getting frustrated with MyFitnessPal, and it’s so much better. And the apple is super cute. I’d choose this over that a hundred times, no lag or freezing or crashing unlike the under armor one. The foods are so much easier to track. This app only has two or three options to choose from, while the MyFitnessPal app has 5+ for almost everything you search, with wildly different calorie counts.

Jan 6, 2021

Love it

I compared this to MyFitnessPal recently and this was far better and easier especially when using the Apple Watch and if you use MyZone at all. The entry for meal tracking is more intuitive. The dashboard is much more configurable and the autopilot helps me to loose over 45lbs!

Jan 6, 2021

Best weight loss app!

I’ve been dieting all my life since I tend to gain weight easily. I’ve tried many apps including Weight Watchers. This app by far is the best! It provides feedback on mistakes you may be making. For instance, I wasn’t eating enough calories in the am which contributed to slower weight loss. It also adjusts your calories based on what you have consumed on previous days! I say great job to the makers of this app! I am losing weight more steadily with your input!! Thank you!!!

Jan 2, 2021

It works!

I have tried many programs. This app is the best. I have been consistent in my effort and stayed on target. The app accurately predicted my weight LOSS and I was honest with every bite I logged. I just finished 3 months of Noom, have done WW and MFP, Diet Doctor and many more, this one takes the cake!!! I love that I have seen results and not been hungry at all. I’m 45, moderate exerciser, eat decent but love sweets. I did the low carb option on premium and lost 3.6 lbs this week. Again, I WORKED at it, but the app is a great tool to keep me on track.

Jan 2, 2021

I’ve tried them all this is the best

Over the years I’ve tried every food tracker out there. This is the only one I have been able to stick with. I love that you can just scan any barcode and the food pops right up. I also love the recipe importing feature! It has everything you could possibly need/think of and more.

Jan 1, 2021

Switched and I love it

I had been using another tracker ever since my apple ipod days many years ago. I just canceled my yearly subscription with them and went over to MyNetDiary. I love the interface better and love the micronutrients tracking. Only issue is I have to create a custom meal for nutritional drinks as the micronutrients aren’t automatically loaded. So micronutrients are a nice feature but you may have to make custom meals for it to be accurate. I really love the dashboard layout and widget.

Dec 31, 2020

Love it!

I was looking for an alternative to MyFitnessPal which I had used for years and loved. Unfortunately, it started to get too buggy with recurring login and freezing issues. MyNetDiary is a great replacement that I’ve now used for about 6 months. It’s easy to set up and use on both my phone and laptop. I love the displays I can also track my weight and exercise with this free app. There are only two downsides (and they’re not dealbreakers) are that (1) you can only track your measurements or change an existing recipe with the paid version. Everything else I need is included.

Dec 30, 2020

cleanly packaged food and weight tracking

I downloaded a few of these trackers three weeks ago, but stuck with MyNetDiary. Gaining weight is like a game for me with this app. Setting goals at the start (over time or weight per week) is simple. I haven’t tried adjusting the goal yet but with how clean the app is, I’m sure it’s simple. The daily and weekly running calorie totals (over/under to meet goal) are also helpful. Lots of function for free. Only subtle ads, and minimal popups or notifications (that’s a +). I like intentionally checking the app instead of being reminded I “skipped entering a meal” or “haven’t opened the app today.” Predictive food entry is also handy. You can also pre-make “meals” and enter the while collection of foods in the future. My only “meal” I’ve added so far is milkshake :) If it didn’t have the loads of features it does I would probably uninstall, but until they cut their own legs off like most app developers do, I’ll keep MyNetDiary.

Dec 29, 2020


You’ll never find an easier application for thorough tracking of your nutritional intake with sound guidance and useful feedback. You may think you know a lot about nutrition and how well you’ve been doing (I was in this category) but this application very quickly gave me in valuable insight into where I’m falling short.

Dec 29, 2020

Must Have

This app is fantastic! It makes tracking my eating progress throughout the day effortless. I am a total gym rat and am on a very high protein diet. Once you have used this for about a week the app knows what you commonly eat and suggests your meal contents based on history. For someone with a very repetitive diet like myself, it makes ensuring I am getting the right amount of protein a breeze. If you are on any diet whatsoever, download this app; accountability is key and this makes it easy.

Dec 22, 2020

Miles ahead of Noom app

What a fantastic app. Covers everything needed for managing whatever you specifically require for success i.e., diabetes, weight loss, intake of specific nutrients or choosing Keto, high protein etc. Great recipes and affordable yearly fee.

Dec 21, 2020

Perfect Free Calorie/ Exercise Tracker

This is the most well-designed, streamlined app I’ve tried for setting a weight loss target with daily calorie goals. I love how it graphs progress and adjusts according to faster/slower loss. Calorie counting is the only way I’ve ever lost weight, and this app makes it so easy to search for/add the foods I eat. Limiting portions and saving up calories to splurge occasionally is the only healthy sustainable path to weight loss.

Dec 21, 2020

Best App Ever!

I have used every app available and this is by far the best app created !!! Highly recommend for any style of eating!

Dec 20, 2020

Tried them all and this is the best

Great with Apple Watch and my phone. It doesn’t matter if at a computer or on the go, I can keep track of calories

Dec 10, 2020

The best free food tracking app

Absolutely love how easy to use this app, it’s so useful and I’m reaching my goals quite well. The food entries are more accurate than MyFitnessPal in my experience.

Dec 4, 2020

Exactly What I Need

A lot of what separates all the health apps in the market place is User Experience & support. The UX for MyNetDiary is fantastic and not only makes it a breeze to use but also actively supports me reaching my health goals. With support of this app I’ve lost over 30kg this year going from 117kg to 84kg and still dropping! Additionally support is responsive, knowledgable & efficient!! A great App from a great team.

Dec 2, 2020

Huge value with the paid upgrade

Initially tried the upgrade for just one month and am completely blown away by how much this app has improved the quality of my life. As a vegan I was concerned I might be missing some nutrition, but the upgraded version breaks down protein, vitamin, mineral intake making it easy to see if you're under in any areas. Tap on a nutritional element and it recommends foods that can close those gaps. Another plus: Their vegan recipes aren't just a hand wave to a bunch of veggie side dishes like other apps. These are easy recipes that are packed with protein and flavor. And great integration with Apple Watch with cute illustrations that make me smile when they pop up. Thank you!

Nov 19, 2020

Best nutrition and weight management app

I’ve used MyNet Diary for years. I have also tried nearly most of the other calorie counting apps available. This is by far THE fast. The user experience is beautiful and simple. The level of nutrient tracking is impressive. Tracking calories and nutrients is super easy!! Well done MyNet Diary team. Keep up the great work with constant updates.

Nov 18, 2020

Love love love

I have tried every app out there, and this one is by far, the best!

Nov 16, 2020

Best out there!

This app is the best out there. Always updated. Never crashes. Every measurement you need or want and adaptable to your needs.

Nov 14, 2020

Excellent App

I’ve been with Lose it and MyFitnessPal for the past 6 years and wasn’t happy with the macronutrients tracking. Plus you can now download my favorite online recipes directly to the app without logging in each food item. Works great with Apple Health and Garmin. Very impressed.

Nov 7, 2020

8 kg!

Went through several limits and lost more weight than ever before during a diet in a couple months, wearing a smaller size clothes, my first skinny jeans in years! Thank you, counting calories made easy.

Nov 6, 2020


The best calorie tracking app on the market. Way better than the ones others rave about. Everything is sooo easy. & it’s helping me lose ❤️❤️❤️

Nov 6, 2020

Love it!

This is my second day using it but wow. Really impressed. I’ve used other tracking apps in the past but this one is by far the best one. Very easy to use, dashboard has everything at a glance, and love the reminders. It works really well with my Apple Watch. Highly recommend!!

Oct 30, 2020

First class food tracking app!

Calorie counting yourself is a thing of the past with this clever little app. Scan foods, input your quantity - easy peasy - and you know when you’re approaching your daily limit and how far along your weight loss journey you’ve gone. Extremely helpful, makes losing weight interesting. Can’t fault it.

Oct 24, 2020

Best Weight Loss App Ever

This app not only helps you lose weight it’s very comprehensive in helping you track proteins, calories, fat, but also minerals and vitamins. I would highly recommend this app not only to lose weight but to take control of your total health. This app will bring you to the next level of making you healthy.

Oct 19, 2020

Great way to track food and calories

Easy to use. I had the Lose It app before and this app’s food scanner is easier to use (in the other app it would close down once the food was identified, meaning you had to reopen it for each item, but in this one the scanner stays open, making multiple items a breeze). I also like to food ratings and the widget.

Oct 18, 2020

Wonderful app!

Overall, this is definitely a 5-star app. The usability and polish of this app is great. They have it well laid out and I really like how your main “home screen” in the app is highly customizable to whatever things you prefer to track. The app also allows you store recipes in the app for easier tracking when you eat similar things regularly. One thing that could make this app over the top for paid pro clients could be to allow you to click on which “recipes” or foods you’d like to add for the week and then have it tally it all and create you a grocery list. This would then be an all-encompassing app that really gets buy-in and frequent use from its users, while also creating additional benefits of paying for the upgraded version. (Would also set you even further apart from apps like MyFitnessPal). Definitely recommend.

Oct 11, 2020

Best Ever

Just want to sum up this plan a bit differently... It's creative, intelligently simple and much more than just a diet plan... It's an unbelievably fun way to understand what our bodies do want us to do, so that we can then really enjoy life inside that “happy body.“ Am I making sense? Go for it! I really mean that........ you will never regret it.

Matthew Oct 8, 2020

I love this app

I have tried many food tracking apps but this one is the easiest to use and understand while keeping track of food and nutrition without paying for it!

Sep 28, 2020

Best calorie tracker I've used (and I've used them all). Free, easy to use, cool interface, has everything you need. Food is easy to register, has a lot of options for portion sizing. In-app, custom or bar code food. Water intake tracking. Exercise tracking with all of the options. Purchasing gives you access to more detailed explanations and recipes.

M. Balcheva Sep 28, 2020

Love MyNetDiary!

I’ve tried a few different weight management apps and this one is far superior!

Sep 25, 2020

Great app

Helps you keep track of your calories and best of all it doesn’t have any ads even on the free version. It’s super intuitive.

Sep 22, 2020

Excellent diet app that gives you more features than Lose It! app. Could use a few tiny tweaks to make entering food faster. I've found it to be accurate and quite useful in my weight loss journey.

Alexander Kofsky Sep 22, 2020

BETTER than MyFitnessPal

MFP is nothing compared to this app. Makes logging food SO MUCH easier! Especially for losing weight. The scan feature is great and so is the autopilot mode! I’ve made amazing progress and the weekly synopsis helps me tune in my nutrition so much more I’m so grateful for this app!

Sep 11, 2020

I’ve lost 53 lbs!

I’ve lost 53lbs with the help of this app. It's easy to use and I don’t feel restricted. I recommended this app to my friend and he lost 47lbs after he tried other dieting ways. This is what really worked for him too.

Sep 11, 2020

Brilliant App

I find this app to have the best database of foods. I also love how I can make a custom recipe as I always cook home meals and find its great for knowing what an appropriate portion size would be and how many calories it comes to. I’ve used this app to help me lose weight as well as maintain that weight. 100% recommend

Sep 2, 2020

I've tried a lot of different food tracking apps. I like this one the best for these reasons: Premium is entirely optional and ads for it are light. There are a lot of basic features that are available and I hope it stays that way. The app is not pushy or flashy when it comes to design or reminders. It's simple - and that's exactly what I need. I also don't have to have an account to use the app - it's optional. Thank you for creating this app. Hope to continue to use it for quite a while!

Snowy Ashton Sep 2, 2020

It works! I've been using this since the end of May and I've lost 23 pounds. This app makes you realise how many calories you are consuming. It requires you to be honest and to input EVERYTHING you eat / drink. This was an eye opener as I started seeing the excess calories I was consuming which then allowed me to make better choices. I have not cut anything out but I now plan ahead and stick to it. I have my Fitbit synched so exercise is also measured. Worth getting premium for the recipes.

N Osta Aug 31, 2020

Very thourough, lots of easy shortcuts, does the conversion of weight for you, whether you want to log in ounces, grams, or whole item, etc. Also, lets me easily log my vitamins and supplements. Easy, better than MyFitnessPal, and NO ADS!

Marilyn Tally Aug 30, 2020


Your MyFitnessPal is slow because they load the start page with video ads. It leeches your data and slows this app. That does not happen with MyNetDiary. They have now earned my daily usage.

Aug 25, 2020

I am currently on the Weight Watchers paid app at $25 CAD per month. MyNetDiary app is the bomb. It motivates me so much and so clinically organised to show all those important info. I love it and will level up to the Premium which is 30% off today only. I will most likely ditch the WW app after subscription is over. MyNetdairy beats all other calorie counting apps, trust me I had them and was so overwhelmed with how busy and complex the layout is. Calories in vs calories out baby works. GET IT.

SherryAnn D Aug 24, 2020

Keeps couples up to date

My husband did a lot of research before settling with MyNetDiary. It is the best app out there and keeps me informed even when we’re states apart. I strongly recommend this app for everyone!

Aug 20, 2020

Best App ever

I’ve tried a lot of these types of apps in my time. This is by far the most comprehensive user friendly app out there. Use w confidence

Aug 20, 2020

Love this app! I have used MyFitnessPal and I find this app so much better. There is a lot more features, very detail macro info that you can view per food item, per meal or per day. Try it. You will love it!

Tamara Baer Aug 19, 2020

Best App in Food Tracking

I don’t write reviews often but I have to say this app is by far the best app to track food intake. The bar code scan feature is absolutely my favorite, and their database has almost everything. It only occurs to me 2 times for international groceries during my month of using it. Also I really like the recipe features. You can create your own recipes and they calculate nutrients from your ingredients. You can also create meals from all food base and recipes, which helps people meal prep to quickly record what they eat. Brilliant! The grocery comparison is handy too. When I shop for cereals for example, I can scan several candidates at the store and the app will tell me which one is the best from the nutrition standpoint. The UI is fast and easy to use. The team behind this app really uses their product and hit the pain points. Recommend 5 stars!

Aug 16, 2020


I’ve downloaded a few of these kind of Apps, this one is by far the best and most user friendly. I’ve been able to load in items through the bar code, and even foods that aren’t listed with the barcode, you can enter manually. Thanks for an amazing App!!! PS, this app has assisted me in losing 2 kilos in 2 weeks.

Aug 15, 2020

Best diet app ever!

I love this app! I searched and tried at least 5 others and none came close to how user friendly and helpful this app is. It allows you to get rid of all the stuff you don’t want to use and caters it to your needs.

Aug 14, 2020

So much better than MFP!!!

The layout of this app is very straight forward. Plus it shows ALL the nutrients unlike MFP where it only shows 5. This is a great app to ensure you’re getting all the vitamins and minerals you need from your diet!

Aug 6, 2020

Clear-cut and Forthright Tracking!

After years of Weight Watchers, MyNetDiary offers simple straightforward means of tracking honest to goodness CALORIES and other nutrients significant to my body’s health! No clouded “points” and “zero point foods”! In one month, I’ve lost the six pounds I’ve been trying to lose for the past three years to get back to my WW goal weight, using the ever changing WW program! Thank you, MyNetDiary, for providing a food tracking app that makes sense; that is easy to use; and that is visually encouraging! I’m a big fan! I will continue to use this app to lose my another 10 pounds, which has seemed impossible since 2013! Hooray for MyNetDiary!

Aug 2, 2020

Great app

Started using this a week ago to try and help me lose weight and so far so good! It’s great for helping you monitor and reduce calorie intake and in my first week I’ve lost 7lb! Tried lots of different diets including following slimming world but until this app, nothing worked. The great thing with this app is your not restricted on the types of foods you eat, it just encourages you to eat in moderation to keep within your calorie budget and the more you stay within it, the better the weight loss! Great app as far as I’m concerned!

Aug 2, 2020

Excellent for Diabetics!

I absolutely love this app!!! It is easy to log food and get full nutritional information. This app is easy to read and has more integration of information, so if you need any information for doctors; you can create detailed reports. By the way, I tried MyFitnessPal and that was difficult to read due to the fonts. I did not stay with it. MyNetDiary integrates with Apple Health, Fitbit, and multiple other apps. As a diabetic; I love that I can have my insulin, food, carbs, measurements, calories, sleep data, etc. all in one place. My doctor can see how the the insulin is responding to my carbs so I can adjust appropriately. I am losing weight, so my needs and body mechanics are also changing. I don’t remember what I did day to day, so it is great to have a log of it. Looking at other apps, both free and paid version; MyNetDiary wins hands down.

Jul 28, 2020

Great for losing weight and being healthy! I used MyFitnessPal religiously for many years, but since I started using MyNetDiary I'll never go back. It's so easy to use and offers many good insights into your weight and well being!

Barbara Tafoya Jul 27, 2020

Excellent App for patients, doctors, and everyone in general

I cannot stop saying how amazing is this app. As a physician myself I have never encounter such a complete app where not only one can meet weight loss goals, but do so in a safe manner, with excellent recommendations by expert nutritionists, that above all make sure the process is safe for you, so not to go into dangerous fad diets, unhealthy BMIs. As well, it has been such a learning experience for me to realize how many empty calories, dangerous amounts of sodium, dangerous fats one can consumed thinking you are eating healthy. It increases your awareness and helps you recognize healthier options in food while filling satisfied. The free app is very good BUT the paid app is unbelievable. I am not one to be spending money as many a times it tends to be a completely useless purchase, not with this! This app is awesome. It is so accurate since you have an option to create your own recipe and it will calculate the nutrients for you by portions. I recommend this to anyone who not only wants to loose or gain weight but to anyone who wants to eat healthier to decrease risks of so many preventable diseases such as diabetes type 2, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and many more.

Jul 24, 2020

And...I’m back in the game

I’m in love with this app. I just tried MyFitnessPal for about 6 days and I was so bored with it. My Fitbit versa 2 app and iOS health app on my iPhone 11 did not sync at all. I was very frustrated and sad that I lost 6 days of less than desirable tracking. Not to mention that MyFitnessPal seems expensive for what little it offers in my opinion. That said...this app is beautifully done and all my corresponding apps sync up immediately. I’m in love 🥰 so easy to use and so informative about where you land on your daily target 🎯 you are really going to lose weight with this app at your side. I also want to add that it is visually appealing and overflowing with quality :) I also use BitGym with my Nordictrack treadmill and it recognizes my activity from that app through iOS health app. Impressive :)

Jul 24, 2020

Great Health App ..!

Over the years, I’ve watched this app develop ... They’ve done a phenomenal job, and it’s so complete in the health information you can gather and track; I find it hard to believe there’s something better for this purpose ... The developers are updating constantly with new features and bug fixes ... Yet the app actually gets easier and easier to use ... If you’re new to diet apps, you can’t go wrong here; and libraries of information are immediately available including recipes ...

Jul 24, 2020

Keeps Getting Better

I’ve been using MyNetDiary off and on for over 8 years. The app keeps getting better and better. I am always happily surprised with their newly added features and how easy they keep making it help me be healthier.

Jul 23, 2020

I’ve Had This App for a Year...

...and I am still using it every single day. If you need some accountability in your food choices and exercise, this is the greatest app I’ve found for that. It opens your eyes both to how many calories you’re REALLY consuming and to how many calories you’re REALLY burning. Folks, there are no magic pills or potions for weight loss. The bottom line, most effective approach, is simply to expend more calories (energy) than you consume, period, and My Net Diary is a wonderful tool for that. I watch what I eat about 90% of the time and for the other 10%, when I splurge, it’s easy to see how many calories it “cost” me and that number in and of itself is usually sobering enough to get me right back on track with an extra workout and healthier food choices so that I don’t backslide completely (it’s a slippery slope, amirite) and can continue to lose weight. It’s an easy to use app with a potpourri of useful info that I’ve even recommended to my patients, and those who’ve tried it, without exception, have loved it. Highly recommend My Net Diary!

Jul 23, 2020

Great app!

So easy. Helps me stay honest and on point with my weight loss goals. Very comprehensive and easy to use. Love the scan feature. Helps make accurate recording quick and easy. The recipes you can browse through are delicious, I have tried several! I feel like I am losing weight without starving myself and while getting needed nutrients. Also easy to add your own recipes and it will break down the nutritional info for you! I love this app! Busy Lady

Jul 22, 2020

Easy Peasy

I really should make it a point to use this app far more frequently than I do. Every time I come back to it there’s some new kind of improvement that has made tracking my food easier. Although I deviate and don’t always track my food (I have pre-diabetes and suffer when I don’t track) this app takes me back to where I need to be and almost makes it fun again. The easy settings; the friendly interface; just makes it a lot less cumbersome and entices me to do it more consistently.

Jul 20, 2020

The best

The best app I have tried. I’m using it for 10 years.

Jul 18, 2020

Amazing app

I have tried countless calorie counting apps, but this one definitely stands out. It’s easy to use, even the free version offers so many things. I love the daily reports. I can create my own recipes and track the calories. Amaaaazing! For sure will try the premium version as well.

Jul 17, 2020

Really works

I have always been skeptical of weight loss apps, I tried intermittent fasting in the past after my first child and it worked then after my second my body couldn’t take it so I had to count calories, this app has helped me to lose 10 pounds in 20 days. I absolutely suggest buying the premium subscription. It’s really fun to set it to auto adjust and have it help you avoid plateauing. Love this app! This is the first 5 star review I’ve ever written and I am so excited to continue to lose weight!

Jul 17, 2020

I tried all the applications of this type and this is without a doubt the best of all, the best visually, the best in features, the best in everything. There is nothing you need that is not, everything you can think to modify or see is. It is in English, it is not in Spanish, for me it is not a problem. And the synchronization with garmin, fitbit and others is paid. But the truth is that it was the same as I was paying for MyFitnessPal that does not remotely have the characteristics of MyNetDiary. I highly recommend it VERY, I think if they translate it into more languages, the others disappear.

Pablo Marcelo Moia Jul 17, 2020

Makes it easy and fun to lose weight

Ten years ago I learned that logging food daily was the best ‘diet” for me. I used a simple online food diary and it worked Now I need to lose again and discovered this super easy to use app. My Dr had recommended another one, but My Net Diary is easier to navigate. I love the dashboard layout. it is quick to log because the app remembers foods and portions you use frequently, There is tons of nutrition info, a food scanner and lots of helpful tools. In one day I was a pro. It’s that easy. And yes, I am losing weight. Highly recommend.

Jul 14, 2020

Love it!!

I’ve had this app for years. When I follow the plan, it works perfectly. I lost 50 lbs a few years ago using this app. It taught me so much about what foods are better for me. Like sometimes the burger has less calories than the salad. Recently I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. So I’m not as focused on calories as I am on carbs. This app is such a huge help with all the foods in the database. I highly recommend this app for anyone trying to lose weight or just eat healthier.

Jul 13, 2020

Super Easy To Use

I really like this calorie tracking app. I tried the other one that everyone mentions, MyFitnessPal, but I didn’t like it. That one had a lot of things going on that I wasn’t interested in like recipes, articles and videos and the site just looked messy. I was interested in basically just tracking my calories and sometimes macros and this app is perfect for that. It has a very clean, uncluttered look that’s easy to navigate. MyNetDiary makes it so easy to track your daily and weekly calorie intake. There are thousands of food items already listed in its database but if you don’t find your specific food listed then you can create an entry for it. You can even scan the bar code of your food item (if it has one) and upload photos of the product too. There’s a place to keep track of how much water you drink each day and a place to add daily notes too. You also can enter in your exercise routine and calories burned and this app will factor that into your daily calorie intake. It also keeps track of your steps but you have to pay for the premium version to have steps factored into your calorie intake. However I’ve found the free version of this app to be more than enough for me. It really is a very good calorie tracking app and I recommend it highly.

Jul 12, 2020

Very user friendly!

I downloaded several food tracking apps to test them out and this one blew them all out of the water! It’s so easy to use. The food library is extensive and it’s simple to add your own on the rare occasion your search comes up empty. It tracks your calories and the percentages of carbs, protein, and fat of your allotted intake. You can add exercise and and connect with your fitness watch. I have the FREE version and it gives me a daily analysis with tips! And it works! I saw major results within the first week that I hadn’t seen trying for a month and a half prior!

Jul 12, 2020

Best Food Tracking App Available

I’ve tried more calorie tracking/fasting apps than I could possibly my count, at least until I came across My Net Diary. Combining the fasting app Simple with MND has given me the perfect dietary fasting system. It’s every measurement I need and I don’t know what I’d do without it at this point. Majors props to the creators!

Jul 11, 2020

Best Nutrition Tracking App

I had 2 goals: to lose weight and to make sure as a vegan that I was getting the nutrients I need in the process. This app tracks calories, macronutrients, and you can set it to track other things such as fiber, sugar, vitamins, etc. It is easy to use, and it has just about every food brand and restaurant in its database already so there’s very little you have to input. You can scan the barcode of packaged food or just search. It is completely customizable, keeps track of your goals, progress, readjusts your recommended calories as needed. It syncs with my Apple Watch and other fitness trackers to keep track of steps and exercise, and my watch reminds me to log my meals. I recommend paying for the pro version, as the upgrades are very helpful but try the free one first to get a feel for it. It also suggests articles to read as you learn about nutrition, that explain the numbers it gives you. I had no idea a “diet” app could be this good! 5 enthusiastic stars!

Jul 11, 2020

Love the new update!!

I’ve been using this app for the last 8 or 9 years and I must say, it’s helped me immensely. I love that they included a recipe section in the new update that has vegan and vegetarian recipes...and they actually look good!

Jul 9, 2020

Great app

While my diet has been hit or miss, this app is on point. Fully appreciate the effort put in to maintain and keep this app updated. Today I was happily surprised to see a keto plan with the ability to track ketones. In the past, when I hit a snag, the developer was quick to respond to my email and explained what I needed to do. That was years ago and I am still a subscriber. This app and the premium subscription is money well spent.

Jul 5, 2020

Top App

Seriously one of the best apps to track calories and nutritional value of what you are eating. Easy to use, beautifully displayed and highly helpful. I’ve never been one to count calories but seeing this way has helped tremendously. Try it and you’ll see.

Jul 5, 2020

Intuitive and motivational

The app is easy to use, and provides data in a way that is pleasing to the eye and is easy to understand. The immediate feedback for what is going well as well as areas for improvement are consistent not only with research on weight loss, but also with theories of motivation. Extremely effective app.

Jul 5, 2020

I’m impressed

I’ve tried a few “calorie tracker” apps but wanted something more health oriented than just weight loss focused. MND is the best one I’ve tried. It’s a really, really versatile app - even the non-premium version does most of what I wanted. You can start simple and add/tweak to make it your own as you go along - track food, of course (it has a huge database and allows you to add your own custom entries or star favorite foods). You can track meds, hydration, BP/heart stats, macronutrients or pretty much anything else - there’s a daily notes function for whatever it doesn’t track specifically - mood, migraines, pain levels or what have you. The app runs native on iPhone, iPad, 🍎 Watch and on the web and the icing on the cake is support - I’ve pestered them with several questions and their responses have been quick, polite and very helpful. MND does it right. 👍

Jul 4, 2020

Way Better than MyFitnessPal

Although I used MFP for nearly 2 years, it became frustrating to log foods or exercises. It took a lot of time, especially when there would be so many entries to choose from for just plain oatmeal with differing calorie counts. MyNetDiary has clear food choices in the database and plenty of measurement options to click immediately without having to do mental math every entry like MFP. So much faster on MND! The dashboard for MyNetDiary alone is a game changer. Has all I want right up front without layers to wade through.

Jun 24, 2020

Best food/calorie tracker

This app is so intuitive that after a day or two it recognizes the foods I eat and practically write them in for me. It recognizes, in a few keystrokes, what I am searching for with my food entries. I can save whole meals, swipe to duplicate a previously days meal, which is great for breakfast. I can enter my own recipes and the app will define all nutritional facts per serving so I can easily save it and enter it any time I have this food again. It’s a great feature to have since I don’t purchase a lot of pre-made foods. The barcode scanner is lightening fast to use. Whoever designed this app must have worked for Apple at some point because it’s all so intuitive. I can’t say enough good things about this app. The best thing is, I lost all the weight I wanted to lose in just two months and haven’t had my Pre baby weight back in over 25 years! I look in the mirror ( from the neck down,lol!) and I see the figure I always had for the first 25 years of my adult life. Best of all, all my clothes fit and look great. Using this app works. Be honest and enter everything. Stick with the metrics and calories it advises and you will see results. Nothing and no one can make you lose weight or be more fit but this is a tool that is sensible, informative and will help.

Jul 4, 2020

The best calories counter out there

I was using MyFitnessPal for 4 years and I just discovered this app and I can tell you it’s wayyyy better, easier and colourful than MyFitnessPal. Really worth the premium membership. Good job team 👍 👍